Alt Left: Evil Men Prey on Poor Innocent Paragons of Purity Adolescent Girls to Rape, Molest and Abuse Them, Thereby Ruining Their Lives Forever

I’ll talk to a 14-17 year old girl now and again if they come talk to me first. Some of them come talk to me because I am on some Kik groups where they hang out. The groups are like Younger Women for Older Men, Younger Women for Men 40+, Younger Women for Men 50+, etc. There are mostly women of all ages with older men fetishes on there, but the damned girls keep raiding the rooms! But we are preying on them!

They’re all supposed to be 18+ if I am not mistaken, but those girls keep sneaking in there and you just can’t keep them out. They even kept sneaking into the 50+ men group! Some of them come to talk to me, and I will talk to them, but I won’t sext with them or talk dirty to them. I will send them photos but not nudes.

I will accept photos from them if they have clothes on or have their parts covered up. Some of these girls have the dirtiest profiles. There was a 15 year old girl who came to talk recently. Her profile said Cum Slut (!), and then the other icon said, Certified Cum Dumpster (!). WTH! That’s a 15 year old girl, for Chrissake. They’re innocent little 7 year old girls! We are preying on them!

She wanted cock pics which is pretty common, and ain’t no way I’m sending that to some girl. I turned her down and she was disappointed.

They’re pretty much all watching porn, often a lot (it’s not unusual for them to start at age 13!), and most of them masturbate all the time.

These girls nowadays seem a lot more pornified and sexxed up than the girls back when I was in high school. I never met one female who even admitted that she masturbated until…I’m not sure? Age 40? I had girlfriends and they either never discussed it or flat out told me that they never did it. Women and girls in our generation didn’t talk about that stuff.

Anyway, if these girls come to talk, I talk to them and ask them why they don’t go talk to boys their age, and they all tell me that boys their age are idiots and morons and they only like men.

But we are preying on them! I talked to a 14 year old girl recently who was counting down the days to her 16th birthday (AOC was 16 there) so she could have sex with a man, preferably over 50! She was a virgin and had never even been kissed. She didn’t even want a boyfriend her own age, as she thought boys her age were “like retards,” as she put it.

She had an older man friend about 50 years old and he took her places and did things with her. He also paid her to do jobs around the house. These girls who prefer men are often pretty damn mature for their age. She told me that the relationship was absolutely nonsexual.

I don’t have a problem with a relationship like that at all, and I guess I wouldn’t mind one myself with a 14-17 year old girl if she was willing. But I’m worried that she would be too damned tempting, and it would be like someone dangling a chocolate in front of you and pulling it away every time you lunge for it.

There were a couple of groups there called Women for Older Men that were actually run by teenage girls! The girls had set them up themselves. One was being run by a 13 year old girl! The other was being run by a 16 year old girl. But we are preying on them!

The girls like older men for whatever reason, and they use the groups to post cheesecake photos of themselves in bathing suits and whatnot. They’re maybe making sexy poses. They’re pretty much just trolling for compliments from men. The men on there chime on about how beautiful she is, bla bla. Those girls generally ban all sex talk. Clean talk only. Every now and then someone posts porn but the girls throw them out.

The girls talk about their how their day went.

Getting ready for school, I’m in school now, just got home from school, post a cheesecake shot lying on the bed, doing homework now, post a cheesecake mirror selfie, bored now, tired going to sleep night everyone.

Like that. It’s a bit boring actually.

What’s hilarious about all of this is society thinks these little vixens and temptresses are innocent little children. A 17 year old girl and a 7 year old girl are the same thing nowadays. They’re both little girls. I’ll call it what it is. It’s Infantalization, and I think it’s some real bullshit.

The line is that all these evil men are preying on these poor damsels for sex in order to abuse them and ruin their lives forever by raping and molesting them. That’s a bunch of crap. If anybody’s preying on anyone, those damned girls are preying on us men! The girls are horny as Hell and a lot of them love men!

When I was growing up as a very young man, those girls always went after us. I ain’t chasing no girl. And they went after us all the time.

They’re not sophisticated. They don’t know what they’re doing in terms of flirting or hitting on someone. They will pretty much just walk right up to you and flat out ask you to have sex with them, just like that. I’ve had 16 year old girls walk right up to me at a rock concert and grab my cock with their hands! How’s that?

They try to flirt but their flirtation seems weak, awkward, and lame. They also don’t know what they’re doing in bed, but they’re enthusiastic and eager to learn.

The truth is teenage girls are dangerous! They’re a menace! I’d actually prefer to keep them away from me.

I went to talk to a 14 year old girl recently on Facebook because she had had a creepy sexual-type experience with a man who had followed her and then started running after her. I wanted to talk to her about this.

She was an interesting person with a measured, logical way of speaking that was actually quite mature. I tried my damned hardest to keep the conversation as 99 3/4% Ivory Snow Girl clean and innocent as I could, but it didn’t work. Sure enough, within 20 minutes, she was talking about sex and telling me she wanted to be a stripper when she grew up!

What am I supposed to say? That’s about the way it goes with those girls. You start any conversation of them and no matter clean you try to keep it, within 20 minutes, what do you know? They’re talking about sex!

But yeah, we evil men prey on those paragons of purity! LOL!

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