Alt Left: About That Swiss Enigma the Gun Nuts Keep Bringing Up

Polar Bear: The Swiss basically respect the gun, military that uses it, what it’s for, etc. You could give them all automatics, missile launchers, etc., it wouldn’t matter. If the people are fine, having or not having guns doesn’t matter.

There’s nothing special about those Swiss people. They’re White and US Whites are White. It’s not like they’re different races. So why do US Whites have such dramatically higher gun violence rates?

Swiss gun laws are very much overrated by the gun nut conservatards. First of all, those guns are for the militia. They’re mostly kept at the local armory. All of the men go out and train with the militia most every weekend. Yes, they get to keep a gun in the home, but I believe it must be kept dismantled in a locked case and the ammunition must be kept in a separate locked case. You might as well have no gun at all. Handguns are not allowed. I think you can keep a hunting rifle, but those are not associated with high gun crime.

Bottom line is almost zero Swiss have a ready working gun in their house.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: About That Swiss Enigma the Gun Nuts Keep Bringing Up”

  1. I’d say Swiss set the bar high with Pikeman, watches, etc. but I agree Whites are White. I’m even loose with who is White.

    Identity is even more important than actual race.

    I’ve defended Americans before but I’d say even the White Americans set the bar lower than Europeans overall. We’re an inferior nation but a young one. I love Old America too. Its skeleton is perhaps the most interesting Anglo-offshoot and gets even more interesting later on as history moves along. Each state is like an organ. America’s a 50 organ beast.

    The mindset is better in Switzerland. They respect that a gun is for military use only.

    What is the quintessential American? A barbarian Bigfoot? A dumb hick? An asshole businessman? The Dude? All the above.

    Americans are volatile wolf-dogs closer to nature than long-domesticated Western European dogs. The steam from a hot apple pie and the smoke from a recently fired gun intertwine in the crisp American air. The apple pie and gun rest on the window sill like the left and right ass cheeks of Lady Liberty.

    1. Goddamn it, you’re starting to get poetic. I think your writing has been getting better since you’ve been here or else I’m hallucinating. That’s some pretty damn snappy prose you got there, cowboy.

        1. Np, you deserve it. Do YOU think you are getting better since you started commenting here. Quite a few commenters have told me they started writing better after being on this site for a while. There are a lot of really smart people here and there are some damn fine writers, including in the comments.

          Your punctuation is a catastrophe but I don’t think you want to fix it. Also your paragraphing is a mess but I don’t think you want to fix that either. Anyway with a bit of an edit, your stuff looks pretty damn smooth a lot of times. Flows a lot better. You jump around a lot.

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