People Who Interrupt All the Time

Manuel Rodriguez: What do you think about people that constantly interrupt? Like, literally interrupting every time someone starts raising a statement that contradicts them. I noticed that these are men with dark triad traits. They seek to always dominate conversations no matter what. They raise their voice, and can even start mocking and insulting the other party.

I can’t think of anyone like this right now which implies that my life is in pretty good shape. It seems like my father used to do that a lot because he was so emotional. You would start saying something and he would get so emotional and angry about it that he just could not help but interrupt.

The idea was that what you said was so outrageous and offensive that no reasonable human could wait before making an angry or outraged response. In truth, it is not often in real life that someone makes a comment that is so outrageous that it demands an immediate and interrupting response.

That doesn’t sound good at all. Anyone who has a reputation for constantly interrupting is bad news and sounds like someone to be avoided. We all do it sometimes, especially us men, but having a rep for doing it all the time sounds like asshole territory. I also think it is a flaw in us men that we need to work on though we will probably never get rid of it completely.

You should not interrupt someone just because they are contradicting what you say or telling you you are wrong. Hell, people tell me I’m wrong all the time, and if they are correct, I definitely listen to them. Even if they are incorrect, I don’t interrupt them. I only interrupt sometimes when people go on and on and I can’t get a word in edgewise.

These people sound like real assholes. These are aggressive, dominant, and competitive men who often function quite well and accumulate power, status, money, and possibly even fame. They see all other men as competitors who need to be destroyed. Generally Dark Triad types are probably serious assholes, and I would not advise associating with them.

People who try to dominate conversations are in general serious assholes. I’d avoid them too. What right do they or me or you or anyone have to violate the fucking conversation?! No one has that right.

Raising your voice is ok if you are angry about something you are talking about. However raising your voice as a bullying or intimidation tactic in conversation is not ok at all. My father used to do that all the time. If you do that, you are a bully! Bullies suck, especially adult bullies!

You should not insult or mock the other person just because they disagreed with you. However, if a hostile person disagreed with me, I might sarcastically make fun of him in a mild way. I’d be just pointing out with facts how idiotic his comments were. You can always say, “Sheesh,” roll your eyes, or sigh in an exasperated way when someone says something particularly absurd and idiotic, that is if you want to challenge it at all.

A lot of times I just let people spout their nonsense in the interest of social peace. But where you know someone pretty well, you might just want to set them right. Generally the better you know someone, the more you can disagree with them and set them straight. Setting strangers straight doesn’t seem to work very well unless they are particularly open and modest people, and most strangers are not like that. Instead they defensive and immodest.

They also have their guard particularly up because you are a stranger. I’d have to think around a bit to think of the last time I corrected a stranger or even an acquaintance because they said something that wasn’t true. It seems like a lot of the time I just let it slide.

Of course constant interrupters are mean assholes. You should generally avoid hostile people at all costs. I’m living with a hostile person right now, and if I had my way, I’d thrown his damned ass out of here. However, I’m not supposed to do that right now. He’s my brother, he’s homeless and has nowhere to go, and if I toss him, he will be on the streets.

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