Lies of the NATO West about the Ukraine War, September 25, 2022

More fake war crimes. The mass grave in Izyum consists of recent graves dug by the Russians. All graves have names on them. Would Russians be so stupid as to mass murder people and then put them in named graves? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. We just recently from a soldier who had been stationed there. When the Russians conquered Izyum, there were over 200 dead Ukrainian soldiers that the Ukrainians refused to take.

The Russians asked them to come take their dead but the Nazis refused. So the Russians buried the 200 dead Nazis themselves. The other 200+ casualties are of civilians who died while Russia controlled the city. The Nazis shelled the city relentlessly with cluster bombs when Russia was in control. At least 200 Izyum residents were killed by the Nazi bombardments.

So all of the dead in these graves are either Nazi soldiers killed in battle or Izyum civilians killed by murderous Nazi artillery barrages on the city.

Everyone in the city was very happy with Russian rule and the Nazis who have taken over the city to the cheers of the Western liberal-Left have told everyone in the city that they are a collaborator and can be taken away and killed at any time. Over 2,000 “collaborators” have been taken away so far. Nazis have executed Izyum residents who tried to buy products with rubles. Problem is that the people have only rubles but the Nazis are allowing only sales in hyrvinas. Keep in mind that 90% of Izyum’s population fled in terror of the advancing Nazi army. Does it really sound like it’s the Russians who committed crimes there?

The Nazis are claiming that some of the bodies showed signs of torture. But the Nazis lie as much as they breathe. There’s no reasons for the Russians to have tortured any of those civilians who died there. After all, the population overwhelmingly support Russia. Why would Russia torture and murder their own supporters?

The “fake” referenda in Ukraine. Referenda in Ukraine are taking place in the Russian-occupied zones of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye. Recent surveys showed that 83% in Donetsk and Luhansk and 66% in Kherson and Zaporozhye wanted to join with Russia. However, a new poll asking people how they planted to vote in the referenda found that 91% in Donetsk and Lugansk and 80% in Kherson and Zaporozhye planned to vote yes to join Russia.

So either support for joining Russia has gone up a lot in a short period of time or the people who oppose joining Russia are simply not going to vote. The latter appears to be more likely. As repeated polls show that the vast majority of residents of these areas want to join Russia and plan to vote yes on the referenda, there is nothing fraudulent about this vote. Further, a completely non-fraudulent vote counting would obviously show massive vote for joining Russia, so there’s no need for any fraud in counting the votes.

Russia’s retreat in Kharkiv. Ukraine invaded with 9,000 men. Russia opposed them with 1,000 men, mostly LDR militia and Russian National Guard. So the Russians were outnumbered 10-1 on the battlefield. Nevertheless, Russia only lost 200-300 men and the Nazis lost 2,500 men! Obviously, Russia does not have enough troops to hold this 1,000 sq. kilometer front line. Also the 200,000 Russian troops are outnumbered by a 500,000 man Nazi army. That line remains seriously understaffed and the Russians there are still outnumbered ~10-1. It’s a serious situation up there.

Liman situation. Things are not good around Liman where the Ukrainians are advancing. The Nazis appear to outnumber the Russians in that area too. The Kuban Volunteer Battalions are holding the line there. The Nazis took Bilohirkva and Spirne near Siversk. Wagner was brought in the stabilize the line in Spirne. The Nazis are advancing to the west and northwest of Liman, where the Russians keep falling back.

The situation here is quite serious. The Nazis have suffered very high casualties on this front, possibly 3,000 dead. Part of the problem in this war is that Nazis seem to be willing to countenance almost any number of dead and wounded in order to advance their military interests, whereas Russia is quite casualty-shy.

Wagner continues to slowly advance in Bakhmut, especially south and southeast of the city, where the Ukrainians are steadily losing ground. Wagner is also advancing in the city of Bakhmut. The situation in Soledar is static.

The line is steady in Adviikva, Pisky, and Marinka. Ukraine wages continuous offensives here, sometimes 10 a day, but they are all beaten back. The Russian line here is very well-reinforced and there are plenty of troops. On the other hand, the Russians are not advancing here. Nazi casualties here are very high.

The line is fairly steady around Ugledar. There are rumors of a Ukrainian offensive here.

The line is also stable in Zaporozhye, Nikolaiv, and Kherson where the vast Ukrainian counteroffensive has stalled out after taking up to 7-8,000 KIA. Neither side is moving much here. There are rumors of an offensive in the Zaporozhye region, but Russians troops here are well-supplied with airpower, artillery, and now many reinforcements. There are enough troops here to hold the line.

Support for the war in Russia. Support for the war remains very high. Of those with an opinion, 80% support the war and only 20% oppose it. Those demonstrations represent at most 20% of the population. Liberals here in Russia as in the US are shitlibs. Shitlibs in both countries oppose Russia, and support Globohomo and the Nazis.

Shitlibs in the US also support fascism all over the world in addition to full-fledged support for ISIS and Al Qaeda and the Wars for the Jews. However, shitlibs in the US are now split on Israel, with half supporting Israel and half supporting the Palestinians. Nevertheless, US shitlibs continue to support US and Israeli wars against Syria, Hezbollah, the Houthis, and Iraq. They also support US theft of Syria’s oil. The US is currently stealing 91% of Syria’s oil. The shitlibs haven’t said a word so I assume they support this. They have long supported Al Qaeda and ISIS against the secular Syrian regime.

Shitlibs also support the war against the Houthis which has put 40% of the population at risk of starvation and killed 400,000. Here the shitlibs are supporting the execrable Saudis, but US shitlibs have long supported the Saudi cancer. US shitlibs also support withholding billions from the Afghan government which we stole when the Taliban took over. The US stole $8 billion of Afghanistan’s money when the Taliban took over. Now the country is starving all due to the US stealing all their food money. US shitlibs support this outrage!

Shitlibs and even Leftists in India are terrible. Many of them are supporting the US and the Nazis in Ukraine and oppose Russia!

I’m starting to think that shitlibs are just crap everywhere on Earth. They’re no good. All they want is Globohomo, Nazism, fascism, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Saudis. Shitlibs are clearly a cancer.

Lies about the mobilization. Yes, Russia has mobilized. And it’s about time! There is overwhelming support for the mobilization in Russia and a wild wave of patriotic fever is sweeping the land. Keep in mind that the mobilization only involves 300,000 men and all of these men were active members of the military reserves. And this is only ~1% of the available reserves as Russia has 25 million men in its reserve army. Only people with needed skills and combat experience are being called up. Only 1% of the available young adult male population of Russia is being called up to fight! Big deal!

Keep in mind that members of the Reserves in any country can be called up at any time. Calling up reserves is not considered a draft. The Russian reserves consist of all of those who have served at least two years in the Russian military. There is a draft in Russia and all Russian men must serve at least two years in the military. They typically train for two years and then they can re-up if they wish. However, current draftees are not being used in this conflict.

Remember that 20% of the population opposes the war. This probably means 20% of the male population, so it’s possible that up to 20% of the male population may wish to flee the mobilization. But as hardly anyone is being called up anyway, these men seem to be fleeing needlessly. So those lines at the borders you see fleeing the country may well represent that 20% of the population. 20% of Russia’s young adult male population is 5 million men, so that could be why you are seeing crowds at the borders.

The first mobilized men will appear on the lines around New Years or in about three months. Although all of these men are in the Reserves, they will still need to be retrained. When the men are all on the lines, Russia will field 500,000 men against Ukraine’s 500,000 men. But still an attacking force typically needs a 3-1 advantage if they are the attacker.

Putin is “desperate.” Lie. Well, it’s just not so. As a matter of fact, the West is panicking about this mobilization, hence all of the wild, hysterical lying. Anyone, who is ever desperate in a war. Name one army in any war that has ever been desperate at any time in any war. This desperate crap is just war propaganda. Have you ever noticed that any war that the US gets involved in, the enemy is always “desperate?” You ever think maybe all that “desperate” talk is a bunch of crap maybe?

Putin is losing support. Lie. Well, not really. He’s at 83% support. What’s Biden’s support level? The truth is that the Russian people are a lot more hawkish and belligerent than Putin. Putin is actually a moderate. The West keeps saying they want to get rid of Putin but they should be careful of what they wish for because any replacement would be more hawkish and militaristic than Putin.

The mobilization is unpopular. Lie. If you only watched the Western NATO news, sure, that’s what you would think. But I read Ukrainian and Russian Telegram channels by people right there on the ground and trust me, a wild wave of patriotic fervor is sweeping Russia right now. The West screwed up. They woke up the sleeping bear and now they are poking at it. Idiots.

The Fake Riots in Iran

I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for these rioters in Iran. This is obviously another color revolution cooked up by the CIA, Mossad, George Soros, the NED, the Pentagon, the State Department, Elon Musk, and the whole NATO regime change crowd. I will never be on the same side as these idiots with regarding to any foreign policy objective, ever! When it comes to Western imperialism, a pretty good rule of thumb is to oppose just about every project they promote because of they’re promoting it, it can’t be any good. I leave out environmental and other matters here because they are fairly outside the sordid foreign policy apparatus of the US.

The entire basis for these fake riots, the arrest, beating and torture of a 22 year old Iranian woman named Mahsa Amini, by the Morality Police for not wearing a hijab.

This never happened!

Indeed, she was arrested by the morality police for this crime. I don’t have footage of that. I have footage of her arriving at the police station. She’s not resisting arrest and she’s not even handcuffed! Poor girl! She must have been brutally assaulted to not even be handcuffed at the police station! How many Americans are taken to the police station unhandcuffed after they’re been arrested? How about zero?

From there, the footage follows her inside the police station of courthouse. Actually, it looks like a courthouse. The camera follows her into a room where perhaps ~50 other people are waiting in rows. Most of them appear to be women. She walks around a bit, talking to people, and appears to keel over on the floor. People come over and try to revive her and then she is rushed to the hospital.

Turns out she had a stroke, a fatal one at that. She had had operations on her brain at age eight. Apparently there was something wrong with her brain that set her up for a fatal stroke. She appeared unharmed at the courthouse, walked easily, and got up and socialized with other women. Not the behavior of someone who just got their ass beat.

It turns out that this courthouse is some sort of an arraignment for this crime, hence why the courthouse was full of women. Had she lived, she would have been made to take a 1-2 hour corrective education course that very day. This is similar to Driver’s Education courses for traffic tickets. After she passed the course, she would have been released. It’s not even a slap on the wrist. It’s nothing at all!

The CIA, NED, and MEK anti-government groups took this fake crisis and turned it into a huge riot. I also see the hand of NATO here. Notice that this happened right after Iran sold Russia a bunch of very effective drones that Russia is now using to devastate Ukrainian forces? Notice that it happened right after Iran joined the multipolar SCO organization?

Notice it happened right after Ukraine cut off relations with Iran due to sales of drones to Russia? These things are not coincidences. It’s another damned color revolution brought to you by the CIA, the NED, NATO, and the rest of the ghouls. I will never support any CIA-sponsored color revolution anywhere ever for any reason. If the CIA’s behind it, you know it’s a crap idea.

They’re rampaging all over the whole country, burning posters of Khameini, Soleimani, and even Hussayn, one of the most revered figures in Shia Islam. So these rioters are anti-religious and anti-Islam. They are almost all very young people, young men under 30 including a lot of teenagers, with a lot of girls and women the same age cheering them on. A lot of the women are running around without hijabs with their hair down. I imagine that’s the least of the police’s problems right now.

They are burning ambulances, police cars, and fire engines. They’ve attacked police, firemen, and ambulance drivers. They chant, “Down with the dictator!” and “Down with the mullahs!” It’s clear that they do not like the religious government. Most of them are pro-US and especially pro-Israel. The Jews are working very hard to promote this movement as a way to regime-change the Iranian government, which the Jews see as their enemy.

The rioters also despise the Resistance and oppose Iranian support of the Houthis, Hezbollah, Syria, the PMU units of the Iraqi Army, and the Palestinians.

Their hatred of Soleimani is particularly galling as he saved the Shia from the US-Israeli-NATO Al Qaeda and especially ISIS armies and their extreminationist attitude towards the Shia. Indeed, were it not for Iran and Soleimani, ISIS would have conquered Iraq! The rioters all also support the Nazis in Ukraine, so they are nothing but CIA pawns.

Surveys from the much-worse riots in 2019 show that a majority of Iranians, ranging from 57-73%, support Iranian support for the Resistance forces listed above.

In addition, these same surveys showed that 88% of Iranians had a high opinion of Soleimani, so these rioters only have the support of 12% of the population on that score. 83% support Khomeini, so they have only 17% support on that issue. 80% of Iranians are highly religious, so they have less than 20% support on their hatred of Islam. 78% of Iranians support the religious government in Iran, so the rioters have only 22% support on that issue.

Only 15% of Iranians supported the rioters that year, and in fact, most Iranians wanted the government to crack down a lot harder than it did. There are 80 million people in Iran. So the rioters have the support of 9-18 million people in the country. That’s a lot of people. Imagine how much damage 13 million rioters could do in any country!

Support for the mandatory hijab has not been polled recently, but several years ago, a poll showed that only 15% of Iranians (curiously about the same percentage as the rioters) wanted increased liberalism on social issues. So Iran remains a deeply conservative and religious country. The truth is that in the cities nowadays, many women are hardly wearing any hijab anyway.

They are only wearing the most bare minimum of a hijab which ends up showing off quite a bit of their hair. I saw a recent photo of Iranian women graduating from university and they were wearing their caps as hijabs. Nonetheless, quite a few had uncovered heads and many others had their caps shoved so far back that they might as well have not even been wearing one.

As noted above, I am not sure how Iranians feel about a mandatory hijab as I’m not aware that the issue has ever been polled. I can assure you that many Iranians, including many Iranian women

It looks like there is a strong ~15% of the population that supports these rioters. At most 22% of the population supports the “Down with the dictator” and “Down with the mullahs” chants as both the Velayah-al-Fiqh and Khameini have overwhelming majority support of near 80%. This is a small percentage of the population, no more than 15-20%, who are very angry and are busy tearing their country apart and trying to overthrow the government. However, 80% of Iranians do not want the government to be overthrown.

The entire reason for the riots is fraudulent. The victim in question was not beaten and tortured by police. She received a ridiculously light slap on the wrist for her crime. She collapsed in a courthouse of a stroke of apparently endogenous origin, considering her history of brain surgeries.

My support lies with the majority of the Iranian people. As far as mandatory hijab goes, obviously I could care less about it, but that’s a matter for the Iranians them to decide, not the Globohomo – Nazi/fascist – ISIS/Al Qaeda – NATO/CIA crowd. I don’t support them on anything. And as far as Globohomo goes, I assure you that the vast majority of Iranians want no part of this depraved and degenerate behavior.

Άτυχος vεαρός τραυματίστηκε σοβαρά στο πρόσωπο του και χωρίστηκε στα δύο!

This is the Greek translation of the Face Split Diving Accident Video post.

If you are thinking about watching this video and have not seen it yet, let me warn you. It’s really bad. I was traumatized for almost a week after I saw it, and usually nothing much affects me at all. I thought I was unshockable. I guess not. Don’t come complaining to me if you’re traumatized or upset after watching this. Remember that I warned you ahead of time.

For those of you who are daring and think you can handle it, go ahead and dive right in, so to speak. It’s freaky as Hell though. I’m warning you.

The video itself is now stored on my old Blogspot site. I will keep it there until I transfer it over here.

I am looking for translators to translate this post into Arabic, Hebrew, Maltese, Romanian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Russian, Swedish, Malay, Indonesian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and Wolof. Email me if you are interested.

This post has been translated into:

French: Visage Fendu dans Accident de Plongeon (en Français).

Portuguese: Video Acidente de Mergulho Rostro Dividida Ao Meio (em Português )

Spanish: Video Accidente de Clavadista con Cara Partida (en Español)

Finnish: Sukellusonnettomuus (on Suomen)

Serbo-Croatian: Ronilačkih Nezgoda Sa Licem Podijeljen U Dva (u Srpsko-hrvatski )

Italian: Incidente Di Tuffo Che Divide Il Viso In Due (traduzione in Italiano).

Estonian: Näo Lõhkenud Õnnetusjuhtumi Sukeldumise Video

Click here to watch the actual video.

Κακές αντιδράσεις προκλήθηκαν στο συγκεκριμένο βίντεο πόνος όπου μερικές από αυτές έχουν κρατήσει πάνω από δύο εβδομάδες.

Παρακαλώ να είστε προσεκτικοί στο να παρακολουθήσετε το βίντεο.

Αυτό είναι ένα από τα πιο διάσημα βάϊραλ βίντεο που κυκλοφορούν. Το συγκεκριμένο βίντεο στην πραγματικότητα εμφανίστηκε στο Ίντερνετ γύρω στην Τρίτη εβδομάδα του Ιουλίου του 2009, αλλά ξεκίνησε να γίνεται βάϊραλ σε πολύ μεγάλο βαθμό γύρω στην δεύτερη εβδομάδα του Σεπτεμβρίου του 2009. Σε γενικές γραμμές αυτό το βίντεο δεν είχε ποτέ κάποιο όνομα. Πρώτα εμφανίστηκε σε αραβικές και τουρκικές ιστοσελίδες και τελικά βρήκε τον δρόμο του γύρω στο διαδίκτυο.

Αναφέρεται σε κάποιες περιγραφές του συγκεκριμένου γεγονότος ως απαίσιο ατύχημα βουτιάς, το χειρότερο ατύχημα βουτιάς, τρομερό ατύχημα βουτιάς, φοβερό ατύχημα βουτιάς, αηδιαστικό ατύχημα βουτιάς, και ατύχημα βουτιάς. Εγώ το ονόμασα ατύχημα βουτιάς μιας και δεν μπορούσα να σκεφτώ κάποια καλύτερη ονομασία πέρα από αυτήν.

Ένας έφηβος, ένα δεκαεξάχρονο αγόρι, πηδάει από το παραθαλάσσιο υπερυψωμένο πεζοδρόμιο στην πόλη Βυρηττό του Λίβανου, και γλίστρησε πριν τη βουτιά. Η γλίστρα αυτή έφερε σαν αποτέλεσμα να μην πέσει ο έφηβος κατευθείαν στη θάλασσα και να χτυπήσει στην τσιμεντένια πλάκα όπου ψαρεύουν συνήθως οι ψαράδες. Χτύπησε πρώτα το πρόσωπο του και έπειτα έπεσε στη θάλασσα. Σε πολύ σύντομο χρονικό διάστημα η θάλασσα είχε αλλάξει χρώμα και από μπλε που ήταν το χρώμα της πήρε το χρώμα κόκκινο για αρκετά μέτρα μακριά από τον αιμόφυρτο έφηβο. Στο βίντεο καταγράφονται άνθρωποι και βάρκες στο νερό που προσπαθούν να σώσουν τον νεαρό, και κορίτσια που φωνάζουν.

Στην επόμενη σκηνή του βίντεο ο άτυχος νεαρός βρίσκεται στο νοσοκομείο του Αμερικανικού Πανεπιστημίου που βρισκόταν απέναντι από το ατύχημα με μια ομάδα γιατρών και νοσοκόμων που παρακολουθούν την κατάσταση του. Είχε τις αισθήσεις του ακόμη, ανέπνεε κανονικά και το βλέμμα του ήταν ζωηρό. Έπειτα ο γιατρός πιάνει τις άκρες του προσώπου του εφήβου αγοριού και προσπαθεί να τις ενώσει ώστε να «φτιάξει» το πρόσωπο από την αρχή. Ο γιατρός πάνω στην απόγνωση του λέει μερικές φορές στα αραβικά «από πού να ξεκινήσω».

Το νερό έχει αποκτήσει ολοκληρωτικά κόκκινο χρώμα σε αυτήν την τρομακτική εικόνα του βίντεο. Επίσης μπορούμε να διακρίνουμε στο υλικό την ομάδα διάσωσης στην βάρκα που έσπευσε να βοηθήσει τον νεαρό. Υπάρχουν κάποιοι άνθρωποι οι οποίοι πιστεύουν ότι αυτό το βίντεο είναι ψεύτικο λέγοντας ότι το νερό είναι υπερβολικά κόκκινο, και ότι το αίμα που έχασε ο νεαρός αποκλείεται να ήταν αρκετό για να καλύψει τα νερά της θάλασσας σε τέτοιο βαθμό. Όμως, όπως όλοι γνωρίζουμε, είναι φυσιολογικό να απλωθεί η αιμορραγία τόσο πολύ στο νερό, καθώς το νερό λειτουργεί ως διαλύτης για το αίμα με αποτέλεσμα μια μικρή ποσότητα αίματος που έχει χαθεί να μοιάζει με πολύ περισσότερη από ότι είναι πραγματικά. Αυτό δεν το αναφέρουμε ως ότι το θύμα δεν έχασε πολύ αίμα, απλά το χρώμα του νερού της θάλασσας το κάνει να φαίνεται σαν να έχασε πολύ περισσότερο από όσο έχασε στην πραγματικότητα.

Οι άνθρωποι αναρωτιούνται πως θα μπορούσε ο νεαρός να επιβιώσει τέτοιο τραυματισμό, και πως το μπροστινό τμήμα του εγκεφάλου του μπορεί πραγματικά να έχει τραυματιστεί, αλλά άλλοι λένε πως είχε παραμείνει άθικτο. Σε γενικές γραμμές βασικές ανάγκες όπως η διαδικασία της αναπνοής, εκτελούνταν κανονικά από τον εγκέφαλο, όποτε θα μπορούσαμε να πούμε πως ο εγκέφαλος δεν φαίνεται να έχει τραυματιστεί. Πολλοί άνθρωποι αναρωτιούνται και για τον πόνο. Η αλήθεια είναι πως δεν υπάρχουν κάποιου είδους αισθητήρες πόνου στον εγκέφαλο ο οποίος σε περίπτωση που τραυματιστεί να κάνει τον άνθρωπο να πονάει, αλλά από την άλλη πλευρά η ζημιά στο πρόσωπο του νεαρού πρέπει να είναι πολύ επίπονη.

Υπάρχουν πολλές φήμες που λένε ότι αυτό το βίντεο είναι ψεύτικο, αλλά είναι αληθινό! Το γνωρίζουμε αυτό επειδή άνθρωποι στο Λίβανο το αναφέρουν. Κάποιοι από αυτούς είχαν φίλους που παρευρίσκονταν στο συμβάν εκεί τη μέρα, άλλοι λένε πως είχε γίνει αναφορά από τον λιβανέζικες εφημερίδες και άλλοι λένε πως είναι ενήμεροι από ιστορίες που λέγονται στις παρέες και στους δρόμους από τους ανθρώπους του Λίβανου για το συμβάν. Υπάρχει ένα άρθρο στα αραβικά από την λιβανέζικη εφημερίδα στο διαδίκτυο το οποίο αποδεικνύει ότι αυτό το συμβάν έγινε όντως, αλλά βρίσκεται στην αρχειοθέτηση και για να ψάξει κανείς στην αρχειοθέτηση κοστίζει αρκετά χρήματα.

Το γεγονός αυτό έλαβε χώρα στη Βυρηττό την δεύτερη εβδομάδα του Ιουλίου του 2009. Ο άτυχος έφηβος μαζί με τον αδερφό του έκαναν επίδειξη τις ικανότητές τους στις βουτιές, βουτώντας από τον παραθαλάσσιο πεζόδρομο Manara, ο οποίος βρίσκεται απέναντι από το αμερικανικό πανεπιστήμιο στην ακτή του λιμανιού της Βυρηττού.

Αυτό το σημείο του πεζόδρομου ονομάζεται Al-Rawsha, και είναι ευρέως γνωστό για τους δύτες. Όπως η golden gate bridge στο Σαν Φρανσίσκο της Καλιφόρνια είναι ευρέως γνωστή για της απόπειρες αυτοκτονίας και τις αυτοκτονίες.

Ο πεζόδρομος Manara είναι πολύ ψηλά από τη θάλασσα δηλαδή γύρω στα 12 μέτρα. Το πρώτο κομμάτι του βίντεο δείχνει τον αδερφό του να καταφέρνει αυτή την υπερβολικά επικίνδυνη βουτιά. Το θύμα και ο αδερφός του πριν από το ατύχημα είχαν κάνει αμέτρητες βουτιές, και όλα είχαν πάει μια χαρά, αλλά αυτή τη φορά το θύμα γλιστρά και ήρθε η καταστροφή.

Αυτό το σημείο του βίντεο καταγράφηκε με ένα κινητό ΝΟΚΙΑ αργά και σκοτεινά το απόγευμα. επίσης καταγράφηκε από ένα κορίτσι το οποίο ακούγεται στη σκηνή της τραγωδίας να φωνάζει στα αραβικά «ω Θεέ μου!ω Θεέ μου! Κάποιος να καλέσει την πολιτική προστασία!»

Πολλοί λένε πως αποκλείεται ένα τέτοιο βίντεο να έχει καταγράφει στα επείγοντα περιστατικά ενός νοσοκομείου, ωστόσο στον εξελισσόμενο κόσμο είναι αρκετά σύνηθες για την οικογένεια τους φίλους κλπ να είναι παρόντες στα επείγοντα δίπλα στο κρεβάτι του ασθενή όσο οι γιατροί παρακολουθούν τον ασθενή. Επίσης δεν είναι ασυνήθιστο να έχουν ενα κινητό πάνω τους για να καταγράψουν το τι συμβαίνει. Αυτό ίσως είναι αρκετά παράξενο στις Ηνωμένες πολιτείες, αλλά στον αραβικό κόσμο κανένας δεν ασχολείται με αυτό.

Όπως μπορείτε να δείτε στην σκηνή του νοσοκομείου έχουν διασωληνωμένος τον άτυχο νεαρό, ωστόσο, δεν φαίνεται να του έχει χορηγηθεί αναπνευστήρα σ, ούτε υπάρχουν ενδείξεις εξοπλισμού παρακολούθησης, όπως παλμικό οξύμετρο. Ο γιατρός εστιάζει στο να κρατά το πρόσωπό του ενωμένο για να προστατεύει τον αεραγωγό.

Το μόνο που μπορούσαν να κάνουν οι χειρουργοί ήταν να ράψουν με ράμματα τις πολύ βαθιές πληγές του στο πρόσωπό του. Αν και ορισμένοι κλινικοί γιατροί στο Διαδίκτυο είπαν ότι ένας καλός ωτορινολαρυγγολόγος θα μπορούσε να επιδιορθώσει καλά την κατάσταση αυτού του αγοριού, δυστυχώς όμως ο καημένος δεν μπορούσε να σωθεί. Το μόνο που κατάφεραν ήταν να τον κρατήσουν ζωντανό στη ΜΕΘ για δύο μέρες πριν πεθάνει.

Η πόλη της Βηρυτού προσπάθησε να σταματήσει τέτοιες ανοησίες τοποθετώντας κιγκλιδώματα και συρματοπλέγματα στο σημείο όπου γινόντουσαν οι επικίνδυνες βουτιές, αλλά παρ’όλα τα μέτρα έφηβοι και ακόμη και νεαροί άντρες στα 20 συνεχίζουν να βουτούν έξω από τον παραλιακό δρόμο σε πολύ επικίνδυνες συνθήκες. Πριν από αυτό το ατύχημα, υπήρχαν πολλά άλλα φρικτά καταδυτικά ατυχήματα σε αυτήν την περιοχή, στα οποία εμπλέκονταν έφηβοι και νεαροί άνδρες.

Αυτή η πολύ ερασιτεχνική τρίγλωσση προειδοποίηση στην αρχή του βίντεο (αραβικά, γαλλικά και αγγλικά) οι φρικτές κραυγές μετά το χτύπημα, ο κόκκινος ωκεανός που απλώνεται γύρω από το άτυχο παιδί, τα 20 με 30 άτομα που μαζεύτηκαν στο νερό για να το βοηθήσουν, η απόλυτα τρομακτική σκηνή στο νοσοκομείο όπου ο νεαρός έχει ένα πρόσωπο χωρισμένο στα δύο, όλα αυτά σε αυτό το βίντεο σε χτυπάνε πολύ. Η επίπονη, τρομοκρατημένη αναπνοή του θύματος σε συνδυασμό με το βλέμμα φρίκης στα μάτια του είναι κάτι που πραγματικά σας μένει.

Delphi Murders Update September 21, 2022: Presence of Two Killers and Kegan Kline Non-involvement in the Murders Confirmed

Warning, long, 16 pages.

Our private Delphi sleuthing group is the best on the Internet by far and has been since it was founded five years ago in 2017.

Unlike any other sleuths, we have determined the main suspects in the case, have a good idea of what happened during the crime and what the crime scene looked like, and have recently figured out the motive.

Best of all, much of our information is via solid sources such as search party members, official case documents, and LE sources close to the investigation who leak to us. No other group has come close to uncovering the amount and quality of information we have.

Why not join the 250+ members who have already signed up for the best Delphi sleuthing team of all? There is a small fee of 20 dollars minimum (you can always give more) to join, which includes lifetime membership. The $20 fee was demanded by our members in order to safeguard the privacy of their conversations and it has worked very well.

Join the best Delphi sleuthing group of all!

I don’t know why I waste my time with these Delphi groups at all. Almost all if not all of the Facebook Delphi groups are a complete waste of time as far as I can tell. Mostly run by belligerent egomaniacs insistent that only their view is correct and out to ban anyone who disagrees. Suffice to say that all of the leaders of these groups are flat out wrong.

The Reddit groups are just horrendous. They’re awful. They’re simply incapable of doing criminology, detective work, or sleuthing in the most basic way. That’s to be expected of amateurs, but why should we listen to them? You want advice for heart surgery, do you go ask the construction guys next door? That’s what the Reddit groups are: a gang of construction workers claiming to be experts in heart surgery. I like the owner of the LibbyandAbby group, but her posters are incompetents, not that that’s her fault. It’s fine to be incompetent. Hell, I’m incompetent in a million things. But I don’t claim to know what I’m talking about in any of those things.

I’ve noted that to her credit, ATrueLady has not jumped on either the Kline or Logan fad trains. She’s a good sleuth but like Grey Pubes, she’s a bit too cautious. But anything from ATrueLady is almost certain to be good information because she’s so damned discerning. Once again, like Pubes. Pubes is horrible, but if he validates some rumor, you can bet money on it. I’ve never mentioned it before but ATrueLady is a source for some of my statements. That’s how much faith I place in her judgement.

I thought Delphi Knot was a good group, but a quick trip to their server showed me how wrong they are. Completely incompetent. They don’t have the faintest idea what they are doing. It’s all either “the Klines did it” or “Ron Logan did it,” two of the most unoriginal theses out there. By the way, our police sources have affirmed to us that neither Kegan Kline nor Ron Logan had anything to do with this crime.

I thought ToborRN was good but I’m afraid not. They’re far too skeptical and far too gullible both at the same time. I will add though that many good sleuths, including retired detectives, have this quality. It’s a bad combination. Being excessively skeptical is good in theory and it demands good work the same way peer review does for the journals I publish in. But even that goes too far. And then to combine it with gullibility and climbing on fad bandwagons, I don’t know what to say. It’s like the worst of two worlds.

Delphi Docs is the biggest waste of time of all. For some insane reason, they have piled up a large number of professionals with impressive credentials on their site. Why are these people with letters after their names wasting their time there? Who knows? Nothing will ever be accomplished or learned on that site. All you will learn is the basic background of the case, which is admittedly of value. Anything else you will learn is whatever the police and media have already released about the case. Which is just about nothing at all.

