Alt Left: US/NATO Lies of the Russia-Ukraine War September 4, 2022

Warning: Long, 21 pages.

Russia has suffered 40-70,000 soldiers killed in action and many more wounded. Lie. This is repeated almost verbatim across all of the Western media and not one person has ever questioned it. In fact, the US Defense Department claims that 40,000 Russian troops have been killed. Well, it’s about time we Americans stop listening to anything the Pentagon says because the Pentagon lies like a rug. The 70,000 figure is from the Ukrainian Nazis.

The truth is to be found in two surveys that counted obituaries published in Russian newspapers, and every death will certainly get an obituary. If we average to the two together, we get ~5,300 combat deaths for Russian soldiers in this war. The number of wounded may be up to 3X higher, so there may be 15,000 wounded so far.

Russia has taken more casualties lately, in particular with Ukraine’s large counteroffensive in the South, so the number is now higher. But the figure of 40-70,000 that the Western media is peddling is a flat out lie.

The Ukrainian Nazis have suffered 9,000 soldiers killed in action in this war. Lie. This figure is repeated verbatim by the lying Western media. It is from the Ukrainian government. Not one single media outlet in the West has bothered to challenge that figure! There is no free speech whatsoever in the West! The West may as well be Russia in terms of press freedom.

The truth is that via statements of the Ukrainian government and leaks from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Ukraine has definitely lost at least 80,000 soldiers so far, and the true figure may be up to 120,000. Furthermore, a large unknown number have been listed as missing so the Ukrainian government doesn’t have to pay survivors’ benefits to their loved ones! And a fair number have been taken prisoner too.

The number of wounded is generally 3X higher than the KIA figure, so Ukraine has suffered 240-360,000 wounded. This adds up to 400,000 of their original 600,000 man force, which has since been expanded via territorial defense to 1 million. At any rate, this is a staggering figure.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive has been a success. Lie. It is true that the Nazis have taken a few towns, but the cost has been huge. They have lost at least 3,000 men, and the number of wounded is very high, with convoys of ambulances heading to Odessa and Mykolaiv. In general, the offensive has been a massive failure, which is why there is a news blackout on it in Ukraine.

Nevertheless, the Western media is portraying it as a success! Zelensky went ahead with the offensive against the wishes of his generals. The offensive was apparently pushed by the US and UK. Officers of both countries planned the offensive and even wargamed it. It looks like the US and UK pushed this disastrous offensive on Ukraine for some unknown reason, perhaps to keep the weapons sales and supplies flowing.

Russia would not allow the UN nuclear inspectors to visit the Enerhodar nuclear power plant for a long time. Lie. This has been repeated verbatim by all of the Western media without being refuted by one single organ. Actually this is not true.

Russia has been saying that the inspectors could come anytime they wanted to for months now. All of the delays were from the Ukrainian Nazis, including a 3-hour delay for no apparent reason on the way to the site. Furthermore, Ukraine shelled the plant and the city while the inspectors were there!

Russian helicopters circled the city of Enerhodar while the nuclear inspectors were there, firing all over the city in an effort to terrorize the inspectors. Lie. The truth was that the Ukrainian Nazis organized a wild plan to dress up like Russians, raid the nuclear facility while the inspectors were there, take the inspectors hostage, all the while blaming it on the Russians. Of course the lying Western media would have played along all the way.

Special forces, possibly assisted by British SAS commandos, crossed the Dnipro River in barges and made it to the other side of the river. The Russians found them and destroyed most of the group. Casualties were huge. A couple of the barges were sunk in the river. The helicopters people saw flying over the area were attacking these Ukrainian invaders trying to take over the plan.

The word is that this mad plan was cooked up by Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister of the UK. The commandos were trained in the UK for this purpose. So we can lay the failure of this mad move at the feet of the British. As with so many horrible things in our modern society, it all points back to Downing Street.

The US government cannot figure out if the Russians or the Ukrainian Nazis have been shooting at the plant. Lie. For God’s sake, the Russians are occupying the plant! Why would they be shooting at their own people? Why would they be shooting at an area that they occupy themselves? Come on. Nobody fires on their own troops.

