Game/PUA: Why Isn’t Game Working? Part 4

But I just didn’t know what to do with the attraction. I didn’t know how to translate that attraction into a relationship of any kind – be it sexual, romantic, or even platonic. Not only could I not have sex or romance, I couldn’t even make friends with girls. By the end of freshman year, I had not hooked up with one single girl, nor did I have any female friends. I didn’t have any male friends either.

Back to the women I was eating lunch with. The 35 year old was a conservative Republican who lived in the suburbs. She wanted me to write papers for her. I asked her about payment and she always winked and said, “We’ll work something out.” I always thought it was some “blowjobs for writing papers for me” deal on her part, but like a moron, I got mad that it seemed like she wasn’t going to pay me, so I never wrote any papers for her. I should have written one paper, given it to her, and then coyly asked how she was going to pay me back for it. Not how she was going to pay me. How she was going to pay me back.

The 26 hear old was living with a former cocaine dealer who had done eight years in prison. He was still dealing and they were living in a mansion in Palos Verdes, a wealthy neighborhood. She did 1/3 to 1/2 a gram of coke every night. One night one of the guys from Linda Rondstadt’s band was over there and he was “freebasing” as she called it. She said he was really skinny and he looked like death warmed over.

Back then we called crack “freebasing” and most people thought it was a very bad idea. Instead we just sniffed the stuff sometimes and as long as you didn’t too it too much, it wasn’t very harmful. I went on for 13 years like that and suffered little if any harm.

One day she asked me if I could get her 1,000 Quaaludes, and I tried to do the deal for her, but it never went through. That would have been a great deal for me because I loved doing quantities. It was so criminal and risky and badass! You don’t want to do them all the time but quantity deals are fun now and then if you don’t get caught. Later I bought some Dexedrine from her. It was the first time I had ever done prescription Dexedrine and I didn’t like it that much. Just seemed to make me jittery for about five hours.

Now, how to shift a friendship into a sexual or romantic thing. Well generally, sexual/romantic things start out that way more or less and platonic friendships start out that way and just stay that way. I will say that I have had many female friends and I was glad I did. You learn a lot about women, and in my case, they usually ended up fixing me up with their friends or roommates. That may be down to Looks too though. So in my case, being Friendzoned wasn’t that bad as I usually got involved with their friends or roommates.

You start out shifting out of friendship to romance/sex very quickly  by making those phony “dates.” Like a “study date.” A “date to make tapes of some of her albums.” These are all just fake excuses because for God’s sake you don’t really want to study with her or record her damn albums (though the latter sounds fun). Instead you just want to have sex with her! But she wants you to go through all this fakery that you both know is nonsense before she gets to that point.

You simply translate attraction into platonic friendship by being extremely friendly. I never found that being an asshole was good for making female friends. If she wants to take it further, she will throw out all these hints in that direction, and it’s up to you to pick up on them and do something about them.

Also, don’t be afraid to throw out a sexual dimension in any new friendship with any woman. Just don’t go too fast. By sexual dimension I mean just put your brain and body in a sexual mood and just throw that out there for her to see and think about. She will pick up on it and do whatever it is she wants to do with that. But at least you put your cards on the table!

You can usually tell pretty quickly if she likes you in a romantic or sexual way, and then you just act accordingly.

For friendship, I’m not sure! She will just act real friendly towards you and you just take it from there I think. I can’t remember how any of my female friendships ever started!

How To Tell If a Woman Is In Love with You

Romance? That doesn’t usually happen before sex, but you can tell if a woman is really into you or in love with you.

One thing you might hear is,

I want to know all about you!

or you hear that she met and then she asked your friend, “I want to know all about him!” That definitely means she is in love with you or has strong feelings for you. She might even want to marry you!

Another one is feeling like a girl or feeling out of control. I met this Turkish woman once and we started talking a lot. It wasn’t long before she asked me,

Bob, what’s wrong with me? I feel like I’m 15 years old again!

Ok she’s going out of control like she’s been captured by some external entity that is now controlling her movements almost against her will, except she doesn’t really want to stop it because it’s fun for women to be “out of control” in this way. It’s a “peak emotional experience” and this is what women live for.

Why does she feel like she’s 15? Because when women fall in love, in particular “wild love,” they often feel like girls again, specifically teenagers because that’s when women first start to experience the feeling of being in love. S

he’s feeling like a girl again! And when a woman is in love with you, she may start acting like a girl again! Either a teenage girl or even a little girl! There’s a woman in every girl and a girl in every woman. Except a lot of women have killed their inner girl, much to their loss.

Women like to feel and act like teenage girls and even little girls again. Girlhood was fun! Adulthood is a drag!

If she’s acting girlish and silly and repeating dumb jokes or routines over and over (what this means is she is “giddy”), she’s in love. Period.