So what’s the point of a site where nothing can be learned or discerned? I think it’s virtue signaling. Delphi Docs exists to act like they’re better than everyone else. We only deal in info the police and press have released! Whoop tee doo! What do you expect to learn from that? Nothing! Nothing can be gleaned from that at all.

It’s a place for special snowflakes to parade their deliberate ignorance as moral and professional superiority over those who dare to think a bit outside of the boundaries of state-imposed discourse. I fail to see the purpose of such a site other than narcissism. The psychopathology of the leader Xanaxarita is much in evidence: she’s clearly has Borderline Personality Disorder.

Podcasters? Don’t get me started. Almost all of the podcasters are wrong. I am not aware of any podcaster with the exception of one who is anywhere near the right trail of this case. They’re almost all atrocious detectives and sleuths. Just awful.

I do like Sleuth Intuition. He has his ok, has his emotions in check, and he’s photogenic to boot. At least he’s rational; I’ll give him that much.

Most are gloryhounds and narcissists in love with the sound of their own voices, often asking for money and providing next to nothing in return for it. By all means, make all the money you want to off of this case. Last time I checked, those two poor girls are dead. How is it that one shames and besmears these poor victims, who are dead dead dead dead, by making any amount of money at all off of the case? Those girls don’t care whether or how much money anyone makes off this case.

Oh noes! What about the families? Waaaaaaa! What about them? There are always families of victims in every true crime case. Everyone who makes money off any true crime case somehow “disrespects the families.” Who cares! In particular, as far as these two families go, I could care less about their feelings. They don’t deserve my respect, and they certainly haven’t earned it.

People profit off of true crime journalism all the time. Good for them! I’m not some sanctimonious moral freak who goes around accusing everyone of being bad people. If that’s how you feel, go join a church! Go ahead, cast the first stone! The world isn’t divided into the good people and the bad people. The world is divided into the everyone and the all of us. We’re all good and we’re all bad, and none it can be proven by science. Go ahead, ride your high horse off into the distance. One day you too shall fall. Momento mori!

Police Say Kegan Kline Not Involved in the Murders –  “He’s Just a Decoy”

Murder Sheets is one of the worst of all so far. They are insistent that two men named “the Klines” are guilty, these men being Kegan and Tony Kline. Problem is that neither man can be placed at the crime scene on the day of the murders or at any other day for that matter, ever. There is no evidence that either man even know where that bridge was or had ever been there.

Kegan Kline had apparently only been to Delphi once in the past five years to go to a football game. Kegan can’t even drive a car, yet somehow he drove over to kill those two girls. There’s no evidence that Tony Kline had ever been to that bridge one time, ever, yet somehow he still managed to kill those girls, apparently by proxy, and via a remote viewer at that. It’s science fiction or weird fiction, except it’s neither: it’s legitimate criminological theory!

Kegan Kline is 6’0, 200-250 pounds. His health condition is so precarious that he can’t even drive, much less walk on a dangerous bridge that he’s never been to one time. Yes, Kegan Kline is a (fairly) bad person. He convinced some teenage girls to take their clothes off, masturbate and take pictures and movies of themselves enjoying themselves. This doesn’t sound like much of a crime to me, but it’s definitely illegal. Surely no one got harmed. He also had some bad child pornography, and that’s a crime. But once again, it’s a real reach how anyone got harmed when he collected that illegal porn, not that it should be legal.

In other words, this guy’s not very dangerous at all. In fact, he is a completely non-dangerous person. He collected some dirty pictures, some real bad ones at that. But he didn’t hurt a soul, and I doubt if he ever would. He simply doesn’t have it in him. He’s too passive. I realize that your average person is psychodynamically illiterate. Hell, so is your average Psychiatric Intern for that matter.

But you would think some folks would have enough psychological literacy, certainly after decades in the muddy trench wars of life, to understand the nature of men of inaction (the watchers) and men of action (the doers). You don’t even need to read a psychology book. Just pick up Hemingway. There ya go. It’s basic human wisdom, which always goes out the window when everyone is busy shoving square pegs into round holes, which has been the story of the Delphi Murders from Day One.

He’s just a creepy guy who collects creepy porn. His entire approach to life is passive and voyeuristic. Sexually, he’s mostly a masturbator and a voyeur. He’s not a man of action. He’s the opposite. He’s the ultimate man of inaction. A coward, if you will.

But according to the Lords of Sleuthdom, Kegan Kline killed those girls because he’s a bad person. A bad person killed those girls. Kegan is a bad person. Therefore, Kegan killed the girls! It’s logic!

Let’s listen to Kegan Kline:

Cop: Did you ever meet any of these girls?

Kegan: Meet? Meet? That’s not something I do. I don’t meet people.

Right. He’s a fat boy who sits at home and looks at dirty pictures and movies and masturbates. Furthermore, he had nothing to do with these crimes. More on that in a bit.

No Evidence at all That Tony Kline Is Involved in the Murders

Tony Kline is 6’5, 310 pounds. He’s in bad health, a diabetic. He’s missing a foot. Yes, that’s right, he has a prosthetic foot. Yet somehow this crippled gimp with a prosthetic foot managed to hopscotch across that bridge in record time to kill those girls at a bridge that he’s never been to one time! Yes, Tony Kline is a bad person. He’s more of a man of action than Kegan, but he’s more of a bully than anything.

He’s never attacked a woman. Granted, he’s stalked a few and maybe creeped on some windows, imitating his creepy voyeur son. But we don’t even know that. He’s mean. He’s done some mean things, beat some people up, abused them. In other words, he’s every other man within 25 miles of Delphi, Indiana.

But get this: because Tony Kline is a bad person, and a violent bad person at that, that means he killed those girls! Why? Because a bad person, a violent and mean bad person at that, killed those girls. And Tony Kline is…natch…a violent and mean bad person!  That means he killed those girls! It’s logic!

Let’s try this, since being 8 inches too tall and 135 pounds too heavy to be BG didn’t dissuade anyone:

Weight and height. 6’0, 310 pounds Tony Kline, makes no sense! BG is 5’8, 170.

Genetics. No match with partial genetic profile. I’m not sure this is true, but this is what we have heard.

Big fat gut. Tony Kline has a flabby gut. BG has a slender waist and is thinner at the hip. Not to mention that Tony is 135 pounds too heavy to be BG!

Wrong thighs. Tony Kline has huge thighs. BG has weak legs swimming in Dad jeans.

Under jacket. Under Tony Kline’s jacket, a huge belly and not much else, not that there’s much room for anything else. With BG, there are all sorts of things under his jacket, a bag of tricks bigger than Felix’s.

Big fat head. Tony Kline has a gigantic fat face. BG’s face is far more defined, and he doesn’t have a bloated beach ball head.

IQ: Tony Kline is not very smart at all. BG may not be a rocket scientist, but he seems to be a rather crafty fellow at least. I’d give him a 140+ on the Getting Away with Evil Crimes IQ scale. In fact, I regard BG as a criminal mastermind or evil genius.

Voice: Tony Kline’s stepson said the voice is not Tony. BG’s voice is not Tony’s voice. Period.

So what about Tony Kline? Well our police sources have never mentioned him. I think if he was involved, we would have heard about it. Further, there’s no evidence that that Tony Kline has ever been a suspect in this case or that he has ever been interviewed or given a lie detector test even one time. And if the police say Kegan’s not involved, then of course Tony’s not involved either. But I’m sure he’s the killer anyway! Because logic!

No One Knows What Is Going on with the Searches in the Wabash River

We get accused of all sorts of things, mostly being fast and loose with facts, being inaccurate, and trafficking in rumors. Our understanding of this crime has evolved over the years, and 85% of the things we were saying five years ago have since proven false. Nevertheless, this is a bum rap. If we don’t know the answer to some question about this crime, we just say we don’t know. That’s all. That’s frustrating, but that’s the only way to do it.

For instance, everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off over this search in the Wabash River in Peru, Indiana. It’s rumored to involve this case, but we have no idea if that is true or not. We keep getting asked what is going on there. Guess what? We have no idea! Now everyone else involved in this crime, when they have no idea what is going on, insists that they somehow have it all figured out! As you can see over in the Reddit groups, this search in the river obviously means that Kegan and Tony Kline murdered those girls! Except…it means nothing of the sort.

We’ve inquired all around, and we can’t find any good sources for what is going on over in that river. We don’t know what they are searching for. We don’t know why Kegan Kline was released to ISP custody. We don’t know if the search has anything to do with the Klines. In fact, we don’t know what the Klines’ involvement in this crime is at all, except that they’re not involved!

We don’t understand what the Anthony Shots profile and Kegan Kline is all about. We don’t understand Kegan Kline’s relationship is to this case, except that he’s not involved in these murders. We don’t understand what the catfishing has to do with anything, except that the girls seem to have been lured to the bridge that day. We don’t know who lured them. We don’t know the nature of Kegan Kline’s conversations with Libby. We don’t know who controlled that Anthony Shots profile or what it has to do with the case.

The only thing we have heard is that Kegan Kline is not involved in the case.

We got this directly from our police sources. And by the way, we are the only Delphi group who has actual sources in the police who leak to us regularly. No one else has anything close to that. We’ve had these good sources for a year and a half now, and we haven’t burned or revealed them yet. Nor have they been uncovered by the police either, although our best source was very worried a while back about getting caught leaking to us. She acted like she would be in a lot of trouble if she were caught doing that.

From our police sources:

Kegan Kline is a scumbag, yes. But he’s not involved in the murders. He’s just a decoy. What I mean by this is that Kegan’s CP crimes were blown up larger than life in order to extrapolate information via the computer and Internet data to hopefully reel in the actual killer.

At first we didn’t know what “he’s just a decoy” meant, but I just learned the last sentence today. But even that doesn’t quite make sense. But there you have it. That’s the whole basis for the Kegan Kline drama.

Police Say Ron Logan Not Involved in Delphi Murders

Of course, over and over, we hear the endless refrain that Ron Logan killed those girls. Never mind that he was cleared a couple of years into the investigation at the very latest by the admission of the police themselves.

How about Ron Logan? We did ask our police sources about whether Ron is thought to have killed the girls. Here is what they told us:

Hey, look! They’re not looking for a 75 year old man!

This was said with a lot of sarcasm and a “Why is that even a question?” tone. So the police say flat out that Ron Logan’s not involved. But we all knew that.

Police Confirm That LE Believes That There Were Two Killers in the Delphi Murders

Let’s listen to our police sources again. We expressed concern that with this case going on such a long time, the police might try to frame some other scumbag for the crime because the pressure on police to solve the case (unfairly IMHO) is extreme. Police:

Yes, the danger of long-unsolved crimes is that police start to get desperate and they can round up some other scumbag and frame him for the crime. However, I’m not worried about that in this case, as the police are close to making an arrest. It all hinges on one final piece of evidence. We are just waiting…

The truth is that the police have known who did this crime all along, and it’s the same person that we all suspect of doing this crime: Mr. X. The police also know for a fact that Mr. X had an accomplice and was also very close to people in the community. Mr. X is very transparent and he also highly suspected of being involved in the Evansdale Murders also after the first suspects panned out.

Here we have some fairly shocking new evidence. We have reported for some time that the police had an ongoing theory that there of more than one killer, but they did not want to publicize it because people were already afraid enough with one killer, and they thought the idea of two killers would cause panic. The police also told us that Mr. X’s possible accomplice was quite a bit younger than Mr. X, and there was a fear that he might run.

However, now for the very first time, we can confirm that the police absolutely believe that there were two killers involved in the Delphi Murders, Mr. X and an unknown accomplice, possibly a much younger man. This is amazing news!

The police say that Mr. X is close to a lot of people in the community, and this is what our investigation revealed. They also say that he is “transparent,” but we don’t know what that means. And the source reiterated what she had told us previously that Mr. X was now the main suspect in the Evansdale Murders too. In other words, police think that Mr. X, the suspected Delphi Killer or BG, is a serial killer.

Motel Where Mr. X Stayed in Evansdale in 2012 Discovered!

Which brings us to one other great new break in the case. As I noted recently, we have confirmed via a source in Delphi that Mr. X was indeed staying in Evansdale, Iowa on transfer with Tyson Foods during the period of the Evansdale Murders. However, one of our sleuths has just informed me that he has been to Evansdale and found the motel where Mr. X and the Tyson Foods employees were put up!

Here is his report:

I saw the article some time back in the Indiana Star where they gave the name of the motel in Evansdale where Mr. X stayed in 2012. I went to Evansdale and checked it out. It was a seedy, one-level old schoolhouse refurbished into a motel on a back road with empty old warehouses and small factories. It was still up and running. It looked like people lived in it long-term. It had a crack house look about it. I recall Mr. X’s roommate fingered him and told the police several times that BG was Mr. X and to look no further.

So one of our team members found the motel where Mr. X stayed at the time of the Evansdale Murders! Now we need to send one of our sleuths over there to find an exact name and address and hopefully to get photographs. Stay tuned!

Beware the Desperate Detective

I’m quite worried that the police will try to frame Kegan or Tony Kline for this crime. Everyone is so certain that they did it, sitting back, eating popcorn, drinking coke, and grinning in the stands. We are well aware that Kegan said that the police told him that they know his father killed the girls. The police also wrote a search warrant strongly implying that Ron Logan killed the girls. In addition, in the interrogation, the police tell Kegan Kline that they know he killed those girls.

I’ve got some news for you. Lots of time when police are interrogating a suspect, they will say, “We know you committed this murder.” They say that even if they don’t think you did it or if they have no idea if you did it or not. I have no idea why they do this. To gauge your reaction? Cops have a right to lie their fool heads off in interrogations, and they do so with gusto. There was a very unfortunate Supreme Court case along those lines. The cops even get to say, “We found your DNA at the scene” even when they didn’t. They get to say all sorts of BS, and they do just that.

In addition, there is a rumor that the police nearly beat a confession out of Garrett Kirts. They hammered him so hard to get him to confess to this crime that they “all but waterboarded him,” according to my source. This is most unfortunate but it shows that if this rumor is true, then the police in this case have already tried to beat a confession out of some scumbag that they knew full well wasn’t guilty. Why? To solve the case. Natch.

History Will Absolve Us

Our group is probably the most hated Delphi sleuthing group of them all. The sad fact here is that I am quite sure that we are right. We are the only group with actual sources in the police who leak directly to us. And we have had access to case documents too. We have interviewed search party ladies about the crime scene.

We have published actual crime scene photos which we believe are correct.

I have said many times on here that we will be proven correct on a lot of things if this case ever goes to trial. I’m going to double down on that one more time. We were wrong a lot in the past, but now with much better sources and the weight of five years of mistakes behind us, we have a much clearer picture of what really went down. You ignore and deny us at your peril.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again:

You need to listen to us!

I’ll even quote one of my heroes here:

History will absolve me.

– Fidel Castro

I should change it to us really because this site would be nothing without my group members!

Or, to get a bit more oblique and literary, how about if we close with a song from the Prophet himself, Robert Zimmerman?

Shall the new day come and the grey dawn break on the ridge to the east, all shall be revealed.

Until then, life is a waiting game.

And to all my critics: Momento mori!

More on How the Polish Government under Kaczyński Looks Fascist


Kaczyński, a strong, decisive man, skillfully managed the emotions, fears and hopes of the people. He promoted an attractive vision of the ‘common man’ who will be noticed, appreciated, and financially rewarded at last. As a ‘true Pole’, he or she will be the source and ‘engine’ of a national rebirth of Poland, which has always found itself on the receiving end of policies imposed by foreign powers and by the treacherous, liberal, cosmopolitan elites that care little about others.

There you go.

  • He promoted an attractive vision of the ‘common man’ who will be noticed, appreciated, and financially rewarded at last.

That’s fascism. Putinism is nothing like this at all.

  • As a ‘true Pole’, he or she will be the source and ‘engine’ of a national rebirth of Poland, which has always found itself on the receiving end of policies imposed by foreign powers and by the treacherous, liberal, cosmopolitan elites that care little about others.

That’s classic fascism. Putinism is nothing like that at all. There are no “true Russians” – Russia is made up of 80 ethnicities. Russia does not have a history of being dominated by foreign powers. It’s true that the liberal cosmopolitan elites of Russia have allied themselves with the West, but this is only a small group of people, no more than 5%, and they are widely hated. They’re never been able to impose their will on the people. Anyway, many of these liberals are now anti-West!

Kaczyński’s PiS embraced a radical Polish brand of conservative nationalism with a strong Catholic foundation. During electoral campaigns, the party has presented itself not only as the country’s true defender against the supposed threat of Muslim refugees who are viewed as ‘terrorists’ who spread “parasites and diseases”.

Classic fascism. Russia is not anti-Islam. Chechnya’s leader is fanatically pro-Putin and pro-Russia. Russian feelings towards Chechnya have warmed recently. Chechen, Russian, and Novorussian forces got on very well together in the war. They all play music and dance together and Chechens dance to Cossack music. In fact, Chechen dancing looks a lot like Cossack dancing. Kadyrov’s Islam allows music and dancing and indeed in the Sufi tradition of Chechnya, these have always been a part of Chechen Islam.

The other Muslim regions around Dagestan now have friendly relations with Russia, as do Tatars, Baskhkirs, and some others. 18% of Russians are Muslims. The official Muslim church is very close to Putin and the Russian government and works closely with the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church. Russia is not anti-refugee or anti-immigrant. The USSR left a long tradition of internationalism. Russia does not promote the notion that Muslims are disease-ridden terrorists.

Indeed, the party also believes that it is protecting Poland from a decadent Europe that will perform ‘social engineering’ and force gay marriage and adoption upon the population. Of course, hostile foreign powers remain a concern for the party as well. Following the formation of the government, PiS embarked on a culture war against many of the supposed threats to ‘traditional Polish values’. These ‘threats’ include multiculturalism, women’s reproductive rights, LGBT rights, and liberalism in general.

It is true that we see some similarities here with Putin’s Russia. However, Russia is a multicultural country and has been since the days of the Russian Empire. If there is anything that defines Russia more than anything else, it may be multiculturalism. The USSR was a leader in equal rights for women and Russia’s abortion laws are among the most liberal on Earth. Women make up close to half of positions in much of Russian society. There is little to no job discrimination against women in Russia. It is true that Russia is not crazy about LGBT rights, but most Russians don’t care all that much.

It’s more that they want an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude towards it. The arts have long been full of homosexuals, and Russians are used to this. In fact there is an old Russian joke:

Man goes to the doctor.

“Doctor, I think I’m a homosexual!”

“Well, are you an artist?”


“Are you a singer?”


“Are you an actor?”


“Well then you can’t possibly be a homosexual! You’re obviously a faggot!”

The idea is that it was more or less acceptable or at least tolerated with a “what are you going to do?” shrug of the shoulders for many in the arts to be gay, but on the other hand, it was not tolerated outside of the arts so much.

Russians also dislike public display of affection, gay or straight. They very much dislike pride parades and they are often banned. In addition, there is a law against propagandizing homosexuality to minors that is widely supported. There is a sort of fear among Russians similar to among Americans 40 years ago of homosexuality being a sort of contagious illness. However, many Russians and even Russian gays say that the anti-LGBT tone of Russian society is much exaggerated. Indeed there are many gay bars in Moscow and St. Petersburg. That would not happen in an extremely homophobic society.

If liberalism means SJW culture and Globohomo, I’d say that a large section of the world is rebelling against this extreme view of social liberalism. It appears that most people are more socially conservatism than the ultra-liberalism that Globohomo seems to be arrogantly shoving down everyone’s throat. I’d say it’s a pretty extreme statement to say that every socially conservative society resisting Globohomo is fascist.

In fact, is social conservatism even fascist at all? Were not the existing Communist countries socially conservative? Were they all fascist? Are Islamic societies not all quite socially conservative in general? So are all Islamic societies fascist? This idea that social conservatism = fascism seems problematic. Wasn’t most of the world socially conservative before the 20th Century? So was most of the world fascist then?

From day one of its rule, PiS has ruled by fear and ‘permanent crisis’. The party has launched a series of attack on laws and institutions and the hitherto prevailing norms of liberal democracy. Independent media and civil society has also suffered. PiS continues to legitimize the liberal opposition and has practically eliminated its influence on the legislative process in parliament.

The party’s declared strategic objective was to remodel the state and nation by replacing an apparently entrenched and inward-looking meritocratic elite with a new and loyal group from top to bottom.

Putin has not ruled by permanent emergency rule. Everything that Putin does is in a legal framework. Permanent emergency rule, permanent crisis, etc. are hallmarks of fascism, as is voiding the rule of law in favor of extralegal means of changing the ways of governance.

The opposition gets 30% of the vote. The pro-Western opposition is hated but they only get 5% of the vote, so no one much cares about them. The opposition controls 30% of Parliament and the pro-Western opposition has 5%. Russia is still a meritocracy. Membership in Putin’s party is not necessary to advance or succeed. Putin has not gone around Russia replacing all government officials that are not members of his party.

The bullets show aspects of the Polish government followed by my comments comparing it to Russia.

  • An all-out attack on the justice system by stacking the judiciary with loyalists and thus ensuring that there are no legal challenges. This and other ‘reforms’ were successfully challenged in the European Court of Justice. This issue remains a source of Poland’s serious conflict regarding the European Commission and the parliament.

Putin has not messed with the judicial system at all, and indeed, it’s not uncommon that it rules against him.

  • Firing or retiring more than 60 generals and over 1000 lower-ranking officers. Many of them had combat experience through working with the American Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There has been no ideological purge of the military in Russia in favor of Putin’s party.

  • Replacing many intelligence and counter-intelligence officers who had not shown enough political loyalty. PiS has used the newly-politicized special services to fight the opposition in Poland by granting them far-reaching powers regarding eavesdropping and hacking. This has allowed the government to access the
    communications of all groups in society.

There has been no purge of the intelligence service in favor of Putin’s party. 30% of the population supports the opposition and most are not bothered. There is some repression against the tiny pro-Western group, but even they operate openly most of the time.

  • Sacking, forcing to leave, or marginalizing hundreds of diplomats with great experience who had been in public service since 1989. Party loyalists, most often unprepared for diplomatic missions, have replaced them.

There has been no ideological sacking of the diplomatic service in favor of Putin’s party. Russia is a meritocracy.

  • Rewarding coalition parties with the spoils of widespread top to bottom purges in government and local administration, the civil service and in the state-owned industries. By employing on a massive scale not just party activists but also members of their families and friends, PiS has created an extensive network of patronage which, combined with a get-rich-quick attitude, has led to many instances of blatant nepotism and corruption. These scandals have often been revealed by NGOs, TVN, and other independent media outlets. As a result, the culprits have been prosecuted when it has been found to be politically advantageous.

I’m not sure to what extent this is going on in Russia. There haven’t been any top to bottom purges of opposition people to create spaces for people in Putin’s party. Yes, there is a lot of corruption in Russia, but there are constant arrests for this crime all through the government and even military.

  • Private business had been affected by the rapid pace of badly prepared legislation and the constant threat of changes in taxation, welfare, and labor laws. There have even been several instances of harassment with regards to numerous business leaders, who have consequently left Poland with their money.

This has not happened in Russia.

  • Constant pressure on private businesses, with the threat of damaging tax inspections to ensure that they refrain from providing financial support to NGOs that engage in causes deemed hostile by the authorities.

I’m not aware that this is going on in Russia at all, but perhaps I am mistaken.

  • The government channeling money to newly established associations that are ideologically close to the PiS government. As a result, independent NGOs have had to limit their activities to a great degree.

The government has not set up organizations that are close to Putin’s party that compete with “independent NGO’s” whatever those are. Quite a few of the NGO’s in Russia are funded by hostile entities in the West, including Western governments, and there has been an effort to shut some of these down.

  • Withholding or severely limiting funding for museums, theatres, film production, cultural festivals and anything associated with artists known for their liberal, non-nationalist views. Any cultural aesthetics that do not conform to official ideas now face great pressure from the government. Cultural institutions and schools are being pressured to act as guardians of official orthodoxy and teach a single, heroic version of Polish history.

The arts crowd is close to the pro-Western opposition traitors, but people keep going to the movies, theaters, etc. anyway. Cultural festivals are run by those who favor traditional society. There has been little if any crackdown on the pro-Western arts crowd despite their treasonous views. There’s no government pressure on arts production. By the way, cracking down on the arts for being anti-nationalist is quite fascist.

Russian schools do not teach a single, heroic nationalist view of Russian history. Nor have Russian history books been rewritten and filled with nothing but lies as Polish history books have been for a long time now. Russia doesn’t have a “heroic” history. All of these are fascist concepts.

Read Dostoevsky sometime. Russian history is the opposite of heroic. Russians are cynics and often depressives.

  • The government bringing schools, which were originally managed by local governments, under the direct control of the state’s regional educational inspectorates. The Ministry of Education have changed the curriculum and promoted the teaching of a single, more ‘patriotic’ version of history. There has also been an increase in the amount and role of Catholic religious education. Similar changes are also planned for universities in the name of expanding “freedom of academic debate”.

I’m not aware that the national government has gotten involved in school curriculum to promote a patriotic version of history. The patriotic version of history sounds fascist. Many speakers of regional languages can continue to get their entire K-12 education in their native language, which is pretty amazing. There are even K-12 Ukrainian language schools in Russia! There is no religious education in Russia. Yes, many are Orthodox, but up to 40% are atheist. Also there are many Muslims in Russia and Putin doesn’t want a conflict with them.

Russia is officially a secular country in line with Soviet dogma and religion is kept out of the schools and the state. The Russian military has Orthodox priests, Muslim mullahs, Buddhist priests, and Jewish rabbis to serve its soldiers. Buryat Buddhist formations have their own Buddhist priests that lead them in religious services. Muslim and Orthodox soldiers also have their own leaders that lead them in religious observation.

  • Pushing for centralization and starving local governments of funding while burdening them with new, costly responsibilities in the areas of education, health care, and road building. This is especially true in places where the opposition holds power.

This doesn’t sound like Russia at all. Russia spends massively on education, health care, and road building in line with Soviet ideology. I’m not aware of areas where the pro-West opposition holds power being starved for money.

  • Removing at least a thousand journalists and managers from state-owned radio and television and immediately embarking on aggressive campaigns against all who oppose PiS’s autocratic rule. This includes opposition parties, local councils, NGOs, independent media such as TVN, women’s and LGBT rights activists and the EU.

There has been no widespread purge of journalists from state media. In fact, the state media has long been a home of the pro-West opposition. Some of the pro-West media was shut down at the start of the war, but most Russians were more than happy about that. Feminist and gay rights groups are not bothered.

The propaganda campaign on state radio and television has become a constant, daily feature of public life since 2015. It has continued unabated in its aim to deepen polarization, mobilize a loyal hard-line electorate, and attack any opposition to PiS’s rule. President Andrzej Duda himself called the widely respected human rights ombudsman, Professor Adam Bodnar, “anti-Polish” for stating in an interview with AFP that Poland is heading “in the direction of an undemocratic state.”

State media does not propagandize for Putin’s party, and there have been some harsh critics of Putin on national TV lately. As I said, the opposition is 30% of the population and most are not bothered. Critics of the government may indeed be attacked, but they won’t be called “anti-Russian.” Russians don’t think in such parochial terms.

In December 2020, under the slogan of ‘re-Polonizing’ the media, PiS orchestrate the purchase of the unprofitable local newspaper chain Polska Press from its Swiss-German publisher. This purchase was made by the state-owned energy company Orlen. Polska Press controlled 20 regional newspapers, 120 weekly magazines, and some 450 online portals accessed by around 17 million politically valuable readers.

Following numerous purges, the editorial line of these publications was changed to match PiS policies. In a recent report, Reporters without Borders led a chapter devoted to Poland with the title “Re-Polonization Means Censorship”.

There is no re-Russianizing” campaign in Russia, as the population is not divided into Russians and anti-Russians. The idea of “Russianizing” anything in Russia would be abhorrent to multicultural Russians. By the way, “re-Polonizing” sounds very fascist.

This latest move was ill-prepared both with regards to the law and media. This was demonstrated by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who stated on July 8th that “Let’s imagine a situation where some medium in Poland, be it a very large website, or television, or radio, or a large newspaper, is bought by a Russian or Chinese entity, or one coming from Arab countries”.

Kaczyński himself offered an even more extravagant explanation: “There would be a great risk, connected with laundering dirty money, with some drug cartel’s media, coming into Poland”.

The Russian government is not concerned about large media enterprises in Russia being taken over by enemy powers or by drug cartels. Some anti-Russian sites are run out of the EU, including Estonia and Finland, but those are only on the Internet. A couple of pro-Western media outlets shut down at the start of the war simply moved over to the Baltics (one is run out of Latvia now) and they are as Russia-hostile as ever, so in a way, they haven’t been shut down at all. They simply closed up shop and moved to another country.

Russians can access almost all Western media. The Russians I see on Twitter read and reference all of the anti-Russian stories in the Western media all the time, so I assume they must have access to it. There is no paranoia in Russia about tiny, weak Russian media being bought out by nefarious foreign powers. This type of thinking is not necessarily fascist, but it can be.

Foreign policy has now been fully subordinated to domestic politics, with the aim of creating a protective umbrella over any radical changes in Poland.

Jarosław Kaczyński knows little about international relations and is driven by strong ideological convictions. Any proclamations about alliances or democracy simply hide the real, relentless power struggle in which Poland – always betrayed by its allies in the past – must primarily look after its own interests. Now, Kaczyński is the one who gets to define Poland’s national interests.

The politician confirmed such an approach in a 2016 interview, in which he stated that he “…would be willing to see some slowdown in economic growth if that was the price of pushing through his vision of Poland”.

As you can see, everything in Poland has been subordinated to domestic power politics, especially the politics of the PiS party. This includes foreign policy, the economy, you name it. Nothing in Russia is subordinated to Putin’s party, neither foreign policy nor economics. Both are done with a view towards the greatest good for the greatest number. Party politics have nothing to do with foreign policy or economics in Russia. This sort of “politicization of everything” is similar to the fascist project of the US Republican Party.

For example, in July PiS signed a joint declaration with some sixteen radical populist-right wing parties such as Orbán’s Fidesz, Marine le Pen’s National Unity, Salvini’s Italian League, Spain’s Vox party and the far-right and genuinely proto-fascist Brothers of Italy. The group’s aim is to build common representation in the European Parliament and increase its collective influence within the EU.

This part is odd.

  • Orbán is the leader of Hungary and Fidesz is the name of his party. Many have called him fascist. He is ferociously anti-Communist and he has praised the previous fascist rulers of the country, including the pro-Nazi party during WW2. On the other hand, he is pro-Russian! So we see that some of the neo-fascist parties of Europe are pro-Russian! Go figure.
  • Marine le Pen is the leader of the National Unity Party of France. They are called Far Right or even fascist, but if I were French, I might vote for them! They’re not anti-Communist. Her father, Jean-Marie, was an out and out fascist and Petainist who sympathized with the Vichy collaborationist regime in WW2 and made some rather unpleasant statements about the Holocaust. However, she has walked back most of her father’s statements and is not his ideological daughter. In fact, Le Pen is a strong ally of Israel because she is more anti-Muslim than anything else.

