Alt Left: Authoritarianism Comes to the West: Shitlibs Ecstatic

Authoritarianism Comes to the West

I always knew there were limits to this democracy crap the West goes on about. As soon as democracy and freedom of speech lead to large numbers of people challenging the system, trust me, the hammer is going to come right down. There is already mass censorship of dissident voices, although the state has outsourced it all to the private sector. Since the only way to publish your views is in the private sector though, this is as good as the state doing it.

Shitlibs now regularly issue screeds saying that we have to limit freedom of speech if we are going to protect freedom of speech. The way to protect freedom is to limit freedom. We are going to have to limit freedom of speech to protect our fake democracy. Censorship is the only way to save democracy!

Of course, none of this nonsense makes the slightest bit of sense, but these are the dodges of every authoritarian out there. Pretty much we had to destroy the village in order to save it. Do you have any idea how many times the US has overthrown democratically elected governments with military coups “in order to protect or save democracy.”

That’s always the excuse. We had to overthrow a democratically elected government and put in a military dictatorship. Why? To save democracy! LOL wut. But every shitlib that ever was has fallen for this line ever time and will continue to do so until the end of my life.

In the UK, the government has seized the assets of a reporter reporting from the Donbass, I guess on charges of telling the truth.

People are being arrested in the Baltics for stating pro-Russian viewpoints on social media. The charges are usually espionage. In Germany, a female reporter has been charged with unspecified crimes relating to her reporting in Donbass, apparently for telling the truth. I’m not sure what the charges are yet.

Everyone who speaks out against Ukraine or for Russia gets put on a Ukrainian Nazi “kill list.” A number of reporters have their names up there right now. There are regular calls to kill the few Western journalists willing to tell the truth over there. Anti-Ukranian and pro-Russian voices are getting banned on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube all the time. Tell me US media corporations don’t all work for the CIA? You all need to listen to us radicals. We’ve been yelling about this for years and all you did was call us crazy.

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