Of course the CIA or even the Pentagon knows that the Ukrainians are shelling the plant in order to create a fake crisis. The US government is just lying and saying they can’t figure it out. The useless lying Western media is all saying “both sides blame each other for the attacks.” They say this every time the Nazis do something horrible because whenever these base acts are revealed, the Ukrainians always say that the Russians did it, not them.

The nuclear plant is at serious risk of a Chernobyl style meltdown, putting all of Europe and to a lesser extent the world at risk. Lie. This is simply a manufactured or fake crisis and every idiot in the West is falling for it like the fools that they are. The truth is that you would have to drop a bomb on that reactor to damage it and even then, the damage would be dubious. You could fly a 747 jet into that reactor and there would be no radiation leak.

The design of the reactor is completely different from the one at Chernobyl, so there is no risk of a Chernobyl-style meltdown. There is a risk that some of the shelling could hit the stored nuclear waste, but even then, the radiation leak would be minor and would at most effect the surrounding city of Enerhodar and possibly the Ukrainian city of Nikopol across the river.

Yet the Ukrainian Nazi government has been delivering iodine tablets and protective gear for radiation to its citizens simply in order to sow needless panic and for no other reason. The lying Western governments and media are playing along with this fake crisis in order to keep Ukraine in the news and to get their citizens behind the effort to support the Nazi government.

This is needed because support for Western aid to the Nazis has dropped in the West. Majorities in France and Italy do not want to arm Ukraine. A majority in Austria opposes sanctions on Russia. Large sections of the population in Spain, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Serbia oppose their government’s siding with the Nazis against Russia.

Prices on many items, especially energy, are skyrocketing upwards, and it is starting to have a very bad effect on businesses in Europe and will soon have a bad effect on consumers. There was recently a rally in Czechia of 70,000 people advocating that their government go neutral on the war.

Russian soldiers castrated a Ukrainian Nazi soldier in a video that was distributed online. Lie. There was quite an uproar about this for a bit, but then it all died down and went away. It turns out that close analysis showed that the soldiers were wearing Ukrainian uniforms, boots, sneakers, and medic gloves. The “Russian soldier” who supposedly castrated the man was identified as a Tuvan soldier, but that was a misidentification.

Of course the video shows the Nazis castrating a Russian POW, which is something they have been doing for a long time now. Many of the separatist troops captured by the Ukrainians during the 8-year war were castrated or came back missing limbs. And a number of Russian soldiers who have been returned as POW’s have been beaten, tortured, and mutilated.

Many have been returned missing digits such as fingers of even limbs. And quite a few have been returned castrated. Of course it figures because they’re Nazis, and Nazis do things like this. The Russian government has put a blackout on this information for fear of stirring up their populations too much.

I suspected there was something fake about this castration video from the start. That’s not the sort of thing that the Russians do. Is it the sort of thing that the Nazis do? Of course! Would you doubt that a Nazi would do such a thing?

Russia shelled a prison holding Azov Battalion Nazi militants in the DPR separatist republic. Lie. The Ukrainian Nazis did it. It’s been conclusively proven. Yet another Nazi false flag in a seemingly endless list of Nazi false flags. Here is what happened. It’s now been proven that this was a Ukrainian shelling.

In fact, it was done with the much-lauded US-delivered HIMAARS artillery system. We know this because parts of HIMAARS shells were found all over the attack site. The West claims that Russia gathered up HIMAARS fragments from the battlefield and scattered them all over the attack site, but that doesn’t pass the smell test.

Why would Ukraine shell their own people who were POW’s of the Russians? The answer is simple. A few days before, Azov prisoners had started testifying on camera about how they had committed atrocities and war crimes on explicit orders from the Ukrainian government and President Zelensky.

So in order to shut them up, Zelensky ordered the prison where Azov was held to be shelled. Real simple. The number of killed and wounded prisoners from this attack was very large.

Russia does false flags all the time in this war. Lie. I’d like to point something out here. The US, the West, and NATO have become the masters of the false flag. They’re the biggest and worst false flaggers around. Who do they false flag for? Oh, only for their buddies like ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Nazis! That’s what the West is today: ISIS, Al Qaeda, Nazis, and at home, Globohomo and social liberalism to social democracy.

Russia rarely does false flags and hasn’t done one in a while. False flags are the technique of the loser and also of imperialism. The West controls the world’s media which repeats whatever lie the West is putting out at the moment without bothering to ever check if it is true or not.

