Alt Left: Time to Flush the MDSO Concept Away Forever

The whole MDSO (Mentally Disordered Sex Offender) concept needs to head down the swirling bowl. It’s not against the law to be dangerous. You can be as dangerous as you want to and as long as you aren’t nuts, there’s not the slightest thing any of us can do about it except watch our asses around you.

Locking people up for “Dangerousness” is a Thought Crime. Pure and simple, no two ways about it. You’re worried about releasing dangerous sexual predators? Keep in mind that the law was originally for sexually violent criminals, but now it has been abstracted far beyond that.

Give people long sentences. Bring back indeterminate sentences like 5-20 years. We grew up under those laws and they worked just fine. Mandatory minimums have been catastrophic and they’ve led us a long way down the road to a police state.

I can assure you that many poor sods locked away forever in mental hospitals for DSM Pedophilia are not even 1% nuts, and neither are they even 1% pedophilic. They’re situational molesters who molested their relatives, usually their daughters.

The attempts to expand DSM-5 to include Hebephilia and Coercive Sex Disorder (basically paraphilic rapists) were shot down for very good reason. Those writing the DSM felt they would be abused by the justice system to increase the number of unconstitutional MDSO’s.

We can’t keep expanding this “lock up people for thought crimes” BS on sexual nonsense forever. It’s opening up a huge can of worms that the pigs and hanging judges are more than happy to exploit.

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10 thoughts on “Alt Left: Time to Flush the MDSO Concept Away Forever”

    1. How old is that girl? She’s cute but she’s way, way, way too young. I read some interviews with her too and she talks like a little girl. Yuck, complete turnoff.

      Is she really only 10 years old? That is so hard to believe! She’s 10? 11? Well you see they are putting makeup on her and that makes her attractive to us teleiophiles because you’re making her look like a woman! Also when you put fancy, womanly clothes on little girls, sometimes we look at them because it reminds us of a woman.

    2. Dopey-faced White girl. The hottest girl I’ve met is a part of this group but way more symmetrical and attractive. Sort of like Alice Wonderbang. I wouldn’t say the girl you posted is ugly, but for a girl that’s part of this extremely in-demand group, she’s pretty average. Soft, sweet, and White as a marshmallow is the appeal of this type.

        1. I agree. The hottest girl is an adult antifa, BLM, etc. supporter I’ve mentioned. Sort of a similar look but legal. The girl posted could easily end up looking similar in time. We grow into our faces. Dumb is a turn on for many men. I prefer smart but perhaps something to the naive and innocent look. Young and dumb with light features is especially prized by Mestizos I know.

          1. Dumb is a turn-on for sex. A lot of guys get turned on when women act slutty, gross, and dumb in bed. But I really like a smart chick. The world is full of idiots. Why guys want a stupid woman is beyond me. I need someone to talk to.

            You agree with me that young female faces are fatty, as in 13 year old girls and those “little girl faces?” Then as they become adults, they age into this articulated face with sharply defined bones in the face. Sort of a “bony face.” Bony but beautiful. Sharply defined, bony features.

            Young girls have a “fatty face” like a baby or child. However, there is evidence that men are turned on by neoteny, or “looking like a child.” It is considered beautiful at all ages. Women are more neotenous than men are. Pretty boy men look like women and they have a neotenous or baby face look. It probably signaled youth and health back in caveman days.

            Naive and innocent look is prized by men.

            I think lesbians too. I saw a lez couple in the coffeshop the other day. One was the “man” and the other was the “woman.” I was a lot more attracted to the “woman” one because she acted quite feminine. Very lipstick lesbian. She was acting flirtatious towards the “man” one and her flirtation was exactly the way a horny woman acts around a man. Basically they start acting a lot more feminine.

            If a woman starts acting really feminine around you, she’s horny. You’re turning her on. That’s how they act when they’re horny. Extreme femininity must be sexual signaling that says “I want to fuck” to a masculine man or a masculine woman for that matter.

            I was looking at her and thinking of this 19 year old girl I had over here a while back. She had turned her back to me and she was shyly looking over her shoulder and talking really dirty. She also seemed to be sticking her ass out at me a bit. But the shy, bashful, but extremely dirty look seemed designed to turn me on. It’s basically “submission.”

            That’s what female apes do. Their asses swell up when they are horny and they end up getting projected at the males. Male ape gets turned on by that swollen ass the same way we men are turned on by a curvy chick with a nice ass.

          2. I like a woman intelligent enough to talk dirty.

            Fat on cheeks is supposed to be a red flag for other issues.

            I like the sharp look, sort of elven with high-cheek bones is an ideal. Here’s a very attractive Hungarian adult film actress:


            At a certain age that baby fat dissipates. So I see it as the Spring look, then in Summer, the baby fat is gone. Some Southern women have a baby fat look by eating a lot of fried chicken.

          3. Yeah those sharpy defined, “bony” features are really impressive. Just this year I finally realized that the sharp effect was actually created by real bones in the face. LOL. We think of “bony” as gross but really bones can create deep beauty as good as a Greek sculpture.

            The baby fat is gone by 16, maybe by 15. Maybe you can still see a bit of it at 15.

        1. I looked at some other pics where she has total baby head shape. Yeah, I’ve seen Sami that look similar but certainly a Slavic type.

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