Another is when she’s out of control in a way. I met this Thai women and we were spending a lot of time together. She would get giddy and start laughing and never really stop. Then she would start singing songs and never stop doing that either. I told me female friend about it and she said, “Oh, she’s just nervous.” No she’s not! She’s in love! See how even women don’t even understand women? Want to understand women? Ask a man. Want to understand men? Ask a woman.

Once again, she’s out of control, smiling, laughing, and singing. Like a girl, basically. A schoolgirl. She’s only going to do that if she’s in love.

Another one is,

I feel like I’ve known you all my life!

That means she’s really into you, and she’s falling in love to some extent.

In my case, it’s often been,

I love your writing!

Women who fell for me often fell for my writing starting all the way back in high school. They thought I was some sort of artistic genius. Women like to fuck writers, artists, musicians, and artsy men. That’s because art and creativity is romantic and it leads to peak emotional experiences. Good writing is creative and romantic. Women fall in love with good writers literally over their “beautiful prose.”

In my first year at university, I took a Journalism class called The Feature Article. We were assigned partners and I got assigned to this woman. She looked good but she wasn’t exactly hot. Very quickly I saw that she was obsessed with me.

We had to go interview some coach for an article for the school paper and she acted like she was in a trance the whole time we were interviewing the coach. The coach picked up on it and and he kept looking at me and then looking at her and then looking at both of us together like he was figuring out something was going on. He probably did this by reading her behavior because mine doesn’t change all that much. He made a big deal of shaking my hand afterwards like,

Good job, stud. You got a woman to fall in love with you. You’re a man now! Total respect.

Anyhow, somehow I ended up making one of those fake dates with this woman. A “study date” maybe or some nonsense like that.

We ended up in a park in Long Beach towards evening. I don’t know what happened but I just leaned over and started kissing her real soft and slow. I didn’t ask for permission for it!

She totally went for it and next thing I knew she was on the ground on her back looking up at me with dreamy eyes like she was in a happy and peaceful trance. She’d gone totally submissive and her vibe was, “Take me.” This is the reality of female sexuality. They pretty much get “taken” when they have sex and penetration itself makes women feel submissive. Submission is the essence of female sexuality and frankly, domination is the essence of male sexuality. People will bring up all sorts of exceptions, but there’s no way this is not true.

Ok, on her back like that, totally given up and basically enslaved, she was saying, “Fuck me.” That’s exactly what that behavior means. I couldn’t exactly fuck her in the park, and I didn’t completely figure out the vibe, but there did seem to be this “Fuck me” vibe with it. This chick was in love with me!

She stayed that way for the next three years and I could tell every time I stopped and talked her. I never dated her again because I thought she wasn’t hot enough, but I’m certain that she actually wanted to marry me. Every time she saw me she made bedroom eyes at me.

What Are Bedroom Eyes?

Ok, do this. Lower your head down. Now look up with your eyes. There you go. Bedroom eyes.

If a girl or woman is attracted to you or you’re making her horny, you get the bedroom eyes. And you damn well better do something about it!

I don’t really get them anymore but I did get one from a young woman at a coffee shop recently. But then I somehow blew it with her and she quit looking at me. When she first saw me, she stopped walking towards me and just froze like a robot or a statue. Then she gave me those bedroom eyes. Then she came to her senses and moved on.

Any time a female freezes like that when she sees you and acts like a robot and can’t stop staring at you, basically, she wants to fuck. Or you’re making her horny.

I believe that feeling a strong sexual attraction as a female is something like falling into some sort of a trance. Of course when you are in a trance, you are out of control again, so here we circle back around to the theme of being out of control.

Anyway, back to the college girl. Every time she saw me she gave me those bedroom eyes and got real serious and said my name, “Robert” with absolute reverence. That’s another weird thing. Females who fell in love with me (and there have been more of them than I can count) often started calling me “Robert” instead of “Bob.” One said recently,

I’d rather call you Robert than Bob because Robert sounds more regal. It sounds like you’re a king.

That’s another signal. If a female is in love with you, she might address you with reverence. I suppose it’s almost a religious experience for them. And what are religious or spiritual experiences but peak emotional experiences? And seeing as they want to be dommed, they may well want to fall in love with some sort of “human God” or “king” of a man.

And a lot of women do like to worship their man like he’s a God or serve him like he’s a king, at least in the early phases of love. This is the relationship they want – dominance to submission – the attitude of a believer towards their God or a subject towards their king and and the attitude towards a God or king towards his subject.

They actually like this. Anyway, I figured something was up with the way she acted around me and I assumed she was in love with me. But back then at university, I thought the bedroom eyes were due to insecurity! She was indeed the sort of woman who might suffer from that. One day I said, “When a woman looks at you like that,” and I imitated her, “It means she’s insecure.” She agreed with me, “Yes, maybe it does.”

As you can see, at 23 I was a dumbshit and thought bedroom eyes meant female insecurity! I was an idiot! Live and learn!

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