The Enigma of Suicide

Polar Bear: I’ve heard Japanese also commit suicide a lot.

He is making this argument to show that even a country with very low gun violence can also have a high suicide rate, implying that mass gun ownership has nothing to do with a high suicide rate in the US.

That’s a high suicide country. There’s nothing especially high suicide about the US to my knowledge. Another high suicide country is Hungary. They had high suicide rates under feudalism, under fascism, under communism, and under bourgeois democracy. It doesn’t matter what the system is. They kill themselves no matter who is governing them.

My mother read a huge 600 page book about suicide, and she said at the end of the book, neither she not the author could explain suicide very well. No one knows why some countries are suiciders. No one knows why rates go up and down. No one knows why men do it so much more. Suicide is the great enigma. No one understands it much from when Durkeim wrote his seminal tract (Suicide, 1897) to today. Interestingly, only 7

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2 thoughts on “The Enigma of Suicide”

  1. I was responding to Claudius saying suicide is usually White males. I was thinking it’s more of a civilized people thing instead of a White thing, but I’m no expert.

    When people talk about Whites it catches my eye. I wasn’t thinking about guns when I posted sentence.

    Interesting about Hungary. Odd to me that such model societies have high suicide rates.

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