“Popcorn and Soda at the Courtroom,” by Jason

Why not? The correctional officers and/or cops, whoever they are – are drinking pop, lol! Well, excuse me, but it seems like an uber-macho profession like law enforcement wouldn’t allow sodas. They don’t even let people drink sodas on the job at grocery stores.

Now, whatever crap are cops doing and why should anyone respect them? Why? Because they spent grueling, harsh time at the Police Academy? Huh, maybe they were even in the Marine Corps, I don’t know.

Hmmm, more abuses of power like: driving 80 when the speed limit is 55 – and it’s NOT hot pursuit. O.K., another abuse is the typical corruption which makes law enforcement – another player – as in, turning the other head to drug enforcement.

To sum it up, I know all about Blue Lives Matter, but why would anyone be surprised, if some people highly dislike cops? That would include those poor prisoners in the courtroom – who may not be able to afford commissary and don’t enjoy having things “rubbed in” – especially if they’re getting handed 1-year drug sentences like candy!

Anyway, let’s be a wise-cracker and bring some popcorn to the court hearing. All they can do is show you the way out – ha ha.

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