And recently, an Algerian Jew ran in a party similar to National Unity on a very similar platform to Le Pen. Whatever you can say about Marie Le Pen, antisemite doesn’t seem to be one of them. If anything, she’s a philo-Semite! The National Unity Party no longer seems to have any connection to the Vichy regime and if anything, they might be anti-Petainist at this point with the advent of their philo-Semitism. As with Orbán, Marine le Pen is pro-Russia! Go figure. Yet another far right pro-Russian political party that is sometimes labeled fascist.

  • Salvini is the leader of the Italian rightwing party the Italian League. I know nothing whatsoever about this political party.
  • The Vox Party is a far rightwing party in Spain with roots in Andalusia and the nation’s South. The seem to be more socially conservative, machista, patriarchal, and anti-feminist than anything else. They’re probably not wild about the LGBT crowd. Other than that, I know little about them and I’m not even sure if they are Francoist, though it would not be surprising.
  • The Brothers of Italy is an Italian political party that is properly regarded, as the article states, as Far Right and proto-fascist. They seem to be more anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim than anything else. I’m not aware of how they stand on Russia.

Russia/Ukraine War Updates September 19, 2022

There is no good evidence that Russian soldiers have tortured a single soul in this war. The video of the “Russian soldier castrating the Ukrainian soldier” actually shows Nazis wearing Nazi uniforms and clothes with Nazi gloves castrating the soldier, who is apparently a Russian. The “Buryat” who has been accused of it somewhat resembles on the torturers in the video. However, the necklace and the hat are a bad match. The Nazis seem to have a problem with the Buryats. They also accused a Buryat battalion of the murders in Bucha that never even happened.

As you can see, here we are back to Ukrainian Nazi racism again. Notice that the Nazis have a tendency to ascribe the worst racism to the Asiatic type of Russians. The Buryats are the Russians that the Nazis hate most of all because the Nazis say that Russians are Asiatic Mongols and Huns. Buryats are very Asiatic-looking.

I saw a recent meme by a Ukrainian poster showing “European” faces which looked White, blond, blue, etc. Very Germanic looking. Then there were Russian faces which looked substantially Asiatic – clearly non-European. The meme was accompanied by actual World War 2 Nazi imagery showing actual Nazi soldiers.

In another recent post, a Ukrainian called Russians “Mokshas.” Mokshas are a Finno-Ugric group speaking a Uralic language that live in Russia near the Urals. It is a continuous Nazi meme that Russians are not pure White Europeans because they are “contaminated” with Finno-Ugric Uralic genes, which are at least somewhat Asiatic.

Views like this are shockingly common in Nazi Ukraine, even among the older generations. They are quite normal among young Nazis  who have been raised on nothing but Ukrainian nationalist Nazism since 1991.

More on the fake Russian mass graves war crime in Izyum. The lying Western media is going berserk over this. All of the dates on those crosses date from the period when Ukraine controlled the city. This includes 17 bodies of Nazi soldiers who the Nazis refused to come and pick up, hence they had to be buried by the Russians.

Every single one of those crosses has a date on it, and many of them have the names of the person or persons buried under the cross. In addition, the burial ground itself is an addition to a main cemetary. Locals say that after the Nazis were driven out of the city, there were many bodies of people who had been killed during Nazi rule that had not been properly buried. All of these people were reburied in the new cemetary where they were given proper burials.

Think about this for a second. If Russia was going to mass murder over 400 civilians in Izyum, do you really think they would put each one in a separate grave with a name, date, and cross on it? The Russians may be fools but they’re not idiots! How dumb would you have to be to do something that stupid. Obviously if Russians were going mass murder civilians and bury them in mass graves, they would try to hide them as much as possible. You know, like people everywhere always do with mass graves?

There is no evidence that any of the bodies had their hands tied behind their backs. The journalist who reported that admitted that he saw a body with its hands behind its back so he said the body had its hands tied behind its back. He wasn’t able to tell if the hands were actually tied or not. He just made up that part. Other than that, we have only the word of Nazis that one or more bodies had their hands tied behind their backs. There is also a Nazi claim that one body had a rope around its neck.

However, keep in mind that each grave is dated during the period when the Nazis were in control of the city. So if anyone was killed with their hands tied behind his back or with a rope around their neck, they would have been killed in this way by the Nazis themselves since all of the deaths date to the period of Nazi rule.

I think most if not all of the civilian deaths were due to being caught in the crossfire of the shelling. After all, the Nazis would not let civilians leave for most of the time they were in control of the city. Humanitarian corridors were opened up, but the Nazis never notified the residents, whom they regarded as hostile. Hence many residents were unable to escape and could have been killed in crossfire.

Note that most of the buildings in Izyum are destroyed. The lying Western media is making much of this now and claiming that Russia destroyed the city. It’s not true. Almost all of this destruction took place during Russian rule of the city when the Ukrainian shelled the living Hell out of the place. Usually they did not even aim and just fired at the city willy-nilly. They do this because they consider the residents of any city the Russians occupy to be traitors because any patriots would leave as soon as the Russians took over. Anyone who stays under Russian rule is a de facto traitor.

We’ve already discussed the fact that there are severe penalties for war crimes, harming or killing civilians or POW’s, rape of civilians, looting of civilian property, etc. under the Russian military code of justice. And you better believe they prosecute those cases. The Russian military is a professional army. There are no conscripts. The problem with a conscript army is you get a lot more of this behavior – harming and killing civilians and POW’s, raping female civilians, looting civilian property, etc. That’s one of the reasons to have a volunteer army.

Russia is acutely aware that any errors in the commission of war that they commit (and face it, all armies commit some sort of war crimes nowadays) are going to be blasted by the lying Western media far and wide across the land. So they have to play it as clean as possible. I’m certain that as soon as Russia launched this war, the West (and of course the Nazis) decided that they were going to pin the “war crimes” lie on Russian conduct in this war. Russia fought this war in an extremely clean manner, some might say too clean. And they still got tagged with massive war crimes anyway although they fought a nearly picture-perfect clean war.

What about Wagner? Wagner absolutely does not tolerate any sexual abuse of civilians by its forces. They are very strict about that. They also have a very hard “no looting” rule that is strictly enforced. Wagner discipline is rock solid and hardcore. If they disallow rape and looting, I don’t see how they could condone harming civilians, at least in this Ukraine theater. Keep in mind that in Ukraine, Wagner are Russian contract soldiers.

They’re a bit rough with POW’s but I don’t think they torture or kill them.

Support for Russia in various parts of Ukraine:

Crimea: Support for leaving Ukraine and joining Russia – (very old poll) 87%. Opposition – 13%. As you can see, there is some opposition. It is from these opposition networks that the SBU was able to recruit insurgents to carry out attacks here.

Occupied parts of Donbass (Donetsk and Lugansk): Support for leaving Ukraine (very recent poll) – 83%. Opposition – 17%, but a lot of the opposition want a special status for the Donbass in Ukraine or in other words federalism. The support level is lower than it was when the referendum was held. Perhaps years of war wear you down.

Occupied parts of Kherson and Zaporozhye: Support for leaving Ukraine (recent poll) – 76%, support for joining Russia – 66%. Opposition – 24%. I was surprised it was so high. Of all of the parts of Novorussia, support for Russia was traditionally the lowest in this region, and it is even quite high here. As you can see though, with 24% opposition and a hard opposition at that, there is a serious insurgency in the region that has killed a lot of local officials.

There was a firefight in the middle of Kherson just last night. Insurgents attacked the Russian military with grenades and automatic weapons. They were eliminated. The insurgents are not very popular in the region and they are widely hated. However, they do have a support base or a quarter of the population which enables them to wage a potent insurgency.

Occupied parts of Kharkiv: Support for leaving Ukraine and joining Russia – 70%? (estimate). Opposition – 30%?. Keep in mind though that a lot of the opposition is in the rural areas where people have more of a “leave me alone” attitude as opposed to a pro-Ukrainian view. “Leave me alone with my chickens, ducks, and cows, and don’t bother me,” is their attitude. Also the Nazis did not persecute these people much during their reign since 2104.

However, there are reports that this Kharkiv group, 90% of whom fled the advancing Nazis, is now very angry and has decided that there is no longer any hope for remaining in Ukraine. Many of them are demanding weapons and training to go back and take back their land from the Nazis, so we may see an equivalent of the DNR and LDR militias here.

Updated allied casualties:

Russia: 6,300 KIA (counted obituaries in Russian media). WIA unknown.

DNR: 3,100 KIA. 13,000 WIA.

LDR: 3,000 KIA. Unknown WIA.

So total allied war deaths so far are 12,400. In contrast, Ukrainian war deaths are at least 120,000. So Ukraine is losing at least 10 soldiers for every 1 Russian soldier.

Some Reasons People Don’t Like Jews Too Much

Polar Bear: I have my ear to all types. I have positive and negative views on Jews. I don’t doubt their potential and often superiority.

And so when the flock of birds headed south for the winter, one small but proud bird said, ‘I will fly straight to the sun!’ She flew higher and higher, but very soon she burned her wings and fell to the very bottom of a deep gorge. So let us drink to this: let not a single one of us ever break away from the collective, no matter how high he flies!

This bird trying to fly to the sun reminds me of Jews. “I’m so sorry for the bird,” seems like all the (((scorched bird))) wants to hear before her death. However, I am more concerned with the flock.

It’s all about them. The rest of us? Who are we?

Jews are all about them.

It’s all about us. Everyone else? Who are they? Oh, they’re not important.

I’m not going to harm anyone who acts like that and I don’t think anyone else should either. The worst they are doing is being a bit assholish, and there are billions of assholes among humanity. Hell, at this point in my life, assholes are the majority!

On the other hand, I don’t really like self-centered people who are all about their own group and don’t care much for others. I think a lot of other people don’t like them a whole lot either. An attitude like that is really going to put people off.

They also think they’re special and they’re always demanding special treatment that everyone else doesn’t get. Then if you don’t give them the special treatment they demand as the special people they are, they scream and call you antisemite and say you hate them! Demanding special treatment is textbook narcissism. Jews as a group seem to be quite narcissistic.

This is markedly true among the men, especially the young men. Their arrogance and sense of superiority is really off the charts. The women, not so much. Jewish women are just women. Those men can be really insufferable though. If you walk around acting like you’re better than everyone else all the time, a lot of people are not going to like you.

There is also a sense that their loyalty is primarily to their own group and not to the land they inhabit in the Diaspora. I remember that Ukrainian Jew I was talking to. I didn’t know his ethnicity and I asked if he were Ukrainian. After all, he was born and lived there.

“No!” he said. “I’m Jew!”

In other words, a Ukrainian Jew, even after his people have lived in Ukraine for hundreds of years, still insists that he’s not a Ukrainian! He’s a Jew, and Jews aren’t Ukrainians. Anyone who acts like that just strikes me as a complete traitor to his homeland. When that Jew said that to me, I wanted to punch him in the face! How dare he be so treasonous to his homeland for no good reason!

And then of course, as soon as this war, which was started by their own people by the way – the Ukrainian Jews under the Jewish Nazi Zelensky – the vast majority of Ukrainian Jews took off for Israel as soon as they heard about the draft. Zelensky the Nazi Jew made a big deal about making sure they were not subject to the draft. He  expended a lot of state resources to hustle them to Israel as soon as possible. As soon as they were there, they set about cheering for the Ukrainian Army. But they wouldn’t fight for Ukraine!

However, a few Ukrainian Jews have fought for Ukraine, and the army even makes special accommodations for their religion.

Why flee to Israel? Because according to them, Ukraine’s not their country. Israel is. There’s this feeling that wherever Jews live in the world other than Israel, their country isn’t their homeland. Israel is, and it’s the only country they have loyalty too. A lot of people don’t take real kindly to traitors, especially in wartime. This sense of dual loyalty has been present and remarked on in the Jews for centuries, and it really makes people not like them!

Once again, I wouldn’t do anything to a disgusting traitor like that except want to punch him in the face, but I wouldn’t do it. I’m too nice. But it’s a pretty sickening mindset.

So what are some basic and sadly reasonable reasons why a lot of people are not real keen about Jews?

First, a sense that they only care about their own kind and don’t care anything about anybody else. In other words, a completely self-centered attitude.

Second, a sense of specialness or superiority and a concurrent demand for special treatment, often accompanied by prideful arrogance in spades.

Third, a tendency towards dual loyalty, treason, and not being loyal to the homeland of wherever in the Diaspora they are residing.

Asiatic Mixture in Russians

RL: Russians have 7% Asian genes

Siberian Cat: Where did you get this number?

Great Russians (Velikorossy) have almost no Asian genetic component. They are comprised of two genetic clusters. One – Central and Southern European Russia – is closest to Poles (closer to that than to Ukrainians, who have quite a bit of Steppe genes)
The Northern cluster has significant Finnic admixture. Lots of blond, blue-eyed people up there.

The Mongol invasion left practically no trace in the Russian gene pool.

Now if you look at some minorities, most notably Kazan Tatars, they do have a significant Mongoloid admixture, but just like Uyghurs, they have people who look completely European, and people that look Asiatic. A popular Tatar movie star Marat Bashirov looks as European as they come: Same with Chulpan Khamatova. On average, people on the streets of Kazan look very different from Muscovites.

The distant neighbors of the Tatars, the Bashkirs, look fully Mongoloid.

I don’t know, man. I can’t count how many Russians I’ve seen who have that slight Asiatic eye look about them though. It’s like…everywhere! And in Eastern Ukraine, I saw it in a lot of the women. A lot! Even around Kiev among Ukrainian regime supporters, I saw a fair amount of it. Look at the Soviet leaders. More than a few of them had those eyes. Even Stalin did a bit.

I thought the 7% was pretty uncontroversial. Saami are about the same. So are Turks. Czechs are 3%.

Kazan Tatars may be up to 50% Asiatic, but I don’t have any good figures. Try going further east and those Tatars get even more Asiatic. I’d like to see a good figure for Asiatic mixture in the Tatars.

Actually, Buryats, Tuvans, etc. have some White admixture. I think 14%?

If you go around the Altai region with the Khakas, the Altai, the Chulym, the Shor, etc., you get ~50% Asian admixture. Some have ~43% mixture of one versus ~57% mixture of the other, something like that.

The Mongol invasion left practically no trace in the Russian gene pool.

Sure, but that’s not true of the Turkic groups.

I believe the racist Ukrainians have a point. Russians do have some Asiatic and Uralic admixture.

The Latest Mass Murder False Flag in Ukraine with Notes on General Fake War Crimes Allegations against Russia in This War

There is much confusion about these false flags. None of us are saying that these people are not dead or that they were not killed in the war. They’re quite obviously dead and they were certainly killed in the war. The main question is who killed them, why, and how.

The Fake Russian Mass Grave War Crime in Izyum

In the latest false flag massacre in Izyum, there is a ready explanation for the 400+ mass graves that the Ukrainians found. The Nazis and the lying West are claiming that all of these people were killed by Russia. The problem is that we have photos and documentation of these bodies being buried. 100 days ago, Nazi forces were forced out of Izyum by Russian troops. There were many dead in the city, civilians and Ukrainian soldiers.

Most if not all were buried but they had not received proper burials. There are stories, including articles with photographs, showing the bodies of soldiers and civilians killed under Ukrainian rule being reburied in proper graves. The graveyard shown in these stories is the precise graveyard that is being dug up and desecrated now and is the source of the fake about Russian war crimes, mass murders, and mass graves.

The Ukrainian soldiers were killed in battle. In fact,  one of the graves of the “Russian mas murders” bears the inscription “17 Ukrainian soldiers.” The Nazis say that the people in this grave were civilians murdered by Russia. If so, why does the grave say “17 Ukrainian soldiers?”

Most if not all of the Izyum civilians in the graves were killed by getting caught in crossfire during the fighting for the city. The Nazis refused to let Izyum residents leave via humanitarian corridors so many of them died in crossfire. At one point, a humanitarian corridor was opened up but the Nazis neglected to tell residents about it, so only a few got out.

Clearly, the Nazis regarded Izyum residents as pro-Russian hostiles and they were perfectly happy to use these residents as human shields. When the Nazis left Izyum, they shelled the areas that they had just left although there was no one there but civilians. Typically, when the Nazis retreated in Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Lugansk, they shelled the civilian areas that they just left even though there were no Russian forces there yet.  They are doing this to punish and try to kill civilians who they regard as hostile.

It appears that none of these 443 bodies in these mass graves were killed by Russia. Instead they are just Ukrainian soldiers killed in battle and Izyum civilians caught in crossfire. All were buried by Russian troops with the help of locals.

In addition, during the entire 100-day period that Russia occupied this part of Kharkiv region, we did not hear a single report about Russians murdering civilians for any reason whatsoever. There is not even one report of an extrajudicial murder. If the Russians had been killing civilians all this time under their occupation, stories about this would have been leaking out this whole time. Instead, there has not been a single report of such a killing.

Instead, as soon as Russians leave an area, all of these strange dead bodies seem to show up out of nowhere uncovered by the Nazis and blamed on Russia. Why do these only show up right after Russia leaves. In a number of cases, the reports say that the civilians were killed just as the Russians were departing. That’s what they said in Bucha too, remember?

That shows that it’s fake right there. If the Russians were such civilian murdering maniacs in this region, why did 90% of the population flee in terror of the advancing Nazis alongside the Russians who had mass murdered them heading to the border of the country whose soldiers had slaughtered them. None of that makes any sense at all.

The lying Western news is writing all about the heroic Ukrainian recapture of Izyum. Reports say that residents were ecstatic that the Nazis took it back over and that life under Russians was horrible. Zelensky, the Nazi Jew leader of Ukraine, has appeared in photo ops with triumphant Nazi soldiers.

In one photo, a Ukrainian soldier directly in back of Zelensky has a literal Nazi patch on his uniform of the pro-Nazi Ukrainian nationalist Galician Battalion on his uniform. Zelensky’s own troops standing next to him in photo ops have literal Nazi patches on their uniforms. Literal Nazi patches!

The truth in Izyum is the opposite – the people were not ecstatic to be liberated by Nazis at all. At least 93 schoolteachers have been taken away in Izyum. Thousands of people have been taken away by the Nazis at gunpoint with bags over their heads. They have all been accused of collaboration.

If you taught in the schools, worked in the hospitals, helped with humanitarian aid, took humanitarian aid, or worked for the government in any capacity, the Nazis can label you collaborator and taken away at gunpoint. Of the thousands taken away so far, reports are that many are going to be shot by the Nazis.

People in Izyum who tried to pay for food with rubles were shot on sight by the Nazis, and others were warned that this is what would happen to them if they tried. The Nazis told people in the village that every single person who stayed in the city under Russian rule is considered a collaborator. Nazis are going house to house and hauling people away at gunpoint. One man reported that Nazis shot two men point blank on either side of his house and left them  there. So they are not all being taken away. Some are just being shot on sight.

Considering that everyone in the city is considered a collaborator who can be shot at any time, do you really think that people in these areas are overjoyed to see the Nazi Army? Get out of here. Indeed there are reports of Ukrainian civilians hugging Nazi soldiers after they took back their villages. They were probably doing this to keep from getting shot!

Keep in mind that up to 90% of the people who lived in these area under the Russians fled when the Nazis advanced. So 90% of the people were happy to live under Russians but were so terrified of living under Nazi rule that they fled. Does this sound like a populace that is welcoming the Nazi forces?

We also have reports that very large numbers of the 90% who fled the Kharkiv Region to Russia are asking the Russians to train and arm them with weapons to go fight the Nazis. They say that this latest behavior has shown that it is impossible to live under Nazi rule, and if they want to go live in their villages again, they will have to take them back by force. Does this sound like people who were happy to be liberated by Nazis?

The Jew Killers of the Ukrainian Nationalist Galicia Battalion

If you read above, you can see that the Jewish Nazi Zelensky was photographed in the company of a Ukrainian soldier with a literal Nazi patch on his uniform. I’m not talking something uncertain. I’m talking about a patch that anyone would agree is an out and out Nazi patch. This is the patch of the Ukrainian Nationalist Galician Battalion.

Go read up on the Galician Battalion. They murdered 200,000 Jews and 100,000 Poles during World War 2. They were so bad that even some of the German Nazi army was appalled at their behavior.

Keep in mind that many German soldiers were just soldiers. Many were not even particularly antisemitic, and quite a few were appalled at the barbaric murder of Jews that they saw. Early in the war, the murder of Jews was assigned to ordinary German units, but after they did it, they wrote postcards about how it had sickened them to do this and how disgusting it was. Others only witnessed it and were appalled. I’m not sure if they were outraged by the murder of the Jews or about the way it was carried out. In the case I am familiar with, 20 Jews were murdered with knives and the German troops there were sickened by this act.

Units increasingly rebelled against orders to murder Jews and PTSD, battle fatigue, and psychiatric casualties piled up. It was clear that ordinary German soldiers could not be relied on to murder or especially mass murder Jews. Sure, some of them were probably more than happy to do it, but most didn’t have it in them.

It was for this reason that the special SS “Jew-killing outfits” such as the Einsatzgruppen in Russia were formed. Nevertheless, at the end of the war, there were still many reports of cruelties including murder and mass murder inflicted upon Jews by ordinary German soldiers.

In Ukraine, German troops were so appalled by the Jewish murders of the Ukrainian nationalists that they took over a camp where Jewish civilians were being housed to prevent them from being massacred by Ukrainians. I’m not sure what eventually happened to this group, but they were definitely protected by the German Army for a time.

The Jews reported that the average German soldier didn’t’ seem to care much about Jews one way or the other and that the Ukrainians were much crueler than ordinary German soldiers. Many Jews in this area much preferred to be captured by German troops than by Ukrainian nationalists.

Bucha Again

As far as the Bucha dead go, there is no evidence at all that even one of those people was killed by Russia. Instead, many were terror battalions who fought Russia when Russia attacked their city. About 80 were killed this way. Autopsies found that most of the rest were killed by artillery. Flechettes were found in their bodies. All of these people were killed by Ukrainian artillery because Russia doesn’t use flechettes.

The British shitlib paper The Guardian did the study and found that the people were killed by artillery flechettes, but they used this to conclude that they were killed by Russian artillery although Russian doesn’t even use such weapons. So you can see how dishonest the British Labor crowd are being about this.

A number of the bodies were shot in the head and were wearing white armbands. Others were reportedly brought in from local mortuaries and staged along the road in precise locations. Note that there is video of Nazis staging these bodies along a road in Bucha. There is also video of Nazis capturing locals and asking if they can kill everyone wearing a white armband. The other Nazi says, yes, go ahead.

Then we hear a man screaming for mercy, a gunshot, and a dog barking. So the murder of “collaborators” in Bucha is also documented on video. Most of these people were reportedly executed by the Nazis for receiving humanitarian aid from the Russians. The bodies tied up in the Bucha basement are  all wearing white armbands. They have been lined against the wall and shot in the head. All of these were locals executed for taking humanitarian aid.

Fake Russian War Crimes in Irpin

There are reports of many dead by artillery in Iripin. Everyone killed by artillery in Irpin was killed by Nazi artillery because Russia occupied the city the whole time. In addition, all of this killed in Bucha by artillery were killed by Nazi artillery for the same reason. There is a scene on a bridge connecting Irpin to the adjoining city occupied by Ukraine. The bridge was hit by artillery, and many were killed in their cars. We still don’t know what happened here but they were probably killed by Ukrainian shelling because there’s no way that Russia would attack a civilian bridge with many cars on it just to kill people.

Fake War Crimes Accusations against the Russian Military Examined

I have found only one case of the deliberate killing of a civilian by a Russian soldier. He was convicted of murder in a Ukrainian court, so he may well be guilty. That leaves one war crime murder by Russia in this entire war.

There has not been one single case of the murder or even abuse of a Ukrainian POW by Russian forces. All of them have been treated very well. However, Azov troops housed in the DNR were beaten, possibly tortured and maltreated by the soldiers of the DNR. The DNR is a separate country and Russia can’t tell them what to do. If Russia ordered the DNR to maltreat these POW’s, why didn’t Russia mistreat its own POW’s? None of this makes sense.

A number of Ukrainian saboteurs and guerrillas in civilian clothes operating in the Kherson region have been detailed by the Russian GRU intelligence agency. There are reports that these people were taken to Russia, beaten, threatened with execution, etc. I’m inclined to believe that these reports are true because they were taken by the intelligence agency and not the military. Also these were Nazi civilians acting as guerrillas, so, not being in uniform, perhaps Russia feels that they are not protected by the Geneva Conventions.

I am not aware of one single deliberate attack on civilians or civilian buildings or infrastructure by Russia. All Russian attacks have been exclusively on military targets.

In fact, many Russian artillery and bombing attacks have to be called off because there are too many civilians in the vicinity. All civilian structures attacked by Russia were housing Ukrainian military, terror battalions, mercenaries, or military equipment. Factories that manufacture military equipment were attacked, as were repair shops that repaired equipment. Some civilian structures were attacked that were being used to store military vehicles.

In general, few to no civilians were in the area at the time. Some Russian attacks have damaged buildings directly adjacent to targets. Some have hit civilians who were walking in the area next to a target. In one case, a hospital next to an area where top Nazi officers were meeting caught on fire by flying debris. All of this is referred to as collateral damage.

I am not aware of any good evidence of looting by Russian soldiers. There are serious penalties in the Russian military for looting. I am aware of one report in Bucha where some Russians looted a store. It had already been smashed into and looted by Ukrainian locals. They took some food for themselves. Russian troops reported that most of the looting in their areas was done by gangs of locals.

There have also been many reports of Ukrainian soldiers looting. In particular, they loot areas they occupy that have what they regard as enemy civilians. In other places, they loot areas controlled by Russians after the Russians leave. The Nazis regard everyone who stays behind and lives under Russian occupation as traitors and collaborators.

This is why they loot these places bare after they take them back over from the Russians. Bucha and surrounding areas were looted bare by the Nazi army after the Russians left. Nazi forces are now in the process of looting Izyum bare as they see everyone who stayed behind as a collaborator and traitor. In one town abandoned by Russians in the north, Nazi soldiers learned that Russia had given everyone in town a new washing machine. So they went around and stole all of the new washing machines from everyone in town.

The looting of washing machines lie. There is a meme going around the Russian troops loot toilets, toilet seats, and washing machines. I don’t know where the first two reports came from, but in the famous photo of the soldiers looting the washing machine, those are Ukrainian soldiers who are hauling that thing out of the front door of that house. They’re wearing Ukrainian uniforms. So the photo of which this meme is based on is not even true. The photo of “the Russian soldier looting the washing machine” actually shows a Ukrainian soldier!

There have been many reports of rapes, mass rapes, etc. of infants, boys, girls, men, and women by Russian troops. To the best of my knowledge, none of them were true. All were just made up. A woman who did PR for the Ukrainian government was fired after it came out that she was making up these stories. She argued in her defense that she thought that lying about Russians raping Ukrainians would help the Nazis win the war. The Nazi government itself said that there were only 5-10 rapes in the entire Kiev region in the first several months of the war and all of the suspects were local Ukrainians.

There is no good evidence that Russian soldiers have tortured a single soul in this war. The video of the “Russian soldier castrating the Ukrainian soldier” actually shows Nazis wearing Nazi uniforms and clothes with Nazi gloves castrating the soldier, who is apparently a Russian. The “Buryat” who has been accused of it somewhat resembles on the torturers in the video. However, the necklace and the hat are a bad match. The Ukrainians seem to have a problem with the Buryats. They also accused a Buryat battalion of the murders in Bucha that never even happened.

Jewish Control of US Foreign Policy is “Consensual Control” or Better Yet, an Alliance

Polar Bear: It’s a trope (Jews serving at a low rate in WW2) likely based on truth. I’ve seen Jewish War vets get made fun of for being such a small group. I think there was a wealthy Jewish area out East that had a low rate of service.

I do think way more crosses than Star of Davids at the veterans grave says a lot. I’m guessing family pressure to not serve was still there. Well educated Jews would likely not serve as grunts but high ranking officers or officials. Lieutenant Dan type Jewish families, where every man has served and died in battle would be rare.

Of course there’s more factors than just being Jewish. That war seemed personal to a lot of Jews and I wouldn’t doubt Jews got involved in the media, battle, etc. more than other wars. In a way it was their war. Western allies were puppets. Americans themselves were latecomers to the war.

Hi Polar Bear. Perhaps they are such a small group because there were not many of them in the US. There are few stars of David in the cemetary because the group of them was small because their population was small.

In a comment above, we see that US Jews made up 4.3% of US vets while they have never made up more than 3% of Americans.

Apparently this is not the case that Jews served at a disproportionately low rate. Whoever is throwing that idea out there is pushing an antisemitic canard. I’m not wild about such things, except that many truths about Jews are called “canards” by the Jews. Basically everything true about Jews that could be seen as less than complimentary is a “canard.”

On the other hand, I’m not fond of lying about Jews. A lot of antisemites are “antisemitic maniacs,” obsessive and conspiratorial antisemites. Most of what they say about Jews is not true, and their general thrust, that there is a Jewish project behind everything bad in the world, is false.

I feel there is a Jewish project behind a few of what I feel are bad things in the world, but the Jews are only behind a few bad things.

Most lousy things in the world have no Jewish cabal pushing them, and a fair number of good things in the Diaspora, especially domestic issues, are Jewish projects. Diaspora Jews are interesting creatures. They tend to be great on a lot of domestic issues but pretty horrendous on foreign policy. Still, almost all Gentiles are horrific on US foreign policy issues.

US foreign policy is out and out evil, and the overwhelming majority of Americans support this diabolical project. The Jews are no different in that regard. They do strongly push a pros-Israel project, and Jewish voices and power control US foreign policy in the Middle East, but it’s a consensual form of control.

That is, most US Gentiles go along with the Jewish project in the Middle East. American Gentiles are Jews-lovin fools! They love to fight wars for the Jews, and they can’t seem to fight enough of them. Americans wildly supported wars for the Jews in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Iran, and Afghanistan. US Gentiles love love love love love Jews! Americans are more than happy to run around the world fighting wars for the Jews and dying for the Jews they are so wildly in love with.

So saying “Jews control US Middle East foreign policy” is a misnomer. Almost all US Gentiles are strong if not fanatical Zionists. They’re as bad as the Jews on that question. We’re basically a Jewish country with 5 million Jews and 325 million Jew-loving Gentiles. So sure, there’s Jewish control, but US Gentiles are happy to be controlled. It’s probably better seen as a simple alliance of like-minded allies versus some nefarious Jewish control project. American Gentiles want to be controlled by Jews! They can’t get enough of it!

The New Polish Government Looks Something Like Fascism


Comparisons with Hitler. I’m not sure about Hitler and Kaczyński being asexual, bisexual, or gay. I don’t know much Kaczyński though. I’d like to point out that almost none of the below is true about Putin though. People probably think number 9 and 10 are true, but it’s actually not. Putin doesn’t even talk much about the opposition.

What opposition? The pro-Western opposition got 5% in the last election, and everyone was free to vote for them. It’s just that they have no support and almost everyone calls them traitors, which is pretty much what they are.

However, some of the anti-Putin crowd (17% of the population) have rallied strongly against this war as they think the West is out to destroy Russia, which is in fact true. A Russian on Twitter, a feminist socialist and strong supporter of the war, said that her friend who calls Putin a corrupt chauvinist pig is almost a fanatical supporter of the war. Unbelievably, quite a few Russian gays are supporting the war because though they don’t like persecution, they think (correctly) that the West is trying to destroy Russia. It’s like a famous Iraqi Arab nationalist, follower of Michel Aflaq, Christian founder of the Baath Party, said:

“Outside of the homeland, there is nothing.”

