Alt Left: 21-23% of Men Are Pedophiles or Hebephiles

Return of Shawn: Pedophile is a term the media uses to refer to men who are attracted and/or engage in sexual relations with females who are postpubescent yet under the age of 18.

Yeah, media retards. Along with 95% of the population, which is about how many of them are damned retards. Really, tards. Yeah, I’m speaking to you, Ameritard, I mean America. If you can’t use a word properly like someone with above 70 IQ, just don’t even use it.

Just about no one uses this pedophilia word correctly, so we should just toss it in the trash can where it belongs. Every time these sex fascists want to say “pedophilia,” say “child molestation.” Every time you want to say “pedophile,” say “child molester.”

But this definition above absolutely ridiculous. The sex fascists have to call entire tribes of men pedophiles! They have to call majorities of men in ages past all over the world pedophiles!

I read an interview with the Mexican illegal alien who raped that 10 year old girl (Did he really rape her or did he just molest her?). He said that in his village in Mexico, all of the girls were married by age 13, usually to adult men. So the sex fascists say all of the men in this Goddamned village were pedophiles? Get out of here!

And all normal, healthy men are attracted very strongly to 15-17 year old girls. According to this insane media definition above, the only men who are not pedophiles are gay men and dead men!

This teenage girl bullshit is simply a moral panic and a mass hysteria. It’s actually a sex panic. Many to most moral panics are sex panic because a lot of people are still extremely freaked out about sex. The fact that this moral panic seems most common in the Anglosphere tells me that Anglos are still horrendously Puritanical and repressed. At the very least, almost all Americans are now sex fascists.

Return of Shawn: In reality, pedophilia is a very rare mental defect in which a man is sexually interested in prepubescent children.

It’s not that they are interested in them. That would apply to all men and strongly to 21% of men. All men react to prepubescent girls in the lab, but non-pedophilic men react to them at only 53% of the level that they react to mature females. In truth, the best definition for a pedophile is a man who is preferentially attracted to prepubescent children. That is, he’s strongly attracted to them and little or not at all to older persons.

It’s actually not as rare as you think. See below. There are 3.3 million male pedophiles in the US. This is one reason I’m not on the “Kill all pedophiles” train. Really?

We are going to kill 3.3 million American men for a…thought crime!? Or we are going to put all the pedos in prison for the rest of their lives. Really? We are going to put 3.3 million American men in prison for the rest of their lives in addition to all the other poor sods we’ve locked up? Get out of here!

I’m also a Men’s Rights Activist. Actually I’m a Brocialist, or an Ultrabrocialist. After my leftwing revolution, I’m going to give all the feminists the Wall. Nah, just kidding.

Return of Shawn: Ephebophilia is very, very normal. It the primary sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19. This makes sense, doesn’t it?

Women are very fertile at this age, and if a man is lucky enough to partner up with a female at such a young age and they want a large family, it can easily be done. Men therefore tend to be more sexually attracted to a woman aged 16 than the version of her at 38.

Of course it makes complete sense evolutionarily. I’m not even sure if they have even bothered to test this one out in the lab to see how common it is. All I know is that by age 16, all normal males react to 16-17 year old girls maximally, that is, to the same degree that they do towards adult women.

So the only men who are not extremely aroused by 16-17 year old girls are gay men and dead men. I can think of few things more normal than having a strong attraction to 16-17 year old girls. It’s almost as normal as peeing out of the end of your dick.

I believe that studies have shown that males regard 23 year old women as the most attractive and females regard 28 year old men as the most attractive. Gay men regard 19-20 year old men as the most attractive.

As we know, gay men like em young, women prefer older men more than men prefer older women, and straight men like em young but not nearly as young as gay men do. An association between male homosexuality and pederasty dating back to Antiquity seems to bear out this attraction to boys and men in their teens.

I will say though that the primary attraction to 15-19 year old girls seems a bit odd. You mean to tell me that some guys are extremely turned on by females that age but have little to no interest in females over age 19?!

I acknowledge that they exist. J. D. Salinger seems to have been one. One of his wives said that when she turned 23, he lost all interest in her. That seems really weird to me. She’s 23, and now she’s a grandma? Get out of here, dude! I don’t understand this orientation. These guys prefer a Goddamned teenybopper over a grown, mature women?!

