Repost: Alt Left: Arabs or Hispanics, Which Do You Pick?

An old post that is still getting comments. I read it over and I rather like it. There were a lot of great comments at the end, too. Interesting concepts anyway.

I pick Hispanics any day.

FG writes: Many are concerned about the demographic and cultural Hispanicization of the US. It’s a big change that surely carries major costs and benefits. Who knows what the future holds? But I have to say that the future of the US seems brighter than that of Europe.

Most Latinos do not fit the traditional American definition of White, but they are a quasi-Western people. From my perspective, that’s preferable to being demographically swamped by Muslims with their affinity for Shariah Law, as is happening with France, Holland, and other Western European states.

I don’t lose a lot of sleep over Hispanicization, but keep in mind that I’m a native Californian who grew up with Mexicans, took Spanish lessons at age 6, was raised on Mexican food, had Mexican-American friends and girlfriends in high school and spent many vacations down in Old Mexico.

If you spend a lot of time around these 2nd generation and up Hispanics (especially the 3rd generation ones), you realize that they are so much like us Whites. For instance, just about every White teen cult has been replicated by Hispanics. There are Mexican bikers, hippies, punks, heavy metalers, skaters, emos, Goths – you name it, they have replicated it.

On the other hand, Blacks have not replicated our cults like this. You don’t see a lot of Black bikers, hippies, punks, heavy metalers, skaters, emos, Goths, etc. It’s like Black people have this totally different culture that’s not like White culture at all.

The only reason that I can think of why these Hispanics are replicating our movements is because they are like us culturally and possibly genetically. Blacks may not be so much like us culturally, and they are not like us genetically.

Last night I spent some time at the local market discussing honor killings with the local Yemeni (born in the US by the way). He defended them, and said that if a married woman cheated on her husband, she had to be put to death! He then said that Islam mandated this. It’s not true, and I argued with him about this, but he didn’t buy it. He also said that if an unmarried woman had sex, 1

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