Game/PUA: Why Isn’t Game Working? Part 3

The introduction is here.

Eventually, this process played out with every single prospect, and eventually the novelty of “Mr. Cool” faded, and they saw me as just another guy. I kept meeting new girls of course. Every day I met a new girl, struck up conversations, and built up the attraction.

Here’s the problem. The Joe Cool thing, if you are running Joe Cool Game that is, which I’ve been doing most of my life, is never supposed to wear off! Think about it. If you’re really Joe Cool, why would you ever at some point stop being Joe Cool? You’re either Joe Cool or you’re not. At some point you’re not Joe Cool anymore because you never were in the first place! And that’s a problem.

I suppose I still come off as Joe Cool. It doesn’t really work for crap anymore except maybe with women my age, but I’ve never stopped running that sort of Game. By now it’s just gone automatic. I don’t even have to really think about, or better yet, I can go into that mode anytime I want to just by making my brain go in that direction. I’m basically “calling up the past,” so I’m going into the mindset I had when I was in my early 20’s. When I do this, I actually am 23 years old in my mind. No matter that I’m really 64.

That’s not important. You might think it might make me act immature for my age, but that’s not really a problem that I run into.

I can also crank up that Game really high so it’s on max, but that’s an unnatural state and it takes up a lot of energy. In fact, it’s exhausting. 5 years ago, I used to be able to crank this up really high for days on end and it worked very well. I absolutely attracted more women.

I even attracted girls! I went to a Boy Scouts celebration for my cousin and a hot 16 year old girl was staring at me the whole night. I was looking at her back, but the attitude was mutual. Her Dad was there and after a while, he was not happy at all, but it took me a while to figure that out. To tell the truth, I don’t think that girl really wanted to have sex with me. I think she just wanted to look at me. But I was absolutely making her horny, I guarantee you that. And I really doubt if I would have done anything with her anyway. I haven’t touched a jailbait since I was 21, and I hope I never do it again. It’s too much of a bust.

It also seems to work better if you get yourself into this frame of mind that you develop as close to full confidence as possible. That is, you actually believe you are hottest man on Earth or you could fuck every one of these young women behind the counter right now, just like that. It’s not that easy because it’s basically a fake attitude that’s not even true! You’re just an actor playing a role.

Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems like if you don’t fully believe in the role, it doesn’t work as well. It seems like the only way that playing a role works is when you have brainwashed yourself into thinking that you are not even playing a role anymore! And anything less that 100% confidence seems like it doesn’t work quite as well. That means eliminating most if not all doubt from your mind. Of course you can pretend to be confident but it seems like it only works when you don’t think you are pretending anymore!

On the other hand, none of this may be valuable if you don’t have Looks to back it up. I can’t speak to that because supposedly I’ve been handsome most of my life. I can’t speak to the life experience of average and homely men.

But I just didn’t know what to do with the attraction. I didn’t know how to translate that attraction into a relationship of any kind – be it sexual, romantic, or even platonic. Not only could I not have sex or romance, I couldn’t even make friends with girls. By the end of freshman year, I had not hooked up with one single girl, nor did I have any female friends. I didn’t have any male friends either.

All right, I’m sorry, but this is a massive failure. I’m not sure, but you have to do something. Women often just made friends with me. I don’t know how it happened, whether they made friends with me or I made friends with them. I suppose it was both or even mutual at times. I never really thought about how it happened. I just noticed that it did. I would to just be very friendly and playful with a sexual undercurrent and vibe that’s not necessarily too prominent but it’s there just the same.

Hell, whole groups of women used to make friends with me! That may have been Looks. I remember I had this class on D. H. Lawrence, a Literature class at university. The class was all women and there were few if any guys in the class. It was Paradise. After class one day, these three women, ages 35, 37, and 26 were always going to lunch.

I don’t know what happened, but one day they saw me and they all said, “Hey, look at him. Let’s invite him to lunch with us.” So it happened and I ended up having lunch with those three women a couple of times a week for the whole semester. It was great. I was so calm and cool and relaxed with them! I was in Heaven. And they were very kind to me. There were few if any bad vibes. And I didn’t screw up or blow it with my conversation. These were some of the best times of my life: just me and the women, having lunch together a few times a week. Perfect.

The 27 year old was always grabbing at my body for some reason. She would say, “You’re so open! Your body is so open. You make me feel so free! Like I’m free to grab you at any time!” and then she would grab at me with her hands. There might be a point to make here. I always “leave my body open” for the woman to grab at any time she wants to. Just put the idea in your head that you have an “open and free body” that is  “free for the grabbing anytime she feels like it.” And don’t make her feel like a slut for doing it. Support total sexual freedom for women!

She was married so nothing was going to happen, so after a while it started bugging me a bit. I think at one point I said, “Look if you’re going to anything about it, quit grabbing at me, dammit,” and the 26 year old looked over at her as if to say, “Yeah, no shit. Back it up or quit teasing him, dammit!”

One day she burned me by calling me skinny in a very insulting way.

I looked at her and I said, “Shut up, cunt!” just like that! The other women looked at me like, “Whoa, I can’t believe you said that!” She got this hurt look on her face and she had tears in her eyes, “You macho pig!” she said. But it seemed like she sort of liked it. Anyway, I made her go submissive.