Exactly. Other than the homeland, what else is there? Nothing at all, that’s what! Your country comes first for a lot of people.

The following includes many quotes found about the new Polish government on the Net.

  1. Both received regular vicious beatings from their fathers during childhood.
  2. Both were very big mummy’s boys.
  3. Both were likely bullied during their military service – Hitler likely due to rumors about his sexuality and Kaczyński due to his height.
  4. Both failed to qualify for their dream career – Kaczyński failed to qualify as a judge, and Hitler was rejected by an art academy.
  5. Both of them also grew to hate those who did qualify – Hitler persecuted artists he considered “degenerate,” and Kaczyński persecutes judges he considers to be representatives of the old system.
  6. Both lost relatives to an early death – Hitler lost his mother and Kaczyński lost his brother. Both also blamed everyone around them for their deaths.
  7. Like Hitler, Kaczyński is noted for an unhealthy bond with animals.
  8. Like Hitler, Kaczyński is very likely either asexual, bisexual or homosexual and is suppressing it by attacking LGBT+ persons.
  9. Like Hitler, Kaczyński wields absolute power over his party, is deeply loved by his followers, and has a zero tolerance policy for dissent.
  10. Like Hitler, Kaczyński creates an “us vs them” narrative and divides the population into worthy citizens and unworthy citizens.
  11. Like Hitler, Kaczyński is obsessed with dismantling what he sees as an external and internal deep state conspiracy against himself and calls for a “national awakening” against those he feels are conspiring.
  12. Like Hitler, Kaczyński hurls dehumanizing epithets at his opponents such as “communists”, “thieves” and “the worst sort of Poles”.

This sounds like a fascist society. Look at the list of people they hate, the extreme sexism, and the deep feelings of inferiority and being cheated by History. Note that most of the hatreds are historical grievances rooted in inferiority. Russians don’t seem to have this hatred for all sorts of nationalities like the Poles do. There are hardly any Black or Brown people in Russia, so it’s hard to say how Russians feel towards them.

But I’m quite sure that Poles are much more anti-Black than Russians. The scenes at the Ukrainian-Polish border made that clear. Russians don’t really hate Muslims. That’s a myth. And they don’t hate the non-Orthodox either. There are Buddhists in the Far East, and no Russian cares about that. In fact, 40% of Russians are out and out atheists. The Russian military has official imams for its Muslim troops and the Chechen battalions have their own religious leaders. The Buryat battalions have official Buddhist priests for their battalions.

The Russian Empire had a long history of Muslims and Orthodox working together, and the top officials of Russian Islam are strongly pro-Putin and have an excellent relationship with the leaders of the Orthodox Church. Amazingly, the same can be said for the heads of the Jewish religion in Russia, who have an excellent relationship with Putin.

The whole history of the Russian Empire was juggling the interests of all of these religious, ethnic, and even racial groups and the ideology of the average ethnic Russian might be called “Russian Empire nationalism.” That’s automatically a multilingual, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious nationalism, which is the opposite of fascism. People argue that empires suck, but look what happened when the USSR broke up. Ethnic warfare raged across the land from the Black Seat to the Chinese border. It was the Soviet Empire that kept all those hatreds in check. The new states broke away and engaged in ethnic nationalist nation-building projects.

That smells like fascism:

Too many Polish people have fascist tendencies.

They don’t like Russians, Germans, British, French, Black people, Brown people, Muslims, gays, Chinese, and non-Catholics.

Too many Poles have a disregard for the environment and display incredibly ignorant ideas towards the rest of the planet.

They claim to be anti LGBT, but their priesthood have been involved in sexual practices that are far more perverse than any LGBT person.

They also have a huge disrespect for the female sex.

You’d think they would show more respect to other nations, but Poland seems far too self involved for that. There isn’t much to be proud of, however a lot of people act like Nationalists. Maybe it stems from a deep internal feeling of inferiority.

He’s an extreme, even-fanatical anti-Communist. That’s a necessity for any fascist. As you can see, that doesn’t apply to Putin.

There are some antecedents.

Pidulski (1926-1935) was a fascist for sure. He’s revered by this new government. The man who followed him, Sanacja (1935–39), also seems like a fascist. In the early 1920’s, Poland had a huge ultra-nationalist element. They declared war on Russia to try to steal some Russian land. They were beaten. The president during this period, Gabriel Narutowicz, was assassinated by an ultranationalist fascist.

However, none of these governments were Nazi in my opinion. Poles were anti-Semites, but they were not Nazis. Nevertheless, so many of them turned in Jews to the Nazis! Nazis killed 10 million Poles. It seems weird to call Poles Nazis. Anyway, Poles have always been antisemites since forever. Yitzhak Shamir, leader of Israel, said “Poles learn antisemitism at their mother’s breast.”

Poles claim that Russia has been attacking and trying to destroy Poland for 1,000 years! I don’t know much about the history of the two countries, but that seems to be a weird idea. During WW2, Germany killed 10 million Poles. Russia killed 330,000 Poles. Russia killed 3% as many Poles as the Germans did, or the Germans killed over 30X as many Poles as the Russians did. Guess who the Poles hate? Russia! Guess who they never mention one word about? Nazi Germany! Why is that? Because too many Poles collaborated!

The Polish government recently passed a law making it illegal to discuss the role of Poland in the Holocaust. That’s a pretty Nazi law right there. If you’ve ever met or talked to even one Pole, you will learn that the two things they hate more than anything else are Communism and Russia. And both are often associated with Jews! In other words, “Communism is Jewish. Jews brought Communism to Poland. Jews did the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and created a Communist country. Hence, the USSR was essentially a Jewish country. But Polish hatred for Russia goes way back, before WW2, and that Russophobia doesn’t have much to do with antisemitism.

Kaczyński has underfunded medicine, education, and infrastructure and investment in the economy, reverted the education curriculum back to the 1960’s for unknown reasons, shut down the opposition press and most opposition NGO’s, persecuted businesses who support the opposition with fake tax charges, created a nepotistic environment in the state and economy that has caused massive corruption, ended meritocracy in government and replaced it with party loyalty, purged opposition supporters from government at all levels down to city and town jurisdictions, replaced opposition judges in the judiciary with his own people, and purged the military, intelligence, and diplomatic services of opposition supporters. Unable to obtain a Parliamentary majority necessary to rewrite the Constitution, Kaczyński created a permanent state of emergency, ruled by decree, and created a new de facto constitution via presidential dictates.

However, Kaczyński has introduced a lot of socialist-inspired social programs with an emphasis on aid to the poor, so this part does not fit with fascism at all. What is it? National socialism? Is that even a thing? Third Positionism? Maybe more like that.

  1. Introduce child benefit
  2. Free medicine for the elder (75+ years)
  3. Lower retirement age to 65 for men and 60 for women.
  4. Keep the high 23% rate of VAT.
  5. Build and rent state-owned apartments
  6. Introduce extra taxes for supermarkets
  7. Introduce extra taxes for banks
  8. Raise minimal wage
  9. Raise income tax allowance
  10. Lower corporate income tax for small companies
  11. Strong military
  12. Oppose same-sex civil partnerships and marriage equality
  13. Strict abortion laws
  14. Support the Church
  15. Control over public media (TVP)
  16. Government control of the Prosecutors Office
  17. Reform of the Constitutional Tribunal (they keep passing new unconstitutional laws to weaken the Tribunal, but the Tribunal and Supreme Court don’t follow them)
  18. Oppose refugee quotas imposed by EU
  19. Smaller integration with EU, reduce dependence on EU

Perhaps the best description of Kaczyński would be “national conservative,” whatever the Hell that is. But isn’t that sort of Putinism too?

11-19 describe various aspects of social conservatism, autocracy,  and nationalism. From the list above, number 12 applies to Putin, 15 and 16 do not as Putin’s party doesn’t control the media or prosecutor’s office, and 18 and 19 don’t apply. None of the rest describe Putinism. Putin has lagged behind on developing the military, Russia has liberal abortion laws, the state keeps out of the church, and the judiciary is still independent. Putin is not anti-immigrant.

A core part of the Law and Justice Party platform is a disregard for rationality. So statistically, the more people are educated the more they see this Party negatively.

From the other end, one of the rallying calls of that Party is “One Nation!”. This is very attractive, most people like to belong to something warm, powerful and big. And of course anything wrong, even if exists, is “Them”. The official Party line is based on the “Us-Them” dichotomy.

That part looks very fascist, especially the emphasis on irrationality and hatred of intellectualism and the educated. Russia isn’t like that at all.

Kaczyński’s supporters say that everything wrong with Poland is due to Communism, that is, Communist holdovers and agents who have wormed their way into the government. They also say that Kaczyński’s enemies are cosmopolitans, liberals, and Leftists. That’s classic fascist-talk. Putin doesn’t talk like that. Unfortunately, Russian liberals are mostly traitors but the war has brought them around. The Left is with Putin. Nobody in Russia cares about “cosmopolitanism” and St. Petersburg is about as cosmo as it gets.

All in all, Poland looks like a huge clusterfuck. It reminds me of this quote:

Give the Poles independence and they will destroy themselves.

– Otto von Bismark.

This is very much fascist thinking.

The “Law and Justice” party gathers people who believe the Poles are so weak and stupid that everybody takes advantage of them. Bankers, especially foreign. Large business owners. All foreign governments. Other ethnic groups. Professional engineers, including the Polish ones. Actually, party supporters believe that most people in Poland who are “elite”, meaning really good in what they do, are exploiting and robbing the rest.

I don’t think that any of that applies to Putinism, which is still very meritocratic as a holdover from Communism.

US working class mindset, which is basically conservative, believes in the last sentence and hating intellectuals, the educated, the degreed, and the “experts.” Basically anyone with letters after their name has their contempt. Instead they revere those who “worked their way up to the top” especially businessmen and entrepreneurs. US working class culture has been frighteningly conservative for a long time and this is now blossoming in the fascist cancer called Trumpism.

Poland has also been having some “blood and soil” anti-immigrant and anti-liberal rallies recently, with torchlights and the whole nine yards. Scary stuff.

PIS uses nationalist, xenophobic, homophobic, antisemitic, anti-EU rhetoric to get nationalists’ support and to portrait anybody not supporting them as traitors. They falsify history and take over the media.

This also sounds very fascist, especially the falsification of history. They don’t hate the EU because it’s out to destroy their country as Russians do; instead they hate it because it’s “internationalist” and as narrow-minded parochial nationalists, they oppose all such collaborative endeavors among states.

The “Russians Are Mongols” Mindset in Poland and Ukraine

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: I have a Polish friend who hates both Russians and Ukrainians, and he refers to the Russians as “Mongols.”

Yeah, see. West Ukrainians and Poles are about the same people. Maybe Poles are a bit more Germanic. Poles are Germanic people. They’re not really Slavic at all. I dated a Polish-American chick once. Rhonda P., 18 year old girl.

Polish chicks are stocky, blond, and blue. Sort of like German women but even more Nordic than that. Like Germanic heading towards Scandinavian, something like that. They probably look a lot like Northern Germans. They can be pretty full-bodied too. Not necessarily fat, but a lot of Polish women are not exactly thin. Nice round cheeks, very pale, dimples, big tits, nice asses, nice curves. Women like that can get fat pretty easily if they don’t watch it though.

Well, Russians have 7% Asian genes, so if that’s enough to give you a bit of an Asian eye, then I suppose they’re guilty. How that makes you any less White though is beyond me. To me most Russian Whites are “super-White.” Even the ones that are a bit Asiatic.

Of course at some point, you get so much Asian genes in a White person, and they’re just not really White anymore. I’m not sure exactly where that might be with Whites. I know that groups that are 50-50 White/Asian like the Uyghurs have a lot of folks that basically just look like Whites. And they have folks that look like Asians. And they have a lot in between.

I’ve heard it can be like that in the Stans too. I’ve seen photo collections of Kazakh women, and I was shocked at how White a lot of them looked. Lot of light brown hair, green eyes, that sort of thing.

My Journal Article Just Got Published

My article got published a week ago! I didn’t even realize it.

I’m on the De Gruyter site! I’ve even got a DOI number and there’s even a way to cite me, not that I think anyone ever will.


Lindsay, Robert. “Forschungsbericht: Review of Campbell & Mixco “A Glossary of Historical Linguistics” Mother Tongue, vol. 23, no. 1, 2021, pp. 55-150.


It’s a hundred pages too. Damn. With 525 references. Turns out you need “institutional access” to read the article. I don’t even know what “institutional access” even means.

You can download the whole thing here.

Looks like my article just got published on the web and it’s available on the De Gruyter publishing site.

Here is a description of De Gruyter:

De Gruyter Academic Publishing

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It was published in the journal Mother Tongue, which is published by Giorgias Press.

Here’s a list of their publications. I’m not sure what De Gruyter is doing here. Are they distributing Giorgias Press journals? How does Giorgias Press make money off these journals or do they?

Here’s a description of Mother Tongue:

Mother Tongue

ASLIP was founded in 1986 to encourage international interdisciplinary information-sharing, discussion, and debate among biogeneticists, paleoanthropologists, archaeologists, and historical linguists on questions relating to the emerging synthesis on language origins and ancestral human spoken languages.

According to the founder of ASLIP, Harold C. Fleming,

“All known human spoken languages [probably] are genetically related to each other as descendants of the first invention: Ur-Human or Proto-Language. One test of that is to show a taxonomy of human languages, convincing to linguists, which makes possible a universal family tree and ultimately the reconstructions of major cultural events associated with the evolution of modern people.

Another corollary is that the complex evolution of physical humans, population movements, and shared mutations can be reconstructed and related to a universal family tree which can be dated and located to its roots. Finally, tests of these theories can be made through archaeological discoveries…”

The goal of our enterprise is to seek the truth as it pertains to the emerging synthesis about modern human origins. ASLIP and its journal, Mother Tongue, are not committed to any single proposition.


Game/PUA: Why Isn’t Game Working?, Part 6

kept a journal of my interactions wherein I listed the time and place, the name of the girl, the things I did well, and the things I could have improved on.

I regularly referenced my journal and shared it with a friend who also read DYD (I was the one who introduced him to it). Every party that my friends told me about I went to, and I talked to as many girls as I could. But despite all of this work, summer went by with no success.

I’m still not getting this guy.

I’m glad he’s keeping a journal. I used to keep one of those but it was more a list of all of my sexual conquests in one way or another. Even if all I did was make out with her, she still went in the book.  There were dates, times, names of the females including last names, what happened when I was with them, what the female was like in terms of a general description of how their internal universe seemed to be working, so it was also a psychological study or better yet, a novel.

They were also numbered so it was  a running lay count too. As a matter of fact, I tally my lay count to this very day and I’m almost a senior citizen! If you want a reference, it was like My Secret Diary, the book from Victorian days.

My damned brothers kept finding it and that made me really mad. But this was not some list of endless failures. Failures didn’t go in the notebook. I suppose I could have used it to improve my Game but it was more of an egoistic exercise than anything else. I guess I already thought I was doing great, though I probably could have still improved. I’m not one of these “beat yourself up” or “What did I do wrong this time?” types. That always just seemed like self-flagellation, and I’m not Catholic, so that’s out of the question.

Why is he showing his journal to his damned friend?! That seems weird. It’s so private. Would your best friend really be interested in reading your illustrious Failure Journal? I can’t see it. Diaries are meant to be private.

Then came sophomore year. I started expanding my Game knowledge into other schools of thought. I started reading Ross Jeffries, RSD, Mystery Method, Juggler, and many others.

I continued listening to David D’s products, and had built up quite a collection of “Interviews with Dating Gurus” CD’s. I was very serious about it all. I continued keeping my journal. I still didn’t have any friends, and I was starting to doubt whether I would ever meet any girls through school.

I’ve never listened to any of those Game gurus. I figure I’ve got it down anyway, with credentials to back it up. What are they going to teach me, especially at my age? A lot of their advice seems to be “lines” and “routines” to do to get women. I’ve never used canned lines. I have no idea if they work or not. I just make up my own and use those.

I have some of my own routines, but they aren’t corny like the ones these PUA’s use. And they’re time-tested too. I’d feel like a moron using a canned line with a woman. I’m too creative for that. That would be embarrassing. I want to believe I can just make them up myself and I seem to be able to do just that.

If you want to read these PUA gurus and try out their advice and see if it works, go for it. This would be especially if you have no Game whatsoever anyway. If you have no Game, you need to develop it, and that’s what those guru advice books and videos are all about. Try it and see if it works. I’m just saying it’s not for me.

I don’t like to do this stuff like a paint by numbers routine of a damned cookbook with recipes. I don’t like to analyze my behavior that much. You end up having this self floating up above yourself analyzing every move you make and critiquing it. You’re never doing it right and it starts to make you seriously insane after a while. I went through a phase like that and it didn’t change my behavior. In fact, the problem I was trying to cure actually got  worse the more I watched and critiqued myself like that.

Why does he still have no friends? I don’t get it. Readers, if you’ve ever made same sex friends in your life, or Hell, even platonic opposite sex friends, how did you go about it. This is something I’ve never thought about except that people were always making friends with me and not the other way around. I think I’m too shy to initiate things that way, especially in this horrific paranoiac climate.

I don’t see how he’s going through life without friends. I do it now but I’m older and used to it, but when I was younger, this would have literally killed me. My friends were my lifeblood. I was actually too attached to them to the point where I was a people pleaser, and it wasn’t healthy. I was afraid to do a lot of things. What if I do this and it fails and all my friends hear about it and all reject me and laugh in my face? That was always the line running through my head.

That’s almost a Social Phobia aspect of myself except I was scared to make friends, talk to people and hang around folks. I was just terrified of not being good enough for my friends and them rejecting me, criticizing me, or ridiculing me. That seemed like the end of the world.

That’s an Avoidant part of me, but Avoidants won’t even make friends or hang out in the first place because the first time you criticize them, they get up and walk out of the room and I don’t do that at all. And I’m a lot more ok with friends and acquaintances criticizing, ridiculing, or even rejecting me.

I basically don’t care anymore and I’ve turned to stone. But if you ridicule me  you better watch out. I’ll give you my Ted Bundy staredown and a lot of people have told me it’s utterly terrifying. In fact people cannot be subjected to it long before they just move out of sight of me. It’s like it penetrates their very bones.

I don’t care if you criticize me. I’d prefer you didn’t and if you’re going overboard, I’m going to get mad because it’s not justified but it doesn’t freak me out anymore. I’m too cold for that.

Also I look kind of scary now. One of my exes says I’m a really scary guy and she calls me a psychopath. Recently she said was dating some other guy, and I asked what she was like. She told me she wanted me back.

He’s a boring old man. You’re a lot of things but one thing you’re not is boring. You’re scary but scary’s hot. It’s sexy as Hell.

Just file that under the “Act Like a Psychopath and Get Laid” folder I guess.

The weird thing is that if you look scary enough, most people are too frightened of you to give you any shit. On the other hand, you might scare a lot of people off too, so there’s a downside. Scary can get pretty lonely I think.

I’m probably still a people pleaser, but now I don’t give a damn if you take off. I figure if you left you weren’t any good anyway.

After 10 days, I was back in Baltimore for the summer. I met up with my high school friends, and we went to parties around town. Most of the parties we went to were high school parties – and I thought I had a better chance now that I was a prestigious college student. And I was right – I did get a lot of attention and respect.

But it was just like before – I didn’t know how to translate that into actual affection and intimacy.

I went through a phase where I went to a lot of parties. Except those parties were often sexually charged affairs. I’m not sure what to say about this. I definitely got sexually charged vibes off of some women at those parties. I remember when I was 16 and I went to this party in downtown Huntington Beach. It was a pot party and I was still a neophyte at marijuana, so these pot highs were like space trips into outer space. They were thrilling but they were also completely terrifying.

But then back then, I didn’t mind being absolutely terrified when I was high as long as I was going to another planet. It was kind of fun. Anyway, at some point, the whole place just started spinning, and everything got really, really weird and also there was this feeling of sheer, utter, existential terror of the worst sort, the kind that makes you face your demons and deepest fears in the worst ways.

It was late at night and I was sitting on the floor in the hallway at this chaotic party with high schoolers laughing and yelling and talking in total aural chaos, spaced out of my Goddamned mind, absolutely terrified but also exhilarated. I find some terrifying things to be exciting and exhilarating for some reason, maybe why people like to go on roller coaster rides. It was also sort of fun because I was totally on this other planet and nothing was real at all.

Also everything was sort of funny in a very weird way. Voices seemed too far away or even echoed. A lot of the voices sounded like aliens and many seemed weirdly disembodied.

Anyway, I was sitting in this hallway spaced out of my head, and I started hearing voices! Yep, real voices like crazy people hear! Except the only thing was that I was absolutely convinced that the voices were coming from this girl standing in the hallway, and in fact, they were. At some point in this space journey in the hallway, I started hearing this whispering voice, “In the backyard. In the backyard.” I think it went on for a while before I even noticed it. After a while I recognized it as some disembodied voice.

Eventually I connected it to this tall high school standing in the hallway. She wasn’t a knockout but she was good enough. I never saw her saying these words to me, so I was never able to prove it was coming to her, but I’m certain it was. I would just hear them whispered in this almost hallucinatory way: “In the backyard. In the backyard.” The voice had this delightful, teasing tone to it.

I would look over and she would have that twinkle in her eye that almost always means a female likes you, like as in, she wants to have sex with you, like right about now. It also often means that they are taking charge of the sexual situation in a sneaky way, which they actually like to do sometimes! Females don’t mind being in charge and deviously seducing shy or bashful males, especially if their names are Chad!

Anyway, apparently this girl wanted me to go into the backyard with her and…what? Mess around? Make out? Have some sort of weird sex on the grass, the outdoor furniture, or in the bushes? I don’t know. I have no idea but I was a total tool and I didn’t take her up on the offer. Perhaps I was too shy, I don’t know. Thing is though if something like that happens to you and the girl is attractive, you need to jump on that right away and make walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

But then I was only 16 and not extremely sexually experienced myself. I should have gone for it. We could have had some type of sex in that backyard, I’m pretty sure.

When you’re in high school, you have sex in weird places, always at night. Or at least I did. A lot. You have a lot of sex in cars. You have sex on rooftops of apartment buildings on outdoor furniture with 14 year old girls. You have sex on lawns. You have sex in the bushes with girls in their backyards at their parents’ houses.

And yeah, sometimes you have sex at girls’ houses if the parents are really laissez-faire, but even in those cases, you have to climb out the window and leave through the backyard. You do a lot of climbing over girls’ backyard fences and meeting 15 year old girls in their backyards, girls who sneaked out of their bedroom windows to sneak outside to do sexual stuff with you in the bushes.

Think about it. High schoolers don’t have anyplace to have sex! They all live at their parents’ houses, and most parents don’t let their high school kids have sex in the house. So high schoolers improvise and more often than not, end up having a lot of sex in public. Always in the middle of the night. I guess it’s illegal, but no one ever seems to go to jail for it.

I had cops come up to me when I was in a car having sex with a 15 year old girl. He shone his flashlight at us, shrugged his shoulders and drove away. Oh, and I forgot to mention. You have a lot of sex in drive in movie theaters. A lot. I took a lot of 16 year old girls to those places. I had a lot of sex at drive-ins. A lot of the other cars have fogged up windows, and the assumption is that a lot of people are screwing in their cars. There don’t seem to be any cops or employees wandering around the lot stopping anyone from having sex in their cars.

Thing is, I didn’t do anything to attract that girl in the hallway. I was just sitting there spaced out my mind like a spaceman. But I was already supposedly getting handsome at that point, as 16 is around the time girls started saying I was goodlooking. I guess I just attracted her with sheer looks.

I don’t know what to tell this guy, but you have to put some sort of a sexual vibe out there.

I would say translating it to affection and intimacy means you have to throw some sort of sexual vibe out there and get things started that way. Otherwise you might just get friendzoned, though teenage girls do this a lot less than women, and a lot of teenage girls will wait around for a long time for a high school boy to make the first move because most high schoolers are probably shy about sexual things.

If you don’t inject a sexual vibe into the situation, how the Hell do you ever expect to take it to that level. Of course, injecting sexual vibes into situations for the first time with any female is basically illegal now, as it’s all gone over to sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. In fact, nowadays, women would say that the very phrase “injecting a sexual vibe into the situation” is creepy and it is de facto sexual harassment with no exceptions. So you see this Hell these feminist harridans have put us men in.

How do you do that? I would say you start looking at women. After a while, you will probably find one girl or woman who keeps looking at you back. She might not be the hottest in the room, but she’s the one who won’t stop looking at you. I blew it so many times in these situations by shying out like an idiot and not making a move. If a female won’t stop giving you the eye at a party, you damn well better go talk to her at the very least. That’s why she’s looking at you. She’s saying, “Come talk to me.”

Of course, I’m sure modern women would say it’s creepy and sexual harassment to even go over and talk to a woman who won’t quit staring at you. But you need to just do it anyway and say the Hell with those psychotic cunts from Hell.

If you don’t find some female who keeps looking at you at the party, I’d say you’re screwed. You can cold approach other females, but I’m not sure how well that’s going to work. They’re not looking at you. Why would they be open to an approach?

I’d also say to throw out a sexual vibe by acting sexy. Supposedly I’ve got this down and even in recent years, women have said I’m sexy, and I don’t think they are referring to just looks. A 29 year old woman asked my friend at the store, “Hey, where’s your sexy friend?” We dated once but it was pretty bad. Sexy means how you walk, talk, move, sit, stand, lean, pose, hold the phone or coffee sop, and especially where you put your mind.

You have to literally put your mind into a “sexy place” and try to  sexualize everything you do so you come across as a sexy, seductive male. I think I’ve been doing so much my whole life that it’s gone on automatic by now and I don’t have the faintest notion that I’m even acting that way.

I may well act seductive towards a lot of women if they look halfway decent simply unconsciously without even being aware of it. I think in part that’s what’s causing all these problems nowadays because at my age, it’s illegal to act like that. Of course, women nowadays say any man with a sexy, seductive manner is automatically creepy and sexually harassing simply via the vibes he’s giving off. In other words, he literally has harassing thoughts. I’d say you probably ought to just do it anyway and say the Hell with these demonic battleaxes.

People have said I did well because of Looks but Looks with zero Game is just about worthless. I’ve heard of very goodlooking men with crap Game and zero social skills who couldn’t get laid to save their lives. Looks is not a Get Out of Jail Free card! It’s just another tool in your tool chest. You have to use in conjunction with other tools, particularly Game, otherwise it’s about worthless.

If you are in a social place and you throw out the sexy, seductive vibe and nothing happens, well, at least you threw it out there and everyone in the room knows where you’re coming from.

Another thing you can do if you still have feelings in your body is to conjure up a warm, sexy, loving feeling in your body. Then try to project it outwards at, say, a woman sitting next to you or in front of you. It only seems to work if they’re in direct proximity to you. After a while, a lot of them pick up on it although it could take an hour or so. If she starts smiling, staring blankly at you, or sending a warm, sexy vibe back in your direction, you damn right better do something about it. I’ve blown it in a number of these cases too by just shying out and being too scared to make a move.

I’m sure modern women think conjuring up warm, sexy vibes and throwing them at female strangers is sexual harassment, but screw them! They can burn, every single one of them. You wanna get laid or you want a bunch of Satanic shrews to keep you a permanent virgin?

PUA/Game: No Woman Wants to Be “The Other Woman”

Polar Bear: I recall Estonians being high in Eastern Hunter Gatherer. Russians had a strong presence in Estonia last I checked. I would say, like Finns, they look damn White today. A very blonde nation, the blondest mother of blondes.

Those people are some of the Whitest of White White White White people I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen photos of groups of Estonian young adults. Blond hair and blue eyes everywhere!

I dated a half Finnish/half Russian (American) woman once. 18 year old girl. Blond and blue, pale skin! She was from North Dakota, where it just so happens that there are a number of Finns! And she was damn smoking hot, man. Like model good looks! She was at least half-smart, too. She found out I had a main girlfriend at the time, and she was The Other Woman. Why?

Because I told her, like an idiot. Back then I was young and I used to tell women I was dating if I already had a main woman. Doesn’t work! They all want to be the main woman. And they all say they want to be the only woman or they only date one person at a time.

They don’t like being The Other Woman. I’ve had relationships like that that stretched on for a year or so, but one of the women used to complain, “I’m The Other Woman.” She didn’t like it! I suppose there are women who will go for it. Men do have mistresses after all. It’s just that I’ve never had any luck in this area.

But then I’m not a serious scumbag when it comes to women. I am a scumbag, of course. That goes without saying. I’m just not a serious, huge scumbag. I’m not as cold as a lot of guys. I can’t believe how cold some men are to women! There are lots of cold things they do with regard to women that I just can’t pull off.

I’m too soft and sensitive! I just can’t handle being too evil with women. My body rebels against it. I can try to maybe make my mind go in some really sleazy direction regarding women, but my body will start to rebel and get very uncomfortable and anxious and try to pull me away.

Bottom line is I’m too much of a nice guy to be too much of a scumbag. And yeah, you can be a scumbag and a nice guy at the same time, of course. I can’t understand why people think this isn’t possible. What do they think intrapersonal conflict is all about? You can run opposite emotions at the same time in your body all the time if you try.

It’s just that being polar opposites, they will start to clash at some point and you get “war in your head.” So how do you know what your true feelings are? Your true feelings will be shown to you by your body. You can try with your mind to do all sorts of sleazy stuff, but if it goes against your own morals (the nice guy part), you will feel it with your body. If you are trying to make your body go in some direction it does not want to go, it will start pulling you away, and you will feel a lot of discomfort and anxiety.

In these cases, you need to listen to your body. That’s where your real feelings lie – in your body. Your body doesn’t lie to you in that sense. Your body doesn’t give you feelings that are not genuine. It’s your mind that does that.

Alt Left: The (((Russian Mafia)))

During the Yeltsin years, the Russian Mafia ran the country. The Russian Mafia was only Russian in name. It was really the (((Russian))) Mafia. 1/3 of the (((Russian Mafia))) was Jewish. Jews were very prominent amongst the worst oligarchs who robbed Russia blind in the Yeltsin years. I think at one point, seven out of the top 10 oligarchs were Jews. Most of them were huge criminals too, white collar crooks on steroids. What else is new?

They got together with bankers in Germany, Jewish bankers in Israel, and heavily Jewish bankers in New York. These groups worked in tandem with the Russian Jewish oligarchs to basically strip-mine Russia of its money and assets. I always felt that there was an air of vengeance about that.

However, not all oligarchs were Jewish, and the non-Jews and Jews worked very closely together. By the 2000’s and 2010’s, the Russian oligarchy was much more mixed. There were still quite a few Jewish members, but there were also many non-Jewish oligarchs and lesser millionaires. Both Jewish and non-Jewish oligarchs worked very closely with each other. The rich have neither class, nor race, nor religion. The only ties that bind them are fiduciary.

10-15 years ago, Putin purged many of the Jewish oligarchs. Most of them were pro-Western traitors. They were almost all white collar criminals, and he simply looked for whatever multiple crimes they committed and decided to charge them with a few of them.

The charge of discriminatory prosecution though is correct. If you are on Putin’s good side, he may well overlook your white collar criminal activities. However, if you are against him, he will look at your white collar crimes and decide to bring charges against you. It’s not so much that these Jewish crooks weren’t criminals. That they were typical Jewish white collar crooks is beyond dispute. But the charge of discriminatory prosecution is a correct one.

