Alt Left: Time to Get Rid of DSM-5 Antisocial Personality Disorder and Pedophilia

Jimmy: I’m not sure there is really a functional difference between a psychopath and a sociopath. Both would be diagnosed with ASPD since there aren’t really formal diagnostic criteria for those terms.

Bottom line is that neither DSM-5 Antisocial Personality Disorder or Pedophilia describes a mental disorder. There may indeed be something wrong with such folks, but one thing is clear: they’re not nuts.

That’s correct but you can diagnose psychopathy with Hare’s PCL tests. That doesn’t have DSM reliability, since Psychopathy is not in the DSM. But there’s lots of stuff that’s not in the DSM.

I think there is more hope for sociopaths as they are created. Have you read Lykken on the varieties of psychopathy? That’s the gold standard. Psychopathy starts earlier. Sociopathy doesn’t show up until adolescence at the earliest.

Hare is really good but he doesn’t distinguish much between psychopathy and sociopathy.

DSM-5 ASPD is junk anyway. It just describes a criminal and it’s hard to say that criminals are mentally disordered. Actually, it’s a real reach.

I would toss DSM-5 ASPD and Pedophilia. Ok, now the rates of MDSO’s (Mentally Disordered Sex Offenders) crash. Good!

DSM-5 Pedophilia is a clusterfuck and it doesn’t even make much sense. The last good definition of Pedophilia was in DSM-2. It’s obviously totally politicized. Look at the shameful reaction of the APA to the Ritter et al (1989) paper. Totally unscientific!

But so was tossing Gender Dysphoria. 10

However, I would say that if someone with a pedophilic orientation acts on his urges, an Impulse Control Disorder would be warranted.

At this point both Pedophilia and ASPD need to be chucked because they violate the disease model of mental illness. Basically if you are making other people miserable, you’re not mentally ill. You’re only mentally ill if you are making yourself miserable or dysfunctional.

If you are just hurting other people, you’re not nuts. I’m not even sure if you’re abnormal. Evil has been around since the dawn of man. Instead of being nuts, if you’re hurting other people, you’re just bad or evil. I would retain DSM-5 Pedophilia for those upset by it while throwing out everything that doesn’t conform to that.

Basically what the DSM is doing is saying that it’s crazy to be evil. They’re trying to claim that there are medical categories of evil, which is nonsense. Evil is a legal and metaphysical concept, not a psychiatric one.

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