Delphi Murders Update July 14, 2022 Bastille Day Edition

Our private Delphi sleuthing group is the best on the Internet by far and has been since it was founded five years ago in 2017.

Unlike any other sleuths, we have determined the main suspects in the case, have a good idea of what happened during the crime and what the crime scene looked like, and have recently figured out the motive.

Best of all, much of our information is via solid sources such as search party members, official case documents, and LE sources close to the investigation who leak to us. No other group has come close to uncovering the amount and quality of information we have.

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Warning, long, 46 pages.

A Holiday in the West

The bloody dawn of people’s rule in the West.

First of all, happy Bastille Day everyone!

It is July 14, 1789. In the king’s castle in Paris. A storming has occurred. 108 bodies lay dead.

Louis XIV, King of France: “It is a rebellion!”

François XII Alexandre-Frédéric duc de La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt (Duke de La Rochefoucauld): “No, sir, it is a revolution!”

With that, the Third Estate usurped power, and the Ancien Regime lay in the dust. The Modern West was begun.

Update July 15, 5 PM PST

Unfortunately, I have had to remove all of the information about Ron Logan possibly finding the bodies and trying to cover up the scene. The source is a person who insists that Ron Logan is the main suspect and has been all this time. We know for a fact that this is not true and we know that Ron was cleared two years later in 2019.

Besides, he doesn’t have it in him to kill those girls. I really apologize for putting out some bad information here, but I retracted it very quickly, so give me some credit. As you know, theories are in flux all the time here and we change our minds all the time. So we no longer believe that Ron found the bodies that night and watered down the crime scene with a hose. We apologize for any misunderstandings.

Prefatory Remarks

Please skip over the prefatory remarks if you would rather get to the meat of the story. The main section of the post starts where it says Main Section below.

Delphi Monetizers are Not Fraudsters

In addition to all being out to get all the glory for only themselves, a lot of these podcasters are monetized quite beyond our absurdly modest efforts here which pay for gas and grocery money and little else.

A number of these folks like Murder Sheet have even formed LLC’s. Well, all the power to them. These guys can monetize to their heart’s content. Everybody giving them money seems to be quite willing to do so and is quite happy with whatever product they are receiving.

Protesting against them is like protesting against the guy who takes out an ad saying, “Send your dollars to X address.” A guy took out an ad like that once and made a lot of money from the legions of morons who populate our benighted Clown Rock. The police wanted to prosecute him, but he had committed no crime other than separating morons from their dollars, and that’s not against the law yet.

What I want to say is there’s no fraud going on here. These guys spend quite a bit of time every week doing their podcasts. They request to be compensated for their labor like any other worker. You got a problem with that? You think people should work for free? Why don’t you march into your boss’s office tomorrow and demand to work for free as requesting to be compensated for your labor is leeching, grifting, and begging? You won’t do it? Why not?

That said podcasts amount to little other than shooting the bull sessions is of no matter. People can see exactly what value if any they are getting out of these shows run by these showmen, and they obviously think these casts are the greatest show on Earth and hence well worth their money.

That’s not fraud. Fraud is promising something, taking the money, and delivering nothing. You If you read between the lines or have a single brain cell left in your head, these guys promise nothing at all and deliver precisely that or even less, and people are overjoyed to throw money at them for a few hours of good times on the Interwebs.

A Few Remarks about the Delphi Subreddits on Reddit

The LibbyandAbby sub really is the best Delphi group out there on Reddit. I get it. They’re amateurs and most don’t know what they’re doings, but the woman who runs it, ATrueLady, is excellent sleuth and a superb source, and she is indeed one of our trusted sources. I’m going to stop trashing the LibbyandAbby sub now that I have met ATrueLady and saw what a great person she is. She runs that sub and I just can’t do that to her. My conscience will not allow it.

She is like Gray Pubes. The two of them will confirm virtually nothing. That is, most everything is an unproven rumor. But now and again, they have a fact that they have vetted so severely that they are sure it is true. There are not many of these facts. But I figure that if Gray or ATrueLady said it, it’s as good as gold.

There are a wide variety of posts on there, and once you sort the considerable chaff from the meager wheat, you can almost scrape up enough for a meal. You can definitely learn a thing or two there.

And there are some good posters on that sub.

I do like Penis_Vulva, who also has an excellent name that is after my heart. Prior Manager is also good. They’re both a little bit right and also quite a bit wrong, but I don’t care about that. Half of what you hear everyday is wrong anyway. ATrueLady is superb, an excellent mod and a class act all around. She is also a very nice person.