Alt Left: Dual Loyalty and the Roots of Modern Anti-Russian Hatred among Western Jews

This dates back to the beginning of the Cold War when Israel aligned with the West and most of the world’s Jews lined up with the West against Russia. Before that many Jews had positive feelings about the USSR. A typical Jewish fake crisis like most of the crises they dream up stemmed from the “Let my people go” BS of the late Cold War years. As you may know, in general people were not allowed to leave the USSR. The main reason for this policy was to prevent brain drain, a known problem in the USSR.

However, around the time of the late Cold War, many Russian Jews started demanding that they be allowed to migrate to Israel. I have no idea why they demanded to go to Israel except Jews are always demanding to there for whatever reason. Notice the hypocrisy? Nobody else gets to leave but the Jews get to leave (but not the non-Jews) because they’re special, chosen, superior people. And if you won’t make an exception for these superior people so they can leave (And why should you?) you are an anti-Semite!

Hence the late USSR was condemned as anti-Semitic by Western Jews while it was hardly true. The entire mass of idiotic Western Jewish culture immersed itself in this asinine and chauvinist “let my people go” charade for decades during the Cold War. This was the main project of the Western Jews! What a bunch of tools.

I saw a recent statement by a Russian Jew who had been a professor at a university in the USSR. He said that there were 300 professors in his department (I assume this was a huge university), and all but three of them were Jewish! I’m sure there was severe anti-Jewish prejudice in the late USSR! There were only whole universities stacked top to bottom with highly-paid Jews in prestigious positions! Such anti-Semites!

He also said that it was hard to tell that most of these people were Jewish because such things as religion or ethnicity were not discussed much in the USSR as most people saw them as unimportant. Indeed, discussion of such things might have even been a bit taboo as race is with present day Mexicans.

Ukrainian Jews flee at the slightest sign of trouble. The Ukrainian Jews are in bed with Nazis who keep them in power, sure, but most of them are still typical Diasporan Jew traitors.

Most Jews in the Diaspora have dual loyalty. Their primary loyalty is to the Jews, and they only have secondary loyalty to their Diaspora host. Hence whenever war breaks out, the Diasporan Jews often tend to take off because they feel no loyalty for whatever Diasporan community is hosting them.

By this rubric, as soon as the war started, most Ukrainian Jews, previously fervent Nazis, conveniently took off for Israel. The Nazi Jew Zelensky owns a multi-million dollar mansion in Israel. I assume he will head there if things ever get too hot in his Nazi homeland.

Yes, a few Jews are serving in the Ukrainian army and even in the overtly Nazi militias. In fact, one of the worst Nazi militias has a prominent member who is a rabbi! Some of these overtly Nazi militias even have makeshift synagogues set up for their Jewish Nazi members. In addition, Israeli advisors were present with Azov at Mariupol. There is also video of members of a Nazi battalion in Ukraine where members are speaking Hebrew!

Nevertheless, most of them took off like the traitors they always are.

Just to show you what traitors Ukrainian Jews are, a while back I was working with this Ukrainian Jew on some software projects. He was an ok guy but he was seriously and belligerently Jewish with a typical paranoia of anti-Semitism. Early on, I asked him if he were Ukrainian, and he said, “No! I’m Jew!” I thought, “You piece of shit.” You can’t even be loyal to your own country. You always have to insist that you’re not a party of any Diaspora land you inhabit. That really made me angry.

By the same token, Russian Jews, who have been serious traitors for a very long time now since the breakup of the USSR, have also been flooding out of Russia to Israel. Why? There’s a war on and like the traitors they are, they don’t want to fight for a land that they feel no loyalty to.

However, it should be noted that many of the Russian Jews in Israel are Russian patriots, and there have been many pro-Russian demonstrations there.

Alt Left: Extreme Racism in Ukraine

Polar Bear: I like East Asians but it does seem like Northeast Europe is immune to Yellow Fever. I’ve read an East Asian girl in a Baltic county complain about this. I’m guessing the Mongol invasion left a bad taste in their mouth. Maybe they have old tastes and are just into native fruit, not sea berries. Of course, some parts of Russia are East Asian af.

It’s worse in St. Petersburg for what it’s worth. An East Asian woman participated in a beauty contest there and there were a lot of Internet comments along the lines that she should have her head shoved into a toilet, etc. But St. Petersburg is just about Europe so this is more of a European mindset than anything. However there are some slightly Asiatic people around St. Petersburg such as Finns, Karelians, and Sami.

The odd thing is that Northeast Europeans are fairly mixed with Asiatic. Finns are known to be part-Asian and the Sami surely are. I’m not sure about Estonians. In addition, Czechs are 3% Asian. Turks and Russians are 7% Asiatic. The Asianness of Turks of both Turks and Russians is vastly exaggerated. However, a small degree of Asian admixture has been common to typical for Russian people for a very long time now. No one is going to discriminate against you for having slightly Asiatic eyes.

I dated a Russian girl for a while when she was 17-18 and I was 20. I was surprised that her pubic hair was somewhat Asiatic in texture. Asian women have fine, straight pubic hair, while White women have curly public hair, that is when they have it at all anymore. She was great! Insanely submissive. Her voice was little more than a whisper! Love it!

The discrimination against East Asians is pretty serious over there. And up until last year, apartment owners were still listing rentals as “Slavs only.” It was very bad 10-15 years ago when Russian Neo-Nazis were killing non-Russians such as Dagestanis, Tajiks, and Armenians. Things are a lot better now though.

I have heard Russian men talk about how great “Central Asian” women are though. But those are more White-Asian mixes than pure Asians. This might be something like a Tatar, Buryat, Kazakh, Uzbekh, or Turkmen. In the Urals, the native peoples there are mixed about 50-50 Asian and White. These are people such as the Finno-Ugric Mari.

The Ukrainians are far more racist than Russians. In particular, they really hate any degree of Asiaticness. That is their main complaint against Russians – that they are ethnically impure Whites and are too mixed with Asian. Whereas Ukrainians are supposedly pure White Europeans. Western Ukrainians even think they are Germanic or Nordic somehow! There are many descriptions of Russians by Ukrainians which describe Russians as being Huns or Hunnish. They are likened to marauding Turkic tribes and also to Genghis Khan.

In addition, Ukrainians fault Russians for being part Finno-Ugric, which is the race of the Finns. This is known to be a somewhat Asiatic race. Once again, Russians are seen as impure Whites contaminated with Asiatic Finno-Ugric mixture. Believe it or not, such views are surprisingly common among Ukrainians from the young all the way to the oldest generation. Ukrainians report their grandparents making remarks like that. Of course, young Ukrainian nationalists are all over the Internet condemning Russians as a “Hunnic” race of horse-riding barbarians from the East.

This is what a lot of love of Nazism is about: hatred of Russians as an impure, part-Asiatic race that is mixed with savage East Asian tribesmen. In Eastern Ukraine, people do look more Russian and many have slight Asiatic features, especially in their eyes. I’m not sure how prevalent that is in the center or the West.

Blacks and East Indians describe how they were viciously attacked by Nazi gangs. Ukrainian cops would not let Blacks go across the borders, so they had to camp out in the woods. Some of them died. In addition, Iranian students fleeing Ukraine soon after the war started described extreme racist abuse they experienced via the Nazi gangs. Some were beaten up. In addition, Indian students described having to run a gauntlet as they fled Ukraine at the start of the war. Nazi gangs attacked their residences as they were leaving. Some of the Indian students were murdered by Nazi gangs.

In addition, the Ukrainian nationalist Nazi gangs which have run Ukraine since the US Nazi-Jewish coup in 2014 fomented by the US Jews Victoria Nuland and Donald Kagan. Yes, the violent coup in Ukraine that brought the Nazis to power was in part led by Jews! Both Kagan and Nuland have roots in Western Ukraine in the Pale of Settlement, and like most American Jews harbor a vicious and vengeful hatred of Russia and Russians.

Alt Left: Pro-Nazi and Pro-Fascist Trends in Israel and among Western Jews

73% of Israeli Jews are pro-Ukrainian Nazi, mirroring trends all over the West where the Jews are almost all pro-Nazi in line with their pro-Nazi Western countries. It’s not so much that Jews love Nazis, but more that the Western Jewish support for the Nazis simply mirrors the general pro-Nazi mood of the West. It should be noted that Western Jews also ferociously supported fascism in the Third World all during the Cold War.

Israel was particularly bad. The Israeli military went around the world training fascist armies and death squads in Taiwan, South Korea, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and especially Colombia. Many of the Latin American death squad members were specifically trained by Israelis. To tell the truth, this was done as a service by Israel to the West, as Israel served as the fascist and death squad trainer for the pro-Western fascist countries in the Third World.

That sort of work was a little too dirty for the regular US Army, so they farmed it out to the Israelis. But the Israelis could have said no. The fact that they took to training fascist death squads and armies with such gusto to me always implied that they had some ideological connection.

If we see Israel as a fascist Jewish state, which is what it is, then it starts to make a lot more sense that Jewish fascists would align with other like-minded fascists all over the world. Hence Israeli support for Orban in Hungary and the Polish fascist government, the Hindu fascist government in India, and the Nazis in Ukraine. Fascists support fascists. It’s not complicated.

Alt Left: Lies about the Russia/Ukraine War September 15, 2022

Russia is isolated on the world stage. Lie. Only the fascist/Nazi West is trying to isolate Russia. The rest of the world is not going along with it. 18% of the world is sanctioning Russia. 82% of the world is not. Where’s the isolation? The entire Global South is refusing to go along with the anti-Russian sanctions and is continuing to trade with Russia.

Russia is on the brink of defeat in Ukraine. Lie. This is just not true. Russia is not going to be defeated in Ukraine. The main problem is that Russia doesn’t have enough troops to hold a 9,000 kilometer line. They only have 200,000 troops, and I would say that they need 200,000 more.

The Wagner Group are mercenaries. Lie. They are Russian contract soldiers. Also, they are from Russia. It’s not possible to have mercenaries from your own country. If they’re from your own country, they’re not mercenaries or soldiers of fortune. They’re simply volunteers.

Russia is facing a series of dramatic setbacks in Ukraine. Lie. This is not true. They did withdraw from the Kharkiv region, but they were not defeated. They simply abandoned the area that they occupied because they were outnumbered and they wanted to preserve their troops. Ukraine put up to 50,000 soldiers against at most 10,000 soldiers in the Kharkiv region. The Russians were completely outnumbered, so they simply abandoned their positions and withdrew. The Nazis stay and fight to the death for every town, but if Russia feels their forces are outnumbered or about to be overrun, they simply withdraw.

Russia took massive casualties in Ukraine’s Kharkiv Offensive. Lie. They may have lost as few as 200-300 men. Ukrainian losses were 10X that. There were ambulance convoys all the way to Kiev. The hospitals in Kharkiv were overflowing with wounded Nazis. An incinerator in Kharkiv has suddenly started working overtime. The Nazis already had one huge graveyard there for their soldiers, and now they are making a second one.

Russia took massive casualties in the Kherson, Nikolaev and Zaporozhye counteroffensive. Lie. Russia did lose some men. They may have lost up to 1,000 men. But Ukraine lost at least 5X as much or 5,000 men. In the south, the Nazis are losing 5 troops for every Russian soldier. There were ambulance convoys stretching all the way to Nikolaev and Odessa. The hospitals in both cities were overflowing with wounded Nazis.

Russia has punisher battalions in the rear that shoot any Russian soldier who tries to retreat. Lie. There is no evidence that these punisher battalions exist. However, the USSR had them in the Great Patriotic War. On the other hand, Ukraine definitely has punisher battalions. Some troops who abandoned their positions were shot by these Nazi battalions. A number were killed and recently we got a report about two soldiers who were shot in the legs by the Nazi punishers and thrown in a hole for leaving the battlefield. They were rescued by Russian troops.

Russia took massive casualties in a Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Siversk area. Lie. Russia may have lost 250 men in this area. But Ukraine lost 10X as much or 2,500 men. In the north, the Nazis are losing 10 men for every one Russian. Lie.

The people of Kharkiv are ecstatic that they are liberated by Ukraine. Lie. In fact, a vast number of people fled the region. Numbers are hard to come by, but I would assume that up to 70% of the population fled the Ukrainian advance. In fact, the Nazis have now set up a brutal occupation of these regions. They are going around looking for collaborators, and a number of people have already been shot dead on the spot.

So there is a Nazi reign of terror unfolding in the Kharkiv Region. As what happened in Bucha, after the Nazis murder a large number of their own people for “collaboration,” they plan to say that all of these people were killed by Russians.

The Russian occupation of Kharkiv was vicious and brutal. Lie. We have not received any evidence that there were any human rights violations whatsoever while Russia controlled this region.

1,000’s of people were killed during the Russian occupation of Izyum. Lie. As we noted, there was not a single human rights violation the whole time that Russia recently controlled Kharkiv. Things were very peaceful.

However, the fact that Ukraine says that 1,000’s were killed in Izyum alone while the truth is that zero were means that the Nazis are obviously going to murder thousands of people for collaboration and then blame the Russians for all the murders as they did in Bucha. The Nazis are already making the beginnings of these charges, and the entire US media, including the “liberal” and “progressive” media is already going along with the Nazi lies.

The Ukrainian occupation of Kharkiv Region will be kind and peaceful. Lie. People have reported from Izyum, where head Nazi Jew Zelensky made a triumphant visit today, that Ukraine has said that everyone who stayed in Izyum during the Russian reign is a collaborator. We see now why the Nazis attack civilians so savagely when they take back an area after a Russian retreat. The Nazis think that everyone who stayed behind under Russian rule is a collaborator! After all, if they were not, they would have left, would they not? See how this works?

There have been huge roundups in Izyum. Many schoolteachers were taken away as teaching school during Russian rule is regarded as collaboration. The Nazis have said that anyone who took humanitarian aid is a collaborator. In addition, anyone who worked for the local government in any fashion, including police, may be regarded as a collaborator. There were a number of business enterprises who moved back into the city after the Russians took over and were operating with Russian licenses. All of these people may potentially be liable for collaboration.

The Nazis have told the people of Izyum that they must pay in hyrvinas at the local stores as rubles will not be accepted. Anyone who tries to pay with rubles will be shot. The people asked how they are supposed to get hyrvinas since all they have are rubles and the Nazis answered that all of the women, who are all collaborators anyway, should give blowjobs to Nazi troops in order to obtain hyrvinas.

People are terrified and hiding in their homes. The Nazis have gone on a wild looting spree and are looting almost every home in the city. A few people who objected to the looting and tried to stop it were shot dead on the spot. A man reported that he is waiting at home for the Nazis to come for him. He said all of the cities and towns are locked down and no one can leave. He said he was planning to sneak out of the city and go hide in the woods.

The Nazis have said that everyone who hid in a basement under Russian rule is a collaborator. The Nazi Jew Zelensky has given his imprimatur to this wave of terror. It is called filtration and Zelensky has announced that filtration will be going on in all cities and towns that were retaken. Vice President, ultra-Nazi, and ISIS supporter Arestovich has stated that all collaborators will be killed. Arestovich sees ISIS rule as the model for how the Nazis should rule their country, and the way that ISIS enforces its laws and dicta is how the Nazis  should do so.

People are not being prosecuted by the Ukrainian government for taking humanitarian aid. Lie. In fact they are. The Nazis recently passed a law mandating sentences of 15 years in prison for collaboration. One of the examples of collaboration in the law was receiving Russian humanitarian aid. So the Nazis are definitely saying that receiving Russian humanitarian aid shall be punished by 15 years in prison.

Ukraine abides by the Geneva Convention. Lie. This is simply not true. In fact, it appears that the overwhelming majority of Russian soldiers taken captive by the Nazis have been executed. A number were tortured before they were killed. There are many videos of Nazis torturing and murdering Russian POW’s.

In addition, there are many other videos of Nazi troops and battalion members admitting that they do not take prisoners and instead that they simply execute all prisoners that they take. There are persistent rumors of some Russian POW’s being returned missing limbs of digits such as toes or fingers. I saw a video of a Russian POW with his finger chopped off. In addition the rumors say that some are being returned castrated.

The DNR and LDR militias have long reported that POW’s taken by the Nazis were murdered on the spot or returned missing limbs, digits, or castrated. Reportedly, Russia has refused to publicize this because they fear that their people will be roused into a wild fury by this news and will demand extreme measures against the Nazis.

Russia tortures and executes captured Ukrainian soldiers. Lie. I’m not aware of a single case where this happened. Instead, all Ukrainian troops report that the Russians treated them well, gave them clean clothes, access to washing and bathrooms, food, water, and even cigarettes. They are also allowed to exercise outside some of the time. These POW’s had been warned by their Nazi commanders that the Russians would murder them after they were  captured.

Russian troops are so weakened that they will probably lose the war soon. Lie. This just isn’t true at all. In fact, Russia has lost only 5,300 men so far. They may have lost 15,000 wounded. The initial force was 200,000, but more have been added since then, including the O Corps of volunteers with 30,000 men. In addition, I am quite sure that a number of soldiers who did not participate at first have been rotated in at some point or another.

The Russian Army is made up of 1.1 million active duty personnel. The reserves consist of 500,000-900,000 men. The Russian army then has 1.6 million-2 million men. If losses have been 20,000, then Russia has lost 1-1.5% of its military forces in this war. This is hardly a weakened army!

The video of Nazis nailing an LDPR militia member to a cross and then setting the cross on fire is faked. Lie. I have seen this video and it is absolutely true. In fact, the mother of the soldier said it was her son in the video. She has been identified with a photograph and has been the subject of articles on the Internet.

Russian troops are experiencing devastating morale problems. Lie. The fascist-Nazi West has been saying this since the very start of the operation. I’m not aware that it’s ever been true.

Communications from Russian soldiers that have been intercepted by Ukraine indicate all sorts of terrible problems in the Russian military, including terrible morale problems. The truth is that all or almost all of these intercepted communications are Nazi fakes. Russian troops are not allowed to carry cell phones while they are participating in the war. Therefore it is not possible for the Nazis to intercept any phone communications with Russian troops because there are no conversations to be intercepted.

Most of the people in the Kharkiv region support Ukraine. Lie. I would estimate that if the referendum were held in occupied Kharkiv prior to this counteroffensive, 70% of the people in the region would have voted to leave Nazi Ukraine and join Russia. There are quite a few people in the rural areas who are agnostic and just want to be left alone.

Many of them have not yet felt the brunt of Nazi rule in their small rural villages, but that may be changing now. In addition, anywhere from 70-90% of the residents who were in these towns and cities under Russian rule fled the oncoming Nazi soldiers. So that shows that 70-90% of people in the Kharkiv region prefer Russian rule to rule by the Nazis.

Russia has taken massive losses in the Ukraine War. Lie. As noted above, Russia has lost 5,300 men KIA and possibly another 15,000 wounded, although we have no good numbers on numbers of wounded. This amounts to 1-1.5% of the Russian military force at the beginning of the invasion. In the meantime, the force has been augmented by large volunteer brigades of up to 30,000 men.

Ukraine has only lost 9,000 men in the Ukraine War. Lie. The last time I dealt with this question, I reported that Ukraine had lost 100,000 men. The Nazis themselves admit that they lost 80,000 men and that was at the beginning of July, two months ago. This boils down to 20,000 KIA a month. Hence, Nazi KIA right now would be 120,000 men by the Nazis’ own figures. However, a Nazi military figure recently stated that the Nazis have lost 200,000 men KIA. That figure seems a bit high to me. I might put it at 150,000 KIA. But if we average the lowest and highest figures together, we get 160,000 KIA for the Nazi troops. Clearly the Nazis have been taking massive casualties.

Russia was defeated in the Kharkiv Region. Lie. As noted above, Russia simply left those towns and cities in general without even a fight. That’s more of a retreat than a defeat. Russia may have lost 200-300 men total out of a 10,000 man force. They did appear to lose quite a bit of equipment. However, reserves were rushed to the area and the defensive line has stabilized at the Oskol River.

Ukraine has not been able to take Liman despite dogged efforts and now it has been reinforced. Ukraine claims that they took Syvatagorsk, but in reality, no one controls the town. Ukraine also said they took Bilohorkiva, but actually Russia was able to retain the village. The line in the Slavansk-Siversk area appears to have stabilized.

Dissent against Putin is rising in Russia. Lie. The truth is that 76% of Russian support the war. That means that 24% of the population is against the war! Wait. I thought every Russian who opposed the war is arrested, beaten, jailed or killed? You mean that’s not true?

The only dissent in Russia recently has been a chorus of voices calling for a declaration of war and a general mobilization. In other words, the Russian people want to escalate the war in Ukraine in a big way. Most of the Russian population is more radical than Putin and the majority has been complaining from the start that Russia is fighting with one hand tied behind its back.

Putin will probably be overthrown soon. Lie. This does not appear to be true at all. Far from it.

There was recently an assassination attempt on Putin. Lie. Apparently Ukraine made this up the other day. The probable reason for the lie was that the Nazi Jew Zelensky’s motorcade got into a car accident with another vehicle in Kiev. As the Nazis project about every single thing that they do, Zelensky’s motorcade getting hit was projected onto Russia as an assassination attempt on Putin.

Ukrainian troop shelling does not target civilians. Lie. This is not the case at all.

Russian shelling targets civilians. Lie. I’m not aware of a single case of Russia deliberately targeting civilians or wholly civilian structures in this entire war. If someone can find an example of one, I would like to see it. In fact, this has been one of the cleanest and humanely fought wars in recent memory.

The Russian Army is stretched to the limit in Ukraine and is being defeated. Lie. See above how the Russian army has suffered only 1-15% of its force in casualties while the military itself has been augmented by 10’s of thousands of men. Consider also that Russia has been using only 10% of its military at any given time. So this is just complete nonsense.

Putin is running out of soldiers so he is having to resort to volunteers. Lie. See above about how Russia has only suffered 1-1.5% of its force in losses while only using 10% of its military. Putin decided to expand the military from 1 million to 1.13 million men recently but that was not because he was running out of soldiers!

Referenda in Kharkiv, Kherson, and Zaporozhye to leave Ukraine and join Russia can only succeed by massive fraud because almost everyone there hates Russia and supports Ukraine. Lie. Surveys in Kherson and Zaporozhye showed that 65% of residents wished to leave Ukraine and join Russia, while another 10% or 75% wanted to leave Ukraine but instead of joining Russia, to form their own country. I believe that a hypothetical referendum in the Kharkiv region that was occupied would have resulted in 70% in favor of leaving Ukraine and joining Russia, so support for Russia there is a bit higher than in the South.

There was massive fraud in the referenda in Crimea and the Donbass to leave Ukraine and either form their own countries or join Russia. Lie. In the referenda, the Donbass voted 90% to leave Ukraine and form their own country. In Crimea, 93% voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia. Opinion polls soon after the referenda showed that 86% of Crimeans wanted to leave Ukraine and join Russia. In the Donbass, 85% wanted to leave Ukraine and form their own countries.

As you can see, the vote percentages were a bit higher in the actual vote, but this is probably due to the some of the people who opposed the measure boycotting the polls. You can see by how close the opinion polls were to the actual vote that there could not possibly have been any fraud involved in these votes.

Most people in Kharkiv city hate Russia and support Ukraine. Lie. Most people in Kharkiv probably support Russia at this point in time. They did not at the start of the operation, but the behavior of the Nazis has been so horrible that many have gone over to Russia. In addition, a majority of people in Kharkiv think that the fake Bucha massacre was staged by the Nazis who killed collaborators and then blamed Russia for the deaths. Of course they are correct.

Ukraine is making major advances all across the battlefield near Slavansk, Bakhmut, Gorlovka, Donetsk, Pisky, the airport, Marinka, Dumbledore, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, and Kherson. Lie.

China now views Russia as a failed country and as a result, it is not going to help Russia. Lie. This just doesn’t seem right at all.

Putin is a dictator or an authoritarian leader. Lie. Opposition parties won 30% of the vote the last time around, while Putin won 70%. Russian elections are examined by international inspectors and are generally free of major fraud. At any rate, it’s clear that Putin has received a majority of votes in every election he has run in. Keep in mind that 30% of the Russian Duma or Parliament is made up of the Opposition!

What the Hell kind of a dictator has a Parliament with 30% opposition parties? What kind of a dictator has elections where the opposition wins 30% of the vote? That’s ridiculous. Any country like that cannot possibly be a dictatorship. Furthermore, opinion polls show that most Russians do not with to live under a dictatorship. When polled, most Russians state emphatically that Putin is not a dictator. For Russians, a dictator means someone like Stalin.

It is illegal to criticize the government in Russia. Lie. As you can see with the hawks raging across the Russian mediascape, many of which have been harshly criticizing Putin for attending a display of a huge Ferris wheel in Russia at the same time that Ukraine was conquering a vast amount of land in the Kharkiv region behind a Russian military that rapidly abandoned the region. Definitely the optics are pretty poor here. If you can’t criticize the government, what the Hell is going on right now? What do you call that?

You get 15 years in prison in Russia for calling the SMO a “war.” Lie. I read Russian pro-war blogs all the time. These people are writing inside Russia. Many of them refer to the SMO as a war. In fact, many of the pages have “war” in their very title, often referencing “the Z war.”

Nazism is extremely common in Russia. Lie. There were some small parties like this in Russia but even some of these were more Russian Empire nationalist such as the Black Hundreds going back 100 years to the time of the Revolution. The Black Hundreds were not White Supremacist or Nazis. However, they were antisemites. In the last decade, Putin has banned most of the White Supremacist and Nazi parties and organizations.

Much of the leadership has been jailed and the rest has gone to ground and is in hiding. Many have left the country. Curiously, most Russian Nazis have always supported their Nazi brethren in Ukraine, and many hate the Russian government. The vast majority of Russian Nazis who went to fight in the war have fought on the side of the Ukrainian Nazis.

Russians are extremely racist and bigoted against Muslims and East Asians. Lie. Russians have very much warmed to Chechens and other Muslim groups of the Caucasus since Ramzan Kadyrov took over the government and created a very strongly pro-Russian Chechnya. In addition, a variety of Dagestani groups are popular in Russia now as are the Asiatic Kalmyks, Tuvans, and Buryats, large numbers of whom have formed volunteer regional battalions and distinguished themselves quite well in this war.

Keep in mind that the Russian Defense Minister look Asian as he is half-Tuvan. Such people have a long history in the Russian Empire and many rose to high positions. In particular, the Tatar Muslims from the Urals are very well-liked. Many Russian White men confess to a weakness for what they call Central Asian women, who are seen as sexy and exotic.

However, it is true that some East Asian Russians complain of discrimination in cities in the western part of Russia like Moscow or St. Petersburg. This is unfortunate.

Only 1-2% of Ukraine or the Ukrainian army are Nazis. Lie. At the beginning of the operation, 40% of the Ukrainian military was made up of overtly Nazi battalions. Most of them were funded by a Nazi Jew named Kolomoisky who is one monster of a human being. It was Kolomoisky who shot down the M17 jetliner over the Donbass in 2014 with jets from a base in his area, which he controls as his own fiefdom and nearly his own country.

Ukraine has taken very few casualties in the Kharkiv counteroffensive. Lie. As noted above, Nazi casualties in this counteroffensive were 2,500 KIA.

Ukraine took very few casualties in the Kherson, Nikolaev and Zaporozhye counteroffensive. Lie. Above you will see that the Nazis had up to 5,000 KIA in this operation. Some put the figure higher. I would say it’s at least 5,000 dead.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Kherson, Nikolaev and Zaporozhye regions has been a smashing success and Russian forces have been devastated in this region. Lie. To be honest, the offensive has not really gotten anywhere. The Nazis  conquered a bit of land but in the scheme of things, the advances were quite mild considering all the blood and treasure that was expended.

Näo Lõhkenud Õnnetusjuhtumi Sukeldumise Video

This is the Estonian translation of the Face Split Diving Accident Video post.

If you are thinking about watching this video and have not seen it yet, let me warn you. It’s really bad. I was traumatized for almost a week after I saw it, and usually nothing much affects me at all. I thought I was unshockable. I guess not. Don’t come complaining to me if you’re traumatized or upset after watching this. Remember that I warned you ahead of time.

For those of you who are daring and think you can handle it, go ahead and dive right in, so to speak. It’s freaky as Hell though. I’m warning you.

The video itself is now stored on my old Blogspot site. I will keep it there until I transfer it over here.

I am looking for translators to translate this post into Arabic, Hebrew, Maltese, Romanian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Russian, Swedish, Malay, Indonesian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and Wolof. Email me if you are interested.

This post has been translated into:

French: Visage Fendu dans Accident de Plongeon (en Français).

Portuguese: Video Acidente de Mergulho Rostro Dividida Ao Meio (em Português )

Spanish: Video Accidente de Clavadista con Cara Partida (en Español)

Finnish: Sukellusonnettomuus (on Suomen)

Serbo-Croatian: Ronilačkih Nezgoda Sa Licem Podijeljen U Dva (u Srpsko-hrvatski )

Italian: Incidente Di Tuffo Che Divide Il Viso In Due (traduzione in Italiano).

Greek: Άτυχος vεαρός τραυματίστηκε σοβαρά στο πρόσωπο του και χωρίστηκε στα δύο!

Click here to watch the actual video.

See pole tegelikult Liibanoni originaalvideo. Liibanonis oli kaks videot, esimene sukeldumisõnnetusest. Ilmselt on tegemist kahe erineva videoga, mis on omavahel ühendatud. See hakkas Liibanonis ringi liikuma hiljem õnnetusjärgsel päeval. Teine video tehti väidetavalt haiglas ja see hakkas hiljem ringi liikuma. Algne Liibanonist pärit video pole praegu saadaval.

Klipi teises osas on sama 16-aastane poiss haiglas, kuid filmitud erineva mobiiltelefoniga, selleparast näebki teine klipp teistsugune välja. Haigla personal räägib kindlasti Liibanoni araabia keelt. See osa klipist filmiti Ameerika ülikooli haigla eredalt valgustatud kiirabis, mis on õnnetuse toimumiskohast vaid ¼ miili kaugusel. Seetõttu on selles klipi osas asjad palju eredamad.

Räägitakse, et sellist klippi poleks saanud kiirabis filmida, kuid arengumaailmas on üsna tavaline, et pere, sõbrad jne viibivad kiirabis kohe patsiendi voodi kõrval. Kui töötajad poisi ümber kogunesid. Samuti pole haruldane, et neil on mobiiltelefon ja nad salvestavad toimuvat. See oleks USA-s ilmselt üsna veider, aga araabia maailmas ei arva keegi sellest midagi.

Nagu haigla kaadritest näha, lastakse ta intubeerida, mis on suurepärane idee. Samas ei ole ta ventilaatoril, samuti pole jälgimisseadmeid nagu pulssoksümeeter. Samuti ei pannud nad teda C-Spine’i ettevaatusabinõudesse (C-krae, tagalaud, rihmadega).

Arst keskendub näo koos hoidmisele, võib-olla selleks, et kaitsta hingamisteid. Kriitikud ütlevad, et arst “mängib” näoga ja ükski arst ei teeks seda, kuid ise ma nii ei arva et ta poisi näoga mängib. Ma arvan, et ta püüab seda parandada.

