Alt Left: Almost None of Those Passionately Held Moral Values of Yours Are Scientifically Correct

Many things are not crystal clear and provable one way or the other, particularly political matters. Who is right, the Right or the Left? The Republicans or the Democrats? The Russians or the Ukrainians? The Chinese or the Americans? The Israelis or the Palestinians? The Communists or the fascists? The anarchists, the democrats, or the totalitarians?

Of course, I have my own passionately held beliefs on most of these questions, and I think my views are correct, good, and morally proper. I also think those who disagree with me are holding a view that is bad, wrong, or even evil. But am I making a scientific argument?

On any issue that has two sides fighting, who the Hell knows which side has a better argument? Both sides think they have the correct argument on the matter. Most political matters are not provable facts in a scientific sense no matter how much ideologues like to think they’ve gotten it all figured out.

Granted, some political or politicized things are just crazy. We know the Earth is not flat and we went to the moon. We know the Holocaust happened. We know Biden won the election and Trump tried to steal it.

But most everything else political is pretty much up for grabs. We all insist that we are right and the other side is dead wrong, but is that really a provable fact? Of course not. It all boils down to opinions on the right or wrong ways that society and the state ought to behave with regard to this issue or that.

Sure, I think those who want to outlaw abortion are wrong, but maybe they’re not. Maybe it is murder (though I say it isn’t). And if it’s murder, you’re damn right it ought to be outlawed.

Sure, refusing to help the poor is wrong by me, but this is moral philosophy, not science. Perhaps it’s better to give the rich all the money and let everyone else starve! I’d say that’s a lousy and immoral world, but that’s not a scientific fact. Perhaps it’s paradise. It surely is for the rich.

People argue about these things so ferociously because most state action has to do what we think is the right or wrong or correct or false way for the state to run society. When it’s a matter of right and wrong, opinions get heated. When it’s more a matter of correct or poorly thought out ways of doing things, people are likely to not get so upset. Instead they will just shake their heads, say people are morons, and go about their day.

Most moral questions don’t have right or wrong answers, believe it or not.

Perhaps murder’s just fine. Misanthropes probably think it’s the best plan for humanity.

Criminals justify all sorts of criminal behavior, and there are whole societies that freely allow folks to engage in all sorts of things that are crimes here on a daily basis with little fretting because they don’t see anything wrong with it.

It’s important to note that as passionately and violently as we believe in our strong moral values, your values about right and wrong are probably not factually true.

At the end of the day, it’s just another opinion. Think about this the next time you are furious at someone who does not share your moral values on this, that, or whatever. Perhaps they’re not bad or evil people after all. Perhaps you are not a good or proper person after all. Perhaps all this stuff is just a damned matter of opinion!

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Almost None of Those Passionately Held Moral Values of Yours Are Scientifically Correct”

  1. The best imitations are done by imitators that have some love for the imitated. Jim Carey’s Eastwood is better than Alec Baldwin’s Trump. I believe the best anti-Semites do their homework on Jews, maybe speak Yiddish, or read all their writings. Knowing something is the same as figuring out the good, the bad, and ugly about the something. Same is likely true with Blacks, gays, and trannies.

    Purely hating Blacks or gays can be ugly. It’s probably more humane to identify with them on some level. It’s easy to be inhumane to a sub-human or anti-human. Tin men as icy cold as Terminator machines, lack a warm human heart.

    Purely loving is purely ignorant. It involves overlooking all flaws. Many are fully brainwashed by the woke media. Like scarecrow, they have a head full of straw instead of a brain.

    1. Neo-cons like Ben Shapiro are tough on trannies. I actually know many guys like this. Some will change a heated subject to trannies because most dudes don’t give a shit about trannies.

      Jared Taylor does avoid the heat of the kosher kitchen. I’ve defended his right to do so. At least we know there’s little reward for doing so.

      These lions on trannies or NAM’s do seem to lack courage, often avoiding the root in favor of playing with branches or leaves like a Black tranny punching an old frail grandpa instead of a ripped bodybuilder in his prime. The easy way isn’t very brave, nor is picking on easy prey.

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