Meowzedoong is good for medical stuff. He is a psychiatrist who specializes in forensic psychology. His analysis of Kevin Kline was immaculate. Separate Clean Sheets is the same, calm and rational.

The DelphiMurders sub is useless. No rumors! LOL good luck solving crimes, idiots!

DelphiDocs is run by xanaxarita, a bruja with Borderline Personality Disorder and hysteroid tumors in her uterus. I’m comforted that many hate her as much as I do. She’s a monster.

That site is severely useless, distinguished mostly by it’s obtrusive sense of self-importance with nothing to back it up. Why does anyone post there? No rumors allowed! No non-sourced comments! Everything not from the cops gets shot down! LOL you guys are giving the FBI a run for their money, aren’t you? A class of fifth graders could solve a murder better than these clowns.

For some reason, there are all sorts of certified experts in law, medicine, law enforcement, psychology, etc. on there. I have no idea why since that site accomplishes nothing. The only thing you will learn about this crime over there is what the police have told us. In other words, jack shit! I don’t know these folks with letters after their names waste time on such an inconsequential sub.

Delphi Knot is run by tobor_rn, who is an excellent sleuth and a good man to boot. It’s theory only and low traffic. I don’t mind it. He lets all sorts of material on there.

DelphiTodayIsTheDay is pretty much a low-traffic and low-effort sub. I don’t want to trash it as there’s simply not much there to trash or praise. It’s a meager meal, but not all subs can rule the roost.

The Main Problem with the Groups and Subs

The main problem with all of these groups and subs is that they have been focusing on people who the police are not even looking at! Really, guys? This POI of yours really did it and the police are just too dumb to figure it out? Get out.

First thing you do is eliminate all of the POI’s who have never even been investigated by police!

Want to focus on a POI? Fine, how bout if you pick one of the ones that are currently under investigation? Just a thought…

Main Section

People Who Cannot Possibly Be Suspects

We will look at four popular suspects on social media who cannot possibly be involved in these murders.

The case of DP or Daniel Pearson is tragic. This poor man has been hounded by mental midgets who think he’s a child killer. This has caused him a lot of problems in his personal life. He’s never been seriously investigated by police! He was obviously cleared very early on. True Crime Garage has been truly malign in how they have pursued this guy.

The case of Klines is also ridiculous. As noted above, the police just told us that Kegan Kline is a “decoy.” As in, he didn’t do it. Get the message? Murder Sheet, a monetized podcast whose bark is much worse than their bite, continues to focus obsessively on this man although we know for a fact that he’s not involved.

The focus on Tony Kline is just bizarre. Granted he’s a tool and a maniac, but that area is full of men like that. Just because he’s a bad person or even a monster doesn’t mean he killed those girls. Monsters are everywhere. They’re a significant percentage of the population. The vast majority never kill little girls.

This man has never even been interviewed by police in regard to this crime to my knowledge! If he’s been interviewed, can someone clue me? Kegan is far more connected to this crime than Tony, who has no connection whatsoever. Neither Kline can be placed at the bridge that day. Did they turn invisible?

Granted the early warrant makes a case that in the beginning, it looks like LE including the FBI were honed in on Ron Logan. Perhaps they even thought he was the guy for a while. But it’s well known that he was cleared two years ago.

While we are at it, let’s look at who has been investigated.

People Currently under Investigation

Six people, all males, remain a focus of investigation in the Delphi Murders:

Obviously Mr. X is the main suspect as we have noted many times.

Our information is that Mr. P, a member of the extended family of one of the perpetrators of the prank plot towards one of the girls, was interviewed early on. Our police source told us that this man remains a suspect in the crime. What is not known is whether their involvement went beyond the prank stage.

Another possible member of the three-man group who concocted this plot is Mr. B, a former police officer. As his apartment was turned upside down by the police, I’d say he’s been investigated. Assuming he was in on this plot, this man is also a suspect with the same status as Mr. P.

The third member of this prankster group is PJ, a minor. He also remains as suspect with the same status as the Mr. P and Mr. B.

We have just learned that Mr. Z is what seems to be a major suspect, perhaps the second most important suspect after Mr. X. Mr. Z has been a focus of the investigation for a very long time and the fact that he has been given seven lie detector tests so far is shocking. In our opinion, at the least he is very suspicious man.

