Hispanic Culture and Early Sexualization of Girls

Referring to this video, PB remarks:

PB: She honestly is too young to have show. Pretty stupid vid and not sexy. A Latina pornstar said Latinos are more sexual with children and there’s more family hanky-panky. Not knocking them but it may be a fact. Seen some other vid with a Latina kid on this site. Maybe the Hispanic way’s better. Many non-Hispanic White pornstars end up broken.

I think I saw that video!

I’m not going to come out and say that adults getting sexual with children is better than not doing so no matter how these porn stars end up. Those porn stars are not harmed by it because in their culture, perhaps it’s seen as common or no big deal.

I don’t think she’s sexy either. Actually little girls that age sort of make me uncomfortable for some reason. Instead of me seeing them as cute and adorable, they make me queasy and nervous. They seem annoying, stupid, and boring. I always want to change the channel when they come on. That sort of idiotic childish behavior just doesn’t appeal to me.

Now, there are girls that age who are practicing being “little women” by imitating their mothers (I suppose), and this is a lot more attractive to me. Once again, it’s not attractive in a sexual way. It’s more of a cute trip to see an 8 year old girl practicing being a “little woman” or a “little adult.”

There is something charming and appealing about it. I figure it’s never too young to start acting like an adult or in a girl’s case, like a woman. I also like to see little boys trying to act like men. This is also charming and appealing to me. It’s sort of “heartwarming” in both cases. It’s hard to put into words the feeling I get when I see that.

I’ve heard of early sexualization among Hispanics. Sometimes I wonder if it’s true.

A while back there were some girls in the complex around age 13, and they started getting really friendly with me. There was something going on at the other end of the complex and one of the girls said, “We’ll meet you over there!” I didn’t go over there for some reason. I was sort of scared of that girl, and I’m not sure I wanted to be seen talking to her.

Then a few years later there were a couple of 13 year old girls in the complex who all of a sudden got extremely friendly with me.

I kind of got the impression that the sex drive comes on at age 13, and they get really horny like all girls do at that age, but in that culture, they start looking around very quickly for older men to fuck to break them in or lose their virginity to.

I had a friend who grew up in the South and there was something similar going on with the poor Whites in his town. He said quite a few of the 13-15 year old girls at the school were very anxious to lose their virginity, and they were all losing it by seeking out young men aged 20-25 in the area who were known to do this sort of thing. They would find these men, proposition them, and get laid to lose their virginity. Apparently there were no arrests.

I’ve had a couple of girls that age (one 12 and one 13) simply proposition me right to my face, once while I was teaching a class in school! They’re pretty unsophisticated at that age so they think the way to seduce a man is to walk right up to him and ask him to have sex with you. Even girls up to age 15 operate that way.

Down in Mexico they start fucking their women real young, like 13 or 14. That Ohio illegal alien who molested his girlfriend’s 10 year old daughter, knocking her up and resulting in the abortion controversy when she went to Indiana for an abortion, said that in his village in Mexico, all of the girls were married by age 13, often to older men, so he saw nothing wrong with fucking this girl. Apparently his girlfriend saw nothing wrong with it either.

That’s where this “pedophile” argument goes insane. Are these idiots trying to tell me that all of the men in that village are “pedophiles?” Get out!

In fact, their behavior seems quite normal in an anthropological sense, and if you study more primitive societies around the world, most tribes allow girls to start having with whoever they want to around ages 13-14 or up to 15 at the latest. And they often start having sex with men, not boys.

This behavior is certainly not normal in our culture, but in psychiatry we don’t care about normal or abnormal in terms of culture. As I noted the other day, there are groups that think headhunting and honor killings are completely normal. We look at things across the board and try to figure out if it is psychopathology in some global human sense.

I still don’t think molesting little children is normal as most tribes and even older societies came out against it.

I don’t know about them being more sexual with children per se, but they seem to be a lot of more sexual with teenage girls, who aren’t really children anymore in my book. After all, they have the Quinceanera ceremony for girls at age 15, which is a big party to announce that she is now a woman and can conceivably fuck or marry any boy or man she wants to.

I know that when little girls are molested down there, it seems to be pretty commonplace among the lower middle classes, and the cases are often not even reported or prosecuted. Typically the girl’s mother hears about the molestation, tells the girl to avoid the man, and forbids the daughter from being around the man. That’s how they deal with it down there.

