Alt Left: Most Gay Men Who Got Molested as Boys Say They Liked It

Polar Bear (in reference to the Sandusky case): It’s been awhile since I watched the documentary but here’s some details:

Sometimes (I’d) scream, sometimes tell him to get off me, but other than that, who was there? We were in the basement, no one could hear you down there. We were always down there.

Oh yeah! That’s rape all right! Any molestation that bad goes over to Rape. Thing is, I’m afraid that a lot of molestation might look like this, but it goes down on Molestation anyway. Child Rape is a hard charge to bring and it’s not often prosecuted. On the other hand, not all molestations are rapes no matter what the cucks say. I don’t approve of adults molesting children, but it’s not the same thing as rape. There are two things: Molestation and Rape, two completely different crimes.

Was this boy straight? If he’s straight now, that makes it even worse.

I’m not sure how a pre-gay boy would act. 7

LOL for some reason that cracks me up, but I guess that’s my evil homophobia acting up again.

Alt Left: Time to Remove DSM-5 Antisocial Personality Disorder and Pedophilia from the DSM

Polar Bear: I watched some show on him…Sandusky seemed pretty impulsive.

All these predatory pedophiles are impulsive. If they weren’t impulsive, they wouldn’t be predatory pedophiles.

I don’t even think DSM-5 Pedophilia is a mental disorder! Sure, it’s a serious problem, but so what? They’re not nuts! Lots of really bad people aren’t nuts. They’re just bad!

Things are only mental disorders if they make you nuts. According to the disease model of mental illness, DSM-5 Antisocial Personality Disorder and Pedophilia are not mental disorders and need to be removed from the DSM because they don’t make the person who has them uncomfortable or distressed. We don’t list things as mental disorders because they make other people uncomfortable or distressed.

Antisocial Personality Disorder is a moral (in the sense that morally bad or evil things are “disorders”) and legal disorder (in the sense that a crime is a legal “disorder”). Pedophilia really isn’t either one! It’s weird, but it’s completely harmless if they’re not breaking the law.

The DSM is not a book about harmless but weird people! We could care less how weird someone is. They can’t be weird as all get out and as long as they’re not nuts, we could care less. We only care about whether people are nuts or not! Everything else is for the sociologists, moral philosophers, and legal scholars.

Of course Antisocial Personality Disorder is a moral disorder! But so what! The DSM is not a book of moral philosophy.

I say remove Pedophilia from the DSM, but if they act on it, give them a diagnosis of an Impulse Control Disorder.

Anyway, the way of thinking in terms of being strongly attracted to little girls isn’t even all that weird! 2

I hesitate to call anything a mental illness or even abnormal if 2

Alt Left: Kids Typically Consent to Getting Molested

Polar Bear: I found it odd some of the boys Sandusky fucked kept in touch with him. He sort of pulled it off with some them, even if they are in the minority.

He molested them, then. He didn’t really rape them. Everyone is conflating rape and molestation nowadays, but really they are two different things. It’s cuckery and faggotry to conflate these two terms, and real men shouldn’t do that. This conflation is from feminism and real men shouldn’t support anything feminists have thought up because if feminists thought it up, it can’t possibly make sense.

For better or for worse, almost all adult-child sex goes over into child molestation. This even includes the cases where coercion is involved, which can be up to 3

I guess I’m mystified why people are so upset at the term child molestation and seem to think it is “letting them off easy.” I grew up back when humans were sane in the 1970’s and 80’s before we got taken over by a bunch of dangerous alien pod people retards. Back then, the worst thing you could say about someone was that they were a child molester. The worst act you could be accused of was child molestation. That these terms are now “letting them off easy” just shows you how insane we’ve become on this subject.

Nevertheless, I have heard of long-term molestation cases that are better characterized as rape. I knew a woman who was literally raped by her brother from age ~8-15. She fought him off both physically and verbally every single time and he was never brought to charge. I would actually characterize these molestations as rapes, although they were being done my another minor. I’m not sure he should have been prosecuted as he was a minor himself.

Generally in such cases, I recommend getting CPS and social workers involved with the family. In this case, the social workers and family all dropped the ball and said she was making it up. Ideally, the family would order the boy to stop raping his sister. If he did not stop, the state would need to remove him from the home whether the family agrees with it or not.

If the family can’t keep that boy from raping his sister, they lose all legal and moral rights to custody and the boy goes to foster care. If that boy didn’t want to go to foster care, he shouldn’t have kept raping his sister when he was ordered not to.

In the case of Sandusky, we have to figure out if the molestation were consensual or not. People don’t want to hear it, but most molestation is consensual. That is, the kid more or less goes along with it. Kids don’t understand what sex is! That’s why they often don’t fight it off. It’s also why you have to groom them because they have no sex drive. Any human with a sex drive cannot possibly be groomed. Seduction is a better term.

When I say consensual, I mean psychologically speaking. Of course kids usually consent to getting molested in a psychological sense. But we are speaking in a legal sense. Legally, the psychological consent of the child is of no matter. Legally speaking, the child cannot consent. That’s why it’s called molestation. And molestation is a better term than rape because it isn’t really a rape. Instead, it’s the molestation of a child.

It’s odd how molesters build up attachments to some of their victims. I’m not sure I have a good explanation for this.

Alt Left: This Is What We Men Are Really Like

I suppose I am addressing this to any female readers. I always thought I didn’t have any, but now and then a woman would come around and mysteriously tell me that I had a lot more female readers than I thought. I had no idea how they knew that. But this is also for the legions of cucked and pussy males who come here and get outraged because we act like real men here. In other words, feminist men. In other words, most American men under 35.

Thing is, I have a reputation as a misogynist for some odd reason. Which is weird because I don’t hate women at all. I really should at this late date because they treat me like I’m a live maggot, but I just won’t. I feel like if I start hating them, they win, and I don’t want to give them that pleasure.

Plus, I figure it’s natural. It’s simply normal for women to treat men my age like complete shit. But when I was younger and supposedly attractive, I had enough fun with women and girls for 20 lifetimes. And there are still a few women who are decent to me. Really all there has to be is one. All of the rest of them could be as hostile as they want and go pound sand and I still wouldn’t hate them if I had just one who was good to me.

The truth is that I actually love women. Sure, I talk shit about them, but all real men do this. This is what people don’t understand. All, and I mean all, real men talk about women precisely like we do here. And we do say a lot of nice things about women here too.

What I am saying is that all men bitch about women. And they bitch about them exactly the way we do here, using the exact same language that we do here. You say there are men in your life who don’t talk like this? Well, number one, they’re pussies or cucks (male feminists), or number two, they’re lying to you.

Anyway we are only bitching about a certain type of woman or a certain pattern of behavior. You don’t act like that? Good for you! We’re not talking about you! We’re talking about women acting stupid. See that behavior? We don’t like it. We think it’s stupid. Does that bother you? Then quit doing it or don’t start!

In the interest of fairness, I think we should give women the opportunity to bitch about bad men or men acting like tools. Both sexes have behavioral patterns that the other sex doesn’t like. I actually read women bitching about us all the time. As long as they aren’t feminists, I’ll read them.

I want to see what sort of behavior is disliked. If I agree that the behavior is bad or that women have a right to be upset about it, I make a note to try not to act like that. I’ve even made lists of some of the male behaviors that really piss women off that I think we should quit doing, and I consult them from time to time. By the way, no misogynist would ever do that.

We should let women bitch about us all they want to as long as at the end of the day, they still love us, still love our rascally little hearts. And if I may speak for the men on this site, sure, we talk crap about women a lot, but at the end of the day, we still love them. And no misogynist would ever make either of those statements.

Also, I find many sites that just seem way too misogynistic for my tastes. Almost the entire Manosphere is disgustingly misogynistic. The MRA’s, the incels, the MGTOW (!), and even the PUA’s. In fact, I can’t stand to read any of their sites because the misogyny just bothers me too much. I don’t think there’s a misogynist on this Earth who would be upset at the misogyny of any website.

About misogyny, feminists scream all the time that men are misogynists, that is, that we hate women. Thing is I’ve been around men my whole life, and I just don’t see it. Sure, there are a few woman-haters or woman-dislikers out there, but it’s actually shocking how uncommon they are. It’s just not something you see very often.

I live with my brother and when the subject of men hating women comes up, he says something like, “What’s wrong with that?” Then again he has a girlfriend who he adores and treats like a queen. So he says he hates women at least in part, but then he loves his girlfriend. That’s typical. I think if we men really did hate women as much as these bitches say we do, you’d hear it a lot more. Men aren’t shy about such things.

If they hate someone, they come right out and admit it. If they hate a group of people, they come right out and admit it. I’m sure if men really hated women as much as the feminists say we do, they wouldn’t hide it for a minute. We men aren’t like that. We aren’t pussies about hating. If we hate something, someone, or some group, we just say it out loud. So I don’t think most men really hate women.

Sure, we bitch about them, but hate them? Nah. That’s a bridge too far for most men. Also there’s another thing. Hating women is seen as almost gay. You’re almost calling yourself a homosexual if you say you hate women. So that keeps us from hating right there.

Alt Left: All Identity Politics Movements Are Psychologically Unhealthy

Feminism, like all other insane Identity Politics, is about victimhood, paranoia, and hate. Feminists love being victims; in fact, this is the whole basis for the movement. They’re furious if you try to take their victimhood away from them and ask them to take some responsibility for their lives. And all IP movements relish being victims and are furious if you try to take away their stupid victimhood badge.

It’s also about hate. All IP movements are about hate. Feminists hate men. Gay IP types hate straights. Tranny IP people hate cis people. Black IP folks hate Whites. White nationalists hate non-Whites. Hispanic, Asian, and Amerindian IP types hate Whites.

All these movements are all about hate. Take the hate away, and you don’t have a movement anymore. Because these movements are pathological, they can’t admit that they hate the other side. Many feminists insist they don’t hate men. Anyway, all haters project by necessity. That is, all haters insist that the people they hate actually hate them! They don’t hate the other side. The other side hates them.

Hence, Gay IP types go on about straights hating gays. Tranny IP types go on about people hating trannies. Black IP  types can’t shut up about White racism. White nationalists yell about Blacks hating Whites. Hispanic, Asian, and Amerindian IP types all scream about how much White people hate them. And of course, feminists never stop ranting about how much we men hate them.

For the most part, none of this is true. Most straights don’t actually hate gays. I’m not sure about trannies, but I think they’re less hated than they think they are. Blacks don’t hate Whites as much as White nationalists insist.

We Whites certainly don’t hate Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Amerindians as much as these maniacs insist we do, if we even hate them at all for that matter. And as of noted above, it’s pretty uncommon to meet a man who says he hates women, and they’d say it if it were true.

Any movement that is all about paranoia, hate, and victimhood is pathological on its face. And I’ve noted that the deeper people get into these movements, the more pathological they get. These movements literally cause psychopathology in their followers. And at the far end of all of these movements, most people are pretty much certified loons. Another thing is that people in these movements are always unhappy.

Ever noticed that IP types are never happy? Ever noticed that all they do is bitch and scream? Ever noticed how miserable and wretched they seem? Of course you have. That’s because all of these movements make people angry and unhappy. Most people who are angry all the time are not very happy, if you’ve noticed.

These movements make people pathological, psychologically unhealthy, and miserable. Now why on Earth any sane person should support this crazy BS is beyond me. Anyone who cares about human and societal psychological health has no choice but to oppose these movements.

Repost: Game/PUA: What Is This Man Doing Wrong?

Warning: Long, 52 pages.

This is an old article from some time ago. We had some female commenters on the site, and of course, they blew off this guy’s problems altogether. But then, those commenters weren’t real women. They were feminists. There are real women and there are feminists. We love real women here at Beyond Highbrow. The feminists can go pound sand!

We never could figure out what on Earth this guy was doing wrong. However, at this late date, this could very well be me. This is pretty much my life these days. I still date women my age, and they’re about the only ones who show any interest in me. Most of them look like crap, but a few still look pretty good. With all of the rest of them though, I get something that looks like hate. Or if not hate, just utter indifference and a general sense of unfriendliness.

A lot of men are still really nice to me, so it can’t be me. I wonder why this is so little talked about? Why is it no one talks about how shitty women treat older men? The only young women who want to go out with me either want to charge me in one way or another or they’re trying to steal from me, in which case, they’re often not even women.

