Another Threatened Ban

Just got another threatened ban from a Starbucks. That makes four of them from this one crappy establishment. In contrast, I’ve only ever been banned from one other establishment in my life, a temporary ban at a supermarket when a little girl insulted me to my face and I insulted her back.

There seems to be something terribly wrong with this establishment the way they threaten to ban people all the time. In this town, they have a monopoly, so they can ban whoever they want and they have nowhere to go. All of the bans and ban threats had to do with looking at women or talking to women or other people. I never hit on or even flirted with any of these women.

Just to give you an idea of the sort of person I am, I am completely paranoid, especially paranoid of being called creepy. I go through every day in terror of being called creepy and try to do anything I can to avoid being called this. I’m basically the last person you would ever want to ban.

Keep in mind that these establishments are now full of homeless people who are dirty, often on drugs or crazy and basically way more disruptive than I will be in a hundred years. I’ve also learned my lessons from previous bans and at this store I dramatically reduced my previously gregarious approaching other people to talk to them because this is what I got banned for the previous time.

It took me a long time to figure out that I just can’t start talking to people all the time like I’ve been doing my whole life. We seem to be entering a viciously antisocial era. I’m also dramatically more careful about the sort of things that I talk about or ask questions about and I’ve started to identify a lot more people as more or less enemies.

Almost all of these are young women. I get along quite well with most young men and I get along very well with older people of all ages and both sexes. All of this hassle comes from young women (who I am really starting to hate) and it’s all coming from this one particular business. Keep in mind that this is probably the wokest corporation in the US. The stores are full of raving SJW’s and gays and lesbians are everywhere. I’ve even heard there are quite a few trannies working there. This whole generation of young people, especially young women, has been completely destroyed by PC and SJWism. They’re all just gone and hopeless.

I got a warning about “asking workers personal questions” after a faggot and a young woman complained. I supposedly asked them where they were from. With the guy, he was a Palestinian, a Palestinian faggot at that, and I was just wondering what village he came from over there. I didn’t realize that was so horribly offensive. I ask people who come from other places questions like this all the time and it usually goes quite smoothly. What am I going to do? Fly over there, find his family, and rape and murder them?

On second  thought I should have  known because the guy always acted  very weird around me. He White Knighted and cock-blocked for the women like crazy, but that’s a faggot thing that a lot of gay men do. You would think they would be on our side because they are guys too, but no, they always line up with  the women against the straight men. I’m also starting to get the impression from gay men that they really hate me.

This is all in the last ten years or so. I’m starting to think that gay men just hate us straight men.

He always acted very uncomfortable, weird, and nervous around me, which should have been a tip-off. He acted like he thought I was really weird. He also acted like he didn’t want to answer the question, and I should have left it that. I’m starting to do that a lot more now.

There was also a young women who complained that I asked her where she was from. I guess meaning where does she live around here? Most people just tell me. I was on a very personal basis with most of the young men there and I talked to them and asked them questions about all sorts of things all the time. I don’t remember asking  her that because that’s something I usually don’t ask young women.

You might say that I violated some crazy rule about personal questions, but I had known this man for years, so that doesn’t count. Also if we can never ask anyone any personal questions ever, how can we ever make friends? How can we ever have any conversations at all? How can we ever flirt? How can we ever date? How the Hell are we supposed to get laid?

You can say that there is a social rule that says don’t ever ask anyone any personal questions about themselves ever. But is there really a rule like that? It applies to everyone? No matter how well you know them? At what point do you know them well enough to talk about these things with them? Which people can you talk about these things to and which people can you not talk about these things to? How do you figure out who is who? I’m not an autist, but if even I have problems with this bullshit, you know autists must go completely insane, the poor sods.

Don’t ever ask personal questions or discuss personal matters? With whom? With workers? I talk to and ask questions about this stuff to workers all the time, especially after I get to know them pretty well. As long as they are guys, there’s usually no problem. So you can talk like this to guys but not to women? Oh yeah? Not to which women? Not to any women ever? Well, you can talk like that to some women and not to other women. Well, how are you supposed to tell them apart?

There is no rule called, “Don’t ask personal questions.” If there was, we’ve all been violating it our whole lives. There’s no rule called, “Don’t discuss personal matters with people at their jobs. I talk to people about things like that all the time depending on the situation. It seems to work out just fine and when it doesn’t, I just drop it and move on. I don’t call the cops on the person!

The truth is that it’s ok to talk about this stuff with some people but not with others. Now you have to figure out who it’s ok to talk to about this stuff. I can talk about this stuff to most men, including young men because around here, most men are Hispanics, who are real men, not fags, and real men don’t care about this stuff. Obviously it doesn’t apply to faggots because that’s just a woman in a man’s body. Now when you get into women, it gets very difficult. I used to be able to talk to people about this stuff all the time when I was younger, but as I got older and older, it got way less ok.