Many Mexican women have molestation in their backgrounds, but it’s such a common and typical thing that as women they just assume that it’s something typical that happens to a lot of girls down there, so they don’t freak out about it, and there is little harm extending to adulthood.

This stuff is not harmful per se and instead a lot of the harm to the girls comes from us making such a big deal out it. By doing that, we are just making things worse. With a lot of these women who are claiming harm from getting molested, the harm comes from how we made a bit fuss about it, not the acts per se.

Most of the harm comes from shame and guilt on the part of the woman, and these are things we can work on by telling her it wasn’t her fault, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, and it was no big deal anyway. A lot of problems sort of go away if you ignore and explode wildly if you make a big deal about them.

Child Molestation and Incest as Violations of Natural Law

While adult sex with teenage girls is hardly abnormal in an anthropological sense and doesn’t even seem to violate Natural Law, I still don’t think adults molesting little children is normal, as most tribes and even older societies came out against it. There was a ton of teen sex going on in Rome, but they very much frowned on fucking little kids. Check out Suetonious on that.

There are a few societies like the Samia who do this as a manhood ritual, and the boys are not harmed, but that is more of a cultural ritual than a sexual thing per se.

There are also a few cultures that allow teenage boys to engage in sex with girls their own age and even little girls. I assume the girls are not harmed. In the literature, there was one case of a man in this culture who who was doing sexual things with these little girls too. They didn’t really sanction him other than social isolation and mockery. He was seen as “acting childish, acting like a kid, acting immature, not acting his age,” that sort of thing, but it was not seen as criminal. They simply ridiculed and made fun of him.

Considering that in general, societies across the board seem to frown on adults molesting children, I think I can make a case that child molestation violates the Catholic concept of Natural Law. I think we could say that incest also violates Natural Law and most every society encountered has had an incest taboo.

We can’t say scientifically that these things are morally wrong, but I think we can say that according to Natural Law, they are inherently immoral or wrong, and we can’t say that about a lot of crimes because they are more contingent.

Of course, homosexuality also seems to violate natural day not to mention trannyism. That doesn’t mean that homosexuality is morally wrong, but I think it means that Nature frowns on it and may punish those who take it up. Similarly, Nature very much frowns on trannyism, which once again is more idiotic than immoral, and hence trannies are punished by being miserable, having high suicide rates, etc.

Hispanic “WASPization” and Roman Hellenization: Some Parallels

Jason Muniz: As someone has written, Hispanic culture is just European culture of the Southern Latin variety. This is probably why it seems odd to a White Northern Euro like you. In reality, I would say that WASP culture is the innovative/odd one when it comes to European culture. Hispanic Catholic culture is conservative, socially speaking.

I will say though that the modernization process that we Hispanics are going through via our exposure to Anglo Saxon culture reminds me of the Hellenization that the Romans underwent during the Late Republican and Early Imperial periods, with rural Latin peoples (Romans, Hispanics) being exposed to sophisticated, urban, and global cultures(Greeks, Anglo Americans).

We’ll see what the end product will be (IMO, either a new type of American state that will maintain Western global dominance or something that will only benefit the Chinese but not European civilization).

I would call this more an exposure of a Southern Catholic culture to a “Northern Protestant” culture where WASP is simply shorthand for any European Protestant.

This is an excellent comment and I really think he’s onto something. I’m not sure I’ve thought of this before but it seems that I have thought “around” this subject for some time now. Sort of like when someone asks you if you’re read a certain book, and you say, “I’ve read at that book.” You’ve looked it over but you haven’t read it page for page or word for word.

I’m not sure of the future of this change will be. I think the era of US and hence Western dominance is coming to an end, though the hegemon will fight all the way to its demise as such dying creatures are wont to do. Dominance is evolutionary in the sense that it wants to stay alive as any living creature does. Most folks or entities that are dominant do not wish to give up their dominance without a fight. As Lenin said, power will not give itself up without a fight and if you want to overthrow power, you have to do so by force. This is why he derided the democratic road to socialism, advocates of which he called parliamentary cretins.

As the problems with Venezuela and Nicaragua show us, the peaceful road to socialism is fraught indeed. The capitalists never say uncle and they fight it all the way, frequently with violence. Coups, either economic, military, parliamentary, or judicial are almost guaranteed. Venezuela has been subject to a slow-moving coup attempt ever since Chavez came into power. This is where the peaceful road to socialism lies – in endless war.