Instead, they’re just catfish, mostly Nigerian scammers. The dating sites are swarming with Nigerian scammers, who are out and out fraudsters and thieves. Nigerians have destroyed almost every single dating site out there, at least here in the US. All I’ve got to say is that Nigerians sure are shitty human beings. They’re a plague on the human race – a criminal race. A race of criminals, like Gypsies.

From here. Very interesting article. What did he do wrong?

Why Hasn’t Game Worked?

Hello everyone. I’m in a unique situation. My purpose in writing this thread is to identify the problem so I can solve it. It’s not to whine or complain. It might seem that way, and if it does, then forgive me, I’m really sincerely trying to solve the issues here.

My situation is that I’ve been practicing Game (not just learning or ‘studying’, but actively going out and doing) for the past ten years. I first found the red pill in the form of David D at the age of 17, and I’m 28 now. For that entire time, I’ve been doing everything I’m supposed to do: I’ve done astronomical amounts of approaches on a consistent basis in all sorts of settings both daytime and nighttime.

I’ve read up on different schools of Game, tried many out, kept a journal of my interactions, reviewed what I did right and what I could improve on, and generally conquered every woman-related fear that I could identify.

My philosophy on Game and life in general could pretty much be summed up as follows: “If you’re afraid of it, all the more reason to go and do it.” I feel that whatever’s blocking me from getting laid inevitably has to do with fear – and so if I keep noticing fears and promptly taking the courage to overcome them, then eventually all of that fear-conquering will lead to improvement in my life.

And as a result, I have almost no approach anxiety. I overcame approach anxiety years ago. I can approach just about any girl in just about any place.

It’s no longer an issue for me. I even used to have friends and wingmen point out the most difficult sets, and I’d approach them just to prove to myself that I wasn’t afraid and to prove that hesitation and fear weren’t the reasons for why I wasn’t getting female affection.

But despite all of the work I’ve put in, I have nothing to show. I’m a virgin with the exception of times I hired prostitutes, which comes out to a grand total of 5 times. I haven’t had sex with any girl who wasn’t ‘working’.

I am not a troll. I am a man who has put in the time and work and courage to improve my life. It just hasn’t worked. And I’m trying to figure out why.

When I heard about Elliot Rodger, something in me changed. Things are serious now. I can see myself turning into him eventually if this problem isn’t solved. I’ve read the first 90 pages of the manifesto, and it’s like reading my own autobiography.

The way he describes the utter hopelessness he feels and the jealousy was like hearing my own story told back to me. The only difference between me and him is that I always believed in the possibility of success, and I went out and took the active steps necessary to achieve it. I put in the work, and I took the risks.

Oh, and I’m not a racist. And I never had any interest in guns. And I played AOE instead of WOW…But everything else, it’s like we had the same life.

I’m currently applying for English teaching jobs overseas, so I can get a girlfriend based on the Murr’kin factor, i.e. socioeconomic status. But I’m concerned that this might not work as well as I expect it to.

I’m concerned that whatever the “issue” is with my Game is going to follow me wherever I go. In another country I’m sure I’ll get dates. I may get hookups. I might even get sex. But it’ll be based on money, status, and nationality – and how long will it be before the girl starts to play me, use me, dig for gold, etc? How long before my lack of skill with women catches up to me?

I want to figure out what the #

So I’ve written a story about my life from the beginning up until the present with a focus on girls and Game. I’m sure there’s a pattern in there which one of you experts can pick out and be like “I found your problem!” At least I’m hoping for that.

My story is both inspiring and heartbreaking, hopeful and hopeless, and enraging and comical all at the same time. It will elicit mad props in one sentence, pity in the next, and raucous laughter not far behind. I think you will enjoy it.

So without further ado, here it is. Tell me what you think.

I was born in 1985 and had a reasonably happy childhood. There were no major financial or familial disruptions, no poverty, war, disease, or sudden loss. I’m pretty sure that some of my parents’ behavior bordered on abusive, but that can be said of almost everyone in this society.

As a kid, I mostly played videogames and romped around the house with friends – I didn’t care much for sports. People described me as strong-willed, highly intelligent, and cute. I never got into trouble in school (although, looking back, I fucking wish I had!).

I got a lot of toys, and my parents bought me pretty much whatever I wanted within reason. We were middle class, Jewish, and lived in a cookie-cutter neighborhood in the northwestern suburbs of Baltimore, MD.

My interests were mostly of a nerdy nature and involved games and computers – although I was never really identified as a “nerd” outright. I was never identified with any particular subculture. I didn’t really care about fitting in or being popular. I just wanted to have fun and live my life.

All of my friends were male, and I never had any female friends (something that persists up until the present day). But in elementary school, I didn’t care. Girls were like a foreign species; they weren’t interested in the things I liked, and I didn’t see any reason to want to hang out with them.

When I got to middle school, that started to change, as I started to feel attraction and desire for girls. It was in 6th grade that I experienced my first crush: a petite, slightly mousy little blonde with freckles. I had no idea how to get close to her, so I basically just admired her from afar while hoping that fate would somehow bring us together.

I was extremely afraid of the social repercussions for ‘liking’ a girl who didn’t like me back, so I was careful to never show that I ‘liked’ her. Whenever I saw her in class or the hallways, I would look at her as much as I could but would always look away if she looked in my direction.

Eventually I asked one of my gossipy, “in-crowd” friends to find out if she liked me by asking her friends. He did as I asked and inquired with her friends, and he reported back “No”, she said she didn’t like me.

And the result was quite dramatic – the girl came into class the next day red-faced and embarrassed, and everyone was looking at me with a strange look – a combination of laughter, derision, shock, and, “Oh boy, look what you did, you’re in big trouble.” I felt totally ashamed and couldn’t even look at her anymore.

I dreaded the classes that I had with her. Despite this, a few weeks later at the ice skating rink (the popular gathering place for kids after school), I approached her on the ice and tried to start a conversation. She just stared off into space and shook her head, not even making eye contact with me. But at least I tried. Even back then, I was consciously overcoming my fears and taking risks.

In 7th grade, I developed a crush on another girl. This time I learned from my mistakes and decided to ask the girl out directly without going through a third party. This girl was a little bit more outgoing then the previous one, and I had already had several conversations with her in various contexts.

So one day after the bell as everyone was going home, I approached her at her locker and asked her out on a date. She said no. But she was tactful about it at least. I still remember the walk home after that, feeling a mix of both pride and disappointment. I was proud of myself for taking the risk but disappointed that it didn’t lead anywhere. This pattern would become very prominent in the following years.

I don’t remember having any crushes in 8th grade. This was the time when I actually entered puberty. The two previous crushes were of an emotional nature – they were cute, and I wanted to be close to them because the thought of it felt warm and lovey. It was emotional but not sexual because I didn’t have any sexual desires yet.

But in 8th grade I had my first ejaculation, and I started to be attracted to girls sexually. I remember sitting in my seat, and whenever girls would walk by me up close, I would almost cream in my pants just from their presence a couple feet away. I remember running home as fast as I could to masturbate.

My dad was a collector of Playboy magazines, and I started using those. I was both bewildered and resentful of those images. I obviously enjoyed the feeling of sexual release, but I resented the fact that it seemed to be bugging me all the frigging time, and I couldn’t focus on my books and computer games anymore cause the damn magazines were calling me all fucking day!

In 9th grade, I started to become aware that other guys had girlfriends and I didn’t, but this didn’t really bother me all that much. I would have preferred to have a girlfriend, and I made some attempts here and there, but it wasn’t the main thing on my mind. My main interests were computer games (Age of Empires II), fantasy novels (LOTR, WoT), other assorted nerdy things, and politics (I had become a passionate environmentalist).

I did ask a girl to the Homecoming Dance though. She was a friend of my one of my friends, and I sat down to eat lunch with her and asked her to the dance. She declined. I was a little upset, but it wasn’t devastating. I picked up and continued my nerd hobbies. This mindset persisted through 10th grade, which was the final year in which I would identify myself as “happy.”

In the summer between 10th and 11th grades, I played an RPG called Final Fantasy IX on the PlayStation. In this game, the main protagonist slowly develops a relationship with a princess who joins the team and fights alongside him in the adventure. Through their trials, they grow closer to one another, and I felt the first tastes of what an actual relationship was like.

The entire time I was fighting monsters and solving puzzles and watching worlds be destroyed and the very fabric of time and space being bent, all I really thought about was how awesome it felt to be doing it all alongside a really cute princess!

The game is approximately 40 hours long, and I finished it in 4 days, so the intensity was definitely ramped up by that – and when I was finished, I felt a profound feeling that I had never felt before. I kept thinking about the princess. I was in love. I beat the game at 4:00 AM and remember sitting in my chair for almost an hour just bathing in a glow of the most inexplicable, exquisite feeling.

As the sun came up, I went out for a walk around my neighborhood in an emotional state which, looking back now, could probably be described as my first mystical experience. Everything in the world felt new, golden, full of life. I felt love in every leaf on every tree, every cloud, every rock. It was like the whole world was made of love.

I was, of course, smart enough to realize that she was just a character in a videogame. I’m sure a lot of boys would have continued to pursue her through anime and fan fiction. But I was smarter than that. I knew that what I was feeling was the taste of a love relationship, and that I could experience it with a real girl in real life.

The afterglow of this experience lasted for many days. But eventually I started to wish I had a girlfriend to experience this kind of love with someone in real life. I began to fantasize about hanging out with a girl at my house, sitting and talking, going for walks together, watching sunsets together, talking for long hours into the night, bringing her to my favorite activities. I even started to feel a sense of emptiness when I did the things I enjoyed.

They just weren’t the same anymore. I felt like I was missing something. And the more I enjoyed a particular activity, the more empty I felt while doing it. I started doing my hobbies less and less because it was getting quite painful to have a “good time” all by myself without anyone to share the experiences with. I started to dread having fun. All I could think about whenever I had fun was “This would be sooooooo much better if I was doing it with a girl.”

One weekend, my family was paid a visit by some cousins from another state – my favorite cousins! I had always enjoyed playing with them, perhaps more than anybody else. We had all the same interests and got along fantastically. This time, we played a board game together – Settlers of Catan – my favorite board game.

Here I was, playing my favorite game with my favorite cousins, and in the middle of the game, I was overtaken by a profound and crippling sense of loneliness and sadness. It just wasn’t the same. I needed a girlfriend. Nothing I did was enjoyable anymore without a female companion. I left the house in the middle of the game. I took a walk, attempting to process the incredibly overwhelming emotions I was feeling.

It was July, and in the weeks that followed, I felt very lonely. I even started to feel like I was going crazy from lack of female presence. There were no kids in my neighborhood who I knew (most of the neighborhood was strangely inhabited by old people), and there were no hangout spots for kids to meet each other despite being in a large metropolitan area.

Baltimore is like that. I had no idea where to meet girls, so I wanted school to start so that I could see girls again and have a chance to talk to them and find one to be my girlfriend. It was highly unusual – unheard of – for me to actually want school to start.

Summer was my favorite time of year, and I wouldn’t even suffer a person to mention “school” in my presence! They were required to say “S” instead. If a person mentioned “school”, I would correct them and tell them never to say that word. And yet here I was wishing for school to start!

But I wasn’t entirely idle. I tried to meet girls. One night I went to the movies to try to meet them. I knew that the movies were pretty much the only place where people my age hung out during the summer. So I plucked up a friend and went to go see a movie. He didn’t care about meeting girls and wondered why I was so adamant about doing so.

The entire time we were there, I looked around for cute girls to talk to and there weren’t any. It was a wasteland. Where were all the girls? After the movie was over, I did eventually find one pair of girls who had seen the same movie, and I went over and talked to them. I don’t remember what was said, but all I remember is that I left empty handed. When I got home, I cried. I was so angry I threw a garbage can clear across the back yard.

When school finally started, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. At least for the first few days. I soon realized however that none of the girls were interested in me. I was perplexed. I didn’t know what to do. I tried everything I knew of, and nothing led anywhere.

I started to sink into a depression. I stopped doing homework. I stopped doing my hobbies. I couldn’t bear to have fun anymore because the more fun I had, the more aware I became of the lack of companionship while doing it. My favorite activities were like torture. I slowly dropped most of them and dedicated my entire mind, life, and energy to finding a girlfriend.

Around this time, one of my friends met a couple of girls at a club (an underage, non-alcoholic dance club that specifically catered to 15-17 year olds). These girls lived in a town an hour away. I was the only one who had a car, so I drove him, myself, and one or two other friends down to their town to hang out with them.