I’ve dated 18 and 19 year old girls quite a bit even recently somehow, and they can be shockingly immature. And they are very flaky. The two recent ones I dated were both suicidal to different degrees.

Return of Shawn: Hebephilia is less common than ephebophilia, but far more so than pedophilia. It is the strong, persistent sexual interest by adults in pubescent children who are in early adolescence, typically ages 11–14. A lot of females in this age group can have kids, although they are less fertile than slightly older females.

I really do not think 13-14 year old girls should bear children, and of course, girls below 13 should never bear a child. Good studies have shown that girls who have babies at ages 13-14 have a high rate of tearing themselves up inside. To be more specific, they often suffer fistulas between the urethra and the vagina and between the vagina and the anus.

Those tubes or tunnels are supposed to have clear and strict walls between them. Otherwise urine gets in the vagina in one case and shit gets in the vagina in the other case. The latter is particularly bad because if there’s one thing you need to keep out of your vagina, it’s shit. You can get quite a nasty UTI that way.

I’m such a pro-abortion fanatic that I would actually mandate that all pregnant girls under 15 have abortions. If we find out about them, we will force them to have one. If they deliver without having one, there will be no penalty, but we won’t like it.

Minors don’t have the same rights as adults do. Minors do not have a right to be a danger to themselves. I suppose adults do except in the case of suicide. Unfortunately we are at such a weird point in the abortion debate that this dream of mine is far away.

Depending on how you define it, either 5% or 23% of men are hebephiles. 5% of men have a primary attraction to pubescent girls (!) and 18% of men are as attracted to pubescent girls as they are to grown women (!). So by this definition, we could say that 23% of men are hebephiles if by that we mean that they have a strong attraction to pubescent girls.

On the other hand, either 3% or 21% (!) are pedophiles, depending on the definition. 3% of men have a are primarily attracted to little girls (!) and another 18% are as attracted to little girls as they are to older persons (!). Some people use these figures to say that 21% of men are “pedophilic.” If that means a very strong attraction to little girls, I would agree.

Jesus Christ those figures are wild.

Return of Shawn: So the media just sticks with the shocking pedophile term and uses it to label guys like Epstein, who was more of a pimp and just a nasty, immoral person, when it comes to girls and women.

Epstein was actually a hebephile. I’ve read interviews with him where he said, “Once the braces come off, I lose interest.” Thing is that this is exactly what a hebephile would say. Braces come off at the latest around age 16, which is about when primary hebephiles start to lose interest.

I’d actually love it if the stupid media would start using the term hebephile for guys like Epstein. Let the sex fascists have a new word to get hysterical over. And it will be good for sex antifascists like me because it will be harder for people to condemn hebephilia than it is to condemn pedophilia.

Return of Shawn: Men therefore tend to be more sexually attracted to a woman aged 16 than the version of her at 38.

That may be true, but no one has ever tested it out. The studies simply call that category “mature females” or “adult women” and the studies all show that men react maximally to them. I’m not sure what age the models they use are though. I don’t know. The idea of a 38 year old woman really turns me on.

Return of Shawn: A true pedophile is Jerry Sandusky, who was far worse than Epstein, as he was homosexually raping prepubescent boys.

Yes, he was a bad person all right. Was he really raping them though or was he just molesting them? There’s a difference. Even molesting little boys is messed up though, especially if they are straight. Curiously, molesting gay or pre-gay boys often causes no harm. 70% of gay men who got molested as boys said that they liked it! LOL for some reason that makes me laugh.

Return of Shawn: As you might expect, men are more attracted to these child-baring age women than stale menopausal 50 year old.

This is true, but I have been fucking women that age lately, and a lot of them are still pretty hot. One was 48 and had the body of a 20 year old. A 59 year old woman had an absolutely killer body. The ones with the best bodies had never had kids though. None of them had droopy, flattened, sagged out tits either. I think if you keep wearing a bra, maybe you don’t sag out that bad.

On the other hand, I fucked a 57 year old woman when I was 28 years old, and she didn’t look that great. But she had had a hard life and believe it or not, she had cancer! She still wanted to fuck though LOL.

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