In addition, Mr. H, who we believe is the enforcer for the Lafayette Boys Club, has been investigated for five years now. A few months ago, he threatened to sue the police for defamation if they didn’t lay off. They may have backed off since. But the fact that they have been looking at this man for five years without clearing him is alarming. Although there is zero evidence connecting this man to the crime, in our opinion he remains an awfully suspicious fellow.

People Investigated but Cleared

Daniel Nations.

James Chadwell.

Kelsi German. Yes, her inconsistencies in her stories indeed made her a suspect. She was even interviewed three times by the FBI, including once at her school where she could be interviewed in a different environment. She was cleared about the same time that Ron Logan was.

Mike Patty. Yes, believe it or not, Mike Patty was a suspect in this crime for ~9 months, from February-November 2017. In fact, they even assigned an undercover officer to follow him around. This officer went so far as to tail Mike when he took his family on a trip to Disney World. This information comes to us from Anna Williams. This investigation appears to have been dropped in November 2017. We assume that they simply decided that he had nothing to do with the crime.

Robert Lindsay. Yep, I was interviewed by an ISP detective as a suspect in this crime because so many pinheads, mostly female, kept turning me in. Thanks ladies! The FBI told one of our contacts that I’m cleared. Whew! That’s a relief. Fact was I had not left California is 3 1/2 years at the time this crime was committed.

Mr. A. We went down the wrong trail after this guy for a few years, and it turned out to be a red herring. Perhaps you can forgive us as the guy was making videos where he more or less admitted to killing the girls? Anyway, we don’t think he’s involved. He was investigated quite intensively by the ISP and the FBI, but it looks like they’ve both cleared him. But he remains a rather suspicious person to us, while we acknowledge there is no good hard evidence connecting him to the crime.

People of Uncertain Status

Mr. W, discussed below, surely seems to be a suspicious fellow. We don’t know if police have ever investigated him as a suspect in this crime, but in our opinion, they should have.

New Information from Our Police Source!

We will begin this post with some new information from our member who has the contact with our best police source.

I wish my source would give me more info beyond the “We are close to an arrest.” She’s been very quiet and guarded lately.

I’m trying to extrapolate more info out of our source here, but she implied in the last conversation we had that the police know beyond a doubt who the main suspect in this crime is and have known this for quite a while, but they are trying to remove all obstacles and get a clear, concise last piece of solid evidence.

She also said that Kegan was a decoy, albeit a dirt bag.

I am hoping for more information. I’ll let you know.

I assume that “…they know beyond a doubt who the main suspect in this crime is and have known for quite a while…” can be no one other than Mr. X, though this was not explicitly stated by the source.

Police: Kegan Kline is a “Decoy,” Albeit a Scumbag

The big takeaway here is that we have, officially from the police now, what we here have thought since soon after his name turned up, that Kegan Kline is a “decoy” (in the words of the officer), albeit a dirtbag who traffics in child porn. In other words, he plays no role in the actual murders themselves.

I notice these “Kline did it” boneheads and still everywhere, stealing precious air from the rest of us and using up perfectly good space for us humans.

I can’t stand belligerent idiots. For God’s sake, if you’re going to be dumb, no problem. You have billions of folks to keep you company. But if you’re going to be stupid, can you at least be modest about it?

Got that, idiots still plumbing the eternal well of “Kline did it” idiocy? This is from the police themselves. Kline is nothing but a decoy! Whatever the Hell that means, he sure didn’t kill those girls!

The only thing we keep hearing about this guy is a possible role in the obtaining and distribution of a hypothetical snuff film made of the murders. But what does the officer mean by “decoy?” We don’t understand.

The Mysterious Nate Miller

Nate Miller, police officer and alibi for Mr. X and suicide, December 2000.

Also, note that Nate Miller, the police officer who provided the alibi for Mr. X, is a relative of Mr. M, who is described below. We believe the police think Nate was providing a false alibi. If he was, we believe the reason was in order to protect his relative. Nate killed himself by shooting himself in the head in December 2020 while on duty. It was officially ruled a suicide, however, everyone we talked to in the area thought it was a homicide.

Closeup photo of Nate Miller, who committed suicide in his squad car late at night next to a park in Delphi.

Mr. M and Mr. C

Below is a drawing we are releasing of Mr. M, who seems to have played a significant role in the crime. We will release a drawing of him and Mr. C below but we won’t release photographs. It’s up to you to put two and two together. Mr. M, age 20 at the time, is the man who we believe impregnated one of the girls at one of the bonfire parties she was known to attend.