It was a very adventurous thing to do at the time because the farthest distance I had ever driven was 10 or 15 minutes away in familiar territory. Driving all the way to this faraway town felt like crossing into the great unknown. But I did it and felt very proud of myself for taking such a risk to better my life.

When we got to their house, they had several other female friends over. It was really cool. They seemed a lot more laid back, fun, non-judgmental, and interesting than the people in my home town. My friend hooked up with the girl he had met at the club.

For my part, I was outgoing, social, and funny. My friend was shy, silent, and rather boring – but by the end of the night, my friend had a hookup, and I didn’t. I didn’t understand why. It was a pattern that would repeat itself many, many times from that day forward.

We visited that group several more times, and the girl my friend had hooked up with became his girlfriend. I felt it was smart for me to keep going there because she had lots of female friends.

I continued to be funny and outgoing, but for some reason the group started to make fun of me and even bully me a little – probably because I was the only single dude there, the only dude without a mate. Single dudes receive more disrespect and derision than any other demographic in this society. I came to learn that quickly.

During this entire year, I took a proactive approach to meeting girls. I didn’t really know what I was doing, as I hadn’t discovered Game yet, but I was trying, and I used whatever strategies I knew of at the time. Whenever I saw a girl who I was interested in, I found some way to talk to her. It may have been weird, Beta-ey, white-knighty, stalkery, and ineffective, but I was trying.

I took my fate into my own hands and went about doing what I could. I even asked a girl to the prom. It was very scary – prom was a big, big deal. I was so nervous when I asked her to go with me. I was so proud of myself when I finally approached her and asked her to be my prom date.

But she declined. She had a look on her face that was like “Um, why are you asking me?” It was like there were two categories of guys, in her mind: Yeses and No’s. And I didn’t fit either category – I was “N/A.” Not only did she not want to be with me in a romantic context, but the very thought of me in that context was alien to her – it didn’t even make any sense.

When 11th grade was over and summer came around, I occupied myself by volunteering for local political campaigns for the upcoming 2002 election. I was still a very passionate environmentalist and had even risen to become president of both the Recycling Club and the Young Democrats Club at my school.

This latter position was extremely prestigious, since I lived in a very left-wing liberal area, and almost every family was die-hard Democratic. I arranged for sitting elected officials to visit the school and organized events in which I wore suits and gave speeches from podiums and was in a pretty “Alpha” position.

There were girls in the club, and girls from outside the club came to the events to see the politicians. But this prestige didn’t do anything towards attracting them romantically. For some reason I was still invisible to them.

When 12th grade was about to start, I contemplated my situation. I thought about why I had been without a girlfriend for an entire year. I couldn’t understand why everyone else seemed to be forming connections with girls and I wasn’t. Everyone except for my group of friends – we were the girl-less outcasts.

There were many subcultures at my school: the JAP’s (the popular kids), the skaters, the goths, the black kids (I’m not a racist, but I couldn’t hang with the black kids because whenever I did, they would practice WWE wrestling moves on me), the goody-goody teachers pets, the nerds, and the Russian immigrants who looked like hitmen at the age of 16.

I didn’t belong in any of those groups – I was “miscellaneous.” Everyone who didn’t have a group was part of my group. I didn’t have much in common with any of my friends other than the fact that none of us had anything in common with anyone else.

And my friends were just as clueless with girls as I was. I didn’t have any positive role models in this area. But there was one key difference between me and them: I tried to get girls, whereas they didn’t really care. They were all of the mindset of, “Girls don’t like us – oh well, let’s play computer games.” But I couldn’t settle for that. I was a fighter.

I came to the conclusion that the past year was just the universe’s way of testing me to see what I was made of. It had been an excruciating experience because it was meant to give me a taste of suffering so that when I finally did find a girlfriend, it would be that much more special and awesome.

I concluded that whereas 11th grade had been crap, 12th grade would be golden. I would find a girlfriend and enjoy my last year in high school with a girl at my side.

But 12th grade went by the exact same way as 11th, except this time I was getting bitter. I couldn’t understand why I had been categorically rejected by the entire female half of the population. I felt trapped with no way out. I kept trying, but the anger of failure was starting to eclipse my hope for success.

When senior prom came around, I didn’t even try for a date because I was jaded, and I knew I wouldn’t get one. I developed an attitude of, “I’m above all this stupid dating shit.” I even contemplated crashing the prom.

I thought about busting into the dance with a bunch of water balloons and throwing them at the people. I was really starting to hate the world. At my graduation, I just sat there, miserable, ruminating on how much I hated all of the spoiled, sexually active sluts and jocks.

And it was in this context that I stumbled across Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo. As soon as I read his long marketing pitch, I knew it was for me, and I downloaded his ebooks. Reading DYD opened my eyes up to the whole charade, and I finally understood why girls weren’t liking me.

I was a “wussy.” I was putting girls on pedestals, treating them like queens when they hadn’t earned it and acting hesitant and non-confident. I was thrilled to find out that my looks weren’t as important as I thought they were, and that even a 5’2” socially awkward dork could transform himself into a stud whom women flocked to simply by changing his attitude and developing confidence.

Since there were no opportunities to meet girls during the summer, I bided my time until college began.

The college selection process had been a difficult one. I had no idea where I wanted to go and no idea how to even go about choosing. What criteria was I supposed to use when selecting a school?

I had good grades, scored very high on the SAT’s, was active in extracurricular activities and a talented writer, and I could have gotten into 9

It felt like shopping for clothes – it was the same type of mindset. Whenever I walked into the mall to buy clothes, I felt clueless about how to pick a style. There were just so many options, and no one had ever taught me anything about how to find my own personal unique clothing style. So I just bought plain, simple t-shirts, shirts that had funny sayings on the front. Either that or I let my Mom pick my clothes out for me.

And so I ended up using the same strategy for college – I let my Mom pick. We visited about 4 or 5 schools, and eventually settled on George Washington University in DC. It would be a good choice, I thought, because I wanted to major in Political Science so I could run for congress and save the world.

In the summer before college, I read and studied David DeAngelo’s materials. I went to the mall to practice talking to girls and delivering cocky funny lines. Keep in mind, this was in the era before the pickup arts hit the mainstream – before Strauss’s The Game, before VH1‘s Pickup Artist.

It was so new and unheard of that the line, “Excuse me, I need a female opinion – who lies more, men or women?” actually worked. Stock openers actually got girls interested because they had truly never heard such things before!

When I got to college, I was prepared. I had an arsenal of cocky-funny lines, positive self-affirmations, attitudes and techniques, and success stories from other guys to keep me motivated and optimistic. I felt like I had been given the keys to a secret society, and life would be the polar opposite of what it had been up to that point.

As soon as I arrived on campus, I hit the ground running. I used everything I had learned from David D. I “used my amazing brain to figure out ways to succeed, rather than reasons to fail.” I walked around campus thinking, “I’m the Alpha male. I’ve got the secret knowledge that none of them know. I’m a rock star. I can get any woman. They all want me.” I repeated these affirmations constantly, and I adopted the body language to back it up.

And I was a star. Girls were into me. They were talking to me. Every time I hit them with a cocky-funny line, they would look at me like, “Omg, who are you?”, and they would suddenly start touching me and asking me questions about myself. One girl asked me out and offered to pay for my lunch! In every class, I talked to the girls I was attracted to, hit them with cocky-funny, and got amazingly positive responses.

In my dorm, I was a minor celebrity. My confidence and attitude blew people away, and I was popular for the first time in my life.

But I was afraid to escalate because I didn’t want to come across as “pursuing.” David D taught me that guys aren’t supposed to pursue girls – we’re supposed to just act really cool and let the women pursue US. This led to a sort of conundrum because eventually I had to show some interest, right?

I couldn’t just be cocky and aloof forever – eventually I had to drop some hint that I wanted the girl. But I didn’t know how to transition from one attitude to the other. On the rare occasion that I did, it would totally screw things up. If I showed any interest in a girl, things went quickly downhill. As long as I was aloof, girls respected me and pursued my attention, but when I displayed any interest in them at all, they lost their interest in me.


Eventually, this process played out with every single prospect, and eventually the novelty of “Mr. Cool” faded, and they saw me as just another guy. I kept meeting new girls of course. Every day I met a new girl, struck up conversations, and built up the attraction.

But I just didn’t know what to do with the attraction. I didn’t know how to translate that attraction into a relationship of any kind – be it sexual, romantic, or even platonic. Not only could I not have sex or romance, I couldn’t even make friends with girls. By the end of freshman year, I had not hooked up with one single girl, nor did I have any female friends. I didn’t have any male friends either.

Oh sure, I had acquaintances. I did extracurricular activities and clubs, mostly having to do with politics. Washington DC is a large, diverse city, and there was always something to do. I went to events, rallies, art exhibits. The students I interacted with thought I was a cool dude and would approach and say hi to me on campus.

People gladly sat next to me in the dining hall and ate with me. But they were only into my persona – my David D persona – they weren’t into me. They didn’t even know me. Nobody did.

All I had was my DYD persona, which, like any shiny object, is highly captivating at first but after a while gets old. After a whole year in college, I had not explored friendship, intimacy, or sex. At all. I was a loner – even though nobody knew it!

And I was extremely jealous of everyone who was doing those things. I would walk around campus, watching all the couples, wondering how they did it. How could they be so successful when they don’t even know any Game? WTF?

When school was over, I went on an all-expense paid trip to Israel, courtesy of the Jews. For 10 days I rode around on a bus with 50 other college freshmen and sophomores from various schools around the US. We stayed in 5-star hotels, ate banquet meals, had all of our activities planned out for us, and all we had to do was enjoy ourselves.

I was told by previous participants that these types of trips are prime opportunities to hook up with girls. I used everything at my disposal. I built up my skills, took chances, and tried my very best to connect with girls.

It all came to a climax one night while we were staying in a Bedouin tent in the middle of the desert. On this particular night, I felt so confident that I just walked up to a girl who was eating, sat down across the table from her and just looked at her without saying a word.

She immediately started smiling and giggling and asking me about myself. We made deep, sensual eye contact. I was feeling like this was it – the girlfriend I’ve been waiting for all this time! I invited her for a walk around the camp, and she happily agreed. I was sure this was it.

And in the middle of the walk, a guy came up to us and introduced himself. He was her boyfriend. They embraced. I didn’t give up, though! I hung around, hoping to find out that they were just kidding and she was really single.

But after a while, I figured out that they were a happy couple, and I wasn’t getting any. At the end of the trip, most people who wanted to hook up had done so, even the shy, quiet, nerdy kid. You know the type – every trip has one. The kid who everyone thinks is sexually hopeless – even he hooked up!

After 10 days, I was back in Baltimore for the summer. I met up with my high school friends, and we went to parties around town. Most of the parties we went to were high school parties – and I thought I had a better chance now that I was a prestigious college student. And I was right – I did get a lot of attention and respect.

But it was just like before – I didn’t know how to translate that into actual affection and intimacy. I kept a journal of my interactions wherein I listed the time and place, the name of the girl, the things I did well, and the things I could have improved on.

I regularly referenced my journal and shared it with a friend who also read DYD (I was the one who introduced him to it). Every party that my friends told me about I went to, and I talked to as many girls as I could. But despite all of this work, summer went by with no success.

Then came sophomore year. I started expanding my Game knowledge into other schools of thought. I started reading Ross Jeffries, RSD, Mystery Method, Juggler, and many others.

I continued listening to David D’s products, and had built up quite a collection of “Interviews with Dating Gurus” CD’s. I was very serious about it all. I continued keeping my journal. I still didn’t have any friends, and I was starting to doubt whether I would ever meet any girls through school.

So I took the next step. I “manned up”, and did something I had been mortifyingly afraid of – I started going to clubs. Clubs were extremely scary to me. I saw them as lawless places where a person could beat you up or kill you, and there’d be no consequences. Like the jungle.

I didn’t have any friends to go with me, so I went all by myself. I bought club clothes, found a hot club with a college night where I could get in, and one Thursday night, I showed up. I was almost pissing myself from the fear. I stood in line and was tempted many times to abort and go back to my dorm. But I stayed and finally got inside.

Upon entering, I saw the most extremely hot, sexy, dolled-up girls I had ever seen in my life. Every girl was wearing a push-up bra. They danced to raunchy rap music. There were go-go girls dancing on the bar. I felt like a little mouse.

