Alt Left: Anti-Russian Hysteria Is Causing Even Russian Liberals to Circle the Flag

The West just stole $300 billion of Russian assets that were held abroad. Just out and out stole them, just like that. The sanctions are not just for the sanctioning countries, which are 15% of the world. The other 85% are threatened with violating sanctions if they dare to trade with Russia themselves, so you can see that the sanctions are extra-territorial and go all around the world, which is obviously nonsense.

But this has been the case with North Korean, Cuban, Venezuelan, Nicaraguan, and Iranian sanctions – they are all extraterritorial and US and EU law somehow goes all around the world and applies in every country on Earth! How the Hell does that even work?

There are now calls to ban all Russians from travel or moving to the West. This is actually a good thing because it shows the depth of the hatred that the West has had for Russia for a very long time, at least for 75 years. The Swedes want paybacks for some battle 300 years ago. The French want paybacks for Napoleon’s defeat. Regular calls to destroy and chop up Russia into tiny pieces are issued from large mainstream outlets by major Western thinkers.

Every Russian with a brain has figured out how much the West hates all Russians, every last one of them, and it’s starting to get through to a few of them. Most of the liberals are no longer pro-West. They may not be in favor of the war, but they are no longer actively antiwar and most are supporting the government at least passively. A Russian woman blogger says a friend of hers, a socialist feminist who hates Putin, is now an extreme supporter of the war. She also wrote about gays in the entertainment industry who are coming around to support the war. The war has 81% support and Putin has 83% support.

All these crazies who say you can’t oppose Putin or the war in Russia are nutjobs.

23 million Russian adults oppose this war. 23 million! You going to kill them all? Fire them all? Jail them all? Get out of here.

20 million Russians oppose Putin. 20 million! They going to kill, jail, or fire all of them? The Russia-hating shitlibs have all sorts of insane answers to this, and of course none of them make sense.

Now that it is obvious that the entire West is out to destroy Russia once and for all, even Russian liberals and starting to circle the wagons around Trump and the war. Calls to ban all Russians from the West show just how foolish these Russian liberals are. In fact, I believe Russian liberals are despised by the West, who regard them as ineffectual and unwilling to challenge Russia’s foreign policy or its wars.

All the liberals seem to be interested in is getting rid of Putin. A lot of these jokers left Russia with the start of the war and took off for the US or Europe. Many were programmers. However, at least here in the US, many said that no employer would hire them because they were Russians! Russian liberals have many stories about similar treatment in Europe. Look how your Western buddies treat you chumps! They hate you as much as they hate Putin and his supporters! These guys are clowns, sucking up to people who hate them. I actually support banning Russians from Europe because that will make Russians rally around Putin and the war even more.

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