Alt Left: Manufactured Crisis at the Endorgar Nuclear Plant in Ukraine

Charges: Russia is endangering the Endorgar Nuclear Plant. Lie.

Russia is shelling the plant. Lie.

Russia has planted explosives around the plant. Lie.

Russia is planning a false flag at the plant. Lie.

There is a terrible risk at the plant and it must be demilitarized. Lie.

The plant has been turned into a Russian base. Lie.

Russia is shelling from right around the plant and using the plant as a refuge. Lie.

There is a huge risk of massive contamination at the plant. Lie.

Russia is not shelling the plant. Ukraine is. In fact, Ukraine has even admitted it and Zelensky himself has admitted that his own forces are shelling the plant. Then they turned around and said the Russians are doing it. Fragments of Western shells were found at the base. Russia does not possess these shells. Everyone at the base and around the base says Ukrainians are shelling the base in order to create a crisis. Ukraine is losing the war and they are playing nuclear blackmail to try to get NATO involved. Also, Russia occupies the plant. Why would they shoot at their own people? It makes no sense!

Russia has not planted explosives at the plant. Why on Earth would they do that? Because they’re depraved? See? Depravity is an essential ingredient in all false flags.

Russia is not planning a false flag at the plant. Russia doesn’t even do false flags. It’s the US and NATO that do false flags. Incidentally, I have never seen the US do more false flags than since this New Cold War with Russia took off. It seems to have made the US and the West hysterical and freaked out. And NATO does false flags and misattributes attacks constantly as does the EU. And the MI6 British intelligence agency is a master of false flags. The entire West is depraved in this sense. The West should be called the West of Lies, the West of False Flags, and the West of Fake Attacks.

There is no terrible risk to the plant. You could fly a 747 jet airliner into that reactor and nothing would happen. Russia is not planning to shut the reactor off. That would be stupid. Even the shelling only poses a risk to nuclear waste at the plant and that only risks the surrounding city, not all of Europe. So there is no risk to Europe and the world of a nuclear catastrophe. Even Russia is lying about this. This whole mess is a manufactured crisis. There’s nothing going on here!

Russia has not turned the plant into a base. There is just enough Russian military there to secure the facility and no more.

Russia is not shelling from the plant or right around the plant and using the plant as a base to hide in. Russian shelling is situated a bit a ways from the plant.

There is no huge risk of contamination at the plant. See above for more.

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