Alt Left: Hispanic Culture and Early Sexualization of Girls

Referring to this video, PB remarks:

PB: She honestly is too young to have show. Pretty stupid vid and not sexy. A Latina pornstar said Latinos are more sexual with children and there’s more family hanky-panky. Not knocking them but it may be a fact. Seen some other vid with a Latina kid on this site. Maybe the Hispanic way’s better. Many non-Hispanic White pornstars end up broken.

I think I saw that video!

I’m not going to come out and say that adults getting sexual with children is better than not doing so no matter how these porn stars end up. Those porn stars are not harmed by it because in their culture, perhaps it’s seen as common or no big deal.

I don’t think she’s sexy either. Actually little girls that age sort of make me uncomfortable for some reason. Instead of me seeing them as cute and adorable, they make me queasy and nervous. They seem annoying, stupid, and boring. I always want to change the channel when they come on. That sort of idiotic childish behavior just doesn’t appeal to me.

Now, there are girls that age who are practicing being “little women” by imitating their mothers (I suppose), and this is a lot more attractive to me. Once again, it’s not attractive in a sexual way. It’s more of a cute trip to see an 8 year old girl practicing being a “little woman” or a “little adult.”

There is something charming and appealing about it. I figure it’s never too young to start acting like an adult or in a girl’s case, like a woman. I also like to see little boys trying to act like men. This is also charming and appealing to me. It’s sort of “heartwarming” in both cases. It’s hard to put into words the feeling I get when I see that.

I’ve heard of early sexualization among Hispanics. Sometimes I wonder if it’s true.

A while back there were some girls in the complex around age 13, and they started getting really friendly with me. There was something going on at the other end of the complex and one of the girls said, “We’ll meet you over there!” I didn’t go over there for some reason. I was sort of scared of that girl, and I’m not sure I wanted to be seen talking to her.

Then a few years later there were a couple of 13 year old girls in the complex who all of a sudden got extremely friendly with me.

I kind of got the impression that the sex drive comes on at age 13, and they get really horny like all girls do at that age, but in that culture, they start looking around very quickly for older men to fuck to break them in or lose their virginity to.

I had a friend who grew up in the South and there was something similar going on with the poor Whites in his town. He said quite a few of the 13-15 year old girls at the school were very anxious to lose their virginity, and they were all losing it by seeking out young men aged 20-25 in the area who were known to do this sort of thing. They would find these men, proposition them, and get laid to lose their virginity. Apparently there were no arrests.

I’ve had a couple of girls that age (one 12 and one 13) simply proposition me right to my face, once while I was teaching a class in school! They’re pretty unsophisticated at that age so they think the way to seduce a man is to walk right up to him and ask him to have sex with you. Even girls up to age 15 operate that way.

Down in Mexico they start fucking their women real young, like 13 or 14. That Ohio illegal alien who molested his girlfriend’s 10 year old daughter, knocking her up and resulting in the abortion controversy when she went to Indiana for an abortion, said that in his village in Mexico, all of the girls were married by age 13, often to older men, so he saw nothing wrong with fucking this girl. Apparently his girlfriend saw nothing wrong with it either.

That’s where this “pedophile” argument goes insane. Are these idiots trying to tell me that all of the men in that village are “pedophiles?” Get out!

In fact, their behavior seems quite normal in an anthropological sense, and if you study more primitive societies around the world, most tribes allow girls to start having with whoever they want to around ages 13-14 or up to 15 at the latest. And they often start having sex with men, not boys.

This behavior is certainly not normal in our culture, but in psychiatry we don’t care about normal or abnormal in terms of culture. As I noted the other day, there are groups that think headhunting and honor killings are completely normal. We look at things across the board and try to figure out if it is psychopathology in some global human sense.

I still don’t think molesting little children is normal as most tribes and even older societies came out against it.

I don’t know about them being more sexual with children per se, but they seem to be a lot of more sexual with teenage girls, who aren’t really children anymore in my book. After all, they have the Quinceanera ceremony for girls at age 15, which is a big party to announce that she is now a woman and can conceivably fuck or marry any boy or man she wants to.

I know that when little girls are molested down there, it seems to be pretty commonplace among the lower middle classes, and the cases are often not even reported or prosecuted. Typically the girl’s mother hears about the molestation, tells the girl to avoid the man, and forbids the daughter from being around the man. That’s how they deal with it down there.

Many Mexican women have molestation in their backgrounds, but it’s such a common and typical thing that as women they just assume that it’s something typical that happens to a lot of girls down there, so they don’t freak out about it, and there is little harm extending to adulthood.

This stuff is not harmful per se and instead a lot of the harm to the girls comes from us making such a big deal out it. By doing that, we are just making things worse. With a lot of these women who are claiming harm from getting molested, the harm comes from how we made a bit fuss about it, not the acts per se.

Most of the harm comes from shame and guilt on the part of the woman, and these are things we can work on by telling her it wasn’t her fault, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, and it was no big deal anyway. A lot of problems sort of go away if you ignore and explode wildly if you make a big deal about them.

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