Who Are These Famous (Mostly) American Writers?

Who is this woman writer who wrote in the 1920’s?

First above, a Southerner. Famous for her short stories. I recently read a novel excerpt of hers named after a season of the year.

Who is this famous male writer who wrote in from the 1920’s to the 1960’s? He liked to drink too. Bourbon.

Second above, Southerner who loved his bourbon. Quote: “The past isn’t dead. Hell, it’s not even past.”.

Who is this current female writer, famous for her short stories? She may not be American.

Third above, Canadian? From Ontario? Writes about rural areas a lot?

Who is this high society female writer who wrote about the upper classes around the turn of the century?

Fourth above, wrote about New York City and the moral depravity of the rich.

Who is this man, famous for his short stories set on the East Coast, who has recently been found to have been a

Fifth above, wrote about New England and New York City. Famous short story about a man in the water.

Who is this American writer who wrote around the turn of the century? He wrote a lot about nature and the wild and man’s interaction with it. He was also an ardent socialist.

Sixth above, he was also very much a racist. An example of a leftwing racist, a rare breed nowadays but as you can see, they can exist. He was a White Supremacist but most Whites were back then as it was just normal to be like that.

Who is this very famous Black female writer, one of the greatest Black woman authors who ever lived? She wrote around the 1930’s and is famous for one novel.

Seventh above, she was also a Black conservative all through her life. Deserves to be better known.

Who is this notoriously reclusive male author who lived on the East Coast. He wrote a novel and a few books of short stories in the 50’s and 60’s and never wrote again.

Eighth above, had a serious thing for young women even in middle age. He liked them about 18-23/25, and around the latter age, he completely lost interest in them. Is that an actual ephebophile? Not that ephebophilia is a disorder. Hell, it’s not even abnormal. It seems a bit weird to me though. I still love young women, but older women have their place too and in my experience legal teenage girls and women in their 20’s are notoriously unstable. Not to mention at my age, they’re greedy as Hell and all want to drain my bank account.

Who is this young female author, famous for her short stories, who wrote in the 1940’s and 1950’s?

Ninth above, to my surprise, I recently found out that she was quite a lesbian, though she doesn’t look it in this picture. I’ve seen another photo though where she is quite mannish and dykey. She also wrote a very famous novel on the subject of homosexuality, perhaps one of the first famous novels on the subject. It was written at around the time of Gore Vidal’s early novel on this subject, Myra Breckenridge.

Who is this female writer who is famous for her Gothic style? She wrote a novel and a few books of short stories. She was sickly throughout her life and died in her 30’s of Lupus. She was also a deeply religious Catholic.

Tenth above, she was also a deeply religious Catholic and this intense religiously also pulsated throughout her work. Her books have apocalyptic titles that suggest religiosity, violence, or death.

Who is this male novelist, famous for his novels written from the 1930’s-1980’s? He wrote a single famous novel about a famous crime in the Midwest. He was also very gay.

Eleventh above, he was also gay as Hell, very effeminate, and quite obviously out most of his life. He wrote a few “Gothic” novels and a book of short stories like the author above him. They are little known, but they are very beautifully written. Highly recommended!

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3 thoughts on “Who Are These Famous (Mostly) American Writers?”

  1. Was able to (I think?) identify seven of them.

    1. Eudora Welty
    2. William Faulkner
    5. John Cheever
    6. Jack London
    7. Zora Neale Hurston.
    8. J.D. Salinger.
    11. Truman Capote

    amirite? Anyway, a fun exercise.

    1. Didn’t you used to come to the old site a long time ago? Black guy from Africa? I forget your name.

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