Alt Left: A Few Words on the Assassination of Alexander Dugin’s Daughter in Moscow

I’ve been weary of writing these up because the lies just flood out all the time with no seeming end to them at all. I think that is one of the purposes of the flood of lies – eventually you get tired of responding to all of it. The Jews in the Jewish and Israel groups used to do this trick against us all the time, and I had a Libertarian guy in my comments who did the same thing.

Basically you force your opponent to run all over Hell and high water to shoot down the lies that you put up, and you keep putting up new ones all the time. If you say it’s not true, they demand that you prove it. Then you have to waste time running all over the net gathering the info to prove them wrong, while they know all the time that they’ve been lying.

Ever since this war on Russia crap started, I’ve never seen so much lying and out and out false flags, fake attacks, gaslighting, etc. Now they are trying to destroy anyone who puts up a contrary view.

The FSB killed Alexander Dugin’s daughter with a car bomb. Lie. Putin ordered the killing. Lie.

It’s a result of internal Russian politics. Lie.

It’s a Russian false flag to frame Ukraine. Lie.

The crime was “solved too fast” so the suspect is false. Lie.

The Boris Nemtsov assassination remains unsolved for years, so this shows that the rapid accusation of Ukraine is a lie. Lie.

There are two journalists who were also murdered and their crimes have also not been solved for years, therefore the Ukraine accusation is false. Lie.

There’s no evidence against the woman assassin. Lie.

An organization called the National Republican Army committed the blast. Lie.

The National Republican Army is made up of democratic people who want to overthrow Putin. Lie.

The Russian government is about ready to collapse as a result of the bombing. Lie.

Dugin is “Putin’s brain” the most influential man in Russia. Lie.

He called for the murder of Ukrainians by saying, “Kill, kill, kill!” Lie.

Dugin hates Ukrainians on a racial, Nazi-like basis. Lie.

His daughter called for the murder of Ukrainians and advocated that Russia commit war crimes. Lie.

“Russia” has called for massive strikes on Ukraine in revenge. Lie.

Top Kremlin-linked officials have called for massive strikes on Ukraine in revenge. Lie. 

Neither the FSB nor Putin killed Dugina with a car bomb and the killing is not a result of internal Russian politics. There’s no way that any of those people killed her. It’s not a Russian false flag because Russia doesn’t generally do false flags, although they have probably done a few in the past. False flags are done by the losing sides in war to try to get big powers involved in the conflict or to gin up outrage against a particular government. On the contrary, Ukraine, the US, the UK, the EU, and NATO are up to their ears in false flags. I think we should call it the False Flag West at this point.

Yes the crime was solved very fast. It has been compared to the Boris Nemtsov assassination which is supposedly unsolved for years. In fact, that crime was solved rather quickly. The FSB closed in on a house where the killers were hiding and they blew themselves up with suicide vests. They were Chechens. Those men are thought to be the ones who carried out the crime. However, there are theories that the main author of the crime is a top Chechen official who has yet to be charged.

No one quite knows even why he was killed, except perhaps it was the Chechen government, fanatically pro-Putin, eliminating a Putin oppositionist. However, formally the crime has been solved and five suspects are dead.

I don’t know much about the killings of the journalists, but they were killed in the context of reporting on the Chechen War, I believe during the Yeltsin era. Incidentally, far more journalists died under Yeltsin than under Putin. They were writing about human rights violations by the Russian military during this war, of which there were many. The authorship of these murders is not the Russian government and of course it’s not Putin. Instead it seems to lie with the Chechen government. I’m not sure if there have been any arrests in the cases. You could argue that the Russian state doesn’t want the murders solved.

The case being solved quickly may just mean that when the FSB wants to solve a case, they can do so quickly, and when they don’t want to solve a case, they can drag their heels forever. Solving a crime rapidly does not mean that the conclusion is false.

There is actually a lot of evidence against this woman assassin. Russia has already published it, along with photos of the assassin. It was a very well done professional intelligence agency hit job. She appears to be a Ukrainian Nazi spy, operating under the control of the SBU, the very Nazi Ukrainian intelligence agency. This is actually a very good intelligence agency and the CIA and MI6 also work very closely with them.

I would not underestimate them. She is also a member of the heavily-Nazi Ukrainian National Guard. In addition, she is a member of the openly Nazi Azov Battalion who are actually a part of the Ukrainian Army. Keep in mind that 4

There is apparently no such organization as the National Republican Army. It’s a made-up organization by the SBU to deflect responsibility from themselves. There’s no evidence that this group even exists. A former Russian lawmaker who is anti-Putin and supports the Nazi government in Ukraine. This is the man who issued the fake NRA document. He’s apparently working with the SBU. He said that some members of this group were recently rolled up in Russia in a certain city.

The incident he refers to is an arrest of 3-4 Russian Nazi supporters of the Azov Battalion. So apparently this NRA, if it even exists, consists not of democrats opposed to Putin but of actual Nazi supporters of the Ukrainian Nazis! Keep in mind that most of the actual Russian Nazis support Ukraine in this war because, well, Nazis like Nazis.

Putin has cracked down very hard on the Russian Nazis in the last 5-10 years. Most of their organizations are now illegal and a lot of the membership, especially the leadership, is in prison. About 5-6,000 Russian Nazis went over to fight in the Ukrainian Army in this war, so that shows you who the real Nazis support. And as Belarus and Russia cracked down on their homegrown Nazis in the last 5-10 years, please note that many of them ran to Ukraine and asked for asylum, which was quickly granted.