I hate to credit the Leninists, but on this issue, they are absolutely right. By the way, I am not a Leninist or a Communist, though I do support some Communist countries because it seems that the people wish to live under this system. I’m just a socialist, that’s all.

It Is Perfectly Normal for Men to Be Sexually Attracted to Little Girls

All men are sexually attracted to little girls, albeit at a lower rate than they are attracted to grown women. All men are attracted to little girls at 32% of the level that they are attracted to adult women. So it’s not abnormal at all to be sexually attracted to little girls. In fact, it’s absolutely normal! But it’s only normal to be attracted to them at a low level.

It’s not normal at all to be preferentially attracted to little girls as 3% of all US men are. These men are called primary pedophiles.

The reason I tend to defend them on here is because I am a Men’s Rights Activist! I refuse to condemn 3.3 million of my American brothers simply because they got wired up in some weird way sexually. They can’t help their pedophilia and there doesn’t seem to be any cure for it.

I just don’t want them touching kids is all. They can think about whatever they want, and they can access child porn as long as it is stories, cartoons, 3D, Hentai, etc. that only involves drawings and words and not images of actual little girls being molested. Of course they can have all the child erotica that they want, as in non-illegal pictures of pretty little girls, etc. They’re just going to have jerk off their whole lives. Or they can find an adult partner who is willing to put up with their age preference, though that is probably a tall order.

Another 18% of American men are maximally attracted to both little girls and older females. These are called undifferentiated in the literature. If it’s female, it turns them on!

As they are maximally aroused by mature women, I advocate that they simply direct their sexual fantasies and impulses towards the social object of mature women and forget about the antisocial object of little girls, which is only going to get them in trouble. As far as their attraction to little girls goes, I would advocate that they suppress or repress it. What’s the point of having frequent antisocial thoughts and urges? They’re only likely to serve as antisocial temptations, and the fewer antisocial temptations we have, the better.

This shows that 21% of men are pedophilic in the lab, that is, they are maximally attracted to little girls.

I don’t think it’s normal to have a strong sexual attraction to little girls, but it doesn’t seem to be all that abnormal either. It’s hard to say that a condition that effects 21% of all men is all that abnormal. That goes against the definition of normality, which by one definition just means common or typical.

A Lot of Bad Things Are Perfectly Normal, at Least in Some Places

By one definition, normal can mean just common. However, in many places at different times, bad things were quite normal!

There were societies where headhunting was normal. There are societies where honor killings of women are normal. At one time, it was quite normal for Germans to be genocidal antisemites.

As you can see, this definition of normal simply means “common or typical.” It has nothing to do with right or wrong or good or bad, and in fact, this definition of normal means that a lot of pretty bad things are normal, at least in some places. Just because it’s normal doesn’t mean it’s good.

Jealousy and envy are normal. Are they good? Hardly.

If You Are Full of Shit, I Am Going to Shoot You Down!

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I am extremely intelligent (by tests, not bragging), and this is said to be a feature of very intelligent people. It’s simply the way that we are. We don’t suffer fools gladly. I’ve known people who have met some pretty famous people. They often told me that the person was extremely smart, but they also often said that they didn’t suffer fools gladly. I don’t see why I should sit here and listen to your crap if you are completely wrong, and I’ll figure out if you are wrong or not before you even get that first sentence out of your mouth!

If this is a personality flaw, fine. It’s a typical one for people at my intelligence level. This simply the way folks like us think and act. And in that sense, I doubt if it’s pathological. It’s simply normative for that particular group of people.

Solution? Don’t be full of shit! Don’t be shooting off your mouth with your bullshit theories and fake facts if you don’t know what you are talking about!

Anyway, even if I disagree, it’s no big deal. I’m pretty nice about it. If you are wrong, you will start launching into your nonsense, you won’t get a few sentences into it before I start shaking my head and saying, “Ahhhhhh…nahhhhhh..Tshhhhhh…Ughhhhh.” I don’t say it in a mean way. I just disagree. And I’m right too, almost all the time!

Quit saying stupid shit!

If you don’t know the facts, don’t make up fake ones!

If you don’t have a good theory, simply shrug your shoulders and say, “I don’t know!” Also do this if you don’t know some fact or other!

I’ve noticed that insecure people never admit to not knowing any fact and flip out any time you suggest that they are wrong. You can tell me I’m wrong all day long if I am and you can prove it. It doesn’t bother me one bit to be wrong! Hey, I don’t know everything. If I’m wrong about something I’m saying, by all means, shoot me down! But please be nice about it.

