Alt Left: NATO = Nazi Atlantic Treaty Organization

Colombia, one of the most evil genocidal far right fascist governments on Earth has actually been awarded an honorary NATO membership, apparently due to its genocidal fascist behavior.

If you ask me why I hate the EU and NATO fake socialists, there you go. They support every fascist government on Earth, and they have supported all fascist coups against progressive governments. They attacked Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

These fake socialists in the EU and NATO are really just fascist supporters, which makes sense because NATO has been deeply fascist since it was formed. Much of the officer class of the first NATO was made up of former German Nazis and officers in Axis governments, so NATO was Nazi from Day One.

NATO ran anti-Communist guerrillas in Eastern Europe and the USSR after the war. All of these guerrillas were Nazis. NATO stole elections in Italy to keep Communists from winning. They helped the Greek fascists massacre tens of thousands of peasants and workers in Greek Civil War. They supported a nascent fascist government in Turkey in an early civil war there.

NATO set up the “Gladio stay-behind network” that was supposed to conduct guerrilla war in the case of a Soviet conquest of Europe. In Italy these were made up of Mussolinists. Everywhere in Europe, Gladio operatives, which were run by NATO intelligence, were mostly made up of Nazi and fascist former supporters or officials in Axis governments.

NATO initiated the Strategy of Tension in Italy when NATO intelligence set off bombs all over Italy in places like train stations. One bomb killed 90 people. They would then claim responsibility in favor of some armed group, sometimes of the Left and sometimes of the Right. Even today it is hard to figure which groups were real and which were just intelligence agency cutouts.

And we still don’t know if the bombings, kidnappings, and murders were done by leftwing groups or NATO intelligence LARPing as urban guerrillas. The CIA was deeply involved in this devious bombing campaign.

In Eastern Europe, Gladio were mostly Nazis. In 2014, a CIA coup in Ukraine brought a Nazi government to power and the former Gladio groups came to the forefront as the brownshirts of the new state. Gladio snipers from Lithuania and Georgia shot police and demonstrators both from a high-rise in the Maidan coup.

They had been trained by Gladio operatives at a NATO base in Poland before the coup. So those were NATO snipers shooting at both sides in the Maidan. Former Gladio network people and their supporters are now in power in Lithuania, Latvia

I don’t think that NATO itself is actually ideologically Nazi, though I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, Nazis are just fascists and NATO and really all capitalists love fascists if push comes to shove.

In the 1930’s, most of the US ruling class was supporting Hitler and lobbying the US to keep us from attacking Hitler. Hitler was good for business and he was keeping the Left down and out of power and that’s all capitalists care about at the end of the day. Given the Judeophobia and Zionism of NATO though, support for Nazis seems odd.

However, from day one, NATO was formed as a fanatically anti-USSR alliance. After the USSR broke up, it should have broken up but instead, it simply turned bizarrely enough to an anti-Russia alliance.

Let’s face facts. No one hates the Left, Communists, socialists as much as the fascists. And who are the enemies of the capitalists who rule every EU country? Their worst enemies in every country are the Left, (real) socialists, and Communists. Hence an alliance between capitalists and fascists everywhere on Earth is foregone conclusion.

Where there is capitalism, there is fascism or there was at one time and there no doubt will be in the future. It’s a single vine with both capitalist and fascist fruits and one is a part of the other.

That’s why all of these EU/NATO social democrats are a joke. They all support murderous fascist coups in Latin America! They all oppose and even put sanctions on every Left government in Latin America!

And they all oppose, put sanctions on, and have attempted coups in Belarus, which at the end of the day is simply an authoritarian leftwing government, probably the closest resemblance to the USSR today.

The EU and NATO are anti-Left. Who do social democrats work for? Their corporations. What do their corporations want? They support rightwing policies all over the world and oppose every Left government on Earth. Because social democrats must rule in favor the corporations that really run their countries, social democrats will probably never be truly leftwing and more often then not they will support fascists and even Nazis.

