Alt Left: Militaries Need Enemies and If They Don’t Have Any, They Will Simply Create Some

Militaries and military alliances go crazy if they don’t have an enemy to fight. The US military is like this in particular. If no suitable enemy can be found, the military goes out and creates one. This is basically the history of US foreign policy. Remember after the Cold War, the US military shifted to the Drug War (!) and then the War on Terror (!), two endless wars against enemies that could not be won.

Various enemies like North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, China, Russia, Syria, and Iran were manufactured . None of these countries is an actual die-hard enemy of the US. In fact all of them wish for peaceful relations with the US and the Ukrainians even want to sign a peace treaty with us. Russia asked to join NATO in 2000 and Bill Clinton laughed in Putin’s face, which shows you what contempt we have for Russia.

The first four or five countries above were declared enemies because they are socialist or communist countries and the fifth for the same reason in addition to being a strategic competitor whose economy threatens to become larger than our own. Which means they have to be taken out. Communists always said that the logic of capitalism leads to endless wars, but I never believed them. If they can’t go to war over anything else, they go to war over economics and markets.

Russia was targeted for the reasons above and because Putin refused to knuckle under the US demands to be subordinate and stood up against US hegemony and argued for a multipolar world. So he has to be taken out too. Russia is also a strategic competitor.

Syria and Iran are enemies because they are the enemies of the Jews in Palestine and as America is a Jewish country deeply allied with Jews and run by Jews and Judeophilic Gentiles (mostly the latter), any enemies of the Jews are enemies of the US.

In addition, both the Jews and America have histories as settler-colonial countries who displaced the natives and stole their land in order to settle it. Both groups see themselves as superior and special and both have a sense of exceptionalism (there are two sets of rules – one for us and one for everyone else – otherwise known as the rules don’t apply to us).

The main reason the US is so pro-Jewish is due to the power of Jewish money on US politics, as Jewish money effectively controls US politics. 6

AOC originally voted against funding for the Iron Dome missile replacements, one of maybe four brave Congressmen to stand up to the Jews who run America. However, she tearfully changed her vote the next day, saying she had been barraged by attacks from the Jews over her vote. I’ve got to hand it to the Jews – they sure know how to play politics.

The quote above is correct that Russia now wants a buffer zone to the east free of rabid Russophobes. The EU seems to be doing an excellent job of destroying itself.

In recent years in the halls of US National Security State neoconservative critters (by the way, these stink tanks are swarming with neoconservative Jews), much ink has been expended over the new fear of the EU as a strategic competitor. A number of papers have been written describing the EU as an enemy that needs to be defeated.

Russia and China were mentioned in the same breath. In fact, China was such an enemy (as a strategic competitor) that the US was going to be mandated to fight a war with China in the next 20 years. This was a favorite subject of the Jew Richard Perle and his reptilian cohort. See what maniacs the people who run our country are?

And it looks like the neocons are cooking one up right now.

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