But I approached. It was probably the scariest thing I had done in my whole life up to that point. I had no friends or wingmen encouraging me – I was alone. And I did it. After the first approach, I approached again. And again.

After that night, I felt really proud of myself, and I continued going to the same club each week.

Towards the end of the semester, I found the blog of a “community” guy in DC and emailed him. Very soon we were meeting up together and going to clubs together. I had a wingman! This guy was really knowledgeable about Game, and he taught me quite a lot. He brought me to the hottest club in DC, a place called Dream. For those of you who know DC, Dream was eventually renamed Love. That place.

I turned into an approach machine, and I had a lot of very interesting, confidence-boosting interactions there. After a few months, I had pretty much vanquished my approach anxiety.

As I started to meet more and more PUA’s, and they began to recognize me as “the kid who can approach any girl, in any set, at any time, and in any place.” I would dare people to point out difficult, intimidating sets of girls, and I would approach them just for the sake of conquering whatever little bits of fear still remained.

I also did approaches during the daytime. I approached on the campus quad, in the dining hall, in the library, on the campus shuttle, and on the street. I went to frat parties and approached all night. I did it without drinking alcohol. I don’t like alcohol and never have. 99.

I did, however, like a little weed now and then. And I got the idea that if I sold weed, I’d have stoners coming over to my dorm to buy it, and some of those stoners would be female. And I did indeed make plenty of customers, some of whom were female. But none of them stuck around – they just showed up to buy, and that was it. I tried to Game them, but it didn’t go anywhere.

I think they might have sensed that I wasn’t a true stoner – I smoked from time to time, but didn’t develop a habit. It was maybe once a week at most. I also tried coke a few times thinking that it would give me some super-heroic confidence with women. But after a few uses, I didn’t really see what was so great about it – it made me more aggressive, but I already had that part down. I didn’t need any more of it. I needed to learn how to connect.

In the spring of sophomore year in 2005, RSD came to DC, and I took their workshop. I met Tyler, Twentysix (Extramask), Jeffy (jlaix), Papa, and all the crew. They were impressed by my dedication and unwavering willingness to put myself out there and try things.

They seemed quite taken aback by my revelation that I was still a virgin who hadn’t even kissed anyone yet. I made copious mental notes about the RSD guys’ body language and attitudes.

One funny thing that happened during the workshop: I got to see jlaix develop a crush on a girl he met at the club who happened to be in one of my classes. I saw him get almost to the point of crying over how beautiful she was and how much he felt the pangs of “oneitis” for her. I was pretty amused.

The year ended with no results. That summer, I went to a giant music festival called Bonnaroo. I expected it to be the easiest place to hook up.

I wanted to be sure that I had what it took, so I bought a handful of doses of every kind of drug out there – mushrooms, MDMA, opium, acid, etc, (none of which I had ever tried) and put it all into a little bottle and carried it around with me just in case I met a girl who wanted to do XYZ, so that I’d have it to offer her and could chill with her.

But that plan hit a little snag when I got randomly searched by an undercover cop. He found it all, except for my vitamin pills which looked like MDMA and which I had several dozen of. I’m glad he didn’t find my vitamins, or I might have gotten into trouble!

Upon returning home, I stumbled across a post on some seduction forum by a guy named Stephane Hemon of the website IdeaGasms. Stephane talked about the intersection of pickup and spirituality and had devised a system for fixing one’s inner game based on new-age spiritual principles.

He was a protégé of Steve Piccus and DavidX and advocated a very unique type of game that blended yoga, meditation, the occult, NLP, and good-old-fashioned approach-spam all rolled into one.

He had a girlfriend who was bisexual, and together they went around Montreal picking up girls to threesome and foursome with. The newsletters he wrote about the spiritual principles behind pickup game were very profound, and I started to consider him my main “guru” in the field.

That autumn, my junior year of college, I signed up for his forum and began posting my own thoughts and philosophies. The other forum members were impressed by what I wrote, and I became the most popular poster, second only to Stephane himself, so he made me the moderator of the forum.

I continued to go around my college campus, approaching and Gaming girls and writing about my experiences on the forum to rave reviews. Even though I didn’t get any lays or hookups, the people there admired my courage, creativity, and persistence. I had hundreds of people rooting for me, encouraging me, and praising me for my devoted effort.

The following spring, 2006, Stephane invited me up to Montreal to visit him. This experience was one of the most eye-opening things that’s ever happened to me.

I took the train to Montreal, and when I got there, it was like stepping into a whole new world. Montreal was different from any place I had ever been before. There were the most incredibly, reality-bendingly attractive girls walking around on every square foot of every street in the entire city.

Have you ever had the experience where you saw a girl who was so hot that her hotness forced you to reevaluate your entire view of reality? Where you stared at her, thinking, “She can’t be real?” Well, I had incidents like that several times a day. I was completely shocked and stunned by the intensity and sheer neverending quantities of hotness walking around.

Having lived my whole life in the Baltimore/Washington area, I had no preparation for this. I used to think people – humans in general – were gross and disgusting with only a few exceptions here and there. My debut in Montreal showed me that the world outside of my home region is very different. I would never look at Baltimore or DC the same way again.

In fact, I was so impressed and delighted by not just the girls but also the general atmosphere and ambiance of the city that I decided to spend the whole summer up there. After my one week visit was over, I took the train back home, packed my belongings, loaded up my car, and drove 11 hours back up to Canada, where I would spend the following two months.

For two whole months, I hung out with Stephane, his girlfriend(s), and his students/followers. I lived in his old apartment (since he had moved into a new one and still had 2 months left on the lease for the old one) for free, the same apartment where his infamous Intro to Female Ejaculation DVD was filmed.

I went out to bars and clubs, walked around the Plateau-Mont-Royal, chilled in Parc Lafontaine every day, and continued my Herculean approach regimen. But after all was said and done, I got nowhere with girls. I didn’t even get one date. I got feedback from Steph and the forum guys, but no one could figure out what was going wrong.

I had to return to DC to finish up my last semester that fall. I had amassed enough credits to graduate a semester early, and the prospect of languishing in Baltimore until further notice filled me with dread, so I planned to move back up to Montreal as soon as my exams were over in December. And that’s what I did.

I’m not sure how I convinced the Canadian Border Patrol to let me through with a car full of furniture – I guess it was my absolute dedication to succeeding at this. I got an apartment in the Pointe-Saint-Charles neighborhood not far from downtown and continued my quest. I saw Stephane and the IdeaGasms guys less but occasionally hung out with them.

I ran into some problems though, mainly the extreme cold weather and the fact that I was an illegal immigrant who didn’t speak French. I couldn’t find any work. And the Quebecois girls were just not giving me the time of day. As soon as I approached them, they would pretend not to speak English even though I could tell they were bullshitting. I got very lonely, cold, and depressed.

One night I went out for a midnight walk in the park (something I do very frequently), but it was so cold I began to get hypothermia and almost fell asleep. I almost died. I wasn’t ready for a Canadian winter.

And on top of all that, I had a falling out with Stephane. I publicly questioned the efficacy of his techniques on the forum, and he responded by immediately banning me – the moderator – and refusing to talk to me.

I responded by calling him a cult leader, starting an ex-Ideagasmers forum and writing articles about his deceptions and cult-like personality. At this point there was nothing anchoring me to Montreal, so after a month, I came back to Baltimore. This was January 2007.

The entire year of 2007 was uneventful and depressing. I got a roomshare in Baltimore and continued hitting the bars and clubs, but anyone who knows Baltimore knows what that’s like. Having just returned from Montreal, it was like going from a Porsche to a jalopy.

I cried a lot that year. I got kicked out of the room I was renting for reasons that were never explained to me and got another room. I was kicked out of there too, again for reasons not explained, and then decided to move back to DC. I couldn’t afford anything in the city, so I lived in Prince George’s County…and it sucked.

I went into the District two or three times a week to meet girls and expanded my hunting grounds to Adams Morgan and U Street. But nothing happened. I had no girlfriend, no sex, and no friends. I was completely alone.

In January 2008, one year after leaving Montreal, I was invited to visit Tampa, Florida by an ex-Ideagasmer on my ex-IG forum. I flew down there for a week and hung out with this guy and his two female housemates who, needless to say, were quite attractive.

Just being in the presence of attractive girls on a regular basis was such a relief; it was like I was reawakening out of a dream (or more like a nightmare). That combined with mid-winter Florida warmth and sunshine gave me the hint that I should maybe move down there. It’s something I eventually acted on – although not quite yet.

That Spring 2008, I had a genius idea. I decided to become a certified yoga teacher! I had been taking yoga classes since college, and I liked it. It made me feel good.

And best of all, everyone knows that yoga classes are filled with attractive women bending over and contorting themselves into all kinds of shapes! It made perfect sense. If I become a yoga teacher, I’ll have automatic guaranteed access to attractive women, and I’d be in an Alpha-like position to boot! Scooooore!

So I took a 3-week intensive training course at an ashram in the mountains of Virginia. When I was done, I was a certified yoga teacher and began looking for positions teaching in Baltimore. I found a studio that was willing to hire me and began teaching.

But much to my chagrin, the client base was almost all middle-aged married soccer moms. I don’t think there were any single girls who came in. I taught throughout the summer and fall until the September 2008 financial crisis hit, and the studio lost clientele and went out of business.

A few months later, one of my friends invited me to come with him to Miami where he was investigating a medical school to possibly attend. I rode down there with him and spent a week in Fort Lauderdale, which is about an hour from Miami. We stayed in a very upscale area and spent most of the time chilling on the beach.

We also went to the famous Miami Beach where for the first time I saw female attractiveness on par with Montreal. I still prefer Montreal girls over Miami girls because the former have more feminine energy. The girls in Miami are extremely shapely and show a lot of skin, but their attractiveness is almost totally on the raw, physical level – they’re just hot.

But they don’t have that aura of femininity that the French girls have. A French girl can walk by me, and I feel her like a cool breeze, quenching the fires of my sexual frustration just by her mere proximity. Whereas a Miami girl is just hot and makes me desire her but not much else.

Nevertheless, the Florida sunshine coupled with the copious hotties on the beach reawakened my will to keep on fighting. I started to seriously contemplate moving down there.

2009 rolled around, and I wanted to move to Florida, but I didn’t have any job prospects. My friend the medical student decided to attend school there, but he wouldn’t be moving in until the following year. So for most of 2009 I just kind of got really depressed and started smoking weed more regularly since there wasn’t much else to do.

I visited Montreal again in June and spent about 2 weeks there staying with some friends who I knew from the Ideagasms days. It was a pleasant relief to be in the amazing ambiance of Montreal once again, and I resumed my attempts to connect with girls there. I went around to all the parks just like I had done 3 years before. I went to the bars and clubs.

But something was different this time. I no longer believed in my ability to succeed. I went through the motions, but I wasn’t really confident that anything would happen. I did it just to say to myself, “I’m doing it”, so that I would feel like I was working towards a goal, but I didn’t really think it would succeed.

I started going to bars just to sit and watch the girls rather than approach and talk to them. I still approached when I saw one that was particularly attractive and/or my type or when I was feeling a spontaneous breath of confidence. But I had very little faith that it would go anywhere. I wasn’t “afraid” to approach. I had long since conquered the fear. I just didn’t see the point in it.

In September of that year, I attended a hippie lovey gathering in Asheville, NC and was very impressed by that little town and its culture. I started to appreciate the small town vibe blended with the progressive thinking. I was dreading the prospect of another winter in Baltimore, so I said fuck it and moved down to Asheville.

I rented a room with some people I knew from the festival and started trying to fit in there. But it didn’t work. I don’t even know why. I love nature, mountains, forests, and hiking, and that’s what everyone’s into over there. But for some reason I still couldn’t make any friends. And the girls, despite being homely hippies, still didn’t want to get with me.

My strategy there was to meet people through activities rather than from spam approaching. I still did a lot of cold approaches in bookstores, crystal shops, drum circles. But none of it worked. I was empty handed and came back to Baltimore after a month or so.

In the fall of 2009, I had an…interesting experience. I attended the Free Spirit Sacred Sexuality Gathering, a large, famous gathering of pagans and alternative-lifestyle types that takes place every fall on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Maryland. I saw “Sexuality” in the title, and figured it would be a good place to figure out just what the fuck was wrong with me, why I was still a virgin at the age of 24.