This is a drawing of Mr. M. We believe that Mr. M, age 20, impregnated Libby, possibly at a bonfire party she was known to attend.

The girl was refusing to get an abortion, and this is a motive or one of the motives for the double homicide.

In addition, we believe that Mr. M is a member of a local sex club. This is Mr. F’s sex club discussed in the video below. Our four year in depth investigation of this crime has led us to believe is really a full-blown sex trafficking organization. His behavior in this club or if he has broken any laws in his association with it are not known.

The club’s females range from 13-20, so the 16-20 year olds are legal, and the 18-20 year olds are adults. This is the Lafayette Boys Club discussed by the female escort below. By the way, she’s kind of hot, isn’t she? What’s the story? She had an affair with this judge?

For symbolism, please note that he was parked at a lake in Delphi where the bodies were dumped in the only other double homicide in Carroll County, a very bad crime involving the Marchands, who were relatives of Becky Marchand Patty, guardian of one of the murdered girls. The Marchand family is said to have many bad actors, but I’m sure Becky is not one of them. I’m not sure if the Marchands were killers or victims in this crime.

However, note that a major player in the second double homicide in Carroll County, this one involving a victim related to the Marchand family, committed suicide next to the lake where the bodies were found in the first double homicide in Carroll County, also involving the Marchand family.

Although this may just be an odd coincidence, the author or this crime, thought to be the same person who committed the Evansdale Murders, seems to like weird coincidences, sort of like the Zodiac Killer. There are odd coincidences in the Delphi Murders themselves and in the comparison between the Delphi and Evansdale Murders. I wouldn’t put it past this guy to commit one more creepy homicide that ties into the previous double killing.

Nine months after the Delphi Murders, Mr. M, age 20, was arrested for illegal intercourse for having sex with another 14 year old girl. He served only 35 days, which were all served on probation, so he actually did zero days in jail for this crime. However, he did have to go on the Sex Offender list, which seems outrageous for such a chickenshit crime.

Next we follow with a drawing of Mr. C, a neighbor of Mr. M. We believe that Mr. C was training Mr. M to get young teenage girls for Mr. C to have illegal intercourse with. See more about this odd character in the caption below the photo.

This is a drawing of Mr. C, a neighbor of Mr. M. Mr. C has a record for child molesting and a history of child molestation and illegal intercourse of girls and boys aged 9-14, which puts him in the pedohebephilic range. Mr. C also engaged in illegal intercourse with Mr. M, a heterosexual, when he was 13 and 14. As he was straight, this illegal gay sex may have been bad for his personal development. Hi Presto Logic.

In an embittered interview a year or two ago, Logan said they were mad because they could not pin the crime on him, so they threw the book at him for Driving on a Suspended License in anger. Ron was bitter during this interview a year or two ago. He died recently at age 80, a long-term alcoholic, but he still looked quite handsome for an 80 year old man.

We think we may have solved a curious question about Ron Logan. Remember how everyone kept saying, “BG is dressed up exactly like Ron dresses!” We think that may be deliberate. There is now an unverified rumor that Mr. X and Ron Logan’s son were at Ron’s for a party on Sunday night.

If true, that places Mr. X near the crime scene a mere 12-16 hours before he showed up to commit the crime at 12 PM. A member recently told me, “BG’s jacket looks two sizes too big.” Others have mentioned that BG’s clothes look to big for him. These comments have been heard since the beginning of the case.

Well, of course they look too big for him! We are thinking Mr. X may have stolen some of Ron’s clothes that night and wore them to commit the crime! So in addition to the others, Ron was also possibly being set up to take the fall.

A few final remarks. Are there still a few following the “Ron Logan did it” lemmings off the cliff? Save yourself a long, deadly fall! Ron Logan is innocent! He was cleared two years after the crime!

Setting Up the Fall Guys for the Crime

We now have six different people possibly being set up to take the fall:

The three young men who set up a scene for a prank only to find to their horror that it was used for a gruesome double murder. In setting up the scene of a double murder, these guys look guilty as Hell!

Mr. M is being set up because he’s the father of a girl’s fetus. According to unverified rumors, the crime involves the gutting of a girl and the removal of her fetus to hide a pregnancy of a young teen by an adult man. Poor Mr. M looks guilty as sin! However, police have told us he’s not a suspect! Perhaps all he signed up for was the prank, assuming he even signed up for that. But this crime makes him look incredibly guilty!