The NRA appears to be a fake organization dreamed up by the SBU. The SBU has been operating in Russia for a long time during this war. They have been recruiting local Russians to attack Russian facilities behind the lines. They have been paying them, but keep in mind that there are quite a few Russians who actually support Ukraine in this war.

Russia is also now full of Ukrainians who Russia has let flood into its country as refugees. This group contains elements of a 5th column. Even if they are only

A British paper wrote an article that Putin’s government is on the verge of collapsing. Do all of you dipshits in the West really fall for all this crap? This is war propaganda. Every single thing you read or hear about Russia in the news in the West is some sort of a lie, distortion, or severely biased. Mostly it’s just flat out lies. And here we are, the suckers of the West, falling for every single lie our governments are flushing down our throats! Pathetic!

I would like to point out that another reason for the SBU dreaming up this NRA group is to make it appear that Russia now has a serious insurgency problem. Some “Nazi Left” moron on a Western leftwing TV station said we would have to go back to the Civil War to find insurgents inside Russia.

BS! After WW2 there were Nazi guerillas in the Baltics and Ukraine for a very long time. The Ukrainians were not defeated until 1959. Even Stalin could not defeat them! The Ukrainians started a full fledged class war insurgency in 1932 which was the major cause of the Holodomor fake terror famine that never happened. And of course there were Chechen and other Muslim insurgents rampaging around Russia setting off bombs and killing civilians for many years. And these are just the only ones that I can think of!

So they want to paint this picture of a Russia riven with conflict and deep in an insurgency with a miserable population, a failing and unpopular war, and a collapsing economy. They’ve made up every bit of this, but that’s what intelligence agencies do. Why do you American idiots listen to one word the CIA says? The CIA and MI6 lie all the time as a matter of course. So does the German BND.

Dugin is not Putin’s brain. Many Russians have never even heard of him. He’s much more well-known in the West where he is portrayed as the boogeyman brain trust behind Putin. Putin has never even met Dugin one time! Dugin has never held a position in Putin’s government! Dugin was actually fired from his job as a professor at Moscow University for making inflammatory calls to kill Ukrainians a a time that Russia was trying to push the Minsk Accords.

Dugin’s brand of ultranationalism is not popular. His views is represented by Zhirinovsky, who recently died. That’s the Russian Far Right, which is virtually fascist, and one can make a good case for Dugin being a fascist except that he likes Communism and the USSR! So Dugin’s politics make no sense at all in US right – to – left context.

The only thing it might resemble here in the US is the place where the Far Left meets the Far Right. He was a National Bolshevik for a while and they are called Nazis, but they never supported Nazism or racism. They were just Russian ultranationalists. And Dugin’s not a racist either. Neither was Limonov, the founder of the Nazbols.

It has been reported the Dugin called for the murder of Ukrainians by posting, “Kill, kill, kill!” This was in the context of a crime committed by Ukrainian Nazis with the full support of the Nazi government and most of the Ukrainian population (most Ukrainians could be well described as Nazis of a sort). This crime was where the Nazis herded Communists into a trade union building and then set it on fire, burning them alive.

I was just on Reddit and US liberal Democrats are cheering on this horrendous Nazi crime. The Communists were right when they said, “Scratch a liberal and underneath is a fascist.” The strongest supporters of the Ukrainian Nazis at the moment in the US are liberal Democrats. Think about that for a second. US liberal Democrats are supporting a literal Nazi government!

Anyway, Dugin was calling to kill the people who burned the people in the trade union building, not to kill Ukrainians in general. This terrible crime was very poorly reported in the West and was just described as a battle or street war between two factions and it was said things were very confused about what actually happened. The entire US media covered this Nazi mass murder by burning alive 50 Communists!

Dugin is not a racist. He’s ashamed of his Ukrainian blood, yes, because he says Ukrainians have been poisoned by this Nazi government. Otherwise, he says, they’re great people. This sums up the opinion of most Russians towards Ukrainians. Many millions of Russians have Ukrainian blood and there are many Ukrainians living in Russia as a Ukrainian minority. Most support Putin and a number have written to high positions in the government. Keep in mind that the USSR was run by a Ukrainian for many years.

His daughter called for war crimes tribunals for Azov Battalion members who had committed terrible human rights violations. If they were found guilty, she said they should be executed. That’s not a particularly crazy position, and she certainly didn’t “call for the killing of Ukrainians.”

The media reported the “Russia” or “top officials linked to the Kremlin” were calling for massive retaliation against Ukraine before the author of the crime was even known. First of all, “Russia” did not make these calls. These calls were made by some TV talk show hosts who have a reputation for being huge loudmouths and radicals who regularly say crazy things that the Kremlin would never do.

They’re far more extreme than the government and the government doesn’t listen to these people. They do give you some insight into the views of your average Russian though. These TV talking heads are not top officials and they are not Kremlin-linked at all. In fact they are widely regarded as loudmouths and blowhards who say all sorts of crazy things.

The Putin Administration is actually much more moderate than these talk show people. The West should be grateful that Russia is run by Putin. Were he to be replaced, his replacement would be someone  like these talk show loudmouths. Any possible successors to Putin are guaranteed to be much more radical than he is. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

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