But when I got there, I was greeted by a dominatrix in leather directing me to my parking spot, jokingly threatening to whip my bottom if I didn’t find the space. Umm, yea.

Much to my chagrin, the vast majority of the attendees were BDSM people. I saw folks walking around the campground in bondage gear. I saw a lot of extremely obese people, some attaching clips to their nipples and having their partners pull on the string. I saw people whipping their subs right out in the open. Eww.

I felt disgusted almost immediately. But I stayed. I stayed for the entire 3 days. Why? Because there was a chance, just a tiny chance, that I might find someone who could help me with my sexual drought.

Not everyone was a bondage person – there were some normal sexually adventurous people there. I went around to the various workshops, meeting people, sharing stories, learning new things, and hoping for the best.

And in the midst of this giant sexual gathering, nobody played with me. After three days of enduring the sight of naked leather-clad obese sex slaves and listening to their screams all night, I came out of the experience with nothing to show for it.

Then in February 2010 I traveled to Costa Rica to take a TEFL course to become an English teacher. I spent a month and a half in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. I wanted to learn to teach English so I could move to another country.

The thing that impressed me the most about Costa Rica was the number of lingerie shops in the mall. In one mall, the main mall in San Jose, I counted nine shops devoted solely to lingerie. I wanted to move there just for that. Also there were nice beaches and stuff. And volcanoes. Yay.

I visited all the sites by myself, and I was miserable. I climbed a volcano where I could see both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans from one spot. It was the coolest place I’d ever been. But I was miserable because I had no one to share it with. Just like when I was in high school, I couldn’t enjoy anything fun because the fun only made my lack of companionship all the more stinging.

I asked other tourists to take pictures of me beside the crater, as I was planning on using the pictures to look cool on Facebook or on a dating profile. But when I looked at the pictures later, I couldn’t use them, because I had a look of pure misery and bitterness on my face. I ended up deleting the pictures because there was no use for them. They didn’t say, “I’m adventurous and worldly” – they said “This sucks, why am I here?”

When I returned to Baltimore, I began training as an AFLAC insurance agent. I passed the Maryland insurance test and began selling. But I didn’t make a single sale because I didn’t believe in the product I was selling. I don’t believe in insurance. What the hell was I doing?

Summer went by, lonely and depressing. For the first time, I started having thoughts of suicide. I started seeing a therapist. I visited Montreal again, this time bringing a friend. I had been telling him for years how cool the place is, and he finally got up the adventurousness to come check it out for himself. We went to the bars on the Plateau, and he met a petite little Frenchie and hooked up with her. Yay for him. Why could he do it, but not me?

By this time, October 2010, my Florida friend had moved into his place in Fort Lauderdale, and I decided to make the move. I packed up my things and drove down there and moved into a spare room in his apartment.

At first it was pretty nice. It was such a relief to be out of the shithole cuckoo’s nest of Baltimore. I felt a sense of hope again, like I had a fresh start. I wasn’t depressed there. I started regularly approaching girls again. I had always been an approacher even in the most depressing periods.

But now I was once again doing it with regularity and motivation behind it. I got a job working at a Quiznos but found it incredibly boring and draining. Just then, my friend informed me of a tutoring company that he had done some work for and forwarded them my resume. Pretty soon I got the job and was traveling around Broward County, Florida tutoring elementary and middle school kids in math, reading, and science.

After a month and a half, my friend got tired of me living with him and asked me to find my own place. I stayed at a hostel for a few nights, where I met a group of Brazilian exchange students (college-aged).

I regaled them with my version of the Brazilian national anthem which I had randomly learned a few years back (don’t ask me why), and they thought I was awesome and amazing – the most funny and entertaining American they had ever met. Being with the Brazilians was like a constant, never-ending, childlike laugh fest. With hot girls.

They found themselves an apartment where they packed themselves in, seven Brazilians in a two-bedroom, which comes out to 3.5 Brazilians per room. It was 4 girls and 3 guys, and the girls of course got the beds, while the guys slept on air mattresses. Obviously.

And the apartment building was filled with Brazilians, all from the same exchange program. There were so many Brazilians in this apartment building, that whenever I visited them, I referred to it as “The Brazartment.”

I looked for apartments on my own and found one that was kind of far away from all the action. It was quiet, but I had to drive over 30 minutes to get to the beach. I got kind of lonely there. And since I was feeling particularly adventurous, and didn’t feel like spending a shit ton of money on an apartment, I got another genius idea. I asked the Brazilians if I could move in with them.

There was a slight problem though. “Where will you zleep?” they asked me. (translation: “Where will you sleep?”) There was no space in the apartment. So I used my creative skills and came up with the idea to live on their balcony in a tent. That’s right, I lived on the balcony. Well, it was more than just a balcony – it was more like a rooftop which their living room opened out to. It was fairly large.

And it overlooked the Atlantic Ocean, which was only two blocks away. So every night, I went to bed with the sound of waves, and every morning I unzipped my tent door to see the sight of the sun rising off the sea. It was a pretty good deal. I felt like it matched my sense of adventure and spontaneity.

But the female population of South Florida was another story. They were not impressed. When I told them about my living situation, they looked at me like I was some kind of bum. I lived there for five months, and during those months I was friendly, social, employed, and was running Game like the good ol’ days.

I talked to girls on the beach. I talked to girls in the bars and lounges. I talked to girls in the parks. I talked to girls in the Brazartment. I talked to girls everywhere. But no one was interested. I was invisible.

It was around this time that I discovered a blogger by the name of Roosh Vorek. The things he said made total sense to me. It explained why I was suffering so much – I was just in the wrong place! There was nothing wrong with me – I was doing what I needed to do. The problem was the culture around me. I started to seriously consider permanent expatriation.

But I wasn’t ready to give up on the USA quite yet. I reasoned that Roosh was right about the East Coast, but there had to be better people in other parts of the country – particularly out West. In the spring of 2011, I left Florida for a road trip that would last four months and cover over a dozen states.

I visited Montreal one more time (this time visiting Quebec City and points north – some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen in my life), and then headed out West. I drove straight out until I reached Kansas City, spent some time there, and then made my way out to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington.

I had no plans – I just went wherever my intuition led me. I arrived at the Pacific in San Diego, and then slowly made my way up the coast, stopping for a few days at every major city and town. LA, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Berkeley, Palo Alto, San Jose, Mendocino, Sonoma, Arcata, Eureka and then over to Mount Shasta.

Then I made my way into Oregon, staying in Ashland and Portland and then on to Seattle. I was going to visit Vancouver BC, but my passport got stolen in Portland. For four months I lived in my car and traveled with the wind. I was looking for a fucking place to live that wasn’t a shithole. I was looking for a new culture, a Promised Land. I was looking for a girlfriend.

I believed that there was some amazing, open-minded, slightly-hippieish-but-still-hot girl, living somewhere out in the West who was my soulmate, and I could find her if I just followed my instinct. I spontaneously befriended random people. I camped on the sides of mountains. I slept inside my car while parallel parked in towns and cities. I used couchsurfing. I did wwoofing. I searched on the Internet for events and parties, gatherings, and get-togethers.

I took baths in lakes and streams. I explored the redwoods, the deserts, the mountains. I went back down the coast again to Hollywood and the hills surrounding it. I drove the Boulevard and Mulholland Drive.

I went to Santa Barbara and walked the streets of Isla Vista, the same place that would later become famous because of another lonely, frustrated guy in a similar boat as I was.

While in Isla Vista, I remember sitting in my car watching all the hot sorority chicks and their boyfriends walking past me, brooding over how much I hated them for having lives of sex and pleasure…not knowing that there was another dude thinking the same things, probably no more than a few blocks away and videotaping himself thinking it.

I started heading back East again, first to Arizona. I played around in the canyons and red rocks. Then New Mexico, where I thought Santa Fe and Taos were really cool towns. I met a lot of cool people but just didn’t have anything to anchor me anywhere. I continued on to Austin, Texas.

Then Louisiana. By this time it was getting late in the autumn, and it was too cold to be anywhere up north. I continued on to Florida, then made my way back up the coast back to Baltimore. I was out of money and needed to stay with my parents again.

A couple months later, in February 2012, I went to Israel again to live on a kibbutz-like farm dedicated to sustainability and permaculture. It turned out to be more of a Zionist indoctrination camp than a permaculture education program. I wasn’t comfortable staying there, so I left and wandered around the country thinking that my “roots” would come into play and that I’d be able to connect with people there.

It didn’t exactly work. It just made me want to get the fuck away from Jews. One of the places I visited was the Galilee, and I stood in the spot where Jesus supposedly fed all the people with the two fish. I started to wonder if maybe my plight was so deep and hopeless that only Jesus could save me. I thought about becoming a Christian.

After two months of wandering around the “Holy” Land, my parents were getting enraged at having to keep sending me money, so I came back to Baltimore.

I saved up a bit, and then went to Hawaii. I worked on a farm there, doing wwoofing, but it turned out to be the most militantly feminist, male-hating place I’ve ever been. I felt like an indentured servant. I didn’t like the North Shore of Maui at all. It was like being a Black dude in the South.

The racism (from native Hawaiians) and especially the misandry from the White people were so incredible that I couldn’t stay. I assumed all of Hawaii was like that, and I didn’t have money to go around exploring all the islands anyway, so I came back home…again.

In the fall of 2012 I started using a dating site called This was a major turning point for me, because it was the first time I had ever experienced positive attention from women. The girls on there were so sweet and talked to me like I was a human being. I decided to go to the Philippines. I did so in March 2013.

It was like having the entire fabric of reality turned inside out – everywhere I went, girls were approaching me! They were asking me out! They were coming over to my table in the food court and asking me why I was alone! And these weren’t prostitutes. I can recognize a ho, and these weren’t. They just live in a culture where men’s needs are actually important, and a man all alone by himself doesn’t make sense.

In feminist America, a man alone by himself is a good thing – it means he’s not having sex with women, and that’s good because he’s atoning for thousands of years of brutally oppressing women and therefore his frustration is a good thing. And also heterosexual sex is rape.

But in the Philippines, men are treated like people, and celibacy is recognized as the painful, suffering condition that it is. I actually had sex. Twice! No, scratch that… three times! Two of them were working girls and one was a girl who I had met on the website.

But it didn’t feel right. I wasn’t sure how to tell if it was real or if they were only trying to scam me or gold-dig. One girl who lived in another part of the country and who I had been talking to online for over a month asked me to send her a cellphone in the mail so that we could talk.

A red flag went up, but I figured hey, it’s only like $25. If I get scammed for $25, I can live with that. So I sent her a phone, and sure enough, the very next thing I got was “Omg, I just got bitten by a rabid dog, I need $1,000 for medicine.”

And I didn’t even have the money to be gold-dug. I was almost broke. I was hoping to land a job teaching English or something like that, but Filipinos already speak English. There isn’t the market for it over there. So I ended up exploring another island and some mountains, and then went back home to Baltimore…again.

I considered going to another Asian country to teach English. But I had no idea which one to pick. I’ve always been attracted to Japanese culture…but then again, China’s really cool too. Or how about someplace tropical like Thailand or Vietnam? I couldn’t decide.

So I said, “Alright, I’ll go home and think about it for a while. I’ll meditate on it. Eventually I’ll get some profound insight on what country will be best for me, and then I’ll apply for jobs there.”

It was spring of 2013, and the weather was wonderful, so I decided to go and work on a farm an hour outside of Baltimore. A hippy farm. It was great to be in nature in a serene and bucolic setting. I really enjoyed that part.

But the hippies pissed me off so much. They were so misandrist. I remember a big butch lesbian loudly proclaiming that the next time she has to wash somebody else’s dirty dishes, she’s going to start “pulling off testicles.” She said it in front of everyone, and no one thought there was anything wrong with that.

I thought about saying “The next time I have to deal with misandry, I’m gonna start shoving broomsticks up vaginas.” But I assumed that would get me kicked out right then and there, so I refrained from saying it.

Nevertheless after three weeks, they decided to kick me out anyway. I’m not sure what I did. My theory is that I simply displayed masculinity, and masculinity wasn’t tolerated (in men) in that place.

Since I had sold my car before going to the Philippines and was without transportation, I decided to get a scooter. I bought a 50cc TaoTao, and called it a motorcycle. I started riding around town on my “motorcycle” and felt like a total badass!

