Alt Left: Kids Typically Consent to Getting Molested

Polar Bear: I found it odd some of the boys Sandusky fucked kept in touch with him. He sort of pulled it off with some them, even if they are in the minority.

He molested them, then. He didn’t really rape them. Everyone is conflating rape and molestation nowadays, but really they are two different things. It’s cuckery and faggotry to conflate these two terms, and real men shouldn’t do that. This conflation is from feminism and real men shouldn’t support anything feminists have thought up because if feminists thought it up, it can’t possibly make sense.

For better or for worse, almost all adult-child sex goes over into child molestation. This even includes the cases where coercion is involved, which can be up to 3

I guess I’m mystified why people are so upset at the term child molestation and seem to think it is “letting them off easy.” I grew up back when humans were sane in the 1970’s and 80’s before we got taken over by a bunch of dangerous alien pod people retards. Back then, the worst thing you could say about someone was that they were a child molester. The worst act you could be accused of was child molestation. That these terms are now “letting them off easy” just shows you how insane we’ve become on this subject.

Nevertheless, I have heard of long-term molestation cases that are better characterized as rape. I knew a woman who was literally raped by her brother from age ~8-15. She fought him off both physically and verbally every single time and he was never brought to charge. I would actually characterize these molestations as rapes, although they were being done my another minor. I’m not sure he should have been prosecuted as he was a minor himself.

Generally in such cases, I recommend getting CPS and social workers involved with the family. In this case, the social workers and family all dropped the ball and said she was making it up. Ideally, the family would order the boy to stop raping his sister. If he did not stop, the state would need to remove him from the home whether the family agrees with it or not.

If the family can’t keep that boy from raping his sister, they lose all legal and moral rights to custody and the boy goes to foster care. If that boy didn’t want to go to foster care, he shouldn’t have kept raping his sister when he was ordered not to.

In the case of Sandusky, we have to figure out if the molestation were consensual or not. People don’t want to hear it, but most molestation is consensual. That is, the kid more or less goes along with it. Kids don’t understand what sex is! That’s why they often don’t fight it off. It’s also why you have to groom them because they have no sex drive. Any human with a sex drive cannot possibly be groomed. Seduction is a better term.

When I say consensual, I mean psychologically speaking. Of course kids usually consent to getting molested in a psychological sense. But we are speaking in a legal sense. Legally, the psychological consent of the child is of no matter. Legally speaking, the child cannot consent. That’s why it’s called molestation. And molestation is a better term than rape because it isn’t really a rape. Instead, it’s the molestation of a child.

It’s odd how molesters build up attachments to some of their victims. I’m not sure I have a good explanation for this.

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3 thoughts on “Alt Left: Kids Typically Consent to Getting Molested”

  1. I watched some show on him. I recall him raping one on a waterbed. Sandusky seemed pretty impulsive. Mostly molested but raped sometimes. Media was concerned he was targeting Black boys, but he preferred wide eyed White boys.

    1. Ok, he raped this kid on a waterbed. How do we know it was rape? Was the kid fighting back, saying no, anything like that? If he wasn’t, it’s molesting, not rape.

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