Alt Left: Everything’s Offensive, Inappropriate, and Unacceptable! Woke Culture Is Feminine, Cucked, and Faggy and Real Men Should Not Be Woketards

Of course, woke culture gets offended by half of life so they probably think it’s just fine to act this way all the time because according to them people are always making outrageously offensive or unacceptable comments that demand an interrupting response.

I would like to point out here that woketards are incredibly hostile, unfriendly, and antisocial. Of course all of this is coming right out of feminism. According to feminism, we men and our speech and behavior are so offensive that women cannot help but be outraged and act rude to us all day long.

Feminists cheer for women who refuse to talk to men, shoot down men’s conversations, ignore men, pick fights with men, act offended by men’s behavior and conversation, etc. Feminism is simply a perpetually outraged annoyed response roaming around looking for something male to attach to in order to attach their inner rage to an external object.

Civilized people think you should act at least fairly polite and friendly to most people most of the time and you should try not to act rude or unfriendly too much of the time. Feminists say that this is a good way to get raped or murdered because so many of us men are raping murderers that women are justified in their paranoid pre-emptive hostility.

According to feminists, all of the antisocial behavior they promote is just women trying to preserve their health and their lives. It seems to me that this is just making excuses for people to act like assholes, or in the case of women, bitches.

Really, sane people do not go around getting offended by every other thing they encounter in life. The more easily offended you are, the more of a fucked up and antisocial person you are. Antisocial people are offended all the time. Friendly people are offended little of the time. I’m rarely offended by the behavior of friendly people and I can’t remember the time when would have advocated canceling someone in any way due to their behavior towards me.

Real men don’t try to cancel other men except under extreme circumstances. If there is a problem with the guy, you take him aside and talk to him nicely if he is a good guy or harshly if he’s not. You give him a chance because you’re a man and you’re generally not interested in canceling people anyway because cancelling is female, cucked, and faggoty.

It’s basically feminine behavior. It’s beyond me why a real men would act perpetually offended (this right there is female or faggy behavior) in the first place. Real men are supposed to be fairly imperturbable and they’re not supposed to be “calling Mommy” on other men all the time. That’s what women do.

I would say that the fact that a “man” is woke at all is pretty damn feminine and faggy behavior. It’s beyond me why any woketard could ever be a real man. It would seem that wokeness is inherently cucked and faggoty

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Everything’s Offensive, Inappropriate, and Unacceptable! Woke Culture Is Feminine, Cucked, and Faggy and Real Men Should Not Be Woketards”

  1. i came here for delphi stuff but this is my favorite post so far hahaha. you’re the most interesting lib i’ve ever witnessed, as a compliment!

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