Game/PUA: Looks Like I’ve Got It Good

I know I bitch a lot because my life has turned pretty sucky as I age but I still think I have it good, at the very least due to my past. And some people are still quite friendly to me, even middle aged women. A few young women are fairly friendly to me.

Check out the Introductions on this Incel site. Good God these guys are screwed.

KV = Kissless virgin

KHV = Kissless hugless virgin

KHHV = Kissless hugless handholdless virgin.

Most of those guys on there are some combination of that! And most are in their 20’s. No female on Earth has ever so much as given them the time of day! If you’ve had one date and kissed a female one time you’re doing better than these poor shmucks. Hell, if a goodlooking female (or possibly any female as homely women won’t give these guys the time of day either) has ever shown the slightest interest in you, you’re doing better than these guys! That thread was one of the saddest things I’ve ever read.

They’ve never even kissed female! They’ve never even hugged a female! They’ve never even held hands with a female!

Things are not that great for me now but maybe that is to be expected at my age. Hell, most men my age probably have it even worse than this. On the upside, if you ever want to lift your spirits, go to that site and read around and see how much better off you are than those guys are.

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