Alt Left: The Geopolitical Logic Behind the War in Ukraine

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Considering the Maginot-type defensive work that NATO has built in Donbass for 8 years, it looks clear to me that they no intention to go on the offensive to reclaim Donbass or Crimea.

Nazi getting nukes, shelling civilians: it was a trap to get the Russians to attack and get decimated, a military disaster to obtain a political goal : get rid of Putin, breakup Russia into small bits, plunder.

Russia saw the trap, took the bait, cautiously. Russia’s long term goal now is to create a western buffer zone free of militarized rabid Russophobics. It requires to destroy the EU attractiveness as an economic zone, starting with Germany. EU values (The Way of the Rainbow) are not that attractive for Easterners when home is frozen and plates are empty…

…However USA seems to have same aim: destroying EU as potential competitor and making it hapless US owned vassal. The wet EU dream died out in financial crises, 2007-2010.

This is correct. NATO has built probably the deepest fortifications on Earth right now in the Donbass, in particular around Peski, Adviivka, Marinka, etc. Those are veritable fortresses. The idea is to trick the Russians into storming the fortresses, in which case the Russians will be decimated. All of these have withstood eight years of war and six months of this war without being taken down. However, Peski was recently taken and half of Marinka is taken. There’s almost no way to take out those fortifications. Russia has been shelling and bombing them for months with little result. However, they finally broke through just recently.

Yes, shelling the civilians of Donbass (the Ukrainians don’t even aim – they just fire at cities willy-nilly and hope they kill or hurt some civilians) has been going on for eight years now and recently it has intensified as the Ukrainians are starting to lose on the ground, they have started to shell the Donbass more seriously.

And of course the endless threats to join NATO combined with the final straw of Zelensky saying he was going to get nuclear weapons was all a trap to draw the Russians in. Zelensky’s various brain trust intellectuals are on record as saying that Ukraine had to join NATO and the only way to accomplish this was to fight a war with Russia and defeat Russia. Only then would they be admitted to the alliance.

So you can see that this war with Russia is a Ukrainian/NATO plot that’s been cooking up since the Maidan coup in 2014. The Ukrainians and NATO wanted this war and planned it all along. Also Ukraine attacked Russia first with missiles and an invasion with armored vehicles. And Russia has intercepted plans proving that the Ukrainians were going wage an all-out war to take back the Donbass within a month after Russia invaded. In fact, shelling had increased by 10 times in the two weeks before the invasion so you could say that Ukraine started the war right there.

As soon as Russia were drawn in, the plot was to destroy them with sanctions and being cancelled from the world and shower them with war crimes allegations no matter how cleanly they fought the war (and the Russians have fought an extremely clean war by modern standards). The Russian economy would be ruined and Putin would be overthrown. Then the West could go in and smash Russia to bits into smaller countries and colonize and exploit it again as was done under Yeltsin.

The West never wanted Russia to be an equal partner. They always wanted a supplicant Russian subordinated to the West and the US hegemon. Putin has infuriated the West by restoring Russian pride and building up the economy and the military.

The endless eastward creep of NATO was based on nothing but a provocation of Russia and an attempt to surround Russia and destroy it.

Keep in mind that the purpose of NATO from Day One was to destroy the USSR. After the USSR fell, it should have been dismantled, but instead it changed its mission to the destruction of Russia.

A number of articles have come out recently stating that these sanctions are going to destroy the EU and that will be good for the US. The US will then sweep in and buy up all of Europe for a dime on the dollar. It’s hard to believe Eurocucks are going along with this diabolical American plot, but apparently they are.

There are none so foolish as those who will not see.

I’d say the main lesson here is that no country on Earth should ever trust the US. Russia has already decided that the US is not “agreement-capable.” Anyway, as soon as you make an agreement or treaty with the US, they turn around and break it any time it feels convenient to do so. No one can do business with backstabbers and traitors like this. They can’t be trusted.

I’ve been writing on here for years that capitalism inevitably leads to imperialism due to economic expansion of the nation’s capitalists and creations of empires for them to exploit and wars for economics or markets.

Commenters were commenting here 10-15 years ago saying that some dream capitalism that automagically does not turn into imperialism or lead to wars is possible. Here it is, 10-15 years later, and this “nice capitalism” hasn’t shown up yet, I assume because it’s not possible for it to exist. Marx posited that the various observed realities of economics were in fact actual laws akin to those in mathematics. Some things in economics simply lead automatically to certain other things and there’s no way to stop it. I think he was onto something.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Geopolitical Logic Behind the War in Ukraine”

  1. “No se puede confiar en el imperialismo, ni tantito así… Nada!”

    Ernesto said that for a good reason. The US’s habit of breaking treaties that it no longer finds convenient goes as far as the Native Americans with their territories.

    1. Che Guevara!

      “We don’t trust imperialism. Not even a tiny bit!”

      The Russians have concluded that the US, and hence the West in general, is “not agreement-capable.”

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