Kegan Kline may be being set up by Mr. Z, who worked on his phones and computers and therefore had access to all of his logins and passwords. It is starting to look like someone other than Kline used Kline’s Anthony Shots profile to catfish Libby. That makes Kline look guilty as all get out! But people have said for a long time that others may have had access to the Anthony Shots account. If the killer used Kline’s Anthony Shots profile to catfish the girls, Kline is obviously being set up to take the fall.

Now Ron Logan, as noted above, may also be being set up to take the fall.

The killer may have have four separate groups or individuals set up to take the fall. Even if one or two get cleared, you still have two more to take the fall. He may have set this up to get away with it and in the process to frame a bunch of others for the crime!

A Possible Solution to the Kegan Kline Conundrum

In order to understand this possible solution, we have to look back early this year to the time when the case seemed to break wide open with the Anthony Shots revelation. Our research has determined that Mr. Z was interrogated again early this year. Mr. Z was given his seventh lie detector test at this time! Seven! He keeps getting inconclusive, which is also how Mr. X’s and indeed, Tobe Lozenby’s tests have been coming back.

But soon after this interrogation, the major break in the case involving the Anthony Shots account, which was then shown to be Kline’s devices, occurred. And it just so happens that Mr. Z was Kline’s computer and phone tech and had access to all of his devices!

We believe that whatever was learned in this interrogation of Mr. Z may have led to the breakthrough in the case involving Kline and Anthony Shots.

Solid New Information

A police profile of the killer suggested that he might have a foot fetish. Because of the stolen sock? Because of the rumor of him washing the girls’ feet?

There is new information of statement from a police officer on a website, later deleted, that said the non-secular items at the scene were related to Odinism, a White Supremacist pagan Nordic religion. There are some other well-sourced rumors backing this up. This Odinist rumor looks like it has some legs. Mr. H, the enforcer for the “sex club” that we believe may be a sex trafficking group, and Gabe Ellis, sex trafficker and meth dealer, are both Odinists. Mr. H is also a Satanist.

The other non-secular element was an upside down crucifix at the scene, which to me seems like devil worship. This report came to us from an interview with a female member of the search party.

Suspicious People

Mr. H is suspicious to say the least, however his alibi for being at the gym at the time of the murders appears to be sound. Nevertheless, police have continued to investigate him for five years now (!), and they only backed off recently when he threatened to sue them for defamation. Also, Mr. H may have been staying at Logan’s house that weekend as he was fighting with his girlfriend. Despite the fact that he is suspicious, there is no hard evidence of his involvement in this crime.

Mr. G is also suspicious. He’s presently in jail where he belongs. He has a rap sheet so long that it scrolls off into the distance as you try to read it. A few days after the crime, he confessed to his boyfriend that he committed the murders. He’s bisexual, a fact that he ferociously denies like so many bisexual men. Hi Presto Logic.  He also refused to give DNA. He inserted himself massively into the case for no apparent reason.

He recorded a video in which he was describing the killer, and he appeared to be describing himself. He was homeless at the time of the murders and was supposedly camping in the area of the bridge! This man is absolutely a pure psychopath of the born, not created, variety, and it would not be unusual for him to toy around with sort of almost but not quite confessing to the murders even when he didn’t do it. There is no good evidence that he was involved in this crime in any way.

Mr. A, a former suspect of ours, is still suspicious. He made a number of videos in which he pretty much confessed to committing the crime. After years of investigation, we now believe that there is no good, hard evidence that he played any role in this crime.

James Chadwell is obviously suspicious. Though I do not think he was in on these murders, was a member of the sex club! He was also living around Evansdale, Iowa at the time of the Evansdale Murders! My newest investigator thinks he did Evansdale, but I don’t think so. I think that attempted murder of the girl was his first homicide attempt, and I don’t think he’s a pedophile. He’s not a preferential molester. He’s a situational (non pedophilic) molester.

A Number of New Rumors

The following are the new unverified rumors we have just received:

Kline is said to have gone to Vegas soon after the crime. He had a camera and a CD. The camera may have been used to record the crime, and the murder tape was on the CD. This way there’s just hard copies and there’s no digital trail to follow. We think he might have sold the hypothetical murder tape to his sleazy Vegas collection because that’s where Kline got his really bad CP.

There was a a pig’s head was at the scene. What?!

A number of the dolls at the scene, which we have now proven were present, were scorched or burned by fire. What?! On the other hand, do you remember, Stu Sutcliff, that crazy gay guy with the bad curly dark-haired wig who uploaded Delphi videos of himself performing oral sex on another man? He has recently undergone a new change of identity and goes by a new name.