USA meditsiinitöötajad väitsid, et video on võlts, sest ilmselt ei saa ta nõuetekohast arstiabi. Pidage meeles, et see on Liibanon. Ta saab mõistlikku arstiabi, kuid arvan, et võib kindlalt öelda, et ta ei saa parimat arstiabi.

Kirurgid ei saanud teha muud, kui õmmelda tema väga sügavad ja rasked haavad näos kokku. Kuigi mõned võrguarstid on öelnud, et hea kõrva-nina-kurguarst võiks selle lapse hästi lappida, ei õnnestunud seda vaest poissi päästa. Kõik, mida nad suutsid teha, oli hoida teda intensiivraviosakonnas kaks tundi elus, enne kui ta suri. Surm oli väidetavalt tingitud sisemisest verejooksust.

Beiruti linn on püüdnud sellist jama peatada, pannes reelingud ja okastraadid sinna, kus inimestele meeldib sukelduda, kuid teismelised poisid ja isegi 20-aastased noormehed ikka sukelduvad Promenaadilt väga riskantsetes oludes. Enne seda õnnetust juhtus selles piirkonnas veel mitmeid jubedaid sukeldumisõnnetusi, milles osalesid teismelised poisid ja noormehed.

Hiljutises postituses kirjeldatakse üksikasjalikult teist videot, mis väidetavalt tõestab, et see video (teine video) on võlts, või liba. Teises videos väidetakse, et haigla kaadrid on ebaõnnestunud 9 mm enesetapust. Kuid 9 mm ei saa teie näole sellist kahju teha. Lisaks arutlevad kaks arsti kiirabistseenis pikemas videoversioonis liibanoni araabia keeles, kuidas ta vette hüpates kivile maandus. Seda dialoogi relva enesetapuvideos ei eksisteeriks.

Lisaks väidavad mõned, et ebaõnnestunud relva enesetapuvideo ohvril oli sarnane vigastus, mis erines sellest teatud mõttes; ning sellel on lõualuu dihhotoomia lõual, teisel aga mitte.

Väidetakse, et 9 mm ebaõnnestunud enesetapu asemel on tegemist püssi ebaõnnestunud enesetapuga. Siiski on veebis palju fotosid haavli enesetappudest, näiteks saidil Üldiselt ei lõika püssi ebaõnnestunud enesetapud nägu korralikult kaheks, nagu see vigastus tegi. Kui see on tõesti ebaõnnestunud relva enesetapp, siis miks räägivad nad liibanoni araabia keelt täpselt nii, nagu nad räägiksid sukeldumisõnnetusest?

Allikad Liibanonist, kes olid seal promenaadil ja nägid sukeldumisõnnetust pealt, väidavad, et Liibanoni tänavatel räägitakse, et teine ​​pool lindistati haiglas ja see on kaadrid sukeldumisõnnetuse tagajärgedest. Lisaks on lõpus haiglas viibival noormehel jalas ujumispüksid, täpselt nagu sukeldujal. Kui suur on tõenäosus, et video ujumiskostüümi kandva noormehe ebaõnnestunud jahipüssi enesetapust leidis aset ja filmiti Liibanonis umbes selle õnnetusega samal ajal?

Paljud inimesed on haava olemuse kahtluse alla seadnud. Tundub, et pole võimalik lüüa vastu betoonplaati ja oma nägu vertikaalselt poolitada, nagu videos näidatud. Kui aga vaadata sukeldumiskaadreid, siis betoonplaadi ümber on teraskest, mida ta tabab. Betoonplaat on kulunud ja suur osa teraskesta on paljastunud. Teraskest kulgeb paralleelselt rannajoonega. Isegi siis näib teraskorpuse löömine olevat horisontaalne löök.

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Alt Left: Answer to Some Criticisms of Me

On the deplorable, foul, abominable, and morally decrepit Reddit group Libby and Abby, the following criticism has been leveled at me:

Lindsay says it’s perfectly fine for grown adults to have sex with 13 and 14 year old girls.

This is an old accusation of course, and it’s almost never been true.

What is the truth?

In the US and in most of the world, I do not think that most adults should have sex with 13 year old girls. On the other hand, all minors have a right to have sex in the sense that it should not be illegal for minors to have sex with each other. For instance, it should be legal for 13 year old girls to have sex with 13-17 year old boys. This is the case in much of world, including places like Scotland. Of course, actual sex crimes are excluded.

I think most sex between minors, even very young minors, goes over to childhood sex play and should not be prosecuted. In some cases, teenage boys are having sex with young girls in the family. I do not agree with molesting the teenage boys in these cases. These cases should be referred to social services.

Social services will get involved and work with the family to make sure the boy gets the message that he is not to engage in this behavior anymore. If the boy does not stop having sex with his young sister, he may have to be removed to a foster home. This is a serious solution but I think we have to think about the well-being of the young girl here and she needs to be protected from this sort of behavior on behalf of her brother.

I would not mind if it was legal for 18 year old boys to have sex with 13 year old girls. That would not bother me at all. However, after age 18, I’m not against making it illegal for adults to have sex with 13 year old girls. We just can’t make it legal for most adults to have sex with 13 year old girls. Almost no modern society allows such things.

However, there are Amerindian societies in the Amazon where the men start having sex with girls as young as 12-14 years old. One group is called the Candoshi. Some of these men have been arrested by the Brazilian government, but thankfully a new law went into effect that allows the men of such tribes to have sex with and marry girls that young. I support this law 100%, and I support all laws that allow tribal societies to do such things. Similar behavior is documented in the Yanonamo and in fact, in rural Mexican villages, most girls are married by age 13-14, often to older men. I’m ok with this because it’s part of their culture.

I’m not sure it’s a good idea for men to have sex with girls that young, and if they get pregnant, it can be a serious problem. The vaginas of girls this age are too small to carry a baby, and in quite a few cases, they get torn up inside by pregnancy. Any pregnant 13-14 year old girl should probably get an abortion. It’s just too dangerous to carry a child to term at this age. By age 15 on, it is not physically dangerous in this sense to carry a baby to term. Well, at least you won’t get torn up inside by doing so.

In almost all of Europe, it is legal for any adult to have sex with girls from age 14-15. In fact, much of Europe sets the AOC at 14. Of course in those countries, it’s perfectly fine for any adult to have sex with 14-15 year old girls. Curiously, it doesn’t happen that much. These countries don’t have huge problems with mass numbers of adults having sex with 14-15 year old girls. It’s just not a problem. Probably most girls that age are not interested in sex with an older adult, moral panics about the sexuality of teenage girls aside.

In much of the US, it is perfectly legal for 16 or 17 year old girls to have sex with any adult of any age. Some states set it at 16 and others set it at 17. Of course I have no problem with adults having sex with girls of these ages in these states.

On the other hand, in the US, 13-15 year old girls are completely illegal for any adult. I’m perfectly ok with 14-15 year old girls being illegal in these cases. However, it doesn’t bother me one bit if 18-23 year old men have sex with 14-17 year old girls. In fact, I think it should be legal because I don’t see anything wrong with it at all.

After age 23, sex with 14 and 15 year old girls gets a lot more iffy, and I’m totally ok with it being illegal. Although of course girls this age are not harmed by sex with adults, society really hates it and many people think it is bad, wrong, immoral, evil, disgusting, repulsive, etc. Perhaps it is, I have no idea. Most notions of right and wrong and not provable in a scientific sense. It is simply a matter of subjective opinion.

Society can have any attitude about this sort of thing that it wants to, and it’s ok for society to encode its attitude towards sex between adults and teenage minors in its laws and to make this illegal at various ages. Societies are entitled to their morals and their morally based laws.

Any man who has sex with a 13 year old girl after age 18 is an idiot. Society has extreme hatred for this and many laws erroneously call this Child Molestation. I don’t have sympathy for men going down on these laws. Men need to control themselves and not yield to sexual temptations, no matter how alluring they are.

I don’t have much sympathy for men going down on sex with 14 and 15 year old girls after age 23. As I said, it’s perfectly fine to make this illegal. Society despises this sort of thing in an extreme way, and you are risking incurring the wrath of society if you mess with those girls. They should have known better. They’re idiots.

On the other hand it doesn’t bother me one bit if adults of any age have sex with 16 and 17 year old girls. Bottom line is I think it should be legal in the whole country. Unfortunately, in a number of states either some or all girls in this range are illegal for older adults. I’d advise men to leave these girls alone and not break Statutory Rape laws. Society has gone seriously insane about this, and men need to control themselves and not break the law. They’ll give you years in prison for sex with a 16 year old girls. Even crazy or stupid laws should be obeyed if there are serious consequences for disobeying them.

The problem is that teenage girl minors are horny as Hell and a lot of them love men! And they try to seduce us men. They’ve been trying to seduce me sporadically off and on for most of my life. In fact, a 15 year old girl just propositioned me for sex very recently. I told her no and she started arguing with me and trying to talk me into it. Another 15 year old girl asked me to send her a dick pic. I didn’t do it and she acted very disappointed.

These girls look like women so they are quite tempting for men. Nevertheless, in many cases, if you mess with them, you can go to jail. This where the term jailbait comes from. The “bait” refers to the fact that these girls are very enticing to normal men, but the “jail” part means that if you give into these temptations, you can wind up at the Greybar Hotel.

Due to Pedo Panic, society is engrossed in a sex panic, a moral panic, and a mass hysteria over teenage girl minors having strong sex drives. Most of them masturbate, often on a regular basis, and many of them have sex, especially with people their age. Society hates this and is driven into a raging fury about these girls being sexual beings, as it freaks them out that these girls have adult sex drives.

Society is savagely enraged that these girls masturbate and have sex with other teenage minors. It positively infuriates them because society says these girls are little children, and little children have no sex drive. Society does not distinguish between a 17 year old girl and a 7 year old girl. They’re both little children!

Obviously, I’m completely opposed to a Victorian sex panic about the fact that teenage girls have a raging sex drive that they seek to fulfill. Nevertheless, in modern society, the sex fascists have the floor, and the fact is that the overwhelming majority of American adults are abject sex fascists of the worst sort. That’s just sad.

It’s pathetic, but Americans are pretty pathetic people. We always have been. We’ve been wildly Puritan about sex from day one, and there’s no sign it’s getting better. Pedo Panic about teenage girls having sex is only the latest manifestation of this particularly American insanity. In sexual mores, we aren’t progressing at all. We are going to dramatically backwards in terms of normal sex for normal people. In fact, we’ve been becoming wildly more Puritanical about sex for 30 years now with no end in sight. Every year it seems to get worse than the year before.

On the other hand, sexual weirdness and sexually abnormal people have somehow been elevated into modern secular creeds and gods. Tell me how it all makes sense because it doesn’t!

So the accusation is false. I do not think it is just fine for men to have sex with 13 and 14 year old girls in the US. Other than for the youngest men (either 18 or 18-23 depending on the age of the girl), I am completely opposed to men in the US having sex with girls that age. You can get yourself into a whole lot of trouble all over some young snatch. It’s not worth it!

Of course I support Romeo and Juliet laws that allow some college aged men to have sex with some high school girls. The law in Colorado is a good one. 17 year old girls are completely legal for any adult of any age as they should be. 16 year old girls can have sex with men up to age 22, that is all through college age. 15 year old girls can have sex with men up to age 21, that is most college men. I think 14 year old girls can have sex with men up to age 20, but I would have to check. This is an excellent model for a Romeo and Juliet law, and I’d love to see it implemented all over the US.

I’d love to see the age of consent lowered to 17 or even 16 in the US. If the whole country had an AOC of 16 and had reasonable Romeo and Juliet laws for high school girls and some young men, I’d be very happy. But I would be opposed to lowering the AOC to 13-15. I don’t think American society is ready for that at this time. Obviously Europeans are but we are not. Perhaps at some point in the future we will be more like Europeans and more open to lowering the AOC to 14-15, but honestly, I do not see that happening in my lifetime, which means about the next 20 years.

So, to sum up, what I advocate is something like this:

It should be legal to minors under age 13 to have sex with each other, as in many cases, it is just childhood sex play. This needs to be thrown over to the parents or social services as an absolute last resort.

  • 13 year old girls can have sex with other male minors and possibly 18 year old men. After that it needs to be illegal, sorry.
  • 14 year old girls can have sex with other male minors and men age 18-20. After that, unfortunately, they need to be made illegal. WE can’t have an AOC as low as 14, forget it. I’m a slight hypocrite here, but 40 years ago, this country wasn’t even like a different country compared to today. It was like another planet. I don’t even recognize this shitstorm of a society anymore. It’s like we’ve been taken over by diabolical alien pod people who somehow look at seem exactly like us just like in the movie, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. But they’re not us. They’re actually evil aliens in disguise!
  • 15 year old girls can have sex with other male minors and men aged 18-21.
  • 16 year old girls should just be legal for all grown men, but that’s probably not realistic right now. Barring that, they can have sex with other male minors and men up to age 21.
  • 17 year old girls should obviously be legal because by that age, it just looks like a flat out woman, period. But that’s probably not possible in this climate as many states will cling to 18, including this so-called Liberal Utopia of California which is actually a dystopian Feminist Dictatorship where the men are oppressed by the women with laws and rules put in by vicious feminist oppressors. We men are literally an oppressed class here. Anyway, barring that, 17 year old girls can have sex with other male minors and men aged 18-23. After that, they need to be made illegal. A lot of states with an AOC of 17 probably don’t want to go lower.
  • Some variation on an AOC of 16 or 17 or at the very least Romeo and Juliet laws for girls age 13-17 and males aged up to six years older.

So there are my views, enemies. Read em and weep or eat them for breakfast or use them to line bird cages, whatever it is you do with my ideas.

Of course my enemies won’t read this and will continue to misrepresent my views and spread lies about me because that’s what they do. I’m not such a morally low, base, depraved, and wicked gutter person as my enemies are. I never make up destructive lies about anyone, even my worst enemies. I’m much too morally elevated and superior of a person to do such a thing.

Game/PUA: Why Isn’t Game Working?, Part 5

Here we continue the Game Failing post by Daniel, which now has five parts. The introduction is here.

But I just didn’t know what to do with the attraction. I didn’t know how to translate that attraction into a relationship of any kind – be it sexual, romantic, or even platonic. Not only could I not have sex or romance, I couldn’t even make friends with girls. By the end of freshman year, I had not hooked up with one single girl, nor did I have any female friends. I didn’t have any male friends either.

I think we should talk here more about how to tell if a female likes you. Well, one is the blank stare of course.

One Way to Tell If a Female Likes You – Her Friends Tell You She Does!

One of the first times I saw it was when I was in high schools. We were ditching school that day and we were at someone’s parents’ house, but the parents were gone for work. I think we were smoking pot because when we went to people’s houses like this, it was always to smoke pot.

I think there were at least a few people there, boys and girls. I was 16. There was this Mexican-American girl there. Back then, they were extremely assimilated and mostly they just tried to act White, which I think is still a very good idea.

I was at a table and she was sitting on the floor with her back to the wall, just like a girl would do. She was kind of hot. She kept staring at me like she locked into some kind of a trance and could not stop looking at me. Like she was an automaton. Someone informed me that she liked to smoke PCP.

I’m not sure if she was on it then or not, I forget, but that drug was fairly widely used sometimes back in those days. I smoked it myself maybe 5-10 times, mostly unwittingly because people used to pass joints like they were pot but they were PCP instead. The “dusters” thought this was some kind of joke. The first time I smoked it, it was like going to outer space. I was literally on Mars and everyone was an alien.

Anyway, at some point, I think I was informed right there by one of the girls that that Mexican girl liked me.

That girl likes you.

Like a moron, I didn’t do anything about it though.

Well, that’s one of the ways you tell!

I think my first date when I was 16 was when one of my friends  told me,

Hey, see that girl over there. She wants you to take her to the football game.

She was a short blond and she was kind of hot. She was 15. We talked a bit and I took her to the game. I’m not sure what happened, but we simply didn’t hit it off for whatever reason, and there were no more dates. I never could figure out why I didn’t hit it off with her. You typically can’t tell in those cases.

I used to drive an ice cream truck and like the old TV shows, of course I sold dope off of the truck. Basically hashish. I did for a long time and then I started seeing police cars following my truck around. Then some kids came up to me and told me to watch out for some ice cream man drug dealer who sold hash out of his truck. Obviously that was me.

One day at near dusk, I stopped in front of some Chicanos who were living a Chicano lifestyle, as in the Mexican-American subculture. There were a few young men and a very shy beautiful young woman about 18-20 years old. They bought some ice cream and then the guys said,

“We’re all brothers. This is our sister. We just wanted to tell you that our sister likes you!”

Just like that! I looked at her and she very shyly looked at the ground. She was so submissive and feminine that she had to have her brothers ask me for her. Like a moron, I didn’t do anything about it. I’m not sure what my stupid reason was. I was always turning women down when I was young for all sorts of lame reasons.

Another time we were over at someone’s house at a small party. I was 20. We were drinking and smoking pot. I was playing darts on the dartboard. There were people our age there, including underage girls, but back then, 18-21 year old young adults and underage girls hung out together all the time. It seemed like one of the girls was looking at me.

Later one of my friends came up to me and said:

Hey there was a girl there at that party who liked you. Her name is T. She wants you to have her phone number and to call her.

So I did it. She was 16. So I ended up having a wild extremely sexual relationship with this girl for a few months. She was in love with me too, and she even wanted to marry me. How do I know this. One time I was over at her house in her bedroom and had written on a piece of paper with ink her own name spelled different ways, except she always had my last name attached to it. She probably left it out there for me to see. If you ever see that, you’re damn right that chick wants to marry you!

It ended for reasons I still don’t understand.She said, “You’re insecure, Bob.” Idiotically, I said, “Let’s break up.” She agreed. I still don’t know why I did that but I was sort of a big chicken and coward back then about all sorts of things. Plus I was sort of a huge idiot in some other ways. Basically, looking back on it, I was simply immature, that’s all there is to it.

My Mom was not pleased that we were involved. I was 20 and she was 16. Everybody did this back then, but you still might get in trouble. I’d already met her father and he didn’t give a damn, though he gave me a rather concerned look.

Mom: (Furiously) Where were you last night? At T.’s!?

Me: Um, yeah? What, you don’t like it?

Mom: (Angrily) She’s too young!

In other words, she was underage as in illegal, as in jailbait. Really 20 and 16 just out to be legal under Romeo and Juliet exceptions to statutory rape. I shrugged my shoulders but my feelings were hurt. I was always getting my feelings hurt back then. My Mom was a prude though, she made it known that she didn’t believe in premarital sex (she thought it was immoral), and she didn’t even like me having sex with girls over 18. The whole reason was pregnancy.

Mom: (Hissing) You’re going to get one of them pregnant!

Me: No I won’t.

Mom: (Enraged) Well, you might! And then what are you going to do?!

What If You Get Her Pregnant?

I’m still not sure how single men should deal with the conundrum of “Maybe you will get her pregnant.” I wouldn’t recommend staying a virgin for this reason, but unplanned pregnancies are terrifying for a single man. I get it. Date females who use birth control is all I can say.

We still don’t have a good male birth control device other than a condom and those don’t work great. There is supposedly a supplement from India that works well but I forget the name of it. Of course there still is no male birth control pill.

In part this is due to feminists. A chemist was working on one in Brazil in the early 60’s and Betty Friedan got involved and raised a stink and stopped it. She said feminism was opposed to a male pill because it “took away the woman’s decision about whether to have a baby or not.” I’m still mad at feminists over that.

My attitude to men has always been go ahead and have sex with them anyway but figure out if she’s on birth control. Most females back then were on the pill, even high school girls. Others used diaphragms. I saw young women put them in before sex. Others used spermicide foam. I saw women spray it on their pussies before sex. And at one point, I had a girlfriend who used condoms all the time. For some reason, they didn’t interfere with sensation.

The diaphragm was popular back then. My Mom used it. Neither the diaphragm nor foam work all that great, nor do condoms. Now they’re all on the pill or the shot (I recently had sex with a 19 year old girl who went and got a six month shot before our first date). Some are on IUD’s. Both work great.

More Introductions

Often others will come and tell you, “Hey, that girl likes you. Here’s her number. She wants you to call her.”

The “Delighted Smile” + Stare

When I was 20, my 14 year old brother had a friend who had an 18 year old sister. I met the sister one weekend night outside of a party. She was smiling at me and looking at me with reverence. Females often look at men they like that way. They also smile this particular sort of delighted smile while they look at you. It looks something like,

“Ohhh man! Goddamn! I surrrrrre like him! He’s fucking hot!”

Or maybe,

“Damn, what a character! I can’t believe this guy! He looks like such an asshole, but then I think, ‘Hey, that turns me on!'”

It almost looks like they are going to laugh, but it’s not like they are going to make fun of you. I think females think a lot of males they like are funny for some reason. Somehow strong sexual attraction is funny. Maybe it’s a positive peak emotional experience. I guess I would describe the look as “delighted” or “delightful.” It’s the sort of look you have when you really, really like someone and also find them entertaining, like you are watching an actor perform. There’s also an element of outrage to it, but the observer likes the outrage.

If you are getting a look like that, you might want to do something about it. But she might just be looking. One of the last looks I got like that was from this totally hot woman in her 30’s who ran a coffeeshop with her husband, a very goodlooking man. They were off into some fundamentalist Christian crap, but they were also sort of super-hip. You see a lot of this weirdness nowadays. They had five kids already. She was leaning up against the law looking at me like I was the best thing she’d seen in years, with that delighted look on her face like she was going to laugh.

What was I supposed to do? Ask the couple if they would invite me over to their house? Maybe she was just looking and fantasizing. Women do that a lot. Just because that woman looks at you like you’re a roast beef sandwich doesn’t mean she really wants to have sex with you. Maybe you’re just nice to look at and she’s fantasizing about you. Women daydream too you know.

Anyway, my brother came to me and said that his friend’s sister liked me and she wanted me to take her to the prom. This happened but it broke up after a while. I’m still not sure why.

Oh sure, I had acquaintances. I did extracurricular activities and clubs, mostly having to do with politics. Washington DC is a large, diverse city, and there was always something to do. I went to events, rallies, art exhibits. The students I interacted with thought I was a cool dude and would approach and say hi to me on campus.

People gladly sat next to me in the dining hall and ate with me. But they were only into my persona – my David D persona – they weren’t into me. They didn’t even know me. Nobody did.

All I had was my DYD persona, which, like any shiny object, is highly captivating at first but after a while gets old. After a whole year in college, I had not explored friendship, intimacy, or sex. At all. I was a loner – even though nobody knew it!

I’m not getting this at all. He’s attractive and social enough that people seek him to eat with them in the dining hall. They walk up to him and say hi to him on campus. Presumably males and females both were like this. So why doesn’t anyone want to date him?

Why don’t guys even want to befriend him? If this was happening to me, and it used to a lot in junior college at least, guys would be befriending me and we would be hanging out outside of school. Girls would be befriending me and I would be dating them. I would become part of several different social circles that I fluttered around between. This was exactly what junior college was like for me. So why isn’t it happening to this guy? Because he’s 5’2.

He has this David D persona, but it doesn’t last. I don’t understand that at all. By this time, I had developed a persona: the cool guy. And something like, the cool guy who gets chicks. Guys would automatically assume that I was getting women even when I wasn’t. My dentist used to say, “How many girlfriends do you have now? Three?” He said that just based on how I acted I guess. But at that time, I might have had zero. I always lied and said one or two even if I wasn’t with anyone.

So what’s the difference between his David D persona and my “player cool guy” persona? With me, it was not artificial but instead it was an integral part of my identity. It didn’t feel fake or like a costume I put on. It was just me. Even if it wasn’t really me, I brainwashed myself into thinking it was and went through life like that. Is it because his David D persona was fake and ill-fitting? Is it because he was 5’2.

And I was extremely jealous of everyone who was doing those things. I would walk around campus, watching all the couples, wondering how they did it. How could they be so successful when they don’t even know any Game? WTF?

Back in the day, there was no such thing as Game, but some guys knew how to get chicks and others didn’t. There wasn’t any kind of thought-out process involved. There was a sleazy book called How to Pick Up Girls or something around then, and it was more or less just Game + “be an asshole,” you know, the usual advice. But almost nobody read it. You just figured it out as you went along. You observed your friends who were very good at this stuff and watched how they did and observed and took mental notes.

Getting jealous at romantically or sexually successful people is not a good state to be in. I suppose I’ve experienced that but it seemed pathological at the time and I was always trying to get rid of the feeling. Basically envy is crap. The less envious you are in life, the better off you are. And trust me, a lot of horrible people, like narcissists, are consumed with envy.

I’ve never experienced this guy’s “How do they do it?” vibe, so I can’t comment on it. People were always asking me that question! I know how guys get women. This is no mystery to me. That sounds like a bad place for your head to be in though. I imagine he’s baffled and frustrated as Hell.

When school was over, I went on an all-expense paid trip to Israel, courtesy of the Jews.

The guy was Jewish. We learn that earlier.

For 10 days I rode around on a bus with 50 other college freshmen and sophomores from various schools around the US. We stayed in 5-star hotels, ate banquet meals, had all of our activities planned out for us, and all we had to do was enjoy ourselves.

That sounds perfect. I used to go on school-sponsored trips like this like with the Ski Club. Once I went skiing with some friends in Utah. Another time I went to Aspen, Colorado with the Ski Club. I did great on the Colorado trip (got two different women in a week), but I didn’t get anything on the Utah trip. I was 18 in Utah and 20 in Colorado and the maturity difference between myself at those ages was insane. On the Colorado trip, I had the “cool guy” thing down pat. The more success you have, the better this sort of persona gets. Success is fuel for its gas tank.

I was told by previous participants that these types of trips are prime opportunities to hook up with girls. I used everything at my disposal. I built up my skills, took chances, and tried my very best to connect with girls.

This is all good.

It all came to a climax one night while we were staying in a Bedouin tent in the middle of the desert. On this particular night, I felt so confident that I just walked up to a girl who was eating, sat down across the table from her and just looked at her without saying a word.

She immediately started smiling and giggling and asking me about myself. We made deep, sensual eye contact. I was feeling like this was it – the girlfriend I’ve been waiting for all this time! I invited her for a walk around the camp, and she happily agreed. I was sure this was it.

And in the middle of the walk, a guy came up to us and introduced himself. He was her boyfriend. They embraced. I didn’t give up, though!

I’ve had this happen to me before. I went to Yosemite once by myself. The first day there, I rented a bike and rode it around. I saw this hot blonde walking and stopped to talk to her. She had a bikini on and some of her pussy hair was visible outside of her bikini. I looked right at it of course and she just giggled and put her bikini back over the pussy hair. I didn’t say anything. I’m not sure if it would be ok to say something in that case or not.

The fact that she giggled is a great sign and might mean you can comment about it. You would have to think of a really cool comment to make about it and it would have to be some sort of a joke.

This has happened to me quite a few times but I never said anything about it. Some of the times, I was sure the girls were flashing me with their bikinis and shorts. It took me a while to figure out that when a female is across from you sitting down and you can see her pussy, her pussy hair, or her panties, 100% guarantee that she’s flashing you. I have no idea how they flash guys, but it’s never an accident.

This chick told me her campground number and said they were having a party that night and invited me. I thought I had it made. I walked over to the party that night. The party was a pretty wild one and at one point we were smoking pot and then this hippie guy came out of a tent and embraced the girl and it was clear that this was her boyfriend. So why did she invite me to the party?! But it was cool. I was in a very good mood and so were they are everyone was smiling and laughing and the warmest vibes were in the air. I didn’t get mad at her for having a boyfriend or for inviting me when she had a guy. That seemed stupid.

I hung around, hoping to find out that they were just kidding and she was really single.

All right, this part is just stupid. He’s obviously her boyfriend. They wouldn’t tell you if he wasn’t.

But after a while, I figured out that they were a happy couple, and I wasn’t getting any.


At the end of the trip, most people who wanted to hook up had done so, even the shy, quiet, nerdy kid. You know the type – every trip has one. The kid who everyone thinks is sexually hopeless – even he hooked up!

Ok, I’m still not getting it. Is it because he’s 5’2? Is he homely or unattractive? I’m not figuring this guy out.

Alt Left: The Motto of the Fascist Right: “Murder the Left!”

Manuel Rodriguez: Robert, you mentioned in the past how your grandmother had some memories about WWII propaganda, with a particular note about cartoons depicting Stalin and Hitler greeting each other with knives in their backs, representing how the non-aggression pact was a 10 year “ceasefire” of sorts before the fights.

That was actually my mother! She would have been only seven years old at the time too! She said her father showed her the cartoon, and she actually remembered it from all that time.

Do you have more anecdotes to share?

No, not really.

I ask mostly because I wondering how you would compare WWII-era propaganda with the current propaganda we are seeing from Westenistan.

It is so much more all-encompassing now.

I would say that modern propaganda is far worse, considering how Big Data, modern media systems, and more advanced psychological techniques along with almost 100% control of the media in their territories allows for more outlandish and over the top stories, whilst also being able to shove them in their citizens’ throats much more frequently than they could in the past.

Yes, I agree. It’s like a system of Hyperautomated Thought Control.

I think we are seeing a pretty funny twist of events. One of the stereotypes they establish about countries that don’t vow to their wills is that of “the dictatorship.” Those rogue regimes have 100% of the media on the control of the state. The citizens are given non-stop propaganda all the time from loudspeakers and any medium they can transmit. Any dissenting views, however slight, are punished with jail time or even possibly death.

This is said to be true about Venezuela. Yet the Opposition is very loud in Venezuela and nobody does a thing to them. They even have riots and the government doesn’t even do much. Often they just stand there and let them riot away. A while back, 75% of the daily newspapers were controlled by the Opposition.

A woman went there on a trip a while back and she said that in her hotel room, the only channels she could get were Opposition channels. I think at one time they had most of the TV channels tool. The Opposition papers are like Fox News on steroids. They lie about the government all the time in the worst ways, including ways that have led to actual loss of life. They used to issue regular calls to kill Chavez a while back. I’m not sure if they still do that.

All of the Opposition media outlets are complete traitors as they all supported a few violent coup attempts to overthrow the government. In any reasonable country, they’d be shut down for that treason right there. A man has declared that the completely free and fair last election was somehow invalid due to some fraud no one saw. He struts around the country, a complete traitor if there even was one, and the government doesn’t lift one finger against him!

The Opposition’s constant claims that Venezuela’s elections are rigged, fraudulent, and stolen are an exact mirror of Trump’s lies about how he really won the election. The allegations of rigging and fraud in Venezuela are about as fact-based as those of Trump. Yet every American liberal who screams that Trump is a threat to democracy and tried to steal an election insists that when the Venezuelan fascists say the same thing and steal the election that way, they are somehow correct.

The main thing I get out of Venezuela is how extreme, insane, and dangerous the Opposition is, yet the Chavistas pretty much let them run wild and say whatever the Hell they want to. That’s the opposite of a dictatorship. That’s like the most democratic country on Earth! You should know by now that every country that the US opposes is a dictatorship. Especially all Left populist states are somehow dictatorships because they are often very popular, winning 70-90% of the vote. There’s no need to provide evidence for any of these charges.

American liberals always support fascism, Nazism, and Al Qaeda and ISIS-type militants overseas. Those are really the death squads of the American imperialist far Globohomo Empire. It’s weird because we are pushing total social depravity on the world and then we sick these ultra-Right fascist-Nazi-ISIS death squads on you! The Globohomo part is extreme Left and then they enforce their Globohomo Imperialism with fascists and Nazis. It’s weird. It’s like

  • Death squads and gay bars!
  • ISIS and pride parades!
  • Nazis and transsexual bathhouses for all ages!

