Monologues, Interrupting, and Other “Errors” of Communication

I’m not going to blow up if you cut me off or interrupt me. I don’t like it, but everybody interrupts everyone all the time. I might make a bit of a face, but that’s about it. You’re not supposed to blow up and start screaming, “Let me finish!” every time someone interrupts you like a pussy little fagboy. Real men don’t do that. Perhaps after they have been interrupted a number of times, they might raise their voice a little and ask to be permitted to respond, but you’re not supposed to throw a shit-fit.

You’re also not supposed to go on extended monologues like an annoying fucktard. When your conversation pauses, others have a right to jump in. Guess what? It doesn’t matter if you finished your stupid little monologue of not!

If it bothers you, you can smile shyly, hold up your hand, and say quietly, “Hang on sec. Hear me out please.” Or just wait for a break in the conversation to finish whatever you are saying. People who go on asinine and annoying monologues are always the same people who scream that you are interrupting them! Ever noticed that? Ever noticed that quiet types and men of few words are never blowing up and saying you interrupted them?

Of course this makes no sense at all, but that’s because monologuists are idiots. Monologuism is basically narcissism. They think what they are saying is so damned important that they have a right to go on and on for minute upon minute without allowing anyone else interject even a word or two. This is narcissism! I seriously doubt that you are such a fine orator that we need to listen attentively to your 5-10 minute monologues because they are so damned Ciceronian!

On the other hand, interrupting is not good. If you notice yourself interrupting, carry on with what you are saying, but make a note, “Hey I just interrupted this person, and I’m going to try not to do that again.”

If someone wants to cut in, I usually just let them cut in. I’m not particularly narcissistic and I figure that maybe the other person has something important to say. You could probably interrupt me all day long, and I would never get mad. I just don’t blow up about things. I’m probably the least irritable person you will ever meet. Interrupting is more something that you need to watch out for yourself doing, especially if you are a man because we men are interrupters.

If someone always yields the verbal right of way to you when you interrupt, that’s not a license to run them over with your damned words. They are probably just being civilized or polite. These qualities are not things that good or decent people take advantage of.

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4 thoughts on “Monologues, Interrupting, and Other “Errors” of Communication”

  1. What do you think about people that constantly interrupt? Like, literally interrupting every time someone starts raising a statement that contradicts them. I noticed that these are men with dark triad traits. They seek to always dominate conversations no matter what. They raise their voice, and can even start mocking and insulting the other party.

    1. That doesn’t sound good at all. Anyone who has a reputation for constantly interrupting is bad news and sounds like someone to be avoided. We all do it sometimes, especially us men, but having a rep for doing it all the time sounds like asshole territory. I also think it is a flaw in us men that we need to work on though we will probably never get rid of it completely.

      You should not interrupt someone just because they are contradicting what you say or telling you you are wrong. Hell, people tell me I’m wrong all the time, and if they are correct, I definitely listen to them. Even if they are incorrect, I don’t interrupt them. I only interrupt sometimes when people go on and on and I can’t get a word in edgewise.

      These people sound like real assholes. These are aggressive, dominant, and competitive men who often function quite well and accumulate power, status, money, and possibly even fame. They see all other men as competitors who need to be destroyed. Generally Dark Triad types are probably serious assholes and I would not advise associating with them.

      People who try to dominate conversations are in general serious assholes. I’d avoid them too. What right do they or me or you or anyone have to violate the fucking conversation?! No one has that right. Raising your voice is ok if you are angry about something you are talking about. However raising your voice as a bullying or intimidation tactic on conversation is not ok at all. My father used to do that all the time. If you do that, you are a bully! Bullies suck, especially adult bullies!

      You should insult or mock the other person just because they disagreed with you. However, if a hostile person disagreed with me, I might sarcastically make fun of him in a mild way. I’d be just pointing out with facts how idiotic his comments were.

      Of course they are mean assholes. You should generally avoid hostile people at all costs. I’m living with a hostile person right now and if I had my way, I’d thrown his damned ass out of here. However, I’m not supposed to do that right now. He’s my brother, he’s homeless and has nowhere to go, and if I toss him, he will be on the streets.

  2. Forgot to add: They often are mean assholes in general.

    I haven’t seen you posting about Petro’s victory in Colombia. He’s sworn in today. I wonder what the US is planning? They are not just going to let him rule. I guess only time can tell what is going to happen.

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