Alt Left: Hispanic “WASPization” and Roman Hellenization: Some Parallels

Jason Muniz: As someone has written, Hispanic culture is just European culture of the Southern Latin variety. This is probably why it seems odd to a White Northern Euro like you. In reality, I would say that WASP culture is the innovative/odd one when it comes to European culture. Hispanic Catholic culture is conservative, socially speaking.

I will say though that the modernization process that we Hispanics are going through via our exposure to Anglo Saxon culture reminds me of the Hellenization that the Romans underwent during the Late Republican and Early Imperial periods, with rural Latin peoples (Romans, Hispanics) being exposed to sophisticated, urban, and global cultures(Greeks, Anglo Americans).

We’ll see what the end product will be (IMO, either a new type of American state that will maintain Western global dominance or something that will only benefit the Chinese but not European civilization).

I would call this more an exposure of a Southern Catholic culture to a “Northern Protestant” culture where WASP is simply shorthand for any European Protestant.

This is an excellent comment and I really think he’s onto something. I’m not sure I’ve thought of this before but it seems that I have thought “around” this subject for some time now. Sort of like when someone asks you if you’re read a certain book, and you say, “I’ve read at that book.” You’ve looked it over but you haven’t read it page for page or word for word.

I’m not sure of the future of this change will be. I think the era of US and hence Western dominance is coming to an end, though the hegemon will fight all the way to its demise as such dying creatures are wont to do. Dominance is evolutionary in the sense that it wants to stay alive as any living creature does. Most folks or entities that are dominant do not wish to give up their dominance without a fight. As Lenin said, power will not give itself up without a fight and if you want to overthrow power, you have to do so by force. This is why he derided the democratic road to socialism, advocates of which he called parliamentary cretins.

As the problems with Venezuela and Nicaragua show us, the peaceful road to socialism is fraught indeed. The capitalists never say uncle and they fight it all the way, frequently with violence. Coups, either economic, military, parliamentary, or judicial are almost guaranteed. Venezuela has been subject to a slow-moving coup attempt ever since Chavez came into power. This is where the peaceful road to socialism lies – in endless war.

I hate to credit the Leninists, but on this issue, they are absolutely right. By the way, I am not a Leninist or a Communist, though I do support some Communist countries because it seems that the people wish to live under this system. I’m just a socialist, that’s all.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Hispanic “WASPization” and Roman Hellenization: Some Parallels”

  1. We’re all WASPized in North America to some extent. The Colombian I know wears WASP shorts. I’m guessing it’s hip to be square down there. As you venture West in the US there should be less WASPization. Western movies like Man From the East highlight this. Biggest WASP wannabees are Indians and Pakistanis. Americans are too rebellious, independent, and self-loving to go full Brit.

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