Living in Baltimore, however, there was nothing to do. No social events to go to, except for yoga and yoga-related activities like kirtans and things of that nature, all of which were solidly feminist circles. There was nowhere that I could go to interact with normal, non-feminist people. The choice became one of two things: hang out with feminists or be alone.

So I chose to be alone, and I went forth into the wilderness. I set up my tent in the forest near my parents house, and lived in my tent from June 2013 onward. I used their house to shower and cook, but otherwise spent all my time in the forest next to a great big tree with five symmetrical trunks that looked like a temple.

I started to commune with the tree, with the Spirit of the Forest, asking the great Mother Gaia Earth Goddess to help me, to guide me. I meditated. I prayed. I cried out to the universe to tell me what the fuck I was doing wrong. I asked for friendship. For a social circle. For guidance on what country to teach English in. Anything.

I became more and more miserable being alone. I needed companionship. I needed someone to talk to. I needed friends. But everyone in the whole fucking city was a feminist (or a black-and-white-stripe wearing hipster who I find repulsive). I was starting to go crazy from isolation. Who could I hang out with? Who would hang out with me? And that’s when I got my next genius idea: I called the Mormons!

I called them up and got two missionaries to come visit me in the forest. They were really nice and friendly, and the best part about them is that they weren’t feminists! I decided to go to church that Sunday and meet the whole Mormon crowd. For the next few months, I hung out with Mormons, and they were my primary (only?) social outlet.

As far as their beliefs…well…let’s just say I’m not so sure about the golden plates. Dum dum dum dum dum! But boy was it a relief to hang out with people who didn’t see me as a second class citizen because I have a penis.

Eventually I started to wonder if I should actually become a Mormon. We started talking about baptism. I saw myself joining the church, serving a mission, spreading Christia- I mean non-feminism.

And I got scared that I was getting carried away and possibly making a rash decision based on loneliness and desperation, something I might later regret. I thought maybe Baltimore was playing tricks on my mind. I decided I had to get out immediately. I decided to put the Mormon thing on hold and think about it in a more neutral context, a more healthy context where I’m not lonely and desperate.

But I didn’t have the money to go anywhere for any length of time. I wanted to say goodbye to Baltimore forever and not have to come back at least until I had the stability to make it only a visit and not have to live with my parents. But there were no countries where I could survive on a budget of $600 (all my savings). No countries except one…


I knew lots of people who went to India and lived in ashrams (yoga monasteries) for only a few dollars a day – sometimes even for free. I figured I could stay there and get some relief and not have to worry about shit and take some time to evaluate my situation and figure something out.

And hey, ashrams would be filled with people who are open-minded, spiritual, highly adventurous…and some of those people will be female! A perfect chance to meet someone.

So in October of 2013 I hopped on a plane to India. At first I liked it. It was very fun and stimulating. The food was amazing. But the heat started to get to me. I took the train up north to Rishikesh, the “world capital of yoga”, which is in the mountains and cooler. I stayed in ashrams.

I went back down south I traveled to a few different areas but fuck I just want to fucking get laid and I can’t take this shit anymore what the fuck is going on why the fuck am I in India what am I doing and where are the fucking girls at and why can’t I fucking get a girlfriend or even a female friend or a friend of any fucking kind what the fuck is going on?

After three months, I ran out of money and began to starve. I found some nice Indians to take me in and let me stay in their house until I could come up with some money. I got a loan from my parents and came back to Baltimore…again…in February. Now it’s June, and I’m really reaching the end of my rocker here. I’m still hanging out with the Mormons (my only social outlet), who are probably the only reason I haven’t killed myself by now.

Last week I read the manifesto of Elliot Rodger. I really feel like his life was the same as my life. After all is said and done, we both got pretty much the same results. I put in 100,000 times more work than he did.

I took the red pill. I approached like a machine. I did over 1,000 approaches in the span of a year in college in the prime of my youth when I had all my hair, a decent wardrobe, and a universally recognized “bright future” ahead of me. Now I’m bald (probably from all the stress and lack of physical touch from women) and have no societal “place”.

I’ve done a grand total of 3,000 approaches (maybe more) throughout my career, and the only thing I’ve gotten from it is 3,000 pieces of evidence that no matter how hard I work and how many risks I take, I’m still not going to succeed. I almost wish I had never approached and never learned Game because at least that way I’d still have hope that I could succeed if only I were to try.

3,000 approaches and not a single girlfriend. Not a single lay. Barely even a kiss. It’s like I’m invisible. What the fuck is going on? Please, somebody, help me.

I’m ready to start teaching English in China or someplace in Asia, but I’m afraid that it’s only going to be my socioeconomic status and not my personality that they’re attracted to.

I’m concerned that I’ll be able to get dates but no physical affection – or if I do it’ll be short-lived, and girls will be dumping me left and right for the hotter, more sexually experienced English teacher in the classroom next to mine. I’m worried that I’m just “running from my problems,” and that they’ll just follow me wherever I go, be it China, Thailand, Ukraine, Brazil, or wherever.

Somebody please, tell me what I’ve done wrong. I put in the work.

Roosh likes to call people trolls for complaining about their situation and not doing anything to fix it. But I have done stuff to fix it. I’ve tried everything. I’ve gone to the ends of the earth. I’ve experimented and braved fearsome situations and put my reputation and even my physical safety on the line all in the name of conquering fears so that I’d be better able to attract women.

I did the work. And I want to know why it hasn’t worked.

Please help.

Sincerely, Daniel

Alt Left: On Race, the Liberal-Left Is the Suicide Left

I used to put on my “About”:

Although I am generally non-racist, I admit that I do hate Nigerians and Gypsies.

Now anyone reading that sentence with any sense of awareness has to bust out laughing because it’s obviously written in a tongue in cheek and even hilarious way. What do you mean you are “generally nonracist” except that you do hate one or two races? That’s ridiculous! It doesn’t even make sense!

I guess libtard and Left SJW’s have no sense of humor (surprise!) because none of them got the joke. One reason I call the SJW Left the No Fun Left, the Party Pooper Left, the Church Lady Left, the Turd in the Punchbowl Left, the Puritan Left, or the Drag Left. The Left’s no fun anymore. They’re about as fun as a barrel of ticks.

A few Europeans caught on, chuckled, and sympathized. They told me that everyone in Europe hates Gypsies from Right to Left to Center, it makes no difference. They all hate Gypsies. Notice I’m calling them Gypsies, which is pejorative, instead of Roma, the preferred new term. Calling a Roma a Gypsy is like calling a Black person a nigger. I don’t like to call Blacks niggers, but I’ll gladly call a Roma a Gypsy. They’ve earned the insult.

But I got so much rageful feedback from antiracist libtards that I had to take it down. My defense was that I’d met five Gypsies on my life. Four of them stole money from me and the fifth had just gotten out of jail. She was also one of the wiggerist Whites I’ve ever met. She was off the charts wigger, almost in another dimension. She was so appalling that she was almost physically repellant.

I also said that I had dealt with many Nigerians, and almost all of them had tried to steal money from me. Sadly, at least one did steal money from me in a scam.

I said I thought I’d met plenty enough Gypsies and Nigerians for one lifetime and I had no interest in meeting any more. This statement was always met with wild rage from libtards who insisted that I hadn’t given these wonderful groups of people a fair chance yet.

I was wrong and evil for saying I didn’t want to meet anymore. I was required to continue dealing with them and either have them steal or try to steal from me, apparently until I could find a good one, assuming there even is such a thing, something I am dubious of.

This struck me as insanity.

It’s like this:

There’s this street where every time you try to cross it, maniacs try to run you over. A few times they hit you, once seriously. According to libtards, instead of saying, “No thanks, I don’t think I will try to cross that street anymore because the drivers are all maniacs,” I’m supposed to keep trying to cross it until one day I encounter a few drivers who are somehow sane enough to not try to run me over.

And then I will have proved…what? I will have proved nothing! And I will have endangered my sorry ass many times in the interim.

This in a nutshell is the insanity of racial liberalism or libtardism. Of course it goes beyond libtards as Western Leftists are far worse in this regard. As I’ve said many times, I’m a man of the Left. Except, that is, when the Left makes no sense at all and the Right are the sane ones. I’m for the Left first, but I’m also for sanity. If the Right makes more sense than the Left, I’ll go Right on that position. Partisanship is a plague.

I finally removed the offending racist language from my intro. Of course I still hate these two groups of humans. I’d be a suicidal moron not to. On race, the liberal-Left seems to be more what I would call “The Suicide Left.”

No, I don’t need to let criminal scum victimize me in order to prove my nonracist bonafides. If that’s what it requires, the Hell with it. I’ll just be a racist instead, save my White ass, and call it a day. They can call me names all they want to, but at least I’m still alive.

Repost: Alt Left: The Skyrocketing Black IQ

This is a very old article from 15 years ago! Damn I’ve been writing a long time! Shawn, an old commenter, just came back, and he mentioned that this article was what first brought him to this site. The version here is the edited version that was posted on American Renaissance. It provoked a lot of angry responses in the comments.

First of all, a lot of them said that when they first read the headline, they thought it was a joke! Ok, that’s pretty funny! The racists get +1 for humor on that one.

Others questioned the whole premise. Still more very much disliked the notion of renorming, though it’s completely sensible.

A few were more thoughtful and said something like, “Well, maybe Black people aren’t stupid after all!” They then went on to offer other suggestions of Black behavior.

A popular one was that maybe Black people just like to live in general chaos and wildness. A commenter noted how one night in New York, he saw Blacks fare-jumping and partying in the streets.

The general atmosphere was one of total chaos and lawlessness and the commenter found the scene terrifying and couldn’t get out of there quickly enough. However, he noted that the ghetto Blacks seemed to be having the time of their lives in this lawless and rather dangerous scene.

I actually think there’s something to this. There’s a Black guy on Youtube who drives around to the worst Black neighborhoods in the US and tapes himself doing so. Somehow he’s remained alive all this time. Don’t ask me how.

I remember one time he went to Detroit on a Saturday night. The scene was totally hopping and you could hardly even drive your car down the street because cars were literally parked in the middle of the street for miles along major roads.

The Blacks were out of their cars partying in the streets. A lot of the men looked something like pimps. I actually don’t mind the look, and I used to wear my girlfriend’s white fur coats on the town. Whites laughed at me but some Blacks gave me the thumb’s up. I guess I was pimpin’. A lot of the women were dressed scantily and while I won’t say they looked like whores, neither did they look like church ladies.

I found this scene absolutely terrifying and I couldn’t imagine myself there, especially as a White guy. I’m sure there were folks killed or wounded by gunfire that night and the police were busy all night. But those Blacks were having the time of their lives, right in the midst of this scary as Hell scene.

I do think that the premise of the article makes sense. There are way too many smart, educated, and accomplished Blacks for a group with an average IQ of 87. However, if we posit that their IQ is not actually 87 but is instead 100 or the same 100 as Whites of 1945, then things make a lot more sense.

Of course, that puts White IQ at the same IQ as 1945 Whites with 115 IQ’s. The Whites are still ahead but there are quite enough competent Blacks to fill quite a few of the positions.

Yes they are scoring lower than the Whites, but if they are smart enough to do their jobs well, I don’t see how it matters. Since the 1960’s we have also seen the explosion of the Black middle class, which now makes up possibly ~5

On the other hand, the pathologies rage on, as anyone who watches the news or reads a paper knows. I don’t know what to say except that whatever is driving that behavior, I don’t think IQ has much to do with it.

The general consensus is that it [the Flynn Effect] is a real effect, and that scores are indeed rising not only in the West, but in the 3rd World as well. From 1925-1995, IQ scores in the West rose about 3 points a decade, or about 20 points. The effect is seen across all racial groups.

There have been many arguments back and forth about this phenomenon. White racists say that the effect is not real and that it is only measuring a “test-taking effect”. That is, as people get better and better at taking tests in our test-taking societies, IQ scores will rise, but it is not a real increase in intelligence, it only shows that people are getting better at taking tests.

What is interesting is that these same racists are the very folks who like to bellow about the “low Black IQ” of 85, 15 points below the White average. They seem to think that this 15-point difference is real. But IQ tests are either valid or they are not. They either measure real intelligence or they just measure some fake “test-taking ability”.

In other words, if the Flynn Effect is fake, so are IQ tests themselves. You can’t have it both ways.