Women actually like that and they even like it if you reduce them to tears once in a while. Most of the time, when you reduce her to tears, you may well have done a bad thing if they are not inclined that way and you should be ashamed of yourself. But if you didn’t really do anything bad, it’s actually a good thing that you dommed her so hard that you reduced her to tears because in a sense, women want a macho pig who does just that now and again.

I remember a girlfriend got into a physical fight with me one night and I hit her! I hit the bitch! Not very hard. I punched her in the shoulder! Not hard enough to hurt her. She said, “Ow! That hurt!” then she spent the rest of the evening going on and on and on about, “You hit me! You hit me!” I apologized a lot but it was worthless.

Later we went to bed and we usually pretty much had sex for a good part of the night, like for hours. And I was 56 years old and she was 48! So you see, us oldsters do have sex sometimes.

I kept grabbing at her all night long because that’s how I am when I sleep with a woman. I’m an asshole and a human octopus. She kept saying, “Nooooo. You hit me!” Nothing sexual happened that night because she kept pushing me away. She went on crying and saying, “You hit me!” for half the night. She never got seriously angry or I would have stopped grabbing at her. But as long as she’s crying like a baby, I’ma keep grabbing at her. Don’t like it? Call the cops!

Anyway, I think she actually liked that I hit her and especially that I reduced her to tears for hours on end. That’s the weird thing. Like I stood up to her crap. Women literally want a guy who makes them cry once in a while. Emphasis on the once in a while. It could be once in ten years, but still, I think it’s something they want. When you do that, you put a fence around her, showed her who’s boss, and put in her in her damn place. And sadly, these are three things that women want or even demand from their men!

I think you are just totally domming them when you do that, and they like to be dommed and made to go submissive and they also like a man who puts some limits on their crap because they want a man to put limits on them! If he doesn’t put limits on her, just like a child, she will test the limits and start violating them just to rouse an attitude out of him.

And women deserve to be treated like the children they behave like sometimes. She literally wants you to put a fence around her behavior and enforce it with aggression and even threat and menace. Kids want you to do the same thing. Kids don’t respect you if you don’t put limits on them and women don’t either.

Later I had a “tennis and lunch date” with the 27 year old. Most of these dates are fakes. You don’t really want to play tennis with her, for God’s sake! That’s all just an excuse to get in her damn pants!

Thing is, women know this and they want you to be coy like this. “I’m not a slut. We’re just going to play tennis! Totally innocent!” While in their minds they know that it might not end up so innocent. Sex is all about lying and fraudulence, about setting up BS innocent meetings that both sides know may well turn into sex but that look innocent enough so the woman is comfortable and she’s not being too much of a whore.

That’s another way that dating is basically fraudulent or at least a great big fake game.

Later we had a “study date” at the library, obviously another fake because this was at night. She dropped me off at my house and I don’t know what happened but she said, Let’s get some towels and go to the beach!” Ok, when a woman wants to “go to the beach” at 9 PM, in my town, that only one means one thing. That means she wants to fuck. You’re going to the beach to have sex on the beach at night and there will be many other couples around you doing the same thing.

Then she immediately said, “No, no, let’s not do that.” See, there is the Anti-Slut Defense showing up! Not only that but she was married, so that was another problem. Like a moron, I let her Anti-Slut Defense have the last word, and we never went to the beach.

When they do this, you need to really press them on their offer, in this case, going to the beach. Just get persistent about going to the beach and see if you can talk her into it. Women now call this “coercion” but so what! If you get rid of “talk her into it” type “coercion,” people are going to be having a whole lot less sex.

Smile and laugh the whole time you’re doing it and make jokes. Call her a prude if she tries to back out and laugh about it. This may go on for a bit, but it probably won’t last that long. If she gets angry, it’s over, and you’re not going to the beach. If you win, go in, grab the towels and go back to the car and make sure she goes to the damn beach because the Anti-Slut Defense may rear up again, and she will probably try to back out of it on the way to the beach, so you have to keep her on target.

In fact, the Defense may rear up at any time once you are at the beach, so you have to keep her on target. I wouldn’t tell her that you’re going to the beach to have sex. That’ll make her back out!
As I said, dating is based on deception.

You might say something like, “Gee, I wonder what we are going to do at the beach…” To which she might say, “Hmmm, I’m not sure, maybe we should go there and find out.”

Even once you get to the beach, don’t say anything about sex. Just lay out your towels and say something dumb like, “Let’s just lie her and listen to the waves.” If you don’t bust a move on her after a while, she’s going to get mad and probably say something like, “So are you going to fuck me or what!?” Girls and women have been saying stuff like that to me my whole life. They get frustrated because sometimes I’m way too slow. Or she might start grabbing at you. Then you have to go for it.

I’d probably say, “Let’s just lie here and look at the waves,” and then at some point, I’d reach over and start feeling her body very slowly and softly, and then I’d just lean over and start kissing her, maybe very slowly and softly at first. Don’t ask permission for any of this stuff ever. Just do it and she either likes it or she doesn’t.

If she’s made it all the way to the beach with you, there’s probably going to be some sex, but you still don’t ask her,  for Chrissake.

The whole idea of sex with women is to get them to turn off their Goddamned hamster wheel brains and stop thinking! Shut off her brain! All her brain is ever going to do is to tell her not to do it. So you shut it off to where she’s only listening to her body, and her body’s often telling her to have sex. If you ask permission, she stops listening to her body and starts listening to her idiot hamster brain and all it tends to do is throw up Anti-Slut Defenses and try not to have sex. Sex: the less you talk about it, the better!

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