Game/PUA: I Think a Lot of Teenage Girls Secretly Want to Have Sex with Their Fathers

16 year old girl and her 50 year old father.

I don’t know about the way he’s looking at her, but I am convinced that a lot of teenage girls want to fuck their fathers, and this seems to be one of them. Probably a lot of fathers want to fuck their hot teenage daughters too. Generally speaking, neither one acts on it, and it’s probably for the better actually.

I know teenage boys want to fuck their mothers because I was one of them! And I doubt if I was the only one. Of course it never happened and I don’t think I even would have wanted it to.

Why else is every woman calling me “Daddy” lately? Notice how many women start calling you “Daddy” nowadays after you start having sex with them?

Do you know how many women want to do ageplay with me? Lots! I had an 18 year old girlfriend a while back, and she wanted to do that ageplay stuff all the time. She was always the teenage girl and I was always her father, and in the ageplay, he always ended up fucking her. It had to be long and drawn out over hours though, and it had to start out really slow and build very closely. She was always saying, “Not so forward!” I always wanted to cut to the chase or cut to the pussy actually.

She always wanted to make the girl way too young too.

“Ok, I’m a 12 year old girl and you’re my father. You opened the door in my room and caught me masturbating. That’s the scene.”

Me: “No! No! No! She can’t possibly be 12 years old! Forget that! She’s too young!”

The girl wasn’t even real, but I didn’t even want to fuck a 12 year old girl in fantasy.

I had a 12 year old girl walk up to me and openly proposition me – flat out ask me to have sex – with her when I was 20. I thought about it a bit and told her to come back when she was 18! I guess some of them already want to fuck at age 12 if their sex drive and menarche has come on that early, as the female sex drive seems to come on with true menarche (not false menarche).

I’ve tried to have the fantasy of fucking this 12 year old girl over the years because, Hell, why not? I’m a degenerate! There’s not many sexual things I won’t do LOL.

But I could never make it work. I couldn’t even put it in her. There’s something wrong with the picture. I’m too big and she’s too little is the only way I can put it. Ever seen those drawings, “What is wrong with this picture?” and one of the problems is an upside down elephant in a tree or something nuts like that? That’s what it was like. There was “something wrong with the picture.” I couldn’t even do it in fantasy!

I had a 48 year old girlfriend a while back who wanted to do the same thing. The ageplays were really elaborate. The underage daughter and I were having an affair behind Mommy’s back, and the girl was always talking about how much she hated Mommy and how she wanted me to divorce Mommy so she could have me all for herself.

I was always encouraging the daughter to outwhore her mother and do sexual things that daughter would never do. Of course she complied!

She kept making the girls too young though. “Ok, I’m a 14 year old girl and you’re my father…”

Me: “No! No! No! She’s got to be at least 16! No younger!” It wasn’t even real and I didn’t even walk the fake daughter too young.

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4 thoughts on “Game/PUA: I Think a Lot of Teenage Girls Secretly Want to Have Sex with Their Fathers”

  1. Dude, it is not that complicated!

    All this “daddy”, “mommy”, and incestuous desire stuff is simply an unresolved Oedipus/Electra complex as Carl Jung outlined.

    Usually it goes away after age 6 but if the relationship with the same sex parent is insufficiently affectionate or positive; the Oedipus/Electra complex persists into the individual’s teenage and adult years.

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