That’s basically American Democratic Party liberalism (shitlibs) nowadays and it’s been that way for some time now (at least the fascist-Islamist death enforcers). And for that matter, it is absolutely all of the parties in Europe, including the Greens and the social democrats. The European Left is now shitlib too even though they are farther left than US liberals. The only people there who make sense are some rightwing governments like Hungary and Serbia and of course, the real Left, the communists and Leftists.

Then behind the whole thing is the typical exploitative US imperialism which is out to rape and ruin every country on Earth so we can steal their stuff, loot, and booty.

It’s like the worst of the Left combined with the worst of the Right.

The worst part about the situation in Argentine is not that there was an attempted assassination on Cristina Fernandez, but how their media handled it. The best friend of the would-be assassin (who was not directly implicated, but more or less was aware and approved of his doing it) was interviewed after the event.

The friend lamented how he failed to kill her, and said he should have practiced some more, with the reporter only doing a slight “You shouldn’t say those things, that’s bad,” to the friend.

To show how irresponsible Argentinian and Spanish media are, they started posting infographs showing with text and pictures how to properly operate this sort of firearm so that it fires properly. Y’know, so the next murderer doesn’t make the same mistake. This was done almost as soon as it was reported that the gun didn’t fire due to a failure.

Yes, they sow open calls to murder. The slogan of the Latin American Right – an objectively fascist project – is “murder the Left.” Also, “The Left has no right to rule, and if they do somehow come into power, they are communists and all communists need to be killed or overthrown in a coup.

You also see that the Spanish Right (I assume these papers are the Spanish Right or does the Spanish Left act this way too) is just as fascist as the Latin American Left. It’s no surprise as the Spanish Right is still Franocist. After Franco, they drifted into rightwing political parties, but they never gave up the ideology or went away. Much of the Spanish Right is now made up of rather hidden but unreconstructed Francoist fascists.

This is the modus operandi of the Far Right. I think you’re familiar with it from watching Trump. First, the politicians and media of the Right start demonizing a certain person/group on the Left, fomenting non-stop hate.

Once one or a group of their followers attempt something act of political violence against the Left, successful or not, they immediately backtrack and cover themselves by saying that the attacker was just some crazy acting on their own committing spontaneous lone wolf acts that weren’t influenced by the people on the Right.

In other words, hate is freedom of speech.

Yes, sow endless calls to violence and then when someone acts on these provocations, say he was just crazy and acting on his own and the incitement had nothing to do with it.

The More You Learn, the Less You Know

Sometimes I think the more we learn, the more questions we have.

You know, this is true with so many things. For a variety of reasons, I became an expert on marijuana. I was involved with NORML back in the days when it was a real subversive and uncool thing to be into. In fact, I was deeply involved with Orange County, California NORML. I went to a few California NORML parties and I met the head of national NORML.

Later I became close to Dale, head of California NORML. I was very interested in the research side of things. I was still deep into it in the early 1990’s when I hardly even smoked the stuff anymore. One time I was talking to Dale, and he said he’d only met one other layperson who knew more about pot than I did (as in the research side of the question). That was some regular guy like me up in Alaska who just decided to become an expert in it for whatever reason.

The weird thing was the more I learned about pot, the less I knew! As in, the more things that I thought added up didn’t add up at all.

When you hardly know anything about a subject, you think you’ve figured it out because you only have bare facts, and they seem to make sense. But then when you dig real deep into that same subject, you start to realize that all that stuff you thought was settled and made sense wasn’t really settled at all, and the more you study, the more you see things that don’t add up and don’t make sense. As in, the more you study, the more inexplicable mysteries seem to pop up.

Scientists would call these unresolved questions rather than mysteries, but it’s the same thing.

I did a huge paper on Turkish languages. At the start I knew almost nothing about them, but I thought I had it figured out. I did this massive paper on them (a project that went on for years), and I kept running into stuff that didn’t add up or didn’t make sense over and over.

It was actually pretty fun because it was a challenge to have all these cool mysteries to solve. I’d solve one, and then three new ones would pop up. The whole process was just discovering one mystery or conundrum or another and then making some sense of it after a while.

But even when I was done, I still had a lot of unresolved questions, and I assure you that some people will strongly disagree with some of my conclusions. In fact, some already have. Another journal wanted me to write up some of my findings about their little section of Turkic, and I got blown away by the reviewers in peer review who told me I was full of it and weren’t very nice about it either.

It’s sort of like the more you learn, the less you know (for sure).

Game/PUA: Why Isn’t Game Working? Part 4

But I just didn’t know what to do with the attraction. I didn’t know how to translate that attraction into a relationship of any kind – be it sexual, romantic, or even platonic. Not only could I not have sex or romance, I couldn’t even make friends with girls. By the end of freshman year, I had not hooked up with one single girl, nor did I have any female friends. I didn’t have any male friends either.

Back to the women I was eating lunch with. The 35 year old was a conservative Republican who lived in the suburbs. She wanted me to write papers for her. I asked her about payment and she always winked and said, “We’ll work something out.” I always thought it was some “blowjobs for writing papers for me” deal on her part, but like a moron, I got mad that it seemed like she wasn’t going to pay me, so I never wrote any papers for her. I should have written one paper, given it to her, and then coyly asked how she was going to pay me back for it. Not how she was going to pay me. How she was going to pay me back.

The 26 hear old was living with a former cocaine dealer who had done eight years in prison. He was still dealing and they were living in a mansion in Palos Verdes, a wealthy neighborhood. She did 1/3 to 1/2 a gram of coke every night. One night one of the guys from Linda Rondstadt’s band was over there and he was “freebasing” as she called it. She said he was really skinny and he looked like death warmed over.

Back then we called crack “freebasing” and most people thought it was a very bad idea. Instead we just sniffed the stuff sometimes and as long as you didn’t too it too much, it wasn’t very harmful. I went on for 13 years like that and suffered little if any harm.

One day she asked me if I could get her 1,000 Quaaludes, and I tried to do the deal for her, but it never went through. That would have been a great deal for me because I loved doing quantities. It was so criminal and risky and badass! You don’t want to do them all the time but quantity deals are fun now and then if you don’t get caught. Later I bought some Dexedrine from her. It was the first time I had ever done prescription Dexedrine and I didn’t like it that much. Just seemed to make me jittery for about five hours.

Now, how to shift a friendship into a sexual or romantic thing. Well generally, sexual/romantic things start out that way more or less and platonic friendships start out that way and just stay that way. I will say that I have had many female friends and I was glad I did. You learn a lot about women, and in my case, they usually ended up fixing me up with their friends or roommates. That may be down to Looks too though. So in my case, being Friendzoned wasn’t that bad as I usually got involved with their friends or roommates.

You start out shifting out of friendship to romance/sex very quickly  by making those phony “dates.” Like a “study date.” A “date to make tapes of some of her albums.” These are all just fake excuses because for God’s sake you don’t really want to study with her or record her damn albums (though the latter sounds fun). Instead you just want to have sex with her! But she wants you to go through all this fakery that you both know is nonsense before she gets to that point.

You simply translate attraction into platonic friendship by being extremely friendly. I never found that being an asshole was good for making female friends. If she wants to take it further, she will throw out all these hints in that direction, and it’s up to you to pick up on them and do something about them.

Also, don’t be afraid to throw out a sexual dimension in any new friendship with any woman. Just don’t go too fast. By sexual dimension I mean just put your brain and body in a sexual mood and just throw that out there for her to see and think about. She will pick up on it and do whatever it is she wants to do with that. But at least you put your cards on the table!

You can usually tell pretty quickly if she likes you in a romantic or sexual way, and then you just act accordingly.

For friendship, I’m not sure! She will just act real friendly towards you and you just take it from there I think. I can’t remember how any of my female friendships ever started!

How To Tell If a Woman Is In Love with You

Romance? That doesn’t usually happen before sex, but you can tell if a woman is really into you or in love with you.

One thing you might hear is,

I want to know all about you!

or you hear that she met and then she asked your friend, “I want to know all about him!” That definitely means she is in love with you or has strong feelings for you. She might even want to marry you!

Another one is feeling like a girl or feeling out of control. I met this Turkish woman once and we started talking a lot. It wasn’t long before she asked me,

Bob, what’s wrong with me? I feel like I’m 15 years old again!

Ok she’s going out of control like she’s been captured by some external entity that is now controlling her movements almost against her will, except she doesn’t really want to stop it because it’s fun for women to be “out of control” in this way. It’s a “peak emotional experience” and this is what women live for.

Why does she feel like she’s 15? Because when women fall in love, in particular “wild love,” they often feel like girls again, specifically teenagers because that’s when women first start to experience the feeling of being in love. S

he’s feeling like a girl again! And when a woman is in love with you, she may start acting like a girl again! Either a teenage girl or even a little girl! There’s a woman in every girl and a girl in every woman. Except a lot of women have killed their inner girl, much to their loss.

Women like to feel and act like teenage girls and even little girls again. Girlhood was fun! Adulthood is a drag!

If she’s acting girlish and silly and repeating dumb jokes or routines over and over (what this means is she is “giddy”), she’s in love. Period.

Another is when she’s out of control in a way. I met this Thai women and we were spending a lot of time together. She would get giddy and start laughing and never really stop. Then she would start singing songs and never stop doing that either. I told me female friend about it and she said, “Oh, she’s just nervous.” No she’s not! She’s in love! See how even women don’t even understand women? Want to understand women? Ask a man. Want to understand men? Ask a woman.

Once again, she’s out of control, smiling, laughing, and singing. Like a girl, basically. A schoolgirl. She’s only going to do that if she’s in love.

Another one is,

I feel like I’ve known you all my life!

That means she’s really into you, and she’s falling in love to some extent.

In my case, it’s often been,

I love your writing!

Women who fell for me often fell for my writing starting all the way back in high school. They thought I was some sort of artistic genius. Women like to fuck writers, artists, musicians, and artsy men. That’s because art and creativity is romantic and it leads to peak emotional experiences. Good writing is creative and romantic. Women fall in love with good writers literally over their “beautiful prose.”

In my first year at university, I took a Journalism class called The Feature Article. We were assigned partners and I got assigned to this woman. She looked good but she wasn’t exactly hot. Very quickly I saw that she was obsessed with me.

We had to go interview some coach for an article for the school paper and she acted like she was in a trance the whole time we were interviewing the coach. The coach picked up on it and and he kept looking at me and then looking at her and then looking at both of us together like he was figuring out something was going on. He probably did this by reading her behavior because mine doesn’t change all that much. He made a big deal of shaking my hand afterwards like,

Good job, stud. You got a woman to fall in love with you. You’re a man now! Total respect.

Anyhow, somehow I ended up making one of those fake dates with this woman. A “study date” maybe or some nonsense like that.

We ended up in a park in Long Beach towards evening. I don’t know what happened but I just leaned over and started kissing her real soft and slow. I didn’t ask for permission for it!

She totally went for it and next thing I knew she was on the ground on her back looking up at me with dreamy eyes like she was in a happy and peaceful trance. She’d gone totally submissive and her vibe was, “Take me.” This is the reality of female sexuality. They pretty much get “taken” when they have sex and penetration itself makes women feel submissive. Submission is the essence of female sexuality and frankly, domination is the essence of male sexuality. People will bring up all sorts of exceptions, but there’s no way this is not true.

Ok, on her back like that, totally given up and basically enslaved, she was saying, “Fuck me.” That’s exactly what that behavior means. I couldn’t exactly fuck her in the park, and I didn’t completely figure out the vibe, but there did seem to be this “Fuck me” vibe with it. This chick was in love with me!

She stayed that way for the next three years and I could tell every time I stopped and talked her. I never dated her again because I thought she wasn’t hot enough, but I’m certain that she actually wanted to marry me. Every time she saw me she made bedroom eyes at me.

What Are Bedroom Eyes?

Ok, do this. Lower your head down. Now look up with your eyes. There you go. Bedroom eyes.

If a girl or woman is attracted to you or you’re making her horny, you get the bedroom eyes. And you damn well better do something about it!

I don’t really get them anymore but I did get one from a young woman at a coffee shop recently. But then I somehow blew it with her and she quit looking at me. When she first saw me, she stopped walking towards me and just froze like a robot or a statue. Then she gave me those bedroom eyes. Then she came to her senses and moved on.

Any time a female freezes like that when she sees you and acts like a robot and can’t stop staring at you, basically, she wants to fuck. Or you’re making her horny.

I believe that feeling a strong sexual attraction as a female is something like falling into some sort of a trance. Of course when you are in a trance, you are out of control again, so here we circle back around to the theme of being out of control.

Anyway, back to the college girl. Every time she saw me she gave me those bedroom eyes and got real serious and said my name, “Robert” with absolute reverence. That’s another weird thing. Females who fell in love with me (and there have been more of them than I can count) often started calling me “Robert” instead of “Bob.” One said recently,

I’d rather call you Robert than Bob because Robert sounds more regal. It sounds like you’re a king.

That’s another signal. If a female is in love with you, she might address you with reverence. I suppose it’s almost a religious experience for them. And what are religious or spiritual experiences but peak emotional experiences? And seeing as they want to be dommed, they may well want to fall in love with some sort of “human God” or “king” of a man.

And a lot of women do like to worship their man like he’s a God or serve him like he’s a king, at least in the early phases of love. This is the relationship they want – dominance to submission – the attitude of a believer towards their God or a subject towards their king and and the attitude towards a God or king towards his subject.

They actually like this. Anyway, I figured something was up with the way she acted around me and I assumed she was in love with me. But back then at university, I thought the bedroom eyes were due to insecurity! She was indeed the sort of woman who might suffer from that. One day I said, “When a woman looks at you like that,” and I imitated her, “It means she’s insecure.” She agreed with me, “Yes, maybe it does.”

As you can see, at 23 I was a dumbshit and thought bedroom eyes meant female insecurity! I was an idiot! Live and learn!

Game/PUA: Why Isn’t Game Working? Part 3

The introduction is here.

Eventually, this process played out with every single prospect, and eventually the novelty of “Mr. Cool” faded, and they saw me as just another guy. I kept meeting new girls of course. Every day I met a new girl, struck up conversations, and built up the attraction.

Here’s the problem. The Joe Cool thing, if you are running Joe Cool Game that is, which I’ve been doing most of my life, is never supposed to wear off! Think about it. If you’re really Joe Cool, why would you ever at some point stop being Joe Cool? You’re either Joe Cool or you’re not. At some point you’re not Joe Cool anymore because you never were in the first place! And that’s a problem.

I suppose I still come off as Joe Cool. It doesn’t really work for crap anymore except maybe with women my age, but I’ve never stopped running that sort of Game. By now it’s just gone automatic. I don’t even have to really think about, or better yet, I can go into that mode anytime I want to just by making my brain go in that direction. I’m basically “calling up the past,” so I’m going into the mindset I had when I was in my early 20’s. When I do this, I actually am 23 years old in my mind. No matter that I’m really 64.

That’s not important. You might think it might make me act immature for my age, but that’s not really a problem that I run into.

I can also crank up that Game really high so it’s on max, but that’s an unnatural state and it takes up a lot of energy. In fact, it’s exhausting. 5 years ago, I used to be able to crank this up really high for days on end and it worked very well. I absolutely attracted more women.

I even attracted girls! I went to a Boy Scouts celebration for my cousin and a hot 16 year old girl was staring at me the whole night. I was looking at her back, but the attitude was mutual. Her Dad was there and after a while, he was not happy at all, but it took me a while to figure that out. To tell the truth, I don’t think that girl really wanted to have sex with me. I think she just wanted to look at me. But I was absolutely making her horny, I guarantee you that. And I really doubt if I would have done anything with her anyway. I haven’t touched a jailbait since I was 21, and I hope I never do it again. It’s too much of a bust.

It also seems to work better if you get yourself into this frame of mind that you develop as close to full confidence as possible. That is, you actually believe you are hottest man on Earth or you could fuck every one of these young women behind the counter right now, just like that. It’s not that easy because it’s basically a fake attitude that’s not even true! You’re just an actor playing a role.

Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems like if you don’t fully believe in the role, it doesn’t work as well. It seems like the only way that playing a role works is when you have brainwashed yourself into thinking that you are not even playing a role anymore! And anything less that 100% confidence seems like it doesn’t work quite as well. That means eliminating most if not all doubt from your mind. Of course you can pretend to be confident but it seems like it only works when you don’t think you are pretending anymore!

On the other hand, none of this may be valuable if you don’t have Looks to back it up. I can’t speak to that because supposedly I’ve been handsome most of my life. I can’t speak to the life experience of average and homely men.

But I just didn’t know what to do with the attraction. I didn’t know how to translate that attraction into a relationship of any kind – be it sexual, romantic, or even platonic. Not only could I not have sex or romance, I couldn’t even make friends with girls. By the end of freshman year, I had not hooked up with one single girl, nor did I have any female friends. I didn’t have any male friends either.

All right, I’m sorry, but this is a massive failure. I’m not sure, but you have to do something. Women often just made friends with me. I don’t know how it happened, whether they made friends with me or I made friends with them. I suppose it was both or even mutual at times. I never really thought about how it happened. I just noticed that it did. I would to just be very friendly and playful with a sexual undercurrent and vibe that’s not necessarily too prominent but it’s there just the same.

Hell, whole groups of women used to make friends with me! That may have been Looks. I remember I had this class on D. H. Lawrence, a Literature class at university. The class was all women and there were few if any guys in the class. It was Paradise. After class one day, these three women, ages 35, 37, and 26 were always going to lunch.

I don’t know what happened, but one day they saw me and they all said, “Hey, look at him. Let’s invite him to lunch with us.” So it happened and I ended up having lunch with those three women a couple of times a week for the whole semester. It was great. I was so calm and cool and relaxed with them! I was in Heaven. And they were very kind to me. There were few if any bad vibes. And I didn’t screw up or blow it with my conversation. These were some of the best times of my life: just me and the women, having lunch together a few times a week. Perfect.

The 27 year old was always grabbing at my body for some reason. She would say, “You’re so open! Your body is so open. You make me feel so free! Like I’m free to grab you at any time!” and then she would grab at me with her hands. There might be a point to make here. I always “leave my body open” for the woman to grab at any time she wants to. Just put the idea in your head that you have an “open and free body” that is  “free for the grabbing anytime she feels like it.” And don’t make her feel like a slut for doing it. Support total sexual freedom for women!

She was married so nothing was going to happen, so after a while it started bugging me a bit. I think at one point I said, “Look if you’re going to anything about it, quit grabbing at me, dammit,” and the 26 year old looked over at her as if to say, “Yeah, no shit. Back it up or quit teasing him, dammit!”

One day she burned me by calling me skinny in a very insulting way.

I looked at her and I said, “Shut up, cunt!” just like that! The other women looked at me like, “Whoa, I can’t believe you said that!” She got this hurt look on her face and she had tears in her eyes, “You macho pig!” she said. But it seemed like she sort of liked it. Anyway, I made her go submissive.

Women actually like that and they even like it if you reduce them to tears once in a while. Most of the time, when you reduce her to tears, you may well have done a bad thing if they are not inclined that way and you should be ashamed of yourself. But if you didn’t really do anything bad, it’s actually a good thing that you dommed her so hard that you reduced her to tears because in a sense, women want a macho pig who does just that now and again.

I remember a girlfriend got into a physical fight with me one night and I hit her! I hit the bitch! Not very hard. I punched her in the shoulder! Not hard enough to hurt her. She said, “Ow! That hurt!” then she spent the rest of the evening going on and on and on about, “You hit me! You hit me!” I apologized a lot but it was worthless.

Later we went to bed and we usually pretty much had sex for a good part of the night, like for hours. And I was 56 years old and she was 48! So you see, us oldsters do have sex sometimes.

I kept grabbing at her all night long because that’s how I am when I sleep with a woman. I’m an asshole and a human octopus. She kept saying, “Nooooo. You hit me!” Nothing sexual happened that night because she kept pushing me away. She went on crying and saying, “You hit me!” for half the night. She never got seriously angry or I would have stopped grabbing at her. But as long as she’s crying like a baby, I’ma keep grabbing at her. Don’t like it? Call the cops!

Anyway, I think she actually liked that I hit her and especially that I reduced her to tears for hours on end. That’s the weird thing. Like I stood up to her crap. Women literally want a guy who makes them cry once in a while. Emphasis on the once in a while. It could be once in ten years, but still, I think it’s something they want. When you do that, you put a fence around her, showed her who’s boss, and put in her in her damn place. And sadly, these are three things that women want or even demand from their men!

I think you are just totally domming them when you do that, and they like to be dommed and made to go submissive and they also like a man who puts some limits on their crap because they want a man to put limits on them! If he doesn’t put limits on her, just like a child, she will test the limits and start violating them just to rouse an attitude out of him.

And women deserve to be treated like the children they behave like sometimes. She literally wants you to put a fence around her behavior and enforce it with aggression and even threat and menace. Kids want you to do the same thing. Kids don’t respect you if you don’t put limits on them and women don’t either.

Later I had a “tennis and lunch date” with the 27 year old. Most of these dates are fakes. You don’t really want to play tennis with her, for God’s sake! That’s all just an excuse to get in her damn pants!

Thing is, women know this and they want you to be coy like this. “I’m not a slut. We’re just going to play tennis! Totally innocent!” While in their minds they know that it might not end up so innocent. Sex is all about lying and fraudulence, about setting up BS innocent meetings that both sides know may well turn into sex but that look innocent enough so the woman is comfortable and she’s not being too much of a whore.

That’s another way that dating is basically fraudulent or at least a great big fake game.

Later we had a “study date” at the library, obviously another fake because this was at night. She dropped me off at my house and I don’t know what happened but she said, Let’s get some towels and go to the beach!” Ok, when a woman wants to “go to the beach” at 9 PM, in my town, that only one means one thing. That means she wants to fuck. You’re going to the beach to have sex on the beach at night and there will be many other couples around you doing the same thing.

Then she immediately said, “No, no, let’s not do that.” See, there is the Anti-Slut Defense showing up! Not only that but she was married, so that was another problem. Like a moron, I let her Anti-Slut Defense have the last word, and we never went to the beach.

When they do this, you need to really press them on their offer, in this case, going to the beach. Just get persistent about going to the beach and see if you can talk her into it. Women now call this “coercion” but so what! If you get rid of “talk her into it” type “coercion,” people are going to be having a whole lot less sex.

Smile and laugh the whole time you’re doing it and make jokes. Call her a prude if she tries to back out and laugh about it. This may go on for a bit, but it probably won’t last that long. If she gets angry, it’s over, and you’re not going to the beach. If you win, go in, grab the towels and go back to the car and make sure she goes to the damn beach because the Anti-Slut Defense may rear up again, and she will probably try to back out of it on the way to the beach, so you have to keep her on target.

In fact, the Defense may rear up at any time once you are at the beach, so you have to keep her on target. I wouldn’t tell her that you’re going to the beach to have sex. That’ll make her back out!
As I said, dating is based on deception.

You might say something like, “Gee, I wonder what we are going to do at the beach…” To which she might say, “Hmmm, I’m not sure, maybe we should go there and find out.”

Even once you get to the beach, don’t say anything about sex. Just lay out your towels and say something dumb like, “Let’s just lie her and listen to the waves.” If you don’t bust a move on her after a while, she’s going to get mad and probably say something like, “So are you going to fuck me or what!?” Girls and women have been saying stuff like that to me my whole life. They get frustrated because sometimes I’m way too slow. Or she might start grabbing at you. Then you have to go for it.

I’d probably say, “Let’s just lie here and look at the waves,” and then at some point, I’d reach over and start feeling her body very slowly and softly, and then I’d just lean over and start kissing her, maybe very slowly and softly at first. Don’t ask permission for any of this stuff ever. Just do it and she either likes it or she doesn’t.

If she’s made it all the way to the beach with you, there’s probably going to be some sex, but you still don’t ask her,  for Chrissake.

The whole idea of sex with women is to get them to turn off their Goddamned hamster wheel brains and stop thinking! Shut off her brain! All her brain is ever going to do is to tell her not to do it. So you shut it off to where she’s only listening to her body, and her body’s often telling her to have sex. If you ask permission, she stops listening to her body and starts listening to her idiot hamster brain and all it tends to do is throw up Anti-Slut Defenses and try not to have sex. Sex: the less you talk about it, the better!

Game/PUA: Introduction to the “Why Hasn’t Game Worked?” Article

This is the introduction to the Why Hasn’t Game Worked? article. My responses are now broken up into a number of response articles. Use this as a primer to get some background on the basic situation.

From here. Very interesting article. What did he do wrong?

Why Hasn’t Game Worked?

Hello everyone. I’m in a unique situation. My purpose in writing this thread is to identify the problem so I can solve it. It’s not to whine or complain. It might seem that way, and if it does, then forgive me, I’m really sincerely trying to solve the issues here.

My situation is that I’ve been practicing Game (not just learning or ‘studying’, but actively going out and doing) for the past ten years. I first found the red pill in the form of David D at the age of 17, and I’m 28 now. For that entire time, I’ve been doing everything I’m supposed to do: I’ve done astronomical amounts of approaches on a consistent basis in all sorts of settings both daytime and nighttime.

I’ve read up on different schools of Game, tried many out, kept a journal of my interactions, reviewed what I did right and what I could improve on, and generally conquered every woman-related fear that I could identify.

My philosophy on Game and life in general could pretty much be summed up as follows: “If you’re afraid of it, all the more reason to go and do it.” I feel that whatever’s blocking me from getting laid inevitably has to do with fear – and so if I keep noticing fears and promptly taking the courage to overcome them, then eventually all of that fear-conquering will lead to improvement in my life.

And as a result, I have almost no approach anxiety. I overcame approach anxiety years ago. I can approach just about any girl in just about any place.

It’s no longer an issue for me. I even used to have friends and wingmen point out the most difficult sets, and I’d approach them just to prove to myself that I wasn’t afraid and to prove that hesitation and fear weren’t the reasons for why I wasn’t getting female affection.

But despite all of the work I’ve put in, I have nothing to show. I’m a virgin with the exception of times I hired prostitutes, which comes out to a grand total of 5 times. I haven’t had sex with any girl who wasn’t ‘working’.

I am not a troll. I am a man who has put in the time and work and courage to improve my life. It just hasn’t worked. And I’m trying to figure out why.

When I heard about Elliot Rodger, something in me changed. Things are serious now. I can see myself turning into him eventually if this problem isn’t solved. I’ve read the first 90 pages of the manifesto, and it’s like reading my own autobiography.

The way he describes the utter hopelessness he feels and the jealousy was like hearing my own story told back to me. The only difference between me and him is that I always believed in the possibility of success, and I went out and took the active steps necessary to achieve it. I put in the work, and I took the risks.

Oh, and I’m not a racist. And I never had any interest in guns. And I played AOE instead of WOW…But everything else, it’s like we had the same life.

I’m currently applying for English teaching jobs overseas, so I can get a girlfriend based on the Murr’kin factor, i.e. socioeconomic status. But I’m concerned that this might not work as well as I expect it to.

I’m concerned that whatever the “issue” is with my Game is going to follow me wherever I go. In another country I’m sure I’ll get dates. I may get hookups. I might even get sex. But it’ll be based on money, status, and nationality – and how long will it be before the girl starts to play me, use me, dig for gold, etc? How long before my lack of skill with women catches up to me?

I want to figure out what the #$%^ing issue is.

So I’ve written a story about my life from the beginning up until the present with a focus on girls and Game. I’m sure there’s a pattern in there which one of you experts can pick out and be like “I found your problem!” At least I’m hoping for that.

My story is both inspiring and heartbreaking, hopeful and hopeless, and enraging and comical all at the same time. It will elicit mad props in one sentence, pity in the next, and raucous laughter not far behind. I think you will enjoy it.

So without further ado, here it is. Tell me what you think.

Repost: Face Split Diving Accident Video

People are flooding in from all over the world to see this old post of mine from 13 years ago! I’m also getting swamped with requests from translators. If you are thinking about watching this video and have not seen it yet, let me warn you. It’s really bad. I was traumatized for almost a week after I saw it, and usually nothing much affects me at all. I thought I was unshockable. I guess not. Don’t come complaining to me if you’re traumatized or upset after watching this. Remember that I warned you ahead of time.

For those of you who are daring and think you can handle it, go ahead and dive right in, so to speak. It’s freaky as Hell though. I’m warning you.

The video itself is now stored on my old Blogspot site. I will keep it there until I transfer it over here. Click here to watch the actual video.

I am looking for translators to translate this post into Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Maltese, Romanian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian, Swedish, Malay, Indonesian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and Wolof. Email me if you are interested.

This post has been translated into:

French: Visage Fendu dans Accident de Plongeon (en Français).

Portuguese: as Video Acidente de Mergulho Rostro Dividida Ao Meio (em Português )

Spanish: Video Accidente de Clavadista con Cara Partida (en Español)

Finnish: Sukellusonnettomuus (on Suomen)

Serbo-Croatian: Ronilačkih Nezgoda Sa Licem Podijeljen U Dva (u Srpsko-hrvatski )

Italian: as Incidente Di Tuffo Che Divide Il Viso In Due (traduzione in Italiano).

Bad reactions to the video including nausea, vomiting, dry heaves, paleness, shivering, shaking, spinal chills, headache, rapid heartbeat, nightmares, inability to stop thinking of the video and pain in the face, have been reported. Adverse reactions have lasted up to three days. Please exercise caution in viewing the video.

This is one of the latest viral videos going around. It actually appeared on the Net around the third week of July 2009, but it only started going viral in a huge way around the second week of September 2009. It first appeared on Arabic and Turkish sites, and finally found its way around the Net. In general, it never has a name.

It’s just referred to by some description of the event like, Horrible Diving Accident, Bridge Fail, Worst Diving Accident, Horrific Diving AccidentAwesome Diving Accident, Disgusting Diving Accident, Jump Accident, Cellphone Horrific Diving Accident , and Diving Accident. I named it Dive Fail since I could not think of anything better. Later I changed the name to Face Split Diving Accident.

There’s really no “violence” in this video. It’s just a video of a horrible accident.

A teenager, a 16 year old boy, dives off the seaside promenade in Beirut, Lebanon and slips before the dive. The slip causes him to miss the ocean and instead hit the concrete slab below where fishermen fish. He hits the concrete face first, then goes into the ocean. In a short while, the ocean for yards around has turned red with blood. There are people in the water and boats trying to help the guy, and girls are screaming all over the place.

The scene then shifts to a hospital where the poor guy is being overseen by a team of doctors and nurses. His face has been split clear in two down the middle vertically!

He is still alive, conscious, and, and his tongue is still moving around. He appears terrified. A couple of times, the doctor takes the sides of his face and pushes them together to make a whole face again. The doctor says, “Where do I begin?” a few times in Arabic. We know this is an operating room in Lebanon because the doctors and nurses are speaking Lebanese Arabic.

People are wondering how he could survive such an injury. The front part of his brain may have been injured, but others are saying that it appears to be intact. At any rate, basic things like breathing are done by the brain stem. The brain stem appears to be intact.
People are also wondering about pain. The brain has no pain receptors. On the other hand, the damage to his face must be very painful.