My problem is I’m anti-paranoid. I think everyone likes me! This is a terrible, terrible mistake to make in life because at least at this point in my life, an awful lot of people don’t like me one bit! So now I have started to realize this and I have moved people into “enemies”, “possible enemies not to be trusted,” and “trusted people.” If there’s even the remotest chance that you are going to bust me or try to get me in trouble or get me banned, you’re either an enemy or a potential enemy.

I’m at a new store now, and I’ve already identified a few young women as potential enemies. I’m not going to talk to them. One has already made it clear that any personal questions about anything on Earth are not acceptable. Another gives off very bad vibes and I don’t trust her at all. This is of course a completely paranoid way of looking at the world, but sadly, this is the only view of the world that makes sense anymore. At my age, if I’m not paranoid, I’m going to be getting banned all the time.

There are a few young men who I have problems with. They are often successful, egotistical, hot-shot, know-it-all young men who seem like they don’t like us older men. They’re pretty much assholes. Most of them are “defiantly ignorant.” They don’t know anything about anything but at their age, this is somehow a badge of honor. Anyone with a brain threatens them, so they have to insult them and put them down. Most young men are not like this, but there are always a few here and there. You need to isolate them and deal with them.

I’m dealing with this shit all the time now, like almost every single day, and it’s really starting to make me angry. To give you an idea, if you met me, you might think I’m the nicest guy you ever met. I’m actually very passive – far too passive, in fact. But actually passive, shy, quiet, and introverted men are far more likely to get attacked for being dangerous menaces then men who are actually dangerous.

Also, there is not one woman on this Earth who has figured out that as a man gets older, year by year, he gets less and less dangerous. Men my age are remarkably less dangerous than the younger men all these crazy bitches chase all the time. The younger men are much more likely to hurt or kill them than we are, and they do just that.

I’ve found that the one thing that makes women the most furious of all is this idea that I might have a sex drive. That just drives people absolutely bonkers and is responsible for almost all of the creeper and pedo charges right there. A creeper and a pedo is simply an older or old man with a sex drive. That’s all those words mean!

It’s starting to piss me off too. Recently, a couple of young shits, one female and one male, got the treatment. The young woman doesn’t like me looking at her at all. If I look at her for more than a second, she asks if there is something wrong. She’s gorgeous but she’s so retarded that she can’t figure out that her beauty is going to make her irresistible to any man on Earth. She really hates me!

She treats me like shit at the counter, and the other day, I turned my back to her the whole time she was ringing me up. The young man is a smart ass piece of shit know it all who thinks he’s superior to me.

One day he told I was standing to close to some women in line. They were all ugly and I barely had an idea they were there. I don’t usually do things like stand too close to people. I’m far too polite for that. I address servers as sir and madam, say thank you and you’re welcome almost excessively, am insanely paranoid of being called a creep and act accordingly, praise people on a regular basis, tell checkers, “Thank you for your service,” regularly and when I tip excessively, I point to the tip and say, “Good service.”

And I’m a creep! This prick young man who is “arrogantly ignorant” got that treatment. I turned my back to him the whole time he was ringing me up. I’m going to start doing this more often. If a place gives me shitty service, I simply refuse to come back, often for life. Starbucks is the worst of all because they are insanely woke and feminist and their young female employees are the worst people on Earth.

A lot of the men are wimps or especially faggots, and they’re all feminists and with the bitches. Starbucks shits have tried to ban me from four establishments. They only banned me from one. I lived my entire life until age 45 without ever getting banned from one place ever! That’s not like me to get banned from places. I’m too nice, paranoid, and polite for that.

This has all happened between ages of 45-64, and it’s all involved something about my interactions with the young women who work there, and sometimes the young men too, who are their cuck faggot allies.

I’ve only been banned from one other establishment and that was a supermarket. A little girl insulted me to my face and I shot the insult back at her and got a six month ban for my trouble.

The other day I was at the mall at 10:20 AM and there was hardly anyone there. I saw a couple of young women walking along and asked them if today was a holiday. The completely ignored me in a hostile manner and one mumbled, “I don’t know.” I saw them later and walked by them and after they were past me, I said, “Cunts!” They didn’t do anything in response.

I’m going to start doing this a lot more often.

This shit is really starting to piss me off. Later I found out via a phone call to my Mom that the mall was closed at the time and didn’t open until 11 AM. I went in early and found a shop that was open. There was a young woman in there and I asked her why her shop was open. She responded that some shops opened early. She also more or less said, “Get the fuck out of my store” in a nonverbal way. I swear to God I’m going to start fighting back against this overt shit more often.

It’s really starting to get on my nerves! I’m not really buying that you have a right to be openly hostile towards me. Or if you are, you are going to get a hostile response right back from me. Those are basic civil norms. Feminism and Woke Culture are encouraging women, especially young women, and also young men, to act extremely hostile towards men in general,

White men in particular, and older White men most of all. This is because “White men are extremely creepy” and “older White men are the creepiest of them all.” This is not true. Actually White men are one of the politest and most well-behaved and even chivalrous races of men. And older White men are one the most polite and harmless groups of men out there. Yet the woketards and femishits say we’re the most dangerous of all!

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