Game/PUA: Why Hasn’t Game Worked, Part 2

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This is the second part of my response to Daniel’s post about why Game has not worked for him.

Why Hasn’t Game Worked?

I came to the conclusion that the past year was just the universe’s way of testing me to see what I was made of. It had been an excruciating experience because it was meant to give me a taste of suffering so that when I finally did find a girlfriend, it would be that much more special and awesome.

I concluded that whereas 11th grade had been crap, 12th grade would be golden. I would find a girlfriend and enjoy my last year in high school with a girl at my side.

I don’t know what to say. At the beginning of my senior year, I think I was 17 years old. I hadn’t even had PIV sex yet, but I had done some sexual things, and I had had oral sex with a 14 year old girl! LOLZ. That right there made me a hero to my friends because none of them were having any experiences at all.

The girl and I got interrupted in the middle of sex by a stupid moron who we had sent away to get rolling papers as an excuse to get rid of him. I don’t know how it happened, but I got her on top of me as I was sitting back in a chair. My hand was in her pants somehow (no panties?!), and I was banging her. I wouldn’t say it was tight at all. She was wet as Lake Michigan and there seemed to be plenty of room in there.

She pretty soon had my cock out and was jerking on it. She went over to the corner of the roof to take a piss and then slinked her way back to me asking me I wanted to eat her pussy. I said sure and she climbed on top with me still lying back in the chair.

She was a complete animal, as dirty and nasty as any woman or worse, which always makes me laugh when I hear about when men have sex with 14-17 year old teenage girls they get “abused” (yeah right!), they get their “innocence stolen away from them” (Sure! They’re practically porn stars at age 14, but if they have sex with a man, he stole her innocence! What innocence?!).

Anyway, the message for the moron was to get lost, or if he came back with the papers to see us busy and take off, but instead he stood there and yelled out my name, and the girl got turned off and stepped off of me, very quickly saying, “Now I’m not horny anymore.” What an idiot! Then the guy said, “Lindsay, I’m going to think differently about you from now on!” So you see early sexual experiences gets you mad respect.

Look at how quickly they go from horny to not horny! It might be worse with a girl because she is still exploring this mysterious thing called her sexuality and it is still quite mysterious to her why she is thinking and acting in this way or that.

You see a lot of, “Why am I thinking this? Why does this turn me on? What’s going on with me, anyway?” with 14-17 year old girls. This Sexuality Monster has taken over their bodies and even minds to some extent and it’s telling them what to do instead of the other way around, and they’re mystified by the whole process, including why does this or that turn me on or why does this or that turn me off.

Grown women make peace with their sexual minds and just accept them for what they are but I think with a lot of 14-17 year old girls, it’s like this monster or demon has taken them over and it’s as if they are possessed. Not possessed in a bad way, mind you, but possessed nonetheless. Females do not construct their sexual lives and many probably cannot do so. Their sexual lives are dictated to them by evolution, and sexually they are being tugged this way and that like a dog on a leash and they have little power over this monster telling them what to do other than obey or suppress it.

And how somehow automagically if she has sex with a clueless boy she won’t get harmed, but if she goes and seduces some man, she will somehow automagically be harmed for life! How? They’re already practically porn stars at age 14-17, how the Hell is banging some man instead of some boy going to screw them up for life? Get out of here!

Further, primitive societies have been fucking their women from age 13-17 for ever and ever, with the girls typically marrying men. This was even very common in the developed world until recently. I’m not saying men banging 13-14 year old girls is the greatest thing, especially if they get pregnant, as an abortion is mandatory, but otherwise it doesn’t appear to be particularly harmful.

In the Developed World historically and amongst primitive peoples, 13-17 year old girls have habitually had sex with males, typically older men. This has been going on for millennia. We have sent people out to study these people, and no harm has ever been found from this practice. The girls who go through this are studied as women, and they are not damaged in any way from this behavior. Furthermore, 13-17 year old girls married males, often older men, in the Developed World until just recently. I have never read any historical document that said that there was any harm whatsoever associated with this practice. It doesn’t harm them!

All of my sexual stuff was happening around marijuana or pot these days. We would get stoned and often seriously drunk with girls, and then sometimes sexual stuff would happen. We drank Boonesfarm, a type of wine that tastes about like Kool-aid! But it didn’t matter because girls loved it, so you could always get girls to drink it.

But 12th grade went by the exact same way as 11th, except this time I was getting bitter. I couldn’t understand why I had been categorically rejected by the entire female half of the population. I felt trapped with no way out. I kept trying, but the anger of failure was starting to eclipse my hope for success.

I wouldn’t say that I had had an incredible amount of sexual experiences by the start of my senior year, but I had definitely had some! But more importantly, no one else was getting laid at all really. So he wasn’t in much worse shape than I was. So why was he so down and out? By the start of my junior year, I had had almost zero sexual experiences. But I felt good about myself. He’s getting himself into a rut. But also every girl in sight is rejecting him, so it looks like his experience is different from mine.

