Alt Left: What Is a Shitlib?

What is a shitlib? A shitlib is a liberal, in the US, a liberal Democrat. In the EU, it applies to most of the social democrats, Labor Party supporters, etc. It is a phrase mostly employed by socialists, Communists, and other Leftists to emphasize their disdain for liberals. Conservatives don’t usually use the word. The closest analogy would be libtard, which is definitely a conservative epithet. You won’t ever hear a liberal using a word like that.

Shitlibs have always supported fascism and Nazism in the 3rd World. They supported every death squad regime in the Third World during the Cold War, and they never met a fascist coup or fascist government they didn’t love to death.

They used to oppose the Vietnam War, but they are all cured of that, and almost all of them are CIA assets by now.

At the moment, most of them support Israel and support the Nazis in Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

They hate the Palestinians, Iran, and the Resistance.

They support the US occupations and wars against the Iraqi and Syrian people. The Iraqis ordered us to leave the country, but the shitlibs gave them the finger and said we’re never leaving.

The shitlibs protested the ending of the war in Afghanistan, I guess because they wanted to stay there another 20 years.

They support the illegal US occupation of Syria and the theft of Syria’s oil and wheat. The US theft of Syrian oil amounts to 9

They supported ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria and Yemen, and they support Al Qaeda in Lebanon, Libya, Chechnya, and Iran.

They supported the invasion of Libya and the assassination of Ghaddafi, which has led to a failed state and open slave markets.

They supported the theft of billions in gold from Ukraine and Libya and the theft of $8 billion from Iraq.

They currently support the genocidal war in Yemen, where they are helping to starve millions of people. 200,000 people have already died because the shitlibs starved them in Yemen. The US shitlibs are helping the Saudis (the shitlibs’ best friends) to blockade Yemen. The blockade, like all blockades, covers food and medicine.

By the way, the shitlibs are also supporting sanctions that cover food and medicine to North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba. The shitlibs have so far killed 100,000 Venezuelans with their murderous sanctions.

The US is presently harboring and training ISIS in Syria, which the shitlibs support. The US supported ISIS for years in Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan, ferrying them back and forth in black helicopters to wherever they were needed. In Syria, they harbor ISIS at the US base in the east of the country where they train them and create a new “moderate” group out of them. Periodically the Syrian government tries to go into this US area to attack ISIS, but the US bombs and attacks them every time they try it.

The shitlibs have supported over 20 years of continuous, murderous fascist coups in Venezuela. They have supported assassination attempts on Maduro, and they supported the assassination of Chavez with a bioweapon.

They supported the 30 US bioweapon labs in Ukraine and the 300 others around the world. They support the US bioweapon labs that leaked or released the COVID virus, which is now certain to have come from a US bioweapon program.

In fact, the bioweapon program in Ukraine was deeply linked to the liberals in the Democratic Party, especially those around President Biden. Hunter Biden’s company was in back of all of those bioweapons in Ukraine, so we can see that this bioweapon project over there is a Democratic party affair.

They supported the murder of Iranian general Soleimani, the one man who was more responsible for the destruction of ISIS and Al Qaeda than any other man. Come to think of it, that’s probably why they killed them.

Shitlibs support millions of dollars in economic (!) and military to aid to the Jews in Palestine. They also support extreme apartheid and ethnic cleansing that the Jews do there. The shitlibs will never vote to cut off one nickel of aid to their Jewish buddies. One reason is because a huge number of Western Jews are shitlibs, and in fact, that’s what most all of them are anymore. The era of the Jewish Left is dead. They’re all neoconservatives now.

The shitlibs supported fascist coups in Haiti and Honduras because the governments raised the minimum wage. The fascist regimes that came in killed 1,000 people in Honduras and 3,000 in Haiti.

The shitlibs support the blockade against Cuba as far as I can tell (someone correct me here). I will guarantee you though that they hate the Cuban government and supported the “freedom for Cuba” fascists in the US and Cuba.

The shitlibs supported an extreme fascist coup in Bolivia, though there was some dissent on that one.

The shitlibs supported fascist coups in Paraguay and Brazil, although there was some dissent on Brazil. I assume they support Bolsonaro because shitlibs will always support a fascist against anyone on the Left or even another liberal for that matter.

The crazy thing about shitlibs is that they only support liberalism at home. If anyone dares to so much as raise the minimum wage in the Third World, the shitlibs start screaming for a fascist coup and death squad terror afterwards.