So as long as you have a media so compliant as the 10

False flags are typically involved a depraved attack and are calculated to arouse outrage against the party that is being falsely accused of the crime. With our 24 hour television media that the West’s eyes are glued to and to which they believe every word out of the presstitutes’ mouths, I think that this is a factor in the increase in false flags nowadays.

Back in the day before 24-7 media bombardment, what good did a false flag do? Just about nothing. I predict that as media becomes more all-encompassing and controlled in the West (and the media in the West is 10

One more thing: notice that all of this wild false flagging is happening everywhere you see the demonic NATO? That’s because NATO is becoming the false flagger par excellance in the world today. If there was ever any reason to hate NATO as the demoniacal alliance of the devils that is, that would fit the bill right there.

However, recently, the West has admitted that false flags exist, but they say that only Russians do them. They’ve claimed that Russians have done all sorts of false flags in this war, but I’ve looked into all of them, and not one accusation is true. The West has also started saying, “Intelligence says that Russia is planning to do some false flags in X location!”

Ok, now whenever you hear that, what that means is that Ukrainian or Western intelligence agencies are planning a bunch of dirty and unacknowledged attacks.

They said this right before the war started, and soon afterwards, Ukrainian Nazi intelligence staged raids in the DNR, bombing a television station, blowing up a gas pipeline, and setting off a car bomb. In addition, the Nazis deliberately shelled Russian territory.

Plus an expeditionary Ukrainian force of armored vehicles invaded Russian territory but was quickly taken out by the Russians. There’s even a video of this incident. The West claimed that all of these were false flags and that the shelling incident was made up.

Also note that shelling in the separatist areas increased by 10X up to 1,500 shells a day in the week before Russia invaded. So you could say that Ukraine started the war right there.

And the deliberate shelling and especially the invasion of Russian territory before the invasion means that the Russian was not unprovoked or a war of aggression and that instead, Ukraine had literally started the war and Russia was just fighting back. So the next time you hear about the “unprovoked Russian invasion of aggression” realize that nothing in that phrase is true.

Russia shelled a train station in Kramatorsk, killing and wounding scores of civilians who were waiting for a train to take them out of the city. Lie. It’s now been conclusively proven that the Ukrainian Nazis shelled this station in order to blame the Russians. Yep, false flag.

They even wrote, “For the children” on the shell to insult the Russians even more as if the Russians would shell a group of civilians and write “For the children” on the shell they used to do it with. How cruel can you get!

The trajectory of the shell has been calculated and everyone at the station said the shell came from Nazi territory. Why would Ukraine shell its own people? Because Ukraine hates those people. 85-9

They live under a brutal Ukrainian occupation and they are arrested or have their cars commandeered at a whim at any time. You can be just driving your car down the street when soldiers pull you over, yank you out of your car, and steal your car. You will never see or own it again.

So to Ukraine, these are enemy civilians. To Russia, these are civilians that support Russia. Why on Earth would Russia shell their own civilian supporters?

Russia bombed the arts theater in Mariupol. Lie. New recordings have come out supposedly of survivors blaming Russia for bombing the theater. However, Russia had reported three days earlier that the Azov Nazis had mined the theater and herded 1,000 citizens in there and were threatening to blow it up. It was taken off the target list because of the risk of harming civilians.

There were no Russian planes in the air over Mariupol at that time and in fact, aircraft were not used in this battle because Russia doesn’t use aircraft and artillery in street fighting due to the risk of harming their own troops. I don’t know why these people are saying Russia bombed them.

After the Nazis blew up the theater, everyone interviewed said that Azov had retreated, blowing up the theater as they left. Video of people leaving the building after the blast is consistent with the mining of the building and a blast at lower levels and not at all with the bombing by an aircraft.

Russia is having serious problems with morale and all sorts of other things such as supply lines, procurement, soldiers disobeying orders, chain of command, on and on. Lies. The Western media has been repeating these things since the first days of the war and I’ve never been able to find any evidence proving them.

It is true that there are some morale problems with the LDPR forces, but those are draftees. Many of the males in the region were simply drafted to fight and many had had little or no combat training. Further, they have taken serious casualties. They have issued videos asking to be rotated out for rest and another one saying that they didn’t want to fight in Kherson outside of their home region.