I don’t want to know anything that’s not true. I don’t want to believe any falsehoods. I don’t want to believe any lies or crap. 95% of the population is perfectly happy if half the things they believe are complete lies because most people have little to no interest in facts. People simply have an interest in having their world views affirmed. If they want something to be true, that means it’s true. If they want something to be false, that means it’s false. This also means that you are a complete moron, but welcome to the club. Almost all of humanity is with you!

You also should not be an irritable asshole if someone tells you you are wrong as long as they are not being contrary pricks. People tell me I’m wrong all the time, in person, on the phone, here on the Net, everywhere. You think I care? Of course not! I’m not an insecure little pussy faggot. Which brings me to another point. If you can’t handle being told you are wrong, you’re not a man. You’re a pussy little faggot girlyman.

You’re insecure. That’s what a woman is – insecure. You’re acting like a woman. A man is supposed to be secure. And if you are blowing up, getting angry, exploding, screaming and yelling, pounding the table and carrying on like a little faggot, you are not a man in any way, shape, or form. A man is supposed to control himself. Of course he can be set off, but he’s only supposed to get set off by pretty extreme things.

My father was like this, and in this sense, he was a big fat pussy. Really, he was just horribly insecure. You simply could never tell him he was wrong. He would thrown a big sissy shit-fit.

My sister is like this. She’s just a typical crazy woman with a mood disorder to boot, so you have to walk on eggshells around her all the time because you never know what’s going to set her off into some raging tirade. And you can’t tell her she’s wrong.

Of course my brother is like that. He has a terrible mood disorder called Bipolar Disorder, and he’s basically ill all the time because he’s too fucktarded to admit that he has an illness that needs to be treated. So he goes untreated and has episode after episode, the result being that he has completely ruined his entire life with this nonsense. He has also badly damaged his brain with this disorder and the damage gets worse all the time. But to him, brain damage is better than a blow to his petty little ego!

All this nonsense has been done for the sake of his petty little pride. He destroyed his life for his insignificant and meaningless pride. What an idiotic way to ruin your life!

You know what’s bad for your pride? Being a total failure! That’s what’s bad for your pride! If keeping your pride is causing you to destroy your life, you’re the dumbest person around. I can think of few things stupider than that.

If some decent person tells you’re wrong about something that’s more or less provably true or false, listen to them. If they tell you your facts are wrong, they may well be right. What’s better? Throwing a shit-fit to defend your idiotic falsehoods that you moronically believe in because you’re too pussy to change your mind or swallowing a tiny bit of pride, admitting you are wrong, and getting your facts rearranged? That shouldn’t even be a question.

Curiously, being told I’m wrong doesn’t even hurt my pride if you do it in a nice way. I’m not insecure about my brains or my knowledge or my worldview. I don’t worry that you telling me I’m wrong means I’m stupid because I know I’m not stupid. I don’t worry that I appear ignorant because I know I’m not ignorant, and even if I am, that’s great because it means there are so many new things for me to learn about this subject!

If my theory is wrong, challenge me. Theories are hard to prove right or wrong, but I want the most correct theory about just about everything in life. I don’t like crappy theories because they are falsehoods. They are not properly explaining events. They are saying events are being caused by something they are not being caused by.

I don’t care if I don’t know the meaning of a word. If you say a word I don’t understand, I will ask you what it means.

If you refer to a concept I don’t understand, I will ask you to explain it.

Instead of getting my pussy little pride hurt, you’ve peaked my curiosity! What’s interesting is that the smarter someone is, the more likely they are to admit that there are a lot of things that they don’t know. The dumber someone is, the more they think they’ve got everything all figured out.

On the other hand, if you don’t know someone very well or if you think they are sensitive and insecure, it’s often better to let their bullshit fly if it seems like you are not going to change their minds. I have people in my sleuthing group who seem to believe things that strike me as incredibly false, but I simply don’t respond to them when they say these things. Or I say I’m not sure if they are right. You can always say, “I’m not sure if that’s correct.”

Almost None of Those Passionately Held Moral Values of Yours Are Scientifically Correct

Many things are not crystal clear and provable one way or the other, particularly political matters. Who is right, the Right or the Left? The Republicans or the Democrats? The Russians or the Ukrainians? The Chinese or the Americans? The Israelis or the Palestinians? The Communists or the fascists? The anarchists, the democrats, or the totalitarians?

