Repost: Alt Left: Attack My Masculinity and I’ll Kill You

Another old post that’s getting new comments. I do like it. Needs a repost.

Nothing makes men more furious that being dominated in a cruel way by women or having their masculinity attacked by them. It actually literally makes us want to kill them. I had several girlfriends in the past who more or less attacked my masculinity, even gleefully.

Others had other men at the time we were together (although we were in an open relationship), but they deliberately did so in an open and outrageous way as if they were actually trying to provoke me. Yes, they were actually trying to make me murder them. But women do this all the time. Many women delight in provoking men to such an extent that as far as I am concerned, they are trying to get murdered because they do things to men that in Man World would immediately get you hit, if not out and out murdered.

Women try to push us men to our limits or even beyond them. It is very stupid (and dangerous) of women to do this, but they keep doing it.

Feminism has made this female behavior dramatically more common. In my mother’s generation, women were terrified to attack their husband’s masculinity. My mother even told me that she didn’t want to do that. I asked her why she didn’t do something one time, and she said, “Oh, he will see that as attacking his masculinity. I don’t want to attack his masculinity.”

Her attitude was more that doing such things was gross, unladylike, and undignified. My mother would see that sort of behavior as common with working class women and Black and Hispanic women. That’s what low class women do – provoke their husbands, bitch at them for no reason, and pick fights with them.

My mother’s coterie of White middle to upper class women simply didn’t act that way – you would be acting like those low class and non-White women they looked down on.

I knew a Colombian woman once. The worst insult you could say to a woman in her society was that she was “a woman of the streets.” To her, there was nothing lower than that. She was from an upper middle class background in the north of Bogota.

I remembered those damned girlfriends who attacked me that way. In some cases, I forgot all the fun we had, and when I reminisced, all I would think of was those times when they deliberately tried to cut my balls off with words, sometimes in public, sometimes in front of other men and women. Public humiliation. I remembered those incidents for decades.

And for decades, I literally wanted to kill every one of those women who attacked my masculinity like that.

I’ve gotten over it now and I feel better with this off my shoulders. But nevertheless, my first and immediate instinct to a woman wantonly and even gleefully attacking my masculinity was, “You’re going to die for that, bitch. No forgiveness. Ever.”

I’ve been attacked as “stabby” by feminists for writing this, but please keep in mind that I never killed any of those women. Hell, I never even tried to. I never even threatened to. I never even hit them. I never even threatened to hit them. I had some thoughts. Yes, they were bad thoughts, but they were just thoughts.

My point is that my reaction must be common. And consider that I am a pacifist, a passive man who is basically a coward. Hundreds of millions of men are a lot more aggressive and brave than I am. Obviously they react the same way I do and have the same thoughts I do. If even a pacifist thinks like this, think how an aggressive man thinks. Think what an aggressive man does.

Women are playing with fire. Don’t mess with this aspect of men. Most men or at least me know not to mess with men’s masculinity. We know that men will attack or even kill to preserve that. I don’t do it for fear of being hit or killed. Women, I suppose, never got the memo. Or did and filed it in the bin.

I am almost ashamed to say I never even hit or did anything violent to any of those women. Even worse than that, I rarely even fought back against these attacks. I just sat there and took it like a big, fat pussy. And got hurt. Real hurt.

Why? Because my Mom taught me that you never fight a woman.

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