He has uploaded a number of extremely creepy Delphi videos where he is wearing a hooded costume and making creepy nonhuman voices. In a number of these videos, dolls are placed on the ground and then set on fire!

Police have visited this man at his house, as they think he knows way too much about this crime, and they want to know how he knows so much. He refused to cooperate with them. I don’t think he’s in on the crime, but I do think he knows some details about the murders.

There are a number of other weirdo locals making creepy videos about this crime. A number of these videos involve dolls. They also often involve outbuildings, shacks, or barns. We know dolls played a role in the crime and the FBI believes an outbuilding was  somehow also used in the crime, though we do not know how. Carter’s reference to the movie The Shack appears to be a reference to this outbuilding.

The suspect vehicle is a truck.

The killer bathed the girls’ feet after he laid them out to at the crime scene.

This statement was found on a YouTube site written by someone who seemed to know too much:

These homicides were a whole big film production with a number of people involved.

OK, that is quite strange. This is the same source as the pig’s head rumor. But once again, with all these players, how does no one talk?

A white van, possibly a suspect vehicle, was seen in the area of the bridge early on February 14. The rumor says something about a white van and Indiana Packers. This either refers to an Indiana Packers van (Do they have white vans?) or else an Indiana Packers CC TV camera that caught this white van in the early AM on the 14th. The story that the IP CC TV caught a white van in the AM of the 14th and that this may be a suspect vehicle seems more logical.

A Reduced Role of PJ in the Crime

We no longer believe that Young BG was PJ, a minor close to Mr. X. We have not been able to find any information that implies that he has it in him to commit this sort of crime. However, our main police source told us that PJ is “the catfish boy.” We don’t understand. We thought Anthony Shots was the catfish boy? Mr. X may well have had an accomplice, but it sure wasn’t PJ! Instead we are looking at a man named Mr. X as a theoretical accomplice for that.

A New POI, Mr. W

A new and very interesting POI has appeared in the form of Mr. W. Oddly enough, he is supposedly related to Mr. X! He calls Mr. X “uncle.” We don’t know if they are really related or not. This is quite a young man, 21 years old at the time of the crime and 26 years old now.

Mr. W is a terrible person, a real scumbag lowlife. When he was 21, he had sex with a 15 year old girl and taped the encounter. In 2018, the tape was discovered and he was charged and sentenced for Child Exploitation.

Mr. W made a post to Facebook several weeks after the crime showing bloody knuckles with the caption, “Results of a bar fight.” People have made a big deal out of this, but it showed up some time after the crime, and the police say that the girls did not put up a fight with their killer.

There is also an unverified rumor that he was one of the people under the bridge that day.

Mr. W was seen at 5 AM on February 14 the day after the girls were abducted four miles away from the bridge. He was heading away from the bridge. He was driving his black truck. When the person saw Mr. W in his black truck, Mr. W put his hand over his face to cover it from the onlooker.

The person thought it was suspicious but he was driving on a suspended license at the time and he didn’t want to turn in his tip to police for fear he would be arrested himself. Mr. W later modified the paint job on his truck. He posted a very disturbing video the day after the murders about child abduction.

The day the video and audio of BG was released, Mr. W’s young 18 year old girlfriend whom he married when he was 20 and she was 16 (which is perfectly normal and healthy) got shot in the head by Mr. W and died in their backyard. Mr. W claimed it was an accident, but no one believes that and everyone thinks he killed her. The theory is that there was something in the audio or video of BG on the bridge that could have led to the girlfriend going turning Mr. W in to the police for a role in the crime. However, this theory is not yet proven.

This unfortunately confuses things a lot if both Mr. W and Mr. Z are involved. Now we have three people in on the plot, and we have to explain how none of them talked for five years.

Mr. and Mrs. X

It’s time to clear up some times regarding the lost keys incident with Mr. X at the crime scene late on February 14. Mr. X told the cops that Mrs. X was coming to bring his keys that he lost, except that she never showed up, and we don’t think he even called her. At 8:30 PM, there is a police transcript saying she was coming to deliver keys to Mr. X.

When she never showed, there’s a record of a call at the fire department to tow Mr. X’s truck at 9:14 PM. There’s also a dispatch record of the tow truck at the scene, and at 9:30 PM, the cop said that Mr. X has left or gone home, abandoning his truck there. It was apparently towed soon afterwards.