Of course, I have my own passionately held beliefs on most of these questions, and I think my views are correct, good, and morally proper. I also think those who disagree with me are holding a view that is bad, wrong, or even evil. But am I making a scientific argument?

On any issue that has two sides fighting, who the Hell knows which side has a better argument? Both sides think they have the correct argument on the matter. Most political matters are not provable facts in a scientific sense no matter how much ideologues like to think they’ve gotten it all figured out.

Granted, some political or politicized things are just crazy. We know the Earth is not flat and we went to the moon. We know the Holocaust happened. We know Biden won the election and Trump tried to steal it.

But most everything else political is pretty much up for grabs. We all insist that we are right and the other side is dead wrong, but is that really a provable fact? Of course not. It all boils down to opinions on the right or wrong ways that society and the state ought to behave with regard to this issue or that.

Sure, I think those who want to outlaw abortion are wrong, but maybe they’re not. Maybe it is murder (though I say it isn’t). And if it’s murder, you’re damn right it ought to be outlawed.

Sure, refusing to help the poor is wrong by me, but this is moral philosophy, not science. Perhaps it’s better to give the rich all the money and let everyone else starve! I’d say that’s a lousy and immoral world, but that’s not a scientific fact. Perhaps it’s paradise. It surely is for the rich.

People argue about these things so ferociously because most state action has to do what we think is the right or wrong or correct or false way for the state to run society. When it’s a matter of right and wrong, opinions get heated. When it’s more a matter of correct or poorly thought out ways of doing things, people are likely to not get so upset. Instead they will just shake their heads, say people are morons, and go about their day.

Most moral questions don’t have right or wrong answers, believe it or not.

Perhaps murder’s just fine. Misanthropes probably think it’s the best plan for humanity.

Criminals justify all sorts of criminal behavior, and there are whole societies that freely allow folks to engage in all sorts of things that are crimes here on a daily basis with little fretting because they don’t see anything wrong with it.

It’s important to note that as passionately and violently as we believe in our strong moral values, your values about right and wrong are probably not factually true.

At the end of the day, it’s just another opinion. Think about this the next time you are furious at someone who does not share your moral values on this, that, or whatever. Perhaps they’re not bad or evil people after all. Perhaps you are not a good or proper person after all. Perhaps all this stuff is just a damned matter of opinion!

Monologues, Interrupting, and Other “Errors” of Communication

I’m not going to blow up if you cut me off or interrupt me. I don’t like it, but everybody interrupts everyone all the time. I might make a bit of a face, but that’s about it. You’re not supposed to blow up and start screaming, “Let me finish!” every time someone interrupts you like a pussy little fagboy. Real men don’t do that. Perhaps after they have been interrupted a number of times, they might raise their voice a little and ask to be permitted to respond, but you’re not supposed to throw a shit-fit.

You’re also not supposed to go on extended monologues like an annoying fucktard. When your conversation pauses, others have a right to jump in. Guess what? It doesn’t matter if you finished your stupid little monologue of not!

If it bothers you, you can smile shyly, hold up your hand, and say quietly, “Hang on sec. Hear me out please.” Or just wait for a break in the conversation to finish whatever you are saying. People who go on asinine and annoying monologues are always the same people who scream that you are interrupting them! Ever noticed that? Ever noticed that quiet types and men of few words are never blowing up and saying you interrupted them?

Of course this makes no sense at all, but that’s because monologuists are idiots. Monologuism is basically narcissism. They think what they are saying is so damned important that they have a right to go on and on for minute upon minute without allowing anyone else interject even a word or two. This is narcissism! I seriously doubt that you are such a fine orator that we need to listen attentively to your 5-10 minute monologues because they are so damned Ciceronian!

On the other hand, interrupting is not good. If you notice yourself interrupting, carry on with what you are saying, but make a note, “Hey I just interrupted this person, and I’m going to try not to do that again.”

If someone wants to cut in, I usually just let them cut in. I’m not particularly narcissistic and I figure that maybe the other person has something important to say. You could probably interrupt me all day long, and I would never get mad. I just don’t blow up about things. I’m probably the least irritable person you will ever meet. Interrupting is more something that you need to watch out for yourself doing, especially if you are a man because we men are interrupters.

If someone always yields the verbal right of way to you when you interrupt, that’s not a license to run them over with your damned words. They are probably just being civilized or polite. These qualities are not things that good or decent people take advantage of.


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