Despite a mountain of increasingly Lysenko-like Leftist opposition to the notion that IQ tests measure intelligence, there is increasing agreement among psychometricians that IQ tests do in fact do a good job of measuring intelligence, and are not culturally biased in any way.

Other racists argue that the Flynn Effect is only occurring on the subtests of the IQ test that are lowest in the g factor. The g factor is a hypothetical factor that is thought to be highly genetic and is considered a “pure” measure of intelligence. In fact, the Flynn Effect has shown its highest scores in those subtests highest in g.

There have been many theories about what is causing the rise in IQ scores. Some suggest better nutrition, which is leading to taller people with larger heads. Others say it is an increasingly technological society, with computers, videogames and cellphones all making people smarter. Others say that the increased availability and quality of education is making people smarter.

Much is made of the present Black IQ score of 85. Racists rant that it is set in stone and use it show why they feel Black societies, including ancient ones, have not accomplished much in their opinion. The 85 score is seen as set in stone for all time. Not only is it the same as it has always been, but it is irremediable, as IQ is, so the racists say, 8

First of all, one must understand just what an IQ score really is. An IQ score is merely a relative score, and as scores rise, the tests are regularly renormed at the 100 average here in the US. Therefore, the 20 point IQ rise has been completely masked.

Whites scored 100 and Blacks scored 85 in 1925. In 1995, after a 20 point rise in both groups, Whites scored 100 and Blacks scored 85 once again. Do you follow? The regular renorming of the tests reduced the gains to invisibility.

Further, a score of 85 is not necessarily “low” and a score of 115 or even 130 is not necessarily “high”. With average set at 100, the scores work like this: 6

Racists take it further and say that with an average IQ of 70-85 (depending on the region), Blacks are simply incapable of creating decent civilized societies anywhere on Earth.

Instead of simply dismissing this argument, we need to take it on head-on. We need to ask these same racists whether the average White American in 1945 was so stupid that he was doomed to the very same pathologies and failures ascribed to US Blacks today. Surely they will say no.

US culture in 1945 was White culture. Blacks were segregated and kept down. US White culture beat Nazism and Japanese fascism and then built up US society into a first-rate industrial power. Illegitimacy, drug and alcohol addiction, welfare use, and unemployment were low. Educational attainment and health status was good and parenting styles were competent and behavior was widely viewed as highly civilized.

The IQ is US Blacks today is exactly the same as the IQ of US Whites in 1945!

The US Black IQ of 85 today is equivalent to the US White IQ of 100 in 1945, due to a 15 point rise in Black IQ (1995-2005 saw little Black IQ growth).

Which leads us to some painful questions. If US Whites could build, after 1945, one of the greatest Western societies of our time, why could not Blacks, in 2007, do the same? I believe White racism plays some role in Black failure to equal White rates of achievement 60 years before. But there is no way that “racism” can explain all or even most of this failure. Much of it must be laid on Black society itself.

What is fascinating is that we also cannot blame Black “low IQ” for this failure in attainment. That is because Black IQ in 2007 is not low, unless you think Whites in 1945 were stupid.

Equally fascinating is that the Black pathologies above exploded after 1960. This serious pathology, visible for all to see in the Black underclass, continues today. The explosion in these pathologies coincided with a rise in Black IQ in the US of an incredible 10-11 points!

If these pathologies were in any way linked to IQ, we would expect (Dramatically!) rising Black IQ to cause plummets in all of the pathologies bolded above. Instead, as Blacks got smarter, their culture, in many ways, got sicker.

The failure of the US Black underclass, and even the failures, corruption and chaos inherent in many heavily-Black US cities, from Detroit to Newark, may have many causes, but Black average IQ cannot be one of them.

The increase in these same pathologies coincided with the US Civil Rights Movement and the liberation of US Blacks from segregation and the worst of White societal racism. The decades in the interim have seen plummeting levels of White racism against Blacks, in tandem with rocketing Black pathology.

If White racism caused Black pathology, dramatic declines in White structural racism should have seen plummeting Black pathology. Instead, it shot to the skies.

To sum up, neither Black IQ nor White racism are adequate to explain the increase in Black pathologies since 1960, the failure of the Black underclass, and the chaos, corruption and general entropy of many large US Black cities.

Things don’t happen for no reason. When searching for reasons for these Black problems, we need to look further than the usual scapegoats, White racism and Black IQ scores.

Alt Left: 21-23% of Men Are Pedophiles or Hebephiles

Return of Shawn: Pedophile is a term the media uses to refer to men who are attracted and/or engage in sexual relations with females who are postpubescent yet under the age of 18.

Yeah, media retards. Along with 9

Just about no one uses this pedophilia word correctly, so we should just toss it in the trash can where it belongs. Every time these sex fascists want to say “pedophilia,” say “child molestation.” Every time you want to say “pedophile,” say “child molester.”

But this definition above absolutely ridiculous. The sex fascists have to call entire tribes of men pedophiles! They have to call majorities of men in ages past all over the world pedophiles!

I read an interview with the Mexican illegal alien who raped that 10 year old girl (Did he really rape her or did he just molest her?). He said that in his village in Mexico, all of the girls were married by age 13, usually to adult men. So the sex fascists say all of the men in this Goddamned village were pedophiles? Get out of here!

And all normal, healthy men are attracted very strongly to 15-17 year old girls. According to this insane media definition above, the only men who are not pedophiles are gay men and dead men!

This teenage girl bullshit is simply a moral panic and a mass hysteria. It’s actually a sex panic. Many to most moral panics are sex panic because a lot of people are still extremely freaked out about sex. The fact that this moral panic seems most common in the Anglosphere tells me that Anglos are still horrendously Puritanical and repressed. At the very least, almost all Americans are now sex fascists.

Return of Shawn: In reality, pedophilia is a very rare mental defect in which a man is sexually interested in prepubescent children.

It’s not that they are interested in them. That would apply to all men and strongly to 2

It’s actually not as rare as you think. See below. There are 3.3 million male pedophiles in the US. This is one reason I’m not on the “Kill all pedophiles” train. Really?

We are going to kill 3.3 million American men for a…thought crime!? Or we are going to put all the pedos in prison for the rest of their lives. Really? We are going to put 3.3 million American men in prison for the rest of their lives in addition to all the other poor sods we’ve locked up? Get out of here!

I’m also a Men’s Rights Activist. Actually I’m a Brocialist, or an Ultrabrocialist. After my leftwing revolution, I’m going to give all the feminists the Wall. Nah, just kidding.

Return of Shawn: Ephebophilia is very, very normal. It the primary sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19. This makes sense, doesn’t it?

Women are very fertile at this age, and if a man is lucky enough to partner up with a female at such a young age and they want a large family, it can easily be done. Men therefore tend to be more sexually attracted to a woman aged 16 than the version of her at 38.

Of course it makes complete sense evolutionarily. I’m not even sure if they have even bothered to test this one out in the lab to see how common it is. All I know is that by age 16, all normal males react to 16-17 year old girls maximally, that is, to the same degree that they do towards adult women.

So the only men who are not extremely aroused by 16-17 year old girls are gay men and dead men. I can think of few things more normal than having a strong attraction to 16-17 year old girls. It’s almost as normal as peeing out of the end of your dick.

I believe that studies have shown that males regard 23 year old women as the most attractive and females regard 28 year old men as the most attractive. Gay men regard 19-20 year old men as the most attractive.

As we know, gay men like em young, women prefer older men more than men prefer older women, and straight men like em young but not nearly as young as gay men do. An association between male homosexuality and pederasty dating back to Antiquity seems to bear out this attraction to boys and men in their teens.

I will say though that the primary attraction to 15-19 year old girls seems a bit odd. You mean to tell me that some guys are extremely turned on by females that age but have little to no interest in females over age 19?!

I acknowledge that they exist. J. D. Salinger seems to have been one. One of his wives said that when she turned 23, he lost all interest in her. That seems really weird to me. She’s 23, and now she’s a grandma? Get out of here, dude! I don’t understand this orientation. These guys prefer a Goddamned teenybopper over a grown, mature women?!

I’ve dated 18 and 19 year old girls quite a bit even recently somehow, and they can be shockingly immature. And they are very flaky. The two recent ones I dated were both suicidal to different degrees.

Return of Shawn: Hebephilia is less common than ephebophilia, but far more so than pedophilia. It is the strong, persistent sexual interest by adults in pubescent children who are in early adolescence, typically ages 11–14. A lot of females in this age group can have kids, although they are less fertile than slightly older females.

I really do not think 13-14 year old girls should bear children, and of course, girls below 13 should never bear a child. Good studies have shown that girls who have babies at ages 13-14 have a high rate of tearing themselves up inside. To be more specific, they often suffer fistulas between the urethra and the vagina and between the vagina and the anus.

Those tubes or tunnels are supposed to have clear and strict walls between them. Otherwise urine gets in the vagina in one case and shit gets in the vagina in the other case. The latter is particularly bad because if there’s one thing you need to keep out of your vagina, it’s shit. You can get quite a nasty UTI that way.

I’m such a pro-abortion fanatic that I would actually mandate that all pregnant girls under 15 have abortions. If we find out about them, we will force them to have one. If they deliver without having one, there will be no penalty, but we won’t like it.

Minors don’t have the same rights as adults do. Minors do not have a right to be a danger to themselves. I suppose adults do except in the case of suicide. Unfortunately we are at such a weird point in the abortion debate that this dream of mine is far away.

Depending on how you define it, either

On the other hand, either

Jesus Christ those figures are wild.

Return of Shawn: So the media just sticks with the shocking pedophile term and uses it to label guys like Epstein, who was more of a pimp and just a nasty, immoral person, when it comes to girls and women.

Epstein was actually a hebephile. I’ve read interviews with him where he said, “Once the braces come off, I lose interest.” Thing is that this is exactly what a hebephile would say. Braces come off at the latest around age 16, which is about when primary hebephiles start to lose interest.

I’d actually love it if the stupid media would start using the term hebephile for guys like Epstein. Let the sex fascists have a new word to get hysterical over. And it will be good for sex antifascists like me because it will be harder for people to condemn hebephilia than it is to condemn pedophilia.

Return of Shawn: Men therefore tend to be more sexually attracted to a woman aged 16 than the version of her at 38.

That may be true, but no one has ever tested it out. The studies simply call that category “mature females” or “adult women” and the studies all show that men react maximally to them. I’m not sure what age the models they use are though. I don’t know. The idea of a 38 year old woman really turns me on.

Return of Shawn: A true pedophile is Jerry Sandusky, who was far worse than Epstein, as he was homosexually raping prepubescent boys.

Yes, he was a bad person all right. Was he really raping them though or was he just molesting them? There’s a difference. Even molesting little boys is messed up though, especially if they are straight. Curiously, molesting gay or pre-gay boys often causes no harm. 7

Return of Shawn: As you might expect, men are more attracted to these child-baring age women than stale menopausal 50 year old.

This is true, but I have been fucking women that age lately, and a lot of them are still pretty hot. One was 48 and had the body of a 20 year old. A 59 year old woman had an absolutely killer body. The ones with the best bodies had never had kids though. None of them had droopy, flattened, sagged out tits either. I think if you keep wearing a bra, maybe you don’t sag out that bad.

On the other hand, I fucked a 57 year old woman when I was 28 years old, and she didn’t look that great. But she had had a hard life and believe it or not, she had cancer! She still wanted to fuck though LOL.

“Popcorn and Soda at the Courtroom,” by Jason

Why not? The correctional officers and/or cops, whoever they are – are drinking pop, lol! Well, excuse me, but it seems like an uber-macho profession like law enforcement wouldn’t allow sodas. They don’t even let people drink sodas on the job at grocery stores.

Now, whatever crap are cops doing and why should anyone respect them? Why? Because they spent grueling, harsh time at the Police Academy? Huh, maybe they were even in the Marine Corps, I don’t know.

Hmmm, more abuses of power like: driving 80 when the speed limit is 55 – and it’s NOT hot pursuit. O.K., another abuse is the typical corruption which makes law enforcement – another player – as in, turning the other head to drug enforcement.

To sum it up, I know all about Blue Lives Matter, but why would anyone be surprised, if some people highly dislike cops? That would include those poor prisoners in the courtroom – who may not be able to afford commissary and don’t enjoy having things “rubbed in” – especially if they’re getting handed 1-year drug sentences like candy!

Anyway, let’s be a wise-cracker and bring some popcorn to the court hearing. All they can do is show you the way out – ha ha.