When senior prom came around, I didn’t even try for a date because I was jaded, and I knew I wouldn’t get one. I thought about busting into the dance with a bunch of water balloons and throwing them at the people. I was really starting to hate the world. At my graduation, I just sat there, miserable, ruminating on how much I hated all of the spoiled, sexually active sluts and jocks.

Good God, what a rut he was in. By graduation, I had had a lot more sex but I still wasn’t incredibly experienced. But he had had zero. Maybe that makes all the difference.

And it was in this context that I stumbled across Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo. Reading DYD opened my eyes up to the whole charade, and I finally understood why girls weren’t liking me.

I was a “wussy.” I was putting girls on pedestals, treating them like queens when they hadn’t earned it and acting hesitant and non-confident.

I don’t know about that. I don’t even know what putting them on pedestals even means! Hesitant and non-confident is not going to work. The good thing about early experiences is it gives you some pretty good confidence which then gets you even more sex. It’s a great base to form the rest of your life on. If you missed out in high school, I don’t know? It’s probably still possible to salvage a decent sex life, but you still missed out on something.

I was thrilled to find out that my looks weren’t as important as I thought they were, and that even a 5’2” socially awkward dork

Yeah, Looks are incredibly important. And his height might be the real killer.

could transform himself into a stud whom women flocked to simply by changing his attitude and developing confidence.

Well, confidence draws females to you if you are attractive. If you are not attractive, it is absolutely worthless, and in fact, most women find it really offensive. I’m apparently not attractive anymore, but I still think I’m hot shit with women. I’ve heard that there are no men who women hate as much as “unattractive man who thinks he’s hot shit.” It’s extremely offensive and women say, “We can see right through it.” They also call them fakes. So Game minus Looks doesn’t seem like it works at all, but I’m open to comments to show me I’m wrong.

The college selection process had been a difficult one.

I had good grades, scored very high on the SAT’s, was active in extracurricular activities and a talented writer, and I could have gotten into 95% of the colleges out there if I wanted to.

So I just bought plain, simple t-shirts, shirts that had funny sayings on the front. Either that or I let my Mom pick my clothes out for me.

Most boys and men are crappy clothes shoppers.

In the summer before college, I read and studied David DeAngelo’s materials. I went to the mall to practice talking to girls and delivering cocky funny lines. Keep in mind, this was in the era before the pickup arts hit the mainstream – before Strauss’s The Game, before VH1‘s Pickup Artist.

It was so new and unheard of that the line, “Excuse me, I need a female opinion – who lies more, men or women?” actually worked. Stock openers actually got girls interested because they had truly never heard such things before!

I’ve never used canned lines in my life as openers, and I’ve done great with women. There’s something about the lack of spontaneity. Plus, I can usually think up some good lines if I am just with her and we start flirting because that’s the way I am. I know how to talk to women. In fact, I am an expert at it, but right now, it’s pretty useless, and all it does is make them offended and angry. Plus, I can flirt with about 0% of the female population nowadays, and I’m terrified of getting thrown out whatever establishment I’m in if I even try.

When I got to college, I was prepared. I had an arsenal of cocky-funny lines, positive self-affirmations, attitudes and techniques, and success stories from other guys to keep me motivated and optimistic. I felt like I had been given the keys to a secret society, and life would be the polar opposite of what it had been up to that point.

As soon as I arrived on campus, I hit the ground running. I used everything I had learned from David D. I “used my amazing brain to figure out ways to succeed, rather than reasons to fail.” I walked around campus thinking, “I’m the Alpha male. I’ve got the secret knowledge that none of them know. I’m a rock star. I can get any woman. They all want me.”

These are very good affirmations and I still use them to this day, however, at this late date, they are completely worthless, and like I said, when I get into these moods, it just makes women think I’m being “creepy.” However, in the past they worked very, very well. I was using affirmations like this starting at about age 18. They can make me do a lot better, that’s for sure.

I repeated these affirmations constantly, and I adopted the body language to back it up.

Body language is important too. I’ve been practicing it for years, and I have it down. But now if I use seductive, sexy body language, women just act angry and offended like they think it is creepy. I don’t even have to say anything! Just standing there is bad enough!

And I was a star. Girls were into me. They were talking to me. Every time I hit them with a cocky-funny line, they would look at me like, “Omg, who are you?”, and they would suddenly start touching me and asking me questions about myself.

All right, here’s where he’s blowing it. Once they start putting their hands on you, you need to start doing something about that. For one thing, you need to lay down the attitude that you are not a piece of meat at the supermarket that she can fondle at her leisure. There has to be consequences to all this touching, like you are going to touch her back. If she starts touching you, you start touching her! If it’s right for her, it’s right for you! But you start out real slow and inoffensively. Also you make the whole thing like a big joke. This is essential.

Also when they start doing this, putting their hands on you and asking you about yourself, you have to turn it into flirtation. “I want to know everything about you!” usually means she is in love with you, has the hots for you, or wants to fuck you. Often means she’s in love. I’ve heard it quite a few times. Women only say that about men they have the serious hots for.

