Alt Left: This Is What We Men Are Really Like

I suppose I am addressing this to any female readers. I always thought I didn’t have any, but now and then a woman would come around and mysteriously tell me that I had a lot more female readers than I thought. I had no idea how they knew that. But this is also for the legions of cucked and pussy males who come here and get outraged because we act like real men here. In other words, feminist men. In other words, most American men under 35.

Thing is, I have a reputation as a misogynist for some odd reason. Which is weird because I don’t hate women at all. I really should at this late date because they treat me like I’m a live maggot, but I just won’t. I feel like if I start hating them, they win, and I don’t want to give them that pleasure.

Plus, I figure it’s natural. It’s simply normal for women to treat men my age like complete shit. But when I was younger and supposedly attractive, I had enough fun with women and girls for 20 lifetimes. And there are still a few women who are decent to me. Really all there has to be is one. All of the rest of them could be as hostile as they want and go pound sand and I still wouldn’t hate them if I had just one who was good to me.

The truth is that I actually love women. Sure, I talk shit about them, but all real men do this. This is what people don’t understand. All, and I mean all, real men talk about women precisely like we do here. And we do say a lot of nice things about women here too.

What I am saying is that all men bitch about women. And they bitch about them exactly the way we do here, using the exact same language that we do here. You say there are men in your life who don’t talk like this? Well, number one, they’re pussies or cucks (male feminists), or number two, they’re lying to you.

Anyway we are only bitching about a certain type of woman or a certain pattern of behavior. You don’t act like that? Good for you! We’re not talking about you! We’re talking about women acting stupid. See that behavior? We don’t like it. We think it’s stupid. Does that bother you? Then quit doing it or don’t start!

In the interest of fairness, I think we should give women the opportunity to bitch about bad men or men acting like tools. Both sexes have behavioral patterns that the other sex doesn’t like. I actually read women bitching about us all the time. As long as they aren’t feminists, I’ll read them.

I want to see what sort of behavior is disliked. If I agree that the behavior is bad or that women have a right to be upset about it, I make a note to try not to act like that. I’ve even made lists of some of the male behaviors that really piss women off that I think we should quit doing, and I consult them from time to time. By the way, no misogynist would ever do that.

We should let women bitch about us all they want to as long as at the end of the day, they still love us, still love our rascally little hearts. And if I may speak for the men on this site, sure, we talk crap about women a lot, but at the end of the day, we still love them. And no misogynist would ever make either of those statements.

Also, I find many sites that just seem way too misogynistic for my tastes. Almost the entire Manosphere is disgustingly misogynistic. The MRA’s, the incels, the MGTOW (!), and even the PUA’s. In fact, I can’t stand to read any of their sites because the misogyny just bothers me too much. I don’t think there’s a misogynist on this Earth who would be upset at the misogyny of any website.

About misogyny, feminists scream all the time that men are misogynists, that is, that we hate women. Thing is I’ve been around men my whole life, and I just don’t see it. Sure, there are a few woman-haters or woman-dislikers out there, but it’s actually shocking how uncommon they are. It’s just not something you see very often.

I live with my brother and when the subject of men hating women comes up, he says something like, “What’s wrong with that?” Then again he has a girlfriend who he adores and treats like a queen. So he says he hates women at least in part, but then he loves his girlfriend. That’s typical. I think if we men really did hate women as much as these bitches say we do, you’d hear it a lot more. Men aren’t shy about such things.

If they hate someone, they come right out and admit it. If they hate a group of people, they come right out and admit it. I’m sure if men really hated women as much as the feminists say we do, they wouldn’t hide it for a minute. We men aren’t like that. We aren’t pussies about hating. If we hate something, someone, or some group, we just say it out loud. So I don’t think most men really hate women.

Sure, we bitch about them, but hate them? Nah. That’s a bridge too far for most men. Also there’s another thing. Hating women is seen as almost gay. You’re almost calling yourself a homosexual if you say you hate women. So that keeps us from hating right there.

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: This Is What We Men Are Really Like”

  1. For whatever reason misogyny is the most ugly form of hate I’ve seen online. It’s like hating kids. Nazis offer Jews no hope but it feels worse to offer women no hope. We all came from a woman after all.

    1. Misogyny (the real kind, not the normal stuff we do here) is pretty ugly. It bothers me on some core level.

      Of course real men talk shit about women for acting like idiots, but it’s not mandatory that women act moronic, and a lot of women only do so part of the time, and there are even women who about as non-moronic as any man. We don’t hate women. We just hate women acting like fucktards. Solution, ladies? Quit acting like fucktards or at least tone down the fucktardism. Nobody likes dangerous idiots and far too many women act like this, especially young women.

      Feminism is toxic because it homes right on in the most dangerously stupid aspects of women and amps them up to the highest levels while playing down all of women’s reasonable aspects. It’s poison and it’s why tens of millions of Western women are dangerous morons. Their poor brains have been poisoned by the bullshit of feminism.

      I hate to say it but women coming from traditional patriarchal cultures are often so much more reasonable. Patriarchal cultures laugh in the face of women’s dangerous stupidity, so most women start to bury that aspect of themselves early in life. In contrast, a “men are men and women are women and this is fine” attitude is cultivated, which both sexes seem to utterly delight in.

      I’ve also noticed that women in partriarchal cultures seem a lot happier. The women are free to be feminine, and the men are free to be masculine and both sexes seem to feel comfortable that way. Both sexes are freely flirtatious with each other in a way that is open and liberating compared to the sexual hypoxia of feminism.

      I object to the maltreatment of women in a lot of patriarchies, but I’ll be damned if the women in those cultures aren’t a Hell of a lot nicer. And I’ve got to admit it’s a pretty good life for us men. I’m sort of involved with some patriarchal cultures due to friendships with Hispanic and Arab men, and it sure looks like paradise from our end.

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