We previously said that Mrs. X’s odd remarks posted to Facebook were made a week after the crime:

It’s so strange how you know someone your whole life, and you think you know them, and then they turn out to be this totally different person, a monster, an entity of pure evil.

We know believe she said that a month or two after the crime. We’re still not sure why she said that.

BG Now Possibly Tied to Previous Employment at Indiana Packers

If you look back at our earliest posts, we decided that BG was wearing Indiana Packers boots.

If you look closely at BG’s boots and then look at the boots the police hauled away from Indiana Packers in a raid a few days later, they are a perfect match. We believe BG is wearing Indiana Packers boots.

Indiana Packers was raided soon after the crime, and a pair of boots was taken away.

Boots seized at the Indiana Packers raid a few days after the crime. Dead ringer for BG’s boots.

The police supposedly faked a bomb threat in order to raid the place. There is a photo of a pair of boots from that raid in an evidence bag.

Closeup of seized IP boots.

Under the photo it says, “This is not important” or something.

NOT key evidence at this time LOL. Right, cops. You guys are funny.

We always thought there was a connection between BG and pig plants, in particular Indiana Packers.

We can now link Mr. X, who may be BG, with Indiana Packers via someone who knew him and said he used to work at both Packers and Tyson Foods. This directly connects a main BG suspect with employment at Indiana Packers, accounting for BG’s Packers boots.

There is a question about whether you buy your uniform at Indiana Packers or if you get to keep it when you leave. A woman I talked to the other day told me that she thought you got to keep it.

I wonder what Mr. X’s job was the pig plants? Was he one of the ones who cut the pigs’ throats with knives? That is how they slaughter them, you know. And one of the girls was slaughtered like a pig with a deep cut to her throat. Which is pretty sad right there, come to think of it.

Mystery of the New Investigation Building Solved

In addition, I can now report that the reason the investigation was moved to the separate building in the old CPS building was due to an effort to control leaks about the case. Too many leaks were happening with the investigation situated where it was.

The Mysteries of the Autopsy Report

In our previous posts, we listed a summary of an autopsy report for the girls. The reference to an “aortic transection” in the autopsy is curious because it’s a proven fact that this girl suffered a terrible wound to her throat. The aortic transection could not be related to getting her throat cut. However, this may refer to an unverified rumor of a serious wound to her abdomen with a gut knife done in order to disembowel her to remove her uterus.

The several small cuts in her torso could have occurred earlier. The exsaugination means she bled out. Somehow she asphyxiated, which I don’t understand.

This girl also suffered a grievous wound to the throat, but it’s looking like she was already dead when this happened. If her throat was cut shortly after she died, there would still be massive blood spray from the cut. Crime scene photos show this girl’s head propped up on a log. If this is the case, BG may have positioned her head on that log to cut, it and he could only do that if she were out cold or dead.

The autopsy reference to “scant water in the lungs” may refer to bruising of the lungs.

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22 thoughts on “Delphi Murders Update July 14, 2022 Bastille Day Edition”

  1. There is a YouTube channel called As Above So Below that appears to be local to the Delphi area, and he is putting out a lot of content that seems to indicate he knows or has heard things through the grapevine. I normally wouldn’t pay much attention, but some of his points match up with some of your info here, specifically the pig’s head and the comment about a film production.

    He is looking at a local group that is into this gore and horror film stuff, he even found a picture of them a few days before the murder that showed what appeared to be a headless pigs body. He also has these crime scene photos that are impossible to see clearly, but he has some that he claims show multiple suspects posing with the girls bodies. The channel is quite curious to say the least.

    1. Yes, I have seen it. He turns me off in a lot of ways. He’s too emotional and he’s always yelling at the police for not doing their jobs and he’s way off into conspiracies. Plus he’s a super rightwinger, but they’re all like that over there. I’ve never watched any of his videos that he claims show things, but I’ve heard you can’t see anything. He did have a couple of segments on Mr. X. Of course he did not credit me for publicizing this suspect, but he did shade a lot of suspicion on him nonetheless. He’s sort of unhinged and he doesn’t have a very good speaking voice.

      1. He seems to have moved away from Mr X and is now blaming this gore film group, which makes no sense. That could only be possible if they are tied into Mr X and/or the prank group. I’ve tried commenting on a few videos to ask for further clarification, but he only seems interested in responding to his donors. I happily sent my $20 to you instead lol

          1. I’m not sure, to be honest. I donated the $20 and got the email from you with a password, but I haven’t found my way into the private forum. I’d certainly love to though.