All seduction must be treated as humor for some reason. I don’t know why? Perhaps seduction is funny. Perhaps sex is funny. People do laugh a lot when they are flirting and doing sexual things, even when are having actual sex. I’m not sure why this is, but the humor takes a lot of #Metoo bullshit weight off of the situation. #Metoo is only happening because people are very, very serious. If people were lighthearted and easy going, most of this #Metoo crap wouldn’t even be happening, because relaxed people don’t get offended. Only uptight idiots get offended easily.

If she doesn’t like it, then act offended and tell her to quit touching you. Tell her, “If you touch me, I get to touch you. Those are the rules.” But make it sound like a joke.

One girl asked me out and offered to pay for my lunch!

Good, excellent, so what happened. I would make a joke out of that too. I would ask her if I am her gigolo now. That usually works pretty good. They actually like the idea of being in the driver’s seat. You have to make dates sexual otherwise they are pretty worthless. Nonsexual dates are garbage. What’s the point? The whole reason any kind of dating, lunch, dinner or otherwise, is to get ready to fuck. There’s literally no other reason for any human to date another human. If there’s no sex involved, it’s not dating, and platonic friendships with women can get into a bad rut real fast.

Main thing about a first date, especially a lame lunch date, is to turn it into a real date, or Date #2. That would be a night date of some kind.

In every class, I talked to the girls I was attracted to, hit them with cocky-funny, and got amazingly positive responses.

Ok, but no sexual interest? I’m not getting this. If this were happening to me, there would be sexual interest. Women don’t even act this way towards me usually without some sort of sexual interest. If they don’t have that interest, they won’t give me these positive responses.

In my dorm, I was a minor celebrity. My confidence and attitude blew people away, and I was popular for the first time in my life.

Perfect. Now you have to throw a sexual element in there otherwise this is just worthless in my opinion. What’s popularity without sexual attraction? That’s worthless to me.

But I was afraid to escalate because I didn’t want to come across as “pursuing.” David D taught me that guys aren’t supposed to pursue girls – we’re supposed to just act really cool and let the women pursue US. This led to a sort of conundrum because eventually I had to show some interest, right?

All right, this David D is an idiot. I assume the D stands for Dumbshit. No, you do should not be afraid to escalate, though I have been in this situation many times myself. What’s wrong with pursuing? Yeah, guys are supposed to pursue women. That’s the only way you get any sex at all. Otherwise you die a virgin like what might be this guy’s fate.

No, do not act really cool and let them pursue you, though in some cases, that works pretty well. You can do this with female friends if the relationship is “unspecified,” and you “leave the door open” to expanding the relation to sex at some point. That works pretty well. Women like to take charge and be in the driver’s seat. Women don’t really pursue men. Sure, I’ve had some pursue me over time, but definitely many more times, I had to pursue them. Most guys will never get asked out by a woman in their lives, I’m afraid. Men regard that as a rare circumstance that almost never happens.

I couldn’t just be cocky and aloof forever – eventually I had to drop some hint that I wanted the girl. But I didn’t know how to transition from one attitude to the other.

Simple, you more or less start it off sexually from the very start, or at least you let her know that that’s where you definitely want to take this thing anytime. Don’t start out with the innocent friend thing. I did this in high school some, and it was ok, but that was high school.

On the rare occasion that I did, it would totally screw things up. If I showed any interest in a girl, things went quickly downhill.

Maybe he waited too long. No idea! You don’t start it out as friends and then later try to transition it to sexual stuff. It either starts out friends and stays friends or it starts out sexual and stays sexual. Friendships with women don’t usually turn sexual especially if you have both decided on a platonic friendship. Once that’s been agreed to, it never turns into sex. Friendzoned is a permanent state. There’s no recovery from it.

As long as I was aloof, girls respected me and pursued my attention, but when I displayed any interest in them at all, they lost their interest in me.

Hmmm. I don’t like this playing aloof BS. That seems dumb. You have to let women know where you stand with them pretty damn fast. Then they can decide what to do about that, if anything. But you have to lay it out there that you can take it in that direction any time you want.

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    1. It’s a 17 year old girl who has some photos where she looks like she is 10-13! No wonder our resident hebephile is smitten.

      I like the ones where she looks older, like the 17 year old girl that she is. A lot of 17 year old girls are damn hot, especially past 17 1/2 or towards their 18th birthday.

      I don’t like the ones where she looks like a little girl. Screw that. I’m not into Lolis.

    1. I’m a fan of some of his more recent movies. John Wick and Man of Tai Chi. Women I know aren’t into him. Not sure why. I know some fully repulsed by him. The man isn’t ugly and hasn’t aged much. He has some Asian in him but looks White. I think he’s handsome but women like Channing Tatum way more. Women’s taste has declined over time. I’m sure some like him, like Matrix fans, but the chicks I know don’t.

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