There are a lot of rumors saying that this video is fake, but apparently it is a real video. We know this because people in Lebanon are reporting it. Some had friends who were at the Promenade that day, others said it was reported in the Lebanese press, and others say that they were aware of stories on the street about the video. There is an article in Arabic from the Lebanese press online proving that this event occurred, but it’s in the archives, and looking through the archives costs money.

This event occurred in Beirut in the second week of June 2009. The teenager and his brother were showing off their diving skills by diving off the Manara Promenade (photo), which is right across from the American University on the shore of Beirut’s harbor.

This part of the Promenade is called Al-Rawsha, and it’s long been popular with divers, although officials have always frowned on it. In fact, like the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s also long been popular with suicides and attempted suicides.

It’s a long way off the Manara Promenade to the ocean, over 40 feet. The first part of the video shows his brother making a successful dive. He and his brother had made several jumps before and everything had gone fine, but this time he slips, and disaster unfolds.

This part was shot with a Nokia cellphone which shoots dark in the afternoon. This segment was shot by a girl at the scene who can be heard screaming, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Someone call the Civil Defense!” in Arabic. People are saying that the video is fake because his friends would not shoot him diving, but the girl filming is just some girl who was there filming the divers. Lots of people film them with cellphones when they dive.

This actually is not the original video from Lebanon. In Lebanon, there were two videos, the first one of the diving accident. It’s apparently two different videos spliced together. This one started going around Lebanon later in the day after the accident. The second video reportedly was shot in the hospital and started going around later. In the original Lebanese video, there is no fade out after he hits, for one thing. The original video from Lebanon is not currently available.

The second part of the clip is the same kid in the hospital, but was shot with a different cellphone so it looks different. The hospital staff is definitely speaking Lebanese Arabic. This part of the clip was shot in the brightly-lit ER of the American University Hospital, which is only ¼ mile away from where the accident took place. That’s why things are so much brighter in this part of the clip.

People are saying that there is no way that such a clip could have been shot in an ER, however, in the Developing World, it is quite common for family, friends, etc. to be present in the ER right next to the patient’s bed as the staff hovers around them. It’s also not uncommon that they have a cellphone on them and record the goings-on. That would probably be pretty weird in the US, but in the Arab World, no one thinks anything of it.

As you can see in the hospital footage, they have him intubated, which is an excellent idea. However, he is not on a ventilator, nor are there any signs of monitoring equipment such a pulse oximeter. Also they did not put him in C-Spine precautions (C-collar, backboard, strapped down).

The physician is focusing on holding his face together, possibly in order to protect the airway. Critics are saying that the doctor is “playing” with the face and no doctor would do that, but I don’t think is playing with it. I think he’s trying to fix it.

Medical personnel in the US were saying the video is fake because apparently he is not receiving proper medical care. Keep in mind that this is Lebanon. He is getting reasonable medical care, but I think it is safe to say he is not receiving the best of medical care.
All the surgeons could do was to stitch up his very deep and severe wounds in his face. Although some clinicians on the Net have said that a good ENT specialist could patch this kid up good, this poor guy could not be saved. All they were able to do was to keep him alive in the ICU for two hours before he died. Death was reportedly due to internal bleeding.

The city of Beirut has tried to stop such nonsense by putting up railings and barbed wire where people like to dive, but teenage boys and even young men in their 20’s keep on diving off the Promenade in very risky circumstances. Before this accident, there were a number of other horrible diving accidents in this area, all involving teenage boys and young men.

There is a recent post that details a different video that supposedly proves that this video is fake. In the other video, the hospital footage is said to be of a failed 9mm suicide. However, no way can a 9mm do that kind of damage to your face. Furthermore, in a longer video version of the ER scene, the two doctors are discussing in Lebanese Arabic how he landed “on a rock” when he jumped into the water. This dialogue would not exist in a gun suicide video.

In addition, some are saying that the victim in the failed gun suicide video had a similar injury that differed from this one in certain ways; in particular, this one has a dichotomy of the jaw at the chin, and the other did not.

There are claims that instead of a 9mm failed suicide, this is a shotgun failed suicide. However, there are many photos of shotgun suicides on the Web, for instance, at In general, shotgun failed suicides do not neatly clove one’s face in two in the way that this injury did. If it’s really a failed gun suicide, why are they speaking Lebanese Arabic just like they are speaking during the dive accident?

Sources in Lebanon who were there at the promenade and witnessed the dive accident claim that the word on the street in Lebanon is that the second half was shot in the hospital and is footage of aftermath of the diving accident. In addition, the young man in the hospital at the end is wearing swim trunks, just as the diver wore. What are the chances that a video of a failed shotgun suicide by a young man wearing a bathing suit occurred and was filmed in Lebanon around the same time of this accident?

Many people have questioned the nature of the wound. It does not seem to be possible to hit a concrete slab and split your face vertically like he did. However, if you look at the dive footage, there is steel casing around the concrete slab that he hits. The concrete slab has worn away and a lot of the steel casing is exposed. The steel casing runs parallel to the shoreline. Even then, hitting the steel casing would seem to be a horizontal hit.

However, look at the way that the boy is flailing wildly in the air. In his dive, he is twisting and turning like the wind. With such a flailing dive and while probably curving to try to avoid the concrete, it’s possible for him to him to turn the 90 degrees he needs to turn to hit the sharp edge of the steel casing vertically instead of horizontally, which would result in the injury we see later.

There is another theory suggesting that the hospital footage is not even real – it’s faked using special effects. I find this dubious. Looking at the cheap quality of the video especially and the fact that faking something like this is the terrain of motion picture studios with huge budgets, I think it is clear that the guy in the hospital suit is not “some rubber thing.” One problem is that the hospital guy is quite pale, while the jumper is a typical brown-skinned Arab. This is possible if the diver lost a lot of blood.

Another suggestion, perhaps not as odd as it sounds, is that he is already dead on the ER table. The body can make a few involuntary movements after death, there are such things as death rattles, and the breathing is said to have been artificially forced by the tube. But why tube a dead man? And if you look closely, you can see that his tongue is moving, and his chest is going up and down. He appears to be gasping for breath. A funeral director on the Web felt that he was still very much alive. She also said gun suicide injuries never cleave the head so perfectly. Only accidents can do that.

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter if the video is “fake” or not, because it isn’t. When we watch a scary Hollywood movie, do we all scream, “Fake!”? Of course not. What matters is if a movie is scary. And this video is downright terrifying.  It’s scary like Saw or Hostel is scary. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

There is something really creepy about this video that I can’t quite put a finger on.

From the very amateurish trilingual warning at the beginning (Arabic, French and English, suggesting once again it was made in Lebanon) to the horrible screams after he hits, to the blood-red ocean spreading in a large area around the 20-30 people gathered in the water to help him, to the absolutely terrifying scene in the hospital where the poor kid, incredibly, has a face split clear in two.
The labored, terrified breathing of the victim combined with what appears to be a the look of horror on what’s left of his face is something that really stays with you.

Throughout the video, there is some weird, cheesy, hard to describe instrumental music going in the background that for some strange reason that really adds to the fear. This music is actually the soundtrack to a medical show on US TV that may or may not be on anymore. It’s either the soundtrack to ER or Chicago Hope. The amateurish cellphone footage that jumps around jerkily also in some way makes the video even scarier. I think maybe the frightening thing about all this amateurishness of the video is that it makes it seem so real (i.e. – it’s not just a Hollywood movie!)

I was traumatized for several days after watching this thing, and I’ve watched a lot of nasty stuff.

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Alt Left: US/NATO Lies of the Russia-Ukraine War September 4, 2022

Warning: Long, 21 pages.

Russia has suffered 40-70,000 soldiers killed in action and many more wounded. Lie. This is repeated almost verbatim across all of the Western media and not one person has ever questioned it. In fact, the US Defense Department claims that 40,000 Russian troops have been killed. Well, it’s about time we Americans stop listening to anything the Pentagon says because the Pentagon lies like a rug. The 70,000 figure is from the Ukrainian Nazis.

The truth is to be found in two surveys that counted obituaries published in Russian newspapers, and every death will certainly get an obituary. If we average to the two together, we get ~5,300 combat deaths for Russian soldiers in this war. The number of wounded may be up to 3X higher, so there may be 15,000 wounded so far.

Russia has taken more casualties lately, in particular with Ukraine’s large counteroffensive in the South, so the number is now higher. But the figure of 40-70,000 that the Western media is peddling is a flat out lie.

The Ukrainian Nazis have suffered 9,000 soldiers killed in action in this war. Lie. This figure is repeated verbatim by the lying Western media. It is from the Ukrainian government. Not one single media outlet in the West has bothered to challenge that figure! There is no free speech whatsoever in the West! The West may as well be Russia in terms of press freedom.

The truth is that via statements of the Ukrainian government and leaks from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Ukraine has definitely lost at least 80,000 soldiers so far, and the true figure may be up to 120,000. Furthermore, a large unknown number have been listed as missing so the Ukrainian government doesn’t have to pay survivors’ benefits to their loved ones! And a fair number have been taken prisoner too.

The number of wounded is generally 3X higher than the KIA figure, so Ukraine has suffered 240-360,000 wounded. This adds up to 400,000 of their original 600,000 man force, which has since been expanded via territorial defense to 1 million. At any rate, this is a staggering figure.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive has been a success. Lie. It is true that the Nazis have taken a few towns, but the cost has been huge. They have lost at least 3,000 men, and the number of wounded is very high, with convoys of ambulances heading to Odessa and Mykolaiv. In general, the offensive has been a massive failure, which is why there is a news blackout on it in Ukraine.

Nevertheless, the Western media is portraying it as a success! Zelensky went ahead with the offensive against the wishes of his generals. The offensive was apparently pushed by the US and UK. Officers of both countries planned the offensive and even wargamed it. It looks like the US and UK pushed this disastrous offensive on Ukraine for some unknown reason, perhaps to keep the weapons sales and supplies flowing.

Russia would not allow the UN nuclear inspectors to visit the Enerhodar nuclear power plant for a long time. Lie. This has been repeated verbatim by all of the Western media without being refuted by one single organ. Actually this is not true.

Russia has been saying that the inspectors could come anytime they wanted to for months now. All of the delays were from the Ukrainian Nazis, including a 3-hour delay for no apparent reason on the way to the site. Furthermore, Ukraine shelled the plant and the city while the inspectors were there!

Russian helicopters circled the city of Enerhodar while the nuclear inspectors were there, firing all over the city in an effort to terrorize the inspectors. Lie. The truth was that the Ukrainian Nazis organized a wild plan to dress up like Russians, raid the nuclear facility while the inspectors were there, take the inspectors hostage, all the while blaming it on the Russians. Of course the lying Western media would have played along all the way.

Special forces, possibly assisted by British SAS commandos, crossed the Dnipro River in barges and made it to the other side of the river. The Russians found them and destroyed most of the group. Casualties were huge. A couple of the barges were sunk in the river. The helicopters people saw flying over the area were attacking these Ukrainian invaders trying to take over the plan.

The word is that this mad plan was cooked up by Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister of the UK. The commandos were trained in the UK for this purpose. So we can lay the failure of this mad move at the feet of the British. As with so many horrible things in our modern society, it all points back to Downing Street.

The US government cannot figure out if the Russians or the Ukrainian Nazis have been shooting at the plant. Lie. For God’s sake, the Russians are occupying the plant! Why would they be shooting at their own people? Why would they be shooting at an area that they occupy themselves? Come on. Nobody fires on their own troops.

Of course the CIA or even the Pentagon knows that the Ukrainians are shelling the plant in order to create a fake crisis. The US government is just lying and saying they can’t figure it out. The useless lying Western media is all saying “both sides blame each other for the attacks.” They say this every time the Nazis do something horrible because whenever these base acts are revealed, the Ukrainians always say that the Russians did it, not them.

The nuclear plant is at serious risk of a Chernobyl style meltdown, putting all of Europe and to a lesser extent the world at risk. Lie. This is simply a manufactured or fake crisis and every idiot in the West is falling for it like the fools that they are. The truth is that you would have to drop a bomb on that reactor to damage it and even then, the damage would be dubious. You could fly a 747 jet into that reactor and there would be no radiation leak.

The design of the reactor is completely different from the one at Chernobyl, so there is no risk of a Chernobyl-style meltdown. There is a risk that some of the shelling could hit the stored nuclear waste, but even then, the radiation leak would be minor and would at most effect the surrounding city of Enerhodar and possibly the Ukrainian city of Nikopol across the river.

Yet the Ukrainian Nazi government has been delivering iodine tablets and protective gear for radiation to its citizens simply in order to sow needless panic and for no other reason. The lying Western governments and media are playing along with this fake crisis in order to keep Ukraine in the news and to get their citizens behind the effort to support the Nazi government.

This is needed because support for Western aid to the Nazis has dropped in the West. Majorities in France and Italy do not want to arm Ukraine. A majority in Austria opposes sanctions on Russia. Large sections of the population in Spain, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Serbia oppose their government’s siding with the Nazis against Russia.

Prices on many items, especially energy, are skyrocketing upwards, and it is starting to have a very bad effect on businesses in Europe and will soon have a bad effect on consumers. There was recently a rally in Czechia of 70,000 people advocating that their government go neutral on the war.

Russian soldiers castrated a Ukrainian Nazi soldier in a video that was distributed online. Lie. There was quite an uproar about this for a bit, but then it all died down and went away. It turns out that close analysis showed that the soldiers were wearing Ukrainian uniforms, boots, sneakers, and medic gloves. The “Russian soldier” who supposedly castrated the man was identified as a Tuvan soldier, but that was a misidentification.

Of course the video shows the Nazis castrating a Russian POW, which is something they have been doing for a long time now. Many of the separatist troops captured by the Ukrainians during the 8-year war were castrated or came back missing limbs. And a number of Russian soldiers who have been returned as POW’s have been beaten, tortured, and mutilated.

Many have been returned missing digits such as fingers of even limbs. And quite a few have been returned castrated. Of course it figures because they’re Nazis, and Nazis do things like this. The Russian government has put a blackout on this information for fear of stirring up their populations too much.

I suspected there was something fake about this castration video from the start. That’s not the sort of thing that the Russians do. Is it the sort of thing that the Nazis do? Of course! Would you doubt that a Nazi would do such a thing?

Russia shelled a prison holding Azov Battalion Nazi militants in the DPR separatist republic. Lie. The Ukrainian Nazis did it. It’s been conclusively proven. Yet another Nazi false flag in a seemingly endless list of Nazi false flags. Here is what happened. It’s now been proven that this was a Ukrainian shelling.

In fact, it was done with the much-lauded US-delivered HIMAARS artillery system. We know this because parts of HIMAARS shells were found all over the attack site. The West claims that Russia gathered up HIMAARS fragments from the battlefield and scattered them all over the attack site, but that doesn’t pass the smell test.

Why would Ukraine shell their own people who were POW’s of the Russians? The answer is simple. A few days before, Azov prisoners had started testifying on camera about how they had committed atrocities and war crimes on explicit orders from the Ukrainian government and President Zelensky.

So in order to shut them up, Zelensky ordered the prison where Azov was held to be shelled. Real simple. The number of killed and wounded prisoners from this attack was very large.

Russia does false flags all the time in this war. Lie. I’d like to point something out here. The US, the West, and NATO have become the masters of the false flag. They’re the biggest and worst false flaggers around. Who do they false flag for? Oh, only for their buddies like ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Nazis! That’s what the West is today: ISIS, Al Qaeda, Nazis, and at home, Globohomo and social liberalism to social democracy.

Russia rarely does false flags and hasn’t done one in a while. False flags are the technique of the loser and also of imperialism. The West controls the world’s media which repeats whatever lie the West is putting out at the moment without bothering to ever check if it is true or not.

So as long as you have a media so compliant as the 100% controlled Western media, the West is free to engage in all the false flags they want until the cows come home! See how that works? For a long time, the lying West insisted that there were no such thing as false flags and that all such accusations were made up.

False flags are typically involved a depraved attack and are calculated to arouse outrage against the party that is being falsely accused of the crime. With our 24 hour television media that the West’s eyes are glued to and to which they believe every word out of the presstitutes’ mouths, I think that this is a factor in the increase in false flags nowadays.

Back in the day before 24-7 media bombardment, what good did a false flag do? Just about nothing. I predict that as media becomes more all-encompassing and controlled in the West (and the media in the West is 100% controlled by the states themselves, NATO, and the intelligence agencies), we will see more and more false flags with just about every war that the West becomes involved in.

One more thing: notice that all of this wild false flagging is happening everywhere you see the demonic NATO? That’s because NATO is becoming the false flagger par excellance in the world today. If there was ever any reason to hate NATO as the demoniacal alliance of the devils that is, that would fit the bill right there.

However, recently, the West has admitted that false flags exist, but they say that only Russians do them. They’ve claimed that Russians have done all sorts of false flags in this war, but I’ve looked into all of them, and not one accusation is true. The West has also started saying, “Intelligence says that Russia is planning to do some false flags in X location!”

Ok, now whenever you hear that, what that means is that Ukrainian or Western intelligence agencies are planning a bunch of dirty and unacknowledged attacks.

They said this right before the war started, and soon afterwards, Ukrainian Nazi intelligence staged raids in the DNR, bombing a television station, blowing up a gas pipeline, and setting off a car bomb. In addition, the Nazis deliberately shelled Russian territory.

Plus an expeditionary Ukrainian force of armored vehicles invaded Russian territory but was quickly taken out by the Russians. There’s even a video of this incident. The West claimed that all of these were false flags and that the shelling incident was made up.

Also note that shelling in the separatist areas increased by 10X up to 1,500 shells a day in the week before Russia invaded. So you could say that Ukraine started the war right there.

And the deliberate shelling and especially the invasion of Russian territory before the invasion means that the Russian was not unprovoked or a war of aggression and that instead, Ukraine had literally started the war and Russia was just fighting back. So the next time you hear about the “unprovoked Russian invasion of aggression” realize that nothing in that phrase is true.

Russia shelled a train station in Kramatorsk, killing and wounding scores of civilians who were waiting for a train to take them out of the city. Lie. It’s now been conclusively proven that the Ukrainian Nazis shelled this station in order to blame the Russians. Yep, false flag.

They even wrote, “For the children” on the shell to insult the Russians even more as if the Russians would shell a group of civilians and write “For the children” on the shell they used to do it with. How cruel can you get!

The trajectory of the shell has been calculated and everyone at the station said the shell came from Nazi territory. Why would Ukraine shell its own people? Because Ukraine hates those people. 85-90% of people in Kramatorsk support Russia.

They live under a brutal Ukrainian occupation and they are arrested or have their cars commandeered at a whim at any time. You can be just driving your car down the street when soldiers pull you over, yank you out of your car, and steal your car. You will never see or own it again.

So to Ukraine, these are enemy civilians. To Russia, these are civilians that support Russia. Why on Earth would Russia shell their own civilian supporters?

Russia bombed the arts theater in Mariupol. Lie. New recordings have come out supposedly of survivors blaming Russia for bombing the theater. However, Russia had reported three days earlier that the Azov Nazis had mined the theater and herded 1,000 citizens in there and were threatening to blow it up. It was taken off the target list because of the risk of harming civilians.

There were no Russian planes in the air over Mariupol at that time and in fact, aircraft were not used in this battle because Russia doesn’t use aircraft and artillery in street fighting due to the risk of harming their own troops. I don’t know why these people are saying Russia bombed them.

After the Nazis blew up the theater, everyone interviewed said that Azov had retreated, blowing up the theater as they left. Video of people leaving the building after the blast is consistent with the mining of the building and a blast at lower levels and not at all with the bombing by an aircraft.

Russia is having serious problems with morale and all sorts of other things such as supply lines, procurement, soldiers disobeying orders, chain of command, on and on. Lies. The Western media has been repeating these things since the first days of the war and I’ve never been able to find any evidence proving them.

It is true that there are some morale problems with the LDPR forces, but those are draftees. Many of the males in the region were simply drafted to fight and many had had little or no combat training. Further, they have taken serious casualties. They have issued videos asking to be rotated out for rest and another one saying that they didn’t want to fight in Kherson outside of their home region.

The Western media reports these problems as “Russian,” but these people are fighting for the LDPR, and Russia has no control over those areas which are now separate countries.

Russia has sentenced some foreign volunteer soldiers who fought for the Ukrainian Nazis to death. Lie. This is not true. They were sentenced to death by the LDPR courts. The LDPR has the death penalty, and Russia got rid of it a while back. Russia has no control over the LDPR and Russia can’t tell them not to give these men the death penalty. They get to do whatever they want.

“Russia” beat and tortured Azov Battalion prisoners at the prison where that was shelled by the Ukrainian Nazis. Lie. It does appear that many of these Nazi prisoners were badly mistreated. But they were mistreated by the LDPR, not by Russia, as the prison is on LDPR territory, not Russian territory. Russia has no control over the LDPR and can’t tell them to treat prisoners well. Russia can only tell her own soldiers to do that.

The majority or vast majority of people in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions hate Russian occupation and want their areas to be taken over by the Ukrainian Nazis. Lie. The truth is that of all of the areas of Novorussia, support for Russia was lowest in this region. It was higher in Mykolaiv, Odessa, Donetsk, Lugansk, and Kharkiv.

However, I estimate that ~75% of the people in the region support Russia. ~65% are hard Russian supporters. That leaves 25% of the population supporting Ukraine and indeed there have been quite a few Nazi guerrilla activities in the area, mostly targeting local Ukrainians who are working with the new Russian administration. With a 25% support base, they will be hard to catch.

In Donetsk and Lugansk, I estimate that 85-90% of the people support Russia and hate Ukraine.

I don’t have good figures for Mykolaiv, Odessa, or Kharkiv.

At one time, 100% of Kharkiv supported Russia back in 2014, but that’s not the case anymore. I estimate hard Ukrainian support in Kharkiv at ~10-15%. I don’t have a good figure for Kharkiv itself. At the start of the war, less than 50% of Kharkiv residents supported Russia.

Eight years of nonstop propaganda works wonders. However, the number supporting Russia has now risen and I am sure it is a majority. Beyond that, I can’t give you a figure other than that it’s well known that the city is a hotbed of pro-Russian sentiment. The majority of the people in the villages north of Kharkiv also support Russia, however there is a significant base of Ukrainian support in some towns.

Russia invaded Georgia in 2008. Lie. This one keeps popping up again. When this war started, the entire Western media started ranting that Russia had attacked and invaded Georgia. When things calmed down, rational observers looked at the situation and realized that fascist Georgia had started the war by attacking Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia. The matter is now settled, although the lying Western media keeps ranting that Russia invaded Georgia and the charge has resurfaced, with most in the West seeing it as gospel.

The Crimean referendum was unfair. Lie. There were observers from many different countries present at the election to make sure they were clean. 92% of Crimeans voted to join Russia. That’s about as many as wanted to join Russia back in 1991. Excellent surveys by Western groups showed that 86% of Crimeans wanted to join Russia. The election clearly represented the will of the people.

The lying Estonian Nazi Prime Minister said that Russia had gained territories via aggression in Crimea, the Donbass, and Georgia. Lie. However, the Donbass region consists of two independent countries that have not, or at least not yet, joined Russia. The Georgian region of South Ossetia broke away on its own because they did not want to be part of the Georgian fascist state. Russia had nothing to do with it. South Ossetia is still an independent country. It is not a part of Russia.

The USSR and Germany were allies during WW2. Lie. It’s hard to believe that this one has come back, but it never really went away in the US even though historians debunked it long ago. This nonaggression pact was between two enemies and was done by Stalin in order to buy some time before the inevitable German invasion of the USSR, which Stalin knew the Nazis had been planning since the early 1930’s.

And indeed, Stalin had been planning for it all this time. Keep in mind that the British negotiated three nonaggression pacts with the USSR! Other countries with nonaggression pacts with the Nazis include France, Poland, Finland, and the Baltic states.

Russia committed a massive war crime in Bucha. Lie. This has been debunked endlessly, including by me in a long article. However, recently a French journalist was on the scene right before the “massacre” was unveiled to the public. The area was packed with Western journalists. Ukrainian Nazi trucks were coming in from surrounding cities with dead bodies of civilians. It was not known how the civilians died.

The Nazis unloaded them from trucks and began positioning them on the streets. There is an actual video of the Ukrainians tying ropes to the bodies in order to position them properly on the streets. He said that brand new white armbands were being tied on the bodies and contrast between the old, dirty, and ragged clothing and the brand new armband was striking.

This was being done to intimidate people who had been friendly to the Russian army and had worn a white armband to show they were not hostile. He said that the whole scene was obviously being staged but that all of the Western journalist whores were quite aware of the staged atrocity but were waiting for it to be completed.

Every reporter there then filed a story reporting that Russia had killed those people, even though all of those journalists had seen Ukraine setting up the fake scene. It’s appalling how deeply involved the Western press is down the individual journalist level in these crimes.

In addition, a day or two before, there is video of “Boatman” from the Nazi Kraken Battalion entering Bucha along with SBU officers. One asks if they can kill the people with white armbands and another says, “Go ahead.” You then hear a man scream for mercy and a single shot followed by a dog barking. It’s clear that the Nazis have just executed a civilian for wearing a white armband.

It’s unclear what exactly happened here. The bodies found in “mass graves” have been traced to a burial in the city on March 12th. Videos at the time said the bodies were territorial defense people who had fought against the Russians.

There is also a scene in a basement on video of several people with white armbands lined up against the wall. Blood is flowing from each body. These appear to be people with white armbands executed as “collaborators.” In addition, many of the bodies on the street have blood flowing out of them, often near their heads. So they were shot in the head?

It seems that some of the people in Bucha were territorial defense killed fighting Russians weeks before, others were people with white armbands executed as collaborators, and others were bodies brought in from other towns and staged alongside the road for the media show.

A British newspaper did an analysis of the bodies at Bucha and found that most had died of “flechette” wounds. The paper then blamed Russian artillery for the deaths. But anyone killed in Bucha by artillery was killed by Ukrainian artillery because Russia occupied the city the whole time and Russia doesn’t shell cities that it occupies itself. Also only Ukraine uses artillery with flechettes. Russia has no such artillery.

Polls in Russia are unreliable. Lie. This is not true. The polling is done by Levada out of an American university. It is considered to be good. Levada doesn’t know who they are calling and no one knows who answered Levada’s calls. No Russian has ever been punished for simply stating that they against the war or for participating in any poll about anything. Keep in mind that 24% of Russians now oppose this war.

If Russia beats, jails, tortures, or murders everyone who opposes the war, they will have to beat, jail, torture, or kill 30 million people. Any sign of that happening?

Furthermore, the Kremlin has nothing against polling and could care less how anyone answers any poll. In fact, Putin conducts internal polls of his own population incessantly as he wants to know what the people want and wear their minds are at. This is a president who is doing everything he can to give the people want they want and to remain popular. Dictators don’t do that.

Putin steals elections or Putin has stolen every election he ran in. Lie. Russian elections are observed by many observers from all over the world. No evidence of massive election fraud has ever been found. Even the occasional honest US media outlet acknowledges that Putin has won a majority of the vote every time he ran.

And the results of Russia’s elections line up very well with pre-election polling and polling about the support level for Putin. For instance, in the last election, Putin’s popularity was 70% and he won 70% of the vote. This is typical.

Putin beats, jails, tortures, and murders all of the opposition. Lie. As you can see, 30 million Russians oppose the war. In the last election, 30% of the population voted against Putin. So did they all get killed? Did they all even get jailed? Of course not! Even 30% of the Russian Parliament is made up of the opposition.

And in fact, the hardcore pro-West opposition ran 13 different candidates against Putin. All together, they got 5% of the vote. So you can see that they have no support anyway inside Russia because everybody hates them.

There have been some curious incidents regarding some opposition figures, but I’m not aware that Putin has killed a single opposition figure or journalist in his entire tenure. Many more journalists were killed under Yeltsin than under Putin. Most of these reporters were killed in the context of the Chechen War.

Russia is finding it hard to come up with enough soldiers for its war. Lie. Keep in mind that Russia began this war with 200,000 soldiers. The Russian Army is made up of 1 million soldiers and 500,000 reserves. The active duty force has just been raised by 133,000 by Putin. To this is added the forces of the LPR (20,000?) and DPR (20,000?), the Chechen National Guard, and the Wagner Group, who are Russian contract soldiers in this war.

Russia’s active duty army is an all-volunteer army. There is a draft and there are conscripts. Conscripts serve for two years, go through basic and extended training and are then free to go. However, many re-up as volunteers, often enticed by good salaries. Russia has added increased salary enticements during this war. In the beginning there were some conscripts fighting in the war, but they were quickly removed.

At any given time, there are 200,000 Russian troops in Ukraine and 800,000 outside of the country. Many of the outside troops have been rotated in over time. In addition, there are 500,000 reserves. Russia may now be using some of its reserves. So including active forces and reserves, Russia has 200,000 men in Ukraine and 1.3 million soldiers outside of Ukraine during this war. Does this sound like an army with a manpower shortage?

How about losses? There have been 5,000 dead and possibly 15,000 wounded in this war. That’s 20,000 casualties out of a 1.5 million man force. Russia has lost only a bit over 1% of its men to casualties. Clearly Russia does not have any sort of manpower problem at all.

One reason Putin does not want to commit more troops to the war is that more troops means more casualties. Also the army is going very slowly not only to conserve civilian lives but also to preserve the lives of its own soldiers. Russia knows that a lot of casualties can quickly turn the population against the war.

It is also for this reason that Russia has relied on the Chechens, the LDPR armies, and the Wagner Group contract soldiers. Casualties among the LDPR and Wagner will presumably not be counted among the Russian military’s war dead.

Russia plans to disconnect the Enerhodar reactor from Ukraine and hook it up to the territories it controls in Kherson, Zaporozhye, and Crimea. Lie. This would leave Nazi Ukraine without 1/3 of its power. However,  this would also be a dangerous move because you would have to shut down the plant to do this. The truth is that Russia has absolutely no plans to do this.

Russia has been shelling the territory of the DPR with artillery. Lie. Why on Earth would Russia shell the territory of its own ally, the DPR? That makes no sense at all. In fact, it is Nazi Ukraine that is doing this, obviously. And they don’t even aim usually. They just shoot at cities and towns willy-nilly. For the most part, they are just aiming at the cities without targeting anything, so these are terror attacks designed to attack civilians only.

And they are using US HIMAARS to do it too. Every week, there are killed and wounded, mostly in the DPR but also to some extent in the LPR, due to this terrorist shelling. If you wonder why they are doing this, well, number one, they’re Nazis, and you do you think this would be too low for Nazis?

Second, the Nazis regard the vast majority of the civilians in the LDPR republics as enemies, traitors, and separatists. Ukraine has no problem with killing enemy civilians, unlike Russia, which goes to great lengths to avoid hitting any civilians, whether allied or enemy.

Russia is shelling Donetsk city using anti-personnel “petal” mines that look like tree leaves. Lie. The Ukrainian Nazis are obviously shelling Donetsk with these mines. These are US mines. Russia and Ukraine both signed a treaty to stop using these terrible mines, and Russia got rid of all of hers, but Ukraine, while destroying most of hers, still had many left over.

This is just pure terrorism. They are shooting these antipersonnel mines at cities full of civilians. It is very easy to step on one of these mines and if you do, you can get a very serious injury to your foot or even lose it. Why shell this city with mines? As I noted earlier, the Nazis hate most people in Donetsk, who they see as enemy civilians and since the Ukrainians are Nazis, they have little problem killing enemy civilians.


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