      1. Yeah he’s been ok on a few things. He’s a loose cannon, always going about incompetent cops and conspiracies, but most everyone doing this sort of thing is some sort of a loon, yours truly excepted of course. And possibly you too! He’s been onto Mr. X though, and I appreciate him for that. He needs to calm down, but he probably can’t.

  2. What do you guys make of the new developments…i.e. KKs little vacation with the ISP and consequent river dragging? Everyone elsewhere seems to think he is turning on his dad, but it could also be something involving JP if he was truly privy to everything on KKs devices. Any thoughts?

    1. Oh. We still don’t know if JP is involved. But he’s been given seven lie detector tests by the police! Our sources tell us that Kegan Kline is “just a decoy.” We don’t understand what that means, but it seems like he’s not involved in a double murder. And if he isn’t then his father isn’t either.

      Are you in the private group?

  3. This is a very good read, and a fascinating case way overdue to be resolved, it makes me feel really sad that it’s still out there. Those poor little girls.
    [an aside: This part of this post made me laugh and it’s everything:

    You got a problem with that? You think people should work for free? Why don’t you march into your boss’s office tomorrow and demand to work for free as requesting to be compensated for your labor is leeching, grifting, and begging? You won’t do it? Why not?

    Haha, for real.

  4. I’d love to hear your take on these Kegan Kline developments, Robert. Indiana State Police took temporary custody of him the other day and he was seen with investigators and a prosecutor by a river near his home, leading them to a specific area that was then searched by divers for a few days. Could he be leading them to Abby’s phone? This is definitely making me question everything about this case. I don’t know what to make of it.

    1. Yes, we don’t have any good information about what is going on there.

      How this site works:

      We don’t say anything about anything unless we have a pretty good source to back it up. We don’t have any decent sources telling us anything about what they are doing in that river, so I’m just going to say I don’t know. That’s how we do it here! There’s no point speculating on and on about what’s going on there because we haven’t a clue about what is going on.

      Our police source already told us that Kegan Kline “is just a decoy,” whatever the Hell that means. So obviously he’s not involved in this crime. We haven’t even asked our police source about Tony Kline, but if Kegan’s not involved, then Tony isn’t either.

      We also don’t have the faintest idea about what the Anthony Shots profile and Kegan’s relationship to it means. We don’t understand what role, if any, Kegan played in this crime. The only thing we keep hearing is that he’s involved in the distribution of the snuff film made of the murders, assuming that even exists. That makes sense to me. No other involvement of Kegan makes sense.

      Neither Kegan nor Tony can be placed at the bridge that day or any other day for that matter. Both are too tall and too heavy to be BG. Tony is 6’5, 310 pounds! How the Hell is he BG? Kegan is 6’0, 250-300 pounds! His medical condition is so bad that he doesn’t even drive a car! He talks to these girls to get nudes but then he’s too scared to go meet them. And when he does, he talks about the weather! He’s the ultimate passive man.

      Here’s my little list:

      6’0 310 pounds Tony Kline, makes no sense!

      No match with partial genetic profile.

      Flabby gut. BG has a slender waist and is thinner at the hip.

      Wrong thighs. Huge thighs. BG has weak legs swimming in Dad jeans.

      Under jacket: Huge belly and not much else. With BG, lots of things.

      Gigantic, stupid, fat face. BG face far more defined face, no big fat moronic head.

      IQ: Tony Kline is not very smart at all.

      Tony Kline’s stepson said the voice is not Tony.

  5. It seems like they are trying to force this on Tony Kline. He does not appear to be bridge guy though (Tony has had a foot amputed fyi)

    1. It does seem like they are trying to set Tony Kline up for this crime.

      If he has an amputated foot, how does he walk? I’m not sure how these people walk with only one foot. Can you explain?

      1. I am right there with you.

        If they are trying to pin this on TK, I could definitely see them using the foot thing as an explanation for the gait. The worst possible outcome would be to see them just put this all on someone who is not guilty, no matter how awful they are as a person.

        I have a little piece of information I was able to find myself through my job. Just something about the email accounts used by the Klines. I don’t want to go into too much detail on how I found it, but I can say that KK had access to his Dad’s email account and even used it to register online accounts on normal sites he used for normal things like shopping. I don’t know what that means, if anything, but I know they were very interested in asking him all about that sort of thing in the leaked transcripts.

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