Why On Earth Are Black Women So Whorish?

Note: I think it’s obvious that their culture simply sees nothing wrong with women acting like shameless whores. Sex is supposedly pretty transactional in Africa too. Also the Black rate of psychopathy is double that of Whites, though I am still not sure what that means. In the female, psychopathy manifests as the archetypal “thieving whore.” And a lot of Black women are petty thieves too if you ask me, and it seems to go hand in hand with the whoring.

A lot of them do the “dangle the sex, get money, run” thing. Seen it many times. White women do this too, but they do it a lot less. Hispanic women do it a lot more than White women. I’m also wondering if it has something to do with IQ. Is higher IQ in females protective of this sort of whoring and thieving? The lower the IQ of the group, the more they seem to sink behavior-wise.

Gawain Bartholomew: You are clearly a racist, yet you are fascinate by Black women. Maybe Black women are arrested for prostitution more often simply because they are profiled by White male police officers that think like you. Please stop commenting on social issues within the Black community. We neither need nor want your help.

I’m not “fascinate” with them at all, you mumbling illiterate. Apparently making observations means you are fascinated with people.

Have you noticed that wokesters always do this. Make a comment on Blacks? Why are you so fascinated with Black people!? Make a comment about gays? Why are you so fascinated with gay people?! Do you have something to hide?! You must be gay yourself because only a gay person would be so interested. Why are you so fascinated by trannies? Can’t you think about something else? Why do you care so much? Don’t you have anything better to do?

This very annoying attitude to common to all woketards. It’s ridiculous. Obviously we can comment on any group or race of people any way we want to and if the observation is factual, it’s not bigotry. It’s dumb!

There’s also a lousy attitude on the part of the Black community along the lines of “We don’t want your help!”

A lot of the more decent Whites, especially White liberals, show concern with a lot of the problems of the Black community. “How can we help you ameliorate this problem, our Black brothers and sisters?” they kindly ask. This is met with a torrent of abuse along the lines of, “We don’t want your help!” This is obviously coming from the most petty and silly pride that is of no use to anyone, especially Black folks.

It’s also discouraging. If I’m having some problems in life and some decent person says, “Hey Bob, how can I help you better some of these problems in your life? What can I do for you?” Well first of all, I’ve hardly heard that in my life, though it would have been nice. I’m supposed to say, “Get away from me! I don’t need your help! I can’t do it myself (but I’m failing at that)!” That seems to be some silly and petty egotism talking there, and it doesn’t even seem adaptive.

Get lost, freak. It’s obvious that they are far more likely to be prostitutes in every sense of the word. I know this because I have dated them and talked to many of them. This race of women more whorish than any other race of women I have ever dealt with. Even Black women who are not prostitutes act like their vaginas are ATM machines.

I don’t know what it is with Black women, but I don’t appreciate the whoring attitude. Why don’t you tell me why so many Black women are prostitutes or have a whorish attitude towards sex? It’s an obvious fact based on 64 years of observation.

And they are obviously vastly over-represented in prostitution arrests and among prostitutes period. We have very few streetwalkers in this town as its a Mexican town and Mexican women simply don’t walk the streets. Sure they whore of course, but not so much, and they tend to do the dating-as-whoring thing where “dating” and “prostituting” are blurred together. The vast majority of the few streetwalkers I have seen in my town have been Black women.

I have also noticed that most if not all beautiful Black women, especially the young ones, think they have a God-given right to live in the utmost luxury, apparently because they are going to sell their pussies to the highest bidder.

Even a lot of the older ones are like that. I was talking about dating an older Black women around where I live and she insisted that I had to take her to the most expensive restaurant around. Another Black woman about her age told me she expected to be taken to a very fancy, expensive restaurant on a date. Both of these women were about 60 years old! That’s the attitude of a whore!

I don’t know if you understand White culture, but a White women is not supposed to act like that, to demand to be taken to the most expensive restaurant in town. A lot of Whites will really look down on her for that and consider her a whore.

I suppose there are beautiful White women who also expect to live in luxury their entire lives while only working on their backs as basically prostitutes, but it’s not something you see a lot of.

Going through Tinder profiles, you don’t see a lot of young beautiful White women who expect to live like queens because of their looks. Sure there are women like that – look at Melania. LA and New York are full of whores like that. But it’s not really typical in our culture.

Note that this is completely leaving aside the still-acceptable mindset in White culture of women trying to marry a rich guy. That’s still regarded as ok and not whoring. But Black women take this to another level, completely out in outer space.

I really suspect that being a whore is not a bad thing in bad culture. So that’s why they do it. In White culture it is still pretty lousy to be a lowdown whoring prostitute. It’s not even really ok to be an open gold-digger. Women like that are still looked down on and regarded as whores in our community thank God.

Call me racist all you want. I’m making a simple obvious observation. Your race may think being a whore is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I still think it’s pretty damn low behavior.

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