The Western media reports these problems as “Russian,” but these people are fighting for the LDPR, and Russia has no control over those areas which are now separate countries.

Russia has sentenced some foreign volunteer soldiers who fought for the Ukrainian Nazis to death. Lie. This is not true. They were sentenced to death by the LDPR courts. The LDPR has the death penalty, and Russia got rid of it a while back. Russia has no control over the LDPR and Russia can’t tell them not to give these men the death penalty. They get to do whatever they want.

“Russia” beat and tortured Azov Battalion prisoners at the prison where that was shelled by the Ukrainian Nazis. Lie. It does appear that many of these Nazi prisoners were badly mistreated. But they were mistreated by the LDPR, not by Russia, as the prison is on LDPR territory, not Russian territory. Russia has no control over the LDPR and can’t tell them to treat prisoners well. Russia can only tell her own soldiers to do that.

The majority or vast majority of people in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions hate Russian occupation and want their areas to be taken over by the Ukrainian Nazis. Lie. The truth is that of all of the areas of Novorussia, support for Russia was lowest in this region. It was higher in Mykolaiv, Odessa, Donetsk, Lugansk, and Kharkiv.

However, I estimate that ~7

In Donetsk and Lugansk, I estimate that 85-9

I don’t have good figures for Mykolaiv, Odessa, or Kharkiv.

At one time, 10

Eight years of nonstop propaganda works wonders. However, the number supporting Russia has now risen and I am sure it is a majority. Beyond that, I can’t give you a figure other than that it’s well known that the city is a hotbed of pro-Russian sentiment. The majority of the people in the villages north of Kharkiv also support Russia, however there is a significant base of Ukrainian support in some towns.

Russia invaded Georgia in 2008. Lie. This one keeps popping up again. When this war started, the entire Western media started ranting that Russia had attacked and invaded Georgia. When things calmed down, rational observers looked at the situation and realized that fascist Georgia had started the war by attacking Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia. The matter is now settled, although the lying Western media keeps ranting that Russia invaded Georgia and the charge has resurfaced, with most in the West seeing it as gospel.

The Crimean referendum was unfair. Lie. There were observers from many different countries present at the election to make sure they were clean. 9

The lying Estonian Nazi Prime Minister said that Russia had gained territories via aggression in Crimea, the Donbass, and Georgia. Lie. However, the Donbass region consists of two independent countries that have not, or at least not yet, joined Russia. The Georgian region of South Ossetia broke away on its own because they did not want to be part of the Georgian fascist state. Russia had nothing to do with it. South Ossetia is still an independent country. It is not a part of Russia.

The USSR and Germany were allies during WW2. Lie. It’s hard to believe that this one has come back, but it never really went away in the US even though historians debunked it long ago. This nonaggression pact was between two enemies and was done by Stalin in order to buy some time before the inevitable German invasion of the USSR, which Stalin knew the Nazis had been planning since the early 1930’s.

And indeed, Stalin had been planning for it all this time. Keep in mind that the British negotiated three nonaggression pacts with the USSR! Other countries with nonaggression pacts with the Nazis include France, Poland, Finland, and the Baltic states.

Russia committed a massive war crime in Bucha. Lie. This has been debunked endlessly, including by me in a long article. However, recently a French journalist was on the scene right before the “massacre” was unveiled to the public. The area was packed with Western journalists. Ukrainian Nazi trucks were coming in from surrounding cities with dead bodies of civilians. It was not known how the civilians died.

The Nazis unloaded them from trucks and began positioning them on the streets. There is an actual video of the Ukrainians tying ropes to the bodies in order to position them properly on the streets. He said that brand new white armbands were being tied on the bodies and contrast between the old, dirty, and ragged clothing and the brand new armband was striking.

This was being done to intimidate people who had been friendly to the Russian army and had worn a white armband to show they were not hostile. He said that the whole scene was obviously being staged but that all of the Western journalist whores were quite aware of the staged atrocity but were waiting for it to be completed.

Every reporter there then filed a story reporting that Russia had killed those people, even though all of those journalists had seen Ukraine setting up the fake scene. It’s appalling how deeply involved the Western press is down the individual journalist level in these crimes.

