Alt Left: All Identity Politics Movements Are Psychologically Unhealthy

Feminism, like all other insane Identity Politics, is about victimhood, paranoia, and hate. Feminists love being victims; in fact, this is the whole basis for the movement. They’re furious if you try to take their victimhood away from them and ask them to take some responsibility for their lives. And all IP movements relish being victims and are furious if you try to take away their stupid victimhood badge.

It’s also about hate. All IP movements are about hate. Feminists hate men. Gay IP types hate straights. Tranny IP people hate cis people. Black IP folks hate Whites. White nationalists hate non-Whites. Hispanic, Asian, and Amerindian IP types hate Whites.

All these movements are all about hate. Take the hate away, and you don’t have a movement anymore. Because these movements are pathological, they can’t admit that they hate the other side. Many feminists insist they don’t hate men. Anyway, all haters project by necessity. That is, all haters insist that the people they hate actually hate them! They don’t hate the other side. The other side hates them.

Hence, Gay IP types go on about straights hating gays. Tranny IP types go on about people hating trannies. Black IP  types can’t shut up about White racism. White nationalists yell about Blacks hating Whites. Hispanic, Asian, and Amerindian IP types all scream about how much White people hate them. And of course, feminists never stop ranting about how much we men hate them.

For the most part, none of this is true. Most straights don’t actually hate gays. I’m not sure about trannies, but I think they’re less hated than they think they are. Blacks don’t hate Whites as much as White nationalists insist.

We Whites certainly don’t hate Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Amerindians as much as these maniacs insist we do, if we even hate them at all for that matter. And as of noted above, it’s pretty uncommon to meet a man who says he hates women, and they’d say it if it were true.

Any movement that is all about paranoia, hate, and victimhood is pathological on its face. And I’ve noted that the deeper people get into these movements, the more pathological they get. These movements literally cause psychopathology in their followers. And at the far end of all of these movements, most people are pretty much certified loons. Another thing is that people in these movements are always unhappy.

Ever noticed that IP types are never happy? Ever noticed that all they do is bitch and scream? Ever noticed how miserable and wretched they seem? Of course you have. That’s because all of these movements make people angry and unhappy. Most people who are angry all the time are not very happy, if you’ve noticed.

These movements make people pathological, psychologically unhealthy, and miserable. Now why on Earth any sane person should support this crazy BS is beyond me. Anyone who cares about human and societal psychological health has no choice but to oppose these movements.

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8 thoughts on “Alt Left: All Identity Politics Movements Are Psychologically Unhealthy”

  1. I’d rather the pro-Whites win.

    I believe Woke IP is beneath White IP today. Maybe they were close but the Woke sink like a rock into the ocean of insanity. I felt Daily Stormers were uneducated young kids when I posted there a few times. I was trying to educate them but something was off with a lot of them.

    Twitter pro-Whites were something special. I read some on Wayback on occasion but that’s bittersweet. Sure they also want to be victim #1 just like the Jews or Black IPs they despise, but I don’t dwell on that. Afrikaners in the movies always say they built South Africa up from nothing.

    I agree with that mindset. It’s true. It’s in the names of the water bodies, the Green (French) Bay leads to the Mississippi (Indian) River. The aboriginal names have their place too, perhaps more on rivers and lakes than railroads and super highways.

    1. Maybe they were close but the Woke sink like a rock into the ocean of insanity.

      Yes, they don’t even tell the truth. If they did, their whole Woke worldview would blow up because it’s all based on lies and the avoidance of harsh and bitter truths.

      I believe Woke IP is beneath White IP today.

      White IP often has some serious elements of truth, even scientific truth, behind it. It’s still a hate movement, but at least it’s not based on lies. But I object to hate movements based on truth also. Hate is hate. You can’t go around hating whole races, genders, sexual orientations, etc. It’s ridiculous.

      I felt Daily Stormers were uneducated young kids when I posted there a few times.

      They do come across like a bunch of kids.

      I was trying to educate them but something was off with a lot of them.

      Their minds and souls are utterly poisoned by hate. It’s turned them into nasty, almost insect-like humans. There’s something so debased about a human so distorted and transformed. You can be a race realist without twisting your luscious grape of a self into a shriveled raisin of hatred.

      1. Great point about truth. Twitter had subdued anti-Semitism, even from a Nazi.

        I believe elite Jews may be the enemy of truth but too much time spent on them is bad for your health. Anti-Semitism is a cursed sword of truth.

        I think Blacks may be waste of time on both ends. Like chewing black licorice gum, just killing time. Worst thing they do to me is waste my time. Make the day a bit longer, which is no big deal. I’m pretty neutral on Blacks. I’m so neutral I may seem harsh to Whites who love them more. I see beauty in the women of the Himba tribe but I’ll never actually roll on the red Earth with one.

  2. It’s amazing how you ignore the root cause of identity politics and that’s centuries of racism commented by and for the dominance of white men. So stop pretending you don’t know why these various groups feel the way they do about this country and your people.

    1. Get lost, SJW clown. It’s all over anyway. There’s little bigotry against women and non-Whites. In fact, non-Whites, women, gays, and trannies are running the show now as oppressors and Whites, men, straights, and cis people are oppressed groups.

  3. Amish women enjoy picking weeds. Many say it’s their favorite pastime.

    Most old Blacks assimilated to the dominant White culture.

    I talk to old Whites. They don’t hate Blacks but Brazil nuts are called nigger toes.

    Old ingrained racist, sexist, etc. days seemed better and more sane than today.

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