Game/PUA: Women Who Want Threeways

I guess my life is actually a lot better than those poor incels after all. I’ve had three women ask me to do threeways with them just recently. Met one on Kik, one on Tinder, and one on another site.

The first one was on Tinder, 27, years old, White, and hot. She came to me and it wasn’t long before she said,

Let’s forget the small talk and get to the point. I’m looking to suck two guys’ cocks.

LOL I can’t believe what sluts women are, not that that’s a bad thing.

All you have to bring is your cock. I’ll supply the other cock.

She wanted me to come over right away or that night and I hesitated, so she went away. But I’m not sure I want to be naked with some other guy while she sucks both of our cocks! That sounds so weird and creepy, and plus I’m really homophobic LOL.

The next one was on Kik. I think I was in some site for Southern California. This woman just comes to me from the group out of the blue. She looked good, 42 years old, White. She lived in Palm Desert. We didn’t talk long before she said,

You’re hot. I want to fuck you. I’m coming over right now!

LOL. She was in Palm Desert and she wanted to know how far away it was. Turned out it was six hours away, which was fine with her. Only one catch.

If I’m going to drive all that way, I want more than one cock. Do you have any friends? For that distance, I need to fuck at least two guys.

Well, I didn’t have any perverted male friends who I wanted to share her with. I asked my brother but he bailed out and I’m not sure I want to have group sex with my own brother involved anyway. How creepy! Anyway, I couldn’t supply the extra guy, so she took off.

The third one was just recently on a site I hang out on the name of which I will not reveal, 28, Hispanic, a bit heavy but not too much. A huge slut LOL. I went to talk to her on the instant messenger. She had a huge older man fetish. She said,

“Damn, you’re handsome. Hell yeah I will fuck you. Only one catch. My husband is in on this. He going to be in the same room, either watching or joining in, your choice.”

I really don’t like the idea of the husband in the same room watching me. It seems so weird! And him joining in? Eek. Actually I am still thinking about that, but I think she took off.

I’ve had a ton of sex in my life but this 3way stuff seems kind of weird. But it seems like women are getting more and more perverted all the time. I blame all this porn that they’re watching. It’s turning a lot of them into huge sluts LOL. It was never like this when I was young and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.




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3 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Women Who Want Threeways”

  1. Younger porn starlets are more into anal. They’re even more freaky today but that’s one I’ve heard.

    Yes, many girls I talked to like to watch a chick get fucked by multiple guys. Must be a hot porn genre for them. I’ve watched one where a pornstar gal fucked random guys on the street. One male pornstar pro could put down more than most the average Joes combined. Girls are getting sluttier earlier.

    Pimps aren’t all smooth. If you have to be on your hoe constantly, it’s pathetic. A threeway with twin sisters would be hot. 2 guys with 1 girl is a bit gay and can go full homo in a hurry. It’s like a test of trust. It would be better to know and trust the guy when your ass is hanging out.

    1. I have talked to a few women who like to watch gangbangs. I knew one who liked gangbangs with creampies. Another good friend told me her fantasy was to get fucked by three Black guys at once, one in every hole. Women don’t usually tell you the type of porn that they watch or share their porn sites with you.

      They’re pretty private about that sort of thing. I’ve asked them to show me their favorite porn sites or tell me their big fantasies and they always say, “That’s private.” They still seem pretty shy and embarrassed about it. I don’t think women watch that much porn tbh. They definitely watch some but I don’t think they watch nearly as much as we do. Some women nowadays have their own porn blogs. I’ve talked to quite a few of one. I even dated one, but she never shared her porn blog with me. She was 19 years old and she already had her own porn blog!?

      I always wanted to do a Mom and a daughter at the same time. Hopefully the Mom and sister of one of my girlfriends. Is that evil or what?!

      1. No, it’s very hot. Moms teaching teens is a popular porn genre. It sometimes worry about single moms with a hotter daughter.
        I like to see how girls age to women. Mother, eldest daughter, and youngest daughter make for interesting pics.

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