Alt Left: On Race, the Liberal-Left Is the Suicide Left

I used to put on my “About”:

Although I am generally non-racist, I admit that I do hate Nigerians and Gypsies.

Now anyone reading that sentence with any sense of awareness has to bust out laughing because it’s obviously written in a tongue in cheek and even hilarious way. What do you mean you are “generally nonracist” except that you do hate one or two races? That’s ridiculous! It doesn’t even make sense!

I guess libtard and Left SJW’s have no sense of humor (surprise!) because none of them got the joke. One reason I call the SJW Left the No Fun Left, the Party Pooper Left, the Church Lady Left, the Turd in the Punchbowl Left, the Puritan Left, or the Drag Left. The Left’s no fun anymore. They’re about as fun as a barrel of ticks.

A few Europeans caught on, chuckled, and sympathized. They told me that everyone in Europe hates Gypsies from Right to Left to Center, it makes no difference. They all hate Gypsies. Notice I’m calling them Gypsies, which is pejorative, instead of Roma, the preferred new term. Calling a Roma a Gypsy is like calling a Black person a nigger. I don’t like to call Blacks niggers, but I’ll gladly call a Roma a Gypsy. They’ve earned the insult.

But I got so much rageful feedback from antiracist libtards that I had to take it down. My defense was that I’d met five Gypsies on my life. Four of them stole money from me and the fifth had just gotten out of jail. She was also one of the wiggerist Whites I’ve ever met. She was off the charts wigger, almost in another dimension. She was so appalling that she was almost physically repellant.

I also said that I had dealt with many Nigerians, and almost all of them had tried to steal money from me. Sadly, at least one did steal money from me in a scam.

I said I thought I’d met plenty enough Gypsies and Nigerians for one lifetime and I had no interest in meeting any more. This statement was always met with wild rage from libtards who insisted that I hadn’t given these wonderful groups of people a fair chance yet.

I was wrong and evil for saying I didn’t want to meet anymore. I was required to continue dealing with them and either have them steal or try to steal from me, apparently until I could find a good one, assuming there even is such a thing, something I am dubious of.

This struck me as insanity.

It’s like this:

There’s this street where every time you try to cross it, maniacs try to run you over. A few times they hit you, once seriously. According to libtards, instead of saying, “No thanks, I don’t think I will try to cross that street anymore because the drivers are all maniacs,” I’m supposed to keep trying to cross it until one day I encounter a few drivers who are somehow sane enough to not try to run me over.

And then I will have proved…what? I will have proved nothing! And I will have endangered my sorry ass many times in the interim.

This in a nutshell is the insanity of racial liberalism or libtardism. Of course it goes beyond libtards as Western Leftists are far worse in this regard. As I’ve said many times, I’m a man of the Left. Except, that is, when the Left makes no sense at all and the Right are the sane ones. I’m for the Left first, but I’m also for sanity. If the Right makes more sense than the Left, I’ll go Right on that position. Partisanship is a plague.

I finally removed the offending racist language from my intro. Of course I still hate these two groups of humans. I’d be a suicidal moron not to. On race, the liberal-Left seems to be more what I would call “The Suicide Left.”

No, I don’t need to let criminal scum victimize me in order to prove my nonracist bonafides. If that’s what it requires, the Hell with it. I’ll just be a racist instead, save my White ass, and call it a day. They can call me names all they want to, but at least I’m still alive.

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One thought on “Alt Left: On Race, the Liberal-Left Is the Suicide Left”

  1. I praise Black Africans, and young White Cultural Left boys start salivating in agreement. The true believers in the Cultural Left are the most basic bitches.

    I find your old “About” funny. Reminds me of Clint Eastwood saying “I just hate niggers” to a Black prison gang leader in a movie.

    I’ve had run-ins with fat wigger women that go ghetto Black. They were obnoxious and always itched their crotch. After a short life of being dead to White men and chasing Black men, their vaginas are like venumous venus fly traps for any willing man.

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