In Eastern Europe, who hated the USSR (and its successor in Russia) and Communism more than anyone? Nazis. Nazis are the ultimate Commie-fighters and Commie-killers and Russia-fighters and Russia-killers. I think this is the reason for the NATO-Nazi alliance, not that most NATO states are ideologically Nazi.

However, if we define Nazi to mean “kill the Russians” instead of kill the Jews, I think you can make a good case that the EU represents a group of Nazi and fascist countries and that NATO represents a Nazi and fascist army.

The alliance with Zionism is odd but Zionism is obviously just Jewish ethnic nationalism or Jewish fascism or even Jewish racist fascism (Nazism), then it starts to make a lot more sense.

75% of Israeli Jews are strong supporters of the Ukrainian Nazis. I don’t understand this except that they are part of the West and the West is now against Russia. Also the world’s Jews have been hating the USSR and Russia for a long time now, ever since the Cold War. Before that many Jews supported the USSR. Hence the sleazy alliance with World Jewry and out and out Nazis in Ukraine.

Groups of former Israeli soldiers even went to Ukraine to fight alongside the Nazis. One wonders what they were thinking. With Jews, there’s usually not a lot of morality involved and everything is circumstantial. If it’s advantageous for the Jews to ally with Nazis for the time being, then that is exactly what they will do, as in Jewish culture, all morality is contingent and honestly is seen as stupid, a fatal flaw or even almost a transgression.

To be clear, Israeli society is split and there have been some large pro-Russian demonstrations in Israel led by ethnic Russian Israeli Jews. There are many Russian Jews in Israel and although many hate Russia, it’s not true of all of them.

I tip my hat to the pro-Russian Russian Jews in Israel for standing up for the homeland that did so much for the Jewish people and for standing alongside Russian antifascism against the Ukrainian Nazis and an increasingly Nazi EU and NATO. Mazel tov, comrades! Here’s to the Jewish people!

The EU and NATO are fascist entities and they ally with Turkey, Azerbaijan, Colombia and Israel simply because these are fellow fascist countries and fascists often get along with other fascists. And Azerbaijan and Turkey are both very fascist and even Nazi (racist fascist) countries.

Many East European countries are becoming increasingly fascist. Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and even Finland (recovering their Nazi legacy) are already fascist or even Nazi countries.

Ukraine is obviously a Nazi country. Georgia is run by ethnic nationalists and it supports the Nazi regime in Ukraine. Poland is increasingly best seen as a fascist country. Finland has been a Nazi country forever. Nazism had very deep roots in Sweden with the ruling class and upper middle class. The swastika symbol was borrowed by the Nazis from Swedish Nazis and there was a deep alliance between German and Swedish Nazis all through the 1920’s.

Keep in mind that Sweden, a supposedly neutral country, supplied Nazi Germany with a vast amount of industrial material during the entirety of the war. The owner of the largest newspaper in the UK was an open fascist, and only came around to an anti-Nazi point of view in 1940. All major US newspapers in the 1930’s were isolationist and many were Nazi sympathizers. At best, they thought that Roosevelt was “too antifascist.”

For a long time the European strategy was to try to get Hitler to attack and destroy the USSR while leaving the rest of Europe alone, and the Allies were even prepared to arm Hitler for this purpose.

The founder of NATO said the purpose of NATO in regard to Europe was to keep the Soviets (or Russians) out, the US in, and to Germany down. That’s been its purpose ever since so it should not be surprising that the German and indeed the entire European economy is going down the tubes these days, as this seems to be part of a US plot to take out the competing EU.

There has been a lot of talk in US national security circles lately about the strategic threat posed by the EU. As you can see, US imperialism is trying to destroy Russia, possibly take out the EU, and it looks like it has its sights on China too.

The US security state has listed Russia, China, and the EU as competitors that need to be defeated or overcome or in the case of the first two, taken out altogether. The amount of hubris on display here is breathtaking.

I also can’t believe that the EU suckers and chumps are allowing the US imperialists to destroy their economies as competitors. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

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