In addition, a day or two before, there is video of “Boatman” from the Nazi Kraken Battalion entering Bucha along with SBU officers. One asks if they can kill the people with white armbands and another says, “Go ahead.” You then hear a man scream for mercy and a single shot followed by a dog barking. It’s clear that the Nazis have just executed a civilian for wearing a white armband.

It’s unclear what exactly happened here. The bodies found in “mass graves” have been traced to a burial in the city on March 12th. Videos at the time said the bodies were territorial defense people who had fought against the Russians.

There is also a scene in a basement on video of several people with white armbands lined up against the wall. Blood is flowing from each body. These appear to be people with white armbands executed as “collaborators.” In addition, many of the bodies on the street have blood flowing out of them, often near their heads. So they were shot in the head?

It seems that some of the people in Bucha were territorial defense killed fighting Russians weeks before, others were people with white armbands executed as collaborators, and others were bodies brought in from other towns and staged alongside the road for the media show.

A British newspaper did an analysis of the bodies at Bucha and found that most had died of “flechette” wounds. The paper then blamed Russian artillery for the deaths. But anyone killed in Bucha by artillery was killed by Ukrainian artillery because Russia occupied the city the whole time and Russia doesn’t shell cities that it occupies itself. Also only Ukraine uses artillery with flechettes. Russia has no such artillery.

Polls in Russia are unreliable. Lie. This is not true. The polling is done by Levada out of an American university. It is considered to be good. Levada doesn’t know who they are calling and no one knows who answered Levada’s calls. No Russian has ever been punished for simply stating that they against the war or for participating in any poll about anything. Keep in mind that 2

If Russia beats, jails, tortures, or murders everyone who opposes the war, they will have to beat, jail, torture, or kill 30 million people. Any sign of that happening?

Furthermore, the Kremlin has nothing against polling and could care less how anyone answers any poll. In fact, Putin conducts internal polls of his own population incessantly as he wants to know what the people want and wear their minds are at. This is a president who is doing everything he can to give the people want they want and to remain popular. Dictators don’t do that.

Putin steals elections or Putin has stolen every election he ran in. Lie. Russian elections are observed by many observers from all over the world. No evidence of massive election fraud has ever been found. Even the occasional honest US media outlet acknowledges that Putin has won a majority of the vote every time he ran.

And the results of Russia’s elections line up very well with pre-election polling and polling about the support level for Putin. For instance, in the last election, Putin’s popularity was 7

Putin beats, jails, tortures, and murders all of the opposition. Lie. As you can see, 30 million Russians oppose the war. In the last election, 3

And in fact, the hardcore pro-West opposition ran 13 different candidates against Putin. All together, they got

There have been some curious incidents regarding some opposition figures, but I’m not aware that Putin has killed a single opposition figure or journalist in his entire tenure. Many more journalists were killed under Yeltsin than under Putin. Most of these reporters were killed in the context of the Chechen War.

Russia is finding it hard to come up with enough soldiers for its war. Lie. Keep in mind that Russia began this war with 200,000 soldiers. The Russian Army is made up of 1 million soldiers and 500,000 reserves. The active duty force has just been raised by 133,000 by Putin. To this is added the forces of the LPR (20,000?) and DPR (20,000?), the Chechen National Guard, and the Wagner Group, who are Russian contract soldiers in this war.

Russia’s active duty army is an all-volunteer army. There is a draft and there are conscripts. Conscripts serve for two years, go through basic and extended training and are then free to go. However, many re-up as volunteers, often enticed by good salaries. Russia has added increased salary enticements during this war. In the beginning there were some conscripts fighting in the war, but they were quickly removed.

At any given time, there are 200,000 Russian troops in Ukraine and 800,000 outside of the country. Many of the outside troops have been rotated in over time. In addition, there are 500,000 reserves. Russia may now be using some of its reserves. So including active forces and reserves, Russia has 200,000 men in Ukraine and 1.3 million soldiers outside of Ukraine during this war. Does this sound like an army with a manpower shortage?

How about losses? There have been 5,000 dead and possibly 15,000 wounded in this war. That’s 20,000 casualties out of a 1.5 million man force. Russia has lost only a bit over

One reason Putin does not want to commit more troops to the war is that more troops means more casualties. Also the army is going very slowly not only to conserve civilian lives but also to preserve the lives of its own soldiers. Russia knows that a lot of casualties can quickly turn the population against the war.