After the Cold War, many shitlibs said sadly that they “had” to support fascists, Nazis, death squads that killed hundreds of thousands to millions of people, etc. because it was necessary to do so to defeat the USSR. They were actually repentant about what they felt to be a sin.

However, after the Cold War was over, the shitlibs continued to commit all of the same crimes that they had committed during the Cold War! They didn’t ease up one bit. So I doubt if these crimes had much to do with the Cold War. One thing about shitlibs is that they believe US foreign policy should attack any government on Earth that is a little bit to the Left.

On foreign policy, they are fascists. Communists always said, scratch a liberal and there’s a fascist underneath a very thin layer of liberalism. I thought they were nuts but now I know they are right.

At least conservatives have principles. They support all of the rightwing outrages above, but they do so in time with their conservative principles. Shitlibs support fascism, Nazism, rightwing dictatorship, death squads, massacres, etc. while spouting leftwing ideas and brandishing leftwing pretensions. They’re outrageous!

There are some pro-Russian conservatives in Twitter who say that the one thing they agree with us on the Left about is that shitlibs are garbage.

These are funny conservatives who support Iran, China, Palestinians, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, and Chile. They also support Russia, Hungary, Belarus, and Serbia.

Belarus is a leftwing government but the rest are very hard to categorize as either left or right since US notions of left and right do not make sense in Europe. Even Putin’s “conservatism” doesn’t make much sense since on many issues, he’s to the left of the Democratic Party. As is the “fascist, far right” leader in Hungary. The Serbian government is also very hard to categorize. Perhaps “anti-globalist” would be the best way to describe all of these states.

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One thought on “Alt Left: What Is a Shitlib?”

  1. Robert, you are disappointing me a little bit. Haven’t I told you that there hasn’t been any such thing in the US as a left-winger nor even as a humanistic liberal since 1980 and that these are extinct species like the Passenger Pigeon and the Californian Grizzly?

    What you call a shitlib is what France up to not so long ago used to call a Muscadin: namely, a young extreme right-winger (named as such for the strong muscade scented-powder they sprayed their nose with all the time not to be infected by the commoners’ stench in the street) of the kind that abstained of one reactionary thing only, wishing for the return of the King, and even then, out of contempt for the common people among whom too many still had nostalgia for the King, and for the King himself who had been way too bleeding-hearted to deserve to have been so rich.

    Likewise the only thing reactionary these American Muscadin abstain from is wishing for the Queen of England to take back over the US (though if Trump were to make a comeback, they would consider for their home state to join Canada).

    These people are fascists pure and simple. Being in favour of impoverishing puppet dictatorships throughout the world that would guarantee the supply of raw materials and cheap-labour-made goods to their country and for progressive measures at home (and even then, conditionally, only for the “deserving” ones) was in essence the reason for most Nazi Germans to join the Nazi party. All they lack in the US is a Duce to identify with, a kind of Trump that would have hired them as the “best and brightest” instead of firing them.

    On the Russian question the American shitlibs as you call them do espouse wholesale the official erstwhile Nazi doctrine regarding Slavs. Even when they are liberals fleeing Putin’s regime mostly in the hope of getting a better computer or scientific job than can be gotten by in Russia, Russians together with most Slavs remain racial inferiors never to be hired but at lower level assembly jobs in the Rust Belt where most of their racial brethren migrated and still live for the most part.

    They are bears essentially. Putin’s accusation of Western ideology being Nazi and Ukraine being a country in need of denazification is 100% accurate. Actually that war with Russia is now relegitimizing racism as a honorable way of thought throughout all the ex-liberal West, with Gaia-worshipping toxic ecology doing the rest.

    Up to now a kind of ideological Maginot line of Political Correctness defense bulwarks had been holding against full-brown fascistic ideologies. Now they have found in Ukraine (like they did using Belgium in 1940) a way to work around that line right into the capital. Once you have admitted at last that slave races do exist such as the Slavs and that the reason for them to support evil characters such as Putin are to be searched for in the DNA, your whole ideological Maginot Line is turned around and its defenders made into prisoners in record time.

    All the strongholds of left-justified Political Correctness fall at once, with ecology doing the rest. Once you admit one aspect of racism to be legitimate, and one chapter of Nazis in Ukraine are doing a good job for the Jews, you are forced to admit the whole of racism as mainstream and Nazism as a globally positive ideology. I predict that within two years at most the US Democratic Party will have gone back full circle full Jim Crow: demons have been admitted in, and if you admit one regiment of them you admit them all: you will start thinking like a Nazi on every topic.

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