Alt Left: It Is Perfectly Normal for Men to Be Sexually Attracted to Little Girls

All men are sexually attracted to little girls, albeit at a lower rate than they are attracted to grown women. All men are attracted to little girls at 32% of the level that they are attracted to adult women. So it’s not abnormal at all to be sexually attracted to little girls. In fact, it’s absolutely normal! But it’s only normal to be attracted to them at a low level.

It’s not normal at all to be preferentially attracted to little girls as 3% of all US men are. These men are called primary pedophiles.

The reason I tend to defend them on here is because I am a Men’s Rights Activist! I refuse to condemn 3.3 million of my American brothers simply because they got wired up in some weird way sexually. They can’t help their pedophilia and there doesn’t seem to be any cure for it.

I just don’t want them touching kids is all. They can think about whatever they want, and they can access child porn as long as it is stories, cartoons, 3D, Hentai, etc. that only involves drawings and words and not images of actual little girls being molested. Of course they can have all the child erotica that they want, as in non-illegal pictures of pretty little girls, etc. They’re just going to have jerk off their whole lives. Or they can find an adult partner who is willing to put up with their age preference, though that is probably a tall order.

Another 18% of American men are maximally attracted to both little girls and older females. These are called undifferentiated in the literature. If it’s female, it turns them on!

As they are maximally aroused by mature women, I advocate that they simply direct their sexual fantasies and impulses towards the social object of mature women and forget about the antisocial object of little girls, which is only going to get them in trouble. As far as their attraction to little girls goes, I would advocate that they suppress or repress it. What’s the point of having frequent antisocial thoughts and urges? They’re only likely to serve as antisocial temptations, and the fewer antisocial temptations we have, the better.

This shows that 21% of men are pedophilic in the lab, that is, they are maximally attracted to little girls.

I don’t think it’s normal to have a strong sexual attraction to little girls, but it doesn’t seem to be all that abnormal either. It’s hard to say that a condition that effects 21% of all men is all that abnormal. That goes against the definition of normality, which by one definition just means common or typical.

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