Alt Left: Letter from Bucha

A letter from the resident of Bucha. It talks about the Ukrainian Army attacking their own people, systematically looting their apartments and houses, and killing them in a random fashion

This document, titled, “A Cry from the Soul” was sent by the resident to a priest who he asked to publish it. Eventually, the priest himself had to flee the Ukrainian government probably because of death threats. The Ukrainian government issues death threats to lots of people all the time and they’ve been doing this ever since the CIA coup in 2014. Somehow it got into the hands of this person who knows the resident, and he published it.

Good afternoon. I am a citizen of Ukraine, I am in Kyiv. We evacuated from Bucha on March 12. Our apartment in a complex of 250 apartments is completely looted. The Ukrainian press accuses the “Russian orcs” of this looting, and at first, people believed it. .

But a week has passed, and those single neighbors who still live in the house will tell you, in a whisper, after you swear on your life not to tell anyone, how horrified they were by the actions of the Ukrainian government in that. They whisper and act terrified because they think that if the Ukrainian government overhears them talking about these crimes, they will be arrested, beaten, tortured, or killed.

The Russians left Bucha on March 30th (RL: That was their first mistake). On the 31st, in the evening, the looting began. A brigade of more than 10 people in civilian clothes did the looting, but they were guarded and commanded by the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine around the clock. At night, they worked by headlamps. In the evening they brought two shifts. They looted our apartments for three days – April 31, 1, and 2. All apartments were broken into and looted except for four where there were people living in them.

Everyone in town knows about this looting. But they are silent, even those whose relatives serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the police! Everyone is immersed in animal fear! When women meet soldiers, they bow to them, and with horror in their eyes, they begin to cry and say “Thank you” in a trembling voice. Because they know that the Ukrainian military kills its own people at any time without warning.

Four out of six corpses found in the basement of a neighboring house were identified yesterday in Bucha (RL: A photograph of this scene was taken and I have seen it. The media reported it as people who were executed by the Russians, but I never thought that made since. Now we see that these were the people who were breaking open the apartments so the Ukrainian army could loot them. They were apparently killed to eliminate witnesses).

Two of them turned out to be door installers, and two were locksmiths! This is the elimination of witnesses. They killed the marauders who worked for three days for the Armed Forces of Ukraine”! The army kills its own people (RL: You people wonder why I call them Nazis? The regime is beastly and so is every Ukrainian infected with this Nazi Ukrainian nationalism psychosis)!

Now, our family has (or rather had) a dacha in a large village near Kiev. I got through to a neighbor. The village was destroyed. Every third house was demolished. Many people were evacuated when the Russians opened up a green corridor. Only those who had cows remained. Our own village was looted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine which entered as soon as the Russian troops retreated!

(RL: I must admit that I’m not understanding why the Ukrainian army is looting their own cities and towns that got occupied by Russians. Are they doing it to blame the Russians? The army is as psychotic as the population).

Ten days. All of the houses were broken into and looted! People are silent. A female neighbor with small grandchildren went to Malin to visit his daughter. He handed over his cow and chicken to the care of a neighbor.

The neighbor saw that our own army were looting furniture from her own house and ran to them, yelling “Boys, why are you looting the houses of your own people?!!” She was immediately shot. Her husband too! Why did they kill Baba Masha???

The group of Armed Forces of Ukraine that entered our village was made up of 70-80 people, and they all participated in the looting or killing of their own people! Is that fascism? No, it is not fascism. Even the Nazis did not rob or kill their own! This is Satanism! It is fierce, senseless, and merciless! They are not our people; they are non-humans!

(RL: It is true that the particularly twisted type of Nazism and fascism that constitutes Ukrainian nationalism has long had Satanic overtones, but a lot of fascism does. Even the Nazis were into “the esoteric arts.” Anton La Vey’s Church of Satan has long had links to fascism that are well-documented.

I hate to bash fascists, but I think a good case can be made that fascism itself at least contains the seeds of a worship of evil. Fascism seems to deny that humans have the potential for good. That’s what the hatred of democracy is about.

Instead we go at it, tooth to tooth and claw to claw, and the strong survive and the weak are killed or die. Life for most is short, nasty, and brutish. It’s always the latter two, but if you are a strong enough, you can dodge death for a while, but yours will come. Fascism also has tendencies of a death cult. We know it worships violence, but it also seems to worship death. Fascism worships violence, death, and evil and reverts us back to our primitive hunter-gatherer tribal existence.

Fascism is all about social Darwinism, which is why a “socialist fascism” or Communist fascism” never seems to work very well, except when it’s framed as “socialism for ours only and nothing for everyone else, who are either enemies or need to take care of themselves.” If you like fascism but you don’t love evil or think in terms of social Darwinism, I guess I would ask you why you are a fascist in the first place.)

The military couldn’t understand that in the village, although there were not many left, there yet remained a few residents. They have been sitting in their huts for 10 days and they have seen what you have been doing in our village! The neighbors see your crimes. Bastards.

(RL: I’m still trying to figure out why the military did this. We know that the treat the people who stay behind when the Russians take a town as collaborators and traitors. The idea is that any non-traitor would leave town as soon as the Russians showed up. If you stay behind it must mean you like them. But then they seemed to be looting the homes of people who fled too.

This I can’t understand at all, unless this military is depraved and, as noted above, Satanic. I’m thinking perhaps that they punish any town or city gets taken over by the Russians. This is what happens if you city or town falls to the Russians! It gets looted and destroyed! It will make people want to keep the Ukrainian army in control and dislike it when the Russians come in. It’s not the greatest argument but it’s all I can come up with).

There are about 3,000 people left in Bucha and about 40 left in our village. These people have seen everything, they know everything, and will tell everything! You will not be able to kill all the witnesses of your fierce Satanism. Even if you return, you will not kill everyone! The people cannot be killed.

Thank God the Russians decided to pull out of Kyiv. This decision by them was God’s admonition. It put everything in its place. And most importantly, over the past three weeks, our family has lost everything. We lost the apartment that we purchased over a 17 year period. We lost the dacha we took 20 years to build, investing our souls in the work. We lost our the car. We lost everything. But thank God, the children survived.

I still have trousers, shoes, and a shirt. I’ll survive. I’ll survive because I had a dream. A dream that the God will bring the “Russian orcs” to my beloved Kiev, to my Bucha, and to my village. And I will be able to sign up with the Russian Army to liberate my Batkivshchyna, my homeland from the fierce satanism that tormented our house in Bucha for three days, and tortured my beloved village for ten days. Please, “Russian Orcs”, dear Christ, come back!

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