It is also for this reason that Russia has relied on the Chechens, the LDPR armies, and the Wagner Group contract soldiers. Casualties among the LDPR and Wagner will presumably not be counted among the Russian military’s war dead.

Russia plans to disconnect the Enerhodar reactor from Ukraine and hook it up to the territories it controls in Kherson, Zaporozhye, and Crimea. Lie. This would leave Nazi Ukraine without 1/3 of its power. However,  this would also be a dangerous move because you would have to shut down the plant to do this. The truth is that Russia has absolutely no plans to do this.

Russia has been shelling the territory of the DPR with artillery. Lie. Why on Earth would Russia shell the territory of its own ally, the DPR? That makes no sense at all. In fact, it is Nazi Ukraine that is doing this, obviously. And they don’t even aim usually. They just shoot at cities and towns willy-nilly. For the most part, they are just aiming at the cities without targeting anything, so these are terror attacks designed to attack civilians only.

And they are using US HIMAARS to do it too. Every week, there are killed and wounded, mostly in the DPR but also to some extent in the LPR, due to this terrorist shelling. If you wonder why they are doing this, well, number one, they’re Nazis, and you do you think this would be too low for Nazis?

Second, the Nazis regard the vast majority of the civilians in the LDPR republics as enemies, traitors, and separatists. Ukraine has no problem with killing enemy civilians, unlike Russia, which goes to great lengths to avoid hitting any civilians, whether allied or enemy.

Russia is shelling Donetsk city using anti-personnel “petal” mines that look like tree leaves. Lie. The Ukrainian Nazis are obviously shelling Donetsk with these mines. These are US mines. Russia and Ukraine both signed a treaty to stop using these terrible mines, and Russia got rid of all of hers, but Ukraine, while destroying most of hers, still had many left over.

This is just pure terrorism. They are shooting these antipersonnel mines at cities full of civilians. It is very easy to step on one of these mines and if you do, you can get a very serious injury to your foot or even lose it. Why shell this city with mines? As I noted earlier, the Nazis hate most people in Donetsk, who they see as enemy civilians and since the Ukrainians are Nazis, they have little problem killing enemy civilians.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: US/NATO Lies of the Russia-Ukraine War September 4, 2022”

    1. Nope! They’re lying! The best analyses counted obituaries on Russian newspapers. Their figures were close. One found 5,600 dead and another found 5,100 dead. Average them together and you get 5,300 dead. Add to that 10-15,000 wounded.

      Also add to that 2,500 dead each from the DNR and the LDR militias for 5,000 total for the militias. So we end up with 10,300 dead from the combined Russian forces. I’m not sure if that includes the Wagner Russian contract soldiers or not.

      But the Ukrainian figure is easily 15-20 times that size!

      You are being lied to on such a massive scale about this war that I’m not even sure you can comprehend it. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been lied to so thoroughly before except in a few other cases involving Russia. There’s something about the West and Russia that drives the West into utter hysterics. I blame that Satanic organization called NATO or SATO. I want to see NATO smashed into 100 pieces! And while we are at it, let’s smash the EU into 100 pieces too.

      Face it, the modern West is shit! I support Russia and China against this insane Western Globohomo Nazi-fascist-Islamist imperialist monster. It’s the West itself that needs to die and it can’t happen soon enough for me!

      Don’t get me wrong. I am a Westerner and I have loved the West all my life but the West has been sick and evil for quite some time now. I didn’t sign up for this shit! The Russians are right! The West is literally the land of Satan himself!

      1. The West has fallen. I’ve heard Sweden was often anti-American in the 20th Century. Finland was walking the tightrope during the Cold War, nice but not snuggling in bed with the East or West. Switzerland was known for being neutral. Now all these Western nations soldout and are against Russia. East Europe seems like crips and bloods, “I was born in Croatia so down with Russia.” or “I was born in Serbia so down with Ukraine.” On some level, what was good about the West exists more in Russia than the literal West.

  1. I’ve heard the elite talk directly to Satan. People that are elite are often more aligned with evil. Elite American Jews are probably the most powerful, the pants, perhaps directly under Satan. Then Gentile Western Zionist sellouts are in the pockets. WASPs aren’t running the show anymore. Though they had their flaws, they were better overall.

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