Alt Left: Attraction to Other Humans Need Not Be Sexual

Our resident hebephile, bumface, posted this link to Belle Delle, a child star. She is beautiful but she looks like a little girl. She is somewhere between 10 and 11. They put sexy women’s clothes on her and fancy women’s makeup and she starts looking a lot better to me because she’s starting to look like a woman! Take the makeup off and put little girl clothes on her and she’s a little girl again, and they don’t get a second glance from me.

Then I read interviews with her, and she’s completely idiotic and talks like a little child. She talks like, well, a little girl! Because that’s exactly what she is. That was the most massive turnoff to me. For female minors, the more it looks like a woman, the more I want to look at it. The more it looks and acts like a girl, the more of a turnoff it is.

I don’t even like 13 year old girls because they have what I call “little girl faces.” 14 year old girls still have them, and I have met 15 year old girls who yet retain them.

My Mom said it is “baby fat.”

Basically a child’s face is fatty, and as a woman grows up, the fatty baby face of a girl increasingly hardens and becomes sharper. I looked at photos of beautiful women from 30-40, and I couldn’t see much fat in their faces. However, they did have very sharp-edged, striking, bony faces. Their facial bones were very prominent, and they were also very attractive.

One time I went to this show about hawks and owls. They had live hawks and owls there and some bird guy handling them. There was this little girl ~8 years old in the front row. Some little girls are beautiful of course, but I don’t see them as beautiful in a sexual way, more like the way you notice a boy or a man is very handsome. It’s something you often don’t even think about it until you actually ask yourself the question.

But I could not stop looking at that damned 8 year old girl! Then I finally figured it out. Her damned Mom had put woman’s makeup on her! It was very well-done and she was already a pretty little girl, but that damned makeup made her look like a woman, and I couldn’t stop looking at her!

I started to get very uncomfortable as part of me was arguing with myself telling myself to stop looking at the little girl and the other part of me kept looking at her. War in my head!

I was not thinking of her in a sexual way because I can’t conceive of doing anything sexual with a little girl that age, and in fact this is the first time I considered the question, and I must have seen her 20 years ago.

But there was an attraction about her and she had a “pull” that sort of pulled you towards her.

I sometimes feel that with very handsome men. They have this “pull” about them that seems to almost suck you right into their orbit, and your body feels like it is getting pulled towards them. I stop and think and realize I am attracted to this guy, but then I think if I want to do anything sexual with him, and I don’t even want to touch him. The thought of kissing him really grosses me out.

I don’t really like this feeling of being pulled towards very handsome men as I’m straight and it sets off my internal homophobia, which is quite pronounced. As in, I am very uncomfortable with the idea of doing anything remotely like that. It makes me uncomfortable in the same way that little girl was making me uncomfortable. Your body’s being pulled in a direction you don’t want it to go in.

I think attractive people in general just have a sort of “pull” about them that just makes you want to look at them and in a lot of cases, to keep on looking at them. And at times, it feels like an actual physical force pulling you towards the person.

It shows how important looks are. Life is a beauty contest. They have done studies. Good-looking kids are given better grades, and homely and less attractive kids are marked down by teachers. It may not even be conscious.

Life’s not fair. It’s pretty much a shitshow, kids.

Game/PUA: When It Comes to Sex, a Lot of Women Just Keep on Rocking

Now all women are masturbating maniacs and many have various toys like wands, vibes, dildos, and rabbits. I just met two 65 year old women who both told me that they masturbate every single day (!). One bangs herself with a dildo because if you’re not on estrogen, your vagina starts to shut tighter than a Pismo clam. I’ve been with postmenopausal women and I swear to God, I couldn’t even get in.

One said she needed this “vibe” thing to open up her vag to have sex and she had forgotten one when she came over, though she helpfully  showed up for the first date with an overnight bag. I met her at the door and asked her what was with the bag.

She said, “Oh, I’m planning to spend the night. Do you mind? Should I have asked permission first?” I said, ‘No, fine.” but it’s pretty damn cool when chicks bring a Goddamned overnight bag over to your house on the first date without even being asked!

Anyway, I think this thing about women’s sex drives going south with menopause is a myth. Of course it happens in some women, and I have seen complete whore to nun conversions in a few of my exes. But others keep on rocking along.

Women may remain responsive far into life.

I had a date with a woman recently (that really needs its own post). She worked at an old folks home. One of her clients is this 99 year old lady who had been there for 10 years. Incredibly enough, this century old broad asked my date for a dildo so she could get herself off. My date obliged and brought her one.

When she came back the next day, the old lady said she was barely able to get the thing in (because she was clammed up so tight) and only got in an inch or two in before she was rocked with a San Andreas style orgasm. It happened within ~10 seconds of sticking that dildo up her.

So 100 year old women still have an extremely responsive sex drive and can rock and roll with the best of them if they are any Viagra-addled gents ready to take them up on it and risk a double heart attack. If any of you ladies out there want to take some cheer here about old age, be my guest.

Alt Left: Evil Men Prey on Poor Innocent Paragons of Purity Adolescent Girls to Rape, Molest and Abuse Them, Thereby Ruining Their Lives Forever

I’ll talk to a 14-17 year old girl now and again if they come talk to me first. Some of them come talk to me because I am on some Kik groups where they hang out. The groups are like Younger Women for Older Men, Younger Women for Men 40+, Younger Women for Men 50+, etc. There are mostly women of all ages with older men fetishes on there, but the damned girls keep raiding the rooms! But we are preying on them!

They’re all supposed to be 18+ if I am not mistaken, but those girls keep sneaking in there and you just can’t keep them out. They even kept sneaking into the 50+ men group! Some of them come to talk to me, and I will talk to them, but I won’t sext with them or talk dirty to them. I will send them photos but not nudes.

I will accept photos from them if they have clothes on or have their parts covered up. Some of these girls have the dirtiest profiles. There was a 15 year old girl who came to talk recently. Her profile said Cum Slut (!), and then the other icon said, Certified Cum Dumpster (!). WTH! That’s a 15 year old girl, for Chrissake. They’re innocent little 7 year old girls! We are preying on them!

She wanted cock pics which is pretty common, and ain’t no way I’m sending that to some girl. I turned her down and she was disappointed.

They’re pretty much all watching porn, often a lot (it’s not unusual for them to start at age 13!), and most of them masturbate all the time.

These girls nowadays seem a lot more pornified and sexxed up than the girls back when I was in high school. I never met one female who even admitted that she masturbated until…I’m not sure? Age 40? I had girlfriends and they either never discussed it or flat out told me that they never did it. Women and girls in our generation didn’t talk about that stuff.

Anyway, if these girls come to talk, I talk to them and ask them why they don’t go talk to boys their age, and they all tell me that boys their age are idiots and morons and they only like men.

But we are preying on them! I talked to a 14 year old girl recently who was counting down the days to her 16th birthday (AOC was 16 there) so she could have sex with a man, preferably over 50! She was a virgin and had never even been kissed. She didn’t even want a boyfriend her own age, as she thought boys her age were “like retards,” as she put it.

She had an older man friend about 50 years old and he took her places and did things with her. He also paid her to do jobs around the house. These girls who prefer men are often pretty damn mature for their age. She told me that the relationship was absolutely nonsexual.

I don’t have a problem with a relationship like that at all, and I guess I wouldn’t mind one myself with a 14-17 year old girl if she was willing. But I’m worried that she would be too damned tempting, and it would be like someone dangling a chocolate in front of you and pulling it away every time you lunge for it.

There were a couple of groups there called Women for Older Men that were actually run by teenage girls! The girls had set them up themselves. One was being run by a 13 year old girl! The other was being run by a 16 year old girl. But we are preying on them!

The girls like older men for whatever reason, and they use the groups to post cheesecake photos of themselves in bathing suits and whatnot. They’re maybe making sexy poses. They’re pretty much just trolling for compliments from men. The men on there chime on about how beautiful she is, bla bla. Those girls generally ban all sex talk. Clean talk only. Every now and then someone posts porn but the girls throw them out.

The girls talk about their how their day went.

Getting ready for school, I’m in school now, just got home from school, post a cheesecake shot lying on the bed, doing homework now, post a cheesecake mirror selfie, bored now, tired going to sleep night everyone.

Like that. It’s a bit boring actually.

What’s hilarious about all of this is society thinks these little vixens and temptresses are innocent little children. A 17 year old girl and a 7 year old girl are the same thing nowadays. They’re both little girls. I’ll call it what it is. It’s Infantalization, and I think it’s some real bullshit.

The line is that all these evil men are preying on these poor damsels for sex in order to abuse them and ruin their lives forever by raping and molesting them. That’s a bunch of crap. If anybody’s preying on anyone, those damned girls are preying on us men! The girls are horny as Hell and a lot of them love men!

When I was growing up as a very young man, those girls always went after us. I ain’t chasing no girl. And they went after us all the time.

They’re not sophisticated. They don’t know what they’re doing in terms of flirting or hitting on someone. They will pretty much just walk right up to you and flat out ask you to have sex with them, just like that. I’ve had 16 year old girls walk right up to me at a rock concert and grab my cock with their hands! How’s that?

They try to flirt but their flirtation seems weak, awkward, and lame. They also don’t know what they’re doing in bed, but they’re enthusiastic and eager to learn.

The truth is teenage girls are dangerous! They’re a menace! I’d actually prefer to keep them away from me.

I went to talk to a 14 year old girl recently on Facebook because she had had a creepy sexual-type experience with a man who had followed her and then started running after her. I wanted to talk to her about this.

She was an interesting person with a measured, logical way of speaking that was actually quite mature. I tried my damned hardest to keep the conversation as 99 3/

What am I supposed to say? That’s about the way it goes with those girls. You start any conversation of them and no matter clean you try to keep it, within 20 minutes, what do you know? They’re talking about sex!

But yeah, we evil men prey on those paragons of purity! LOL!

Alt Left: Time to Get Rid of DSM-5 Antisocial Personality Disorder and Pedophilia

Jimmy: I’m not sure there is really a functional difference between a psychopath and a sociopath. Both would be diagnosed with ASPD since there aren’t really formal diagnostic criteria for those terms.

Bottom line is that neither DSM-5 Antisocial Personality Disorder or Pedophilia describes a mental disorder. There may indeed be something wrong with such folks, but one thing is clear: they’re not nuts.

That’s correct but you can diagnose psychopathy with Hare’s PCL tests. That doesn’t have DSM reliability, since Psychopathy is not in the DSM. But there’s lots of stuff that’s not in the DSM.

I think there is more hope for sociopaths as they are created. Have you read Lykken on the varieties of psychopathy? That’s the gold standard. Psychopathy starts earlier. Sociopathy doesn’t show up until adolescence at the earliest.

Hare is really good but he doesn’t distinguish much between psychopathy and sociopathy.

DSM-5 ASPD is junk anyway. It just describes a criminal and it’s hard to say that criminals are mentally disordered. Actually, it’s a real reach.

I would toss DSM-5 ASPD and Pedophilia. Ok, now the rates of MDSO’s (Mentally Disordered Sex Offenders) crash. Good!

DSM-5 Pedophilia is a clusterfuck and it doesn’t even make much sense. The last good definition of Pedophilia was in DSM-2. It’s obviously totally politicized. Look at the shameful reaction of the APA to the Ritter et al (1989) paper. Totally unscientific!

But so was tossing Gender Dysphoria. 10

However, I would say that if someone with a pedophilic orientation acts on his urges, an Impulse Control Disorder would be warranted.

At this point both Pedophilia and ASPD need to be chucked because they violate the disease model of mental illness. Basically if you are making other people miserable, you’re not mentally ill. You’re only mentally ill if you are making yourself miserable or dysfunctional.

If you are just hurting other people, you’re not nuts. I’m not even sure if you’re abnormal. Evil has been around since the dawn of man. Instead of being nuts, if you’re hurting other people, you’re just bad or evil. I would retain DSM-5 Pedophilia for those upset by it while throwing out everything that doesn’t conform to that.

Basically what the DSM is doing is saying that it’s crazy to be evil. They’re trying to claim that there are medical categories of evil, which is nonsense. Evil is a legal and metaphysical concept, not a psychiatric one.

Alt Left: Time to Flush the MDSO Concept Away Forever

The whole MDSO (Mentally Disordered Sex Offender) concept needs to head down the swirling bowl. It’s not against the law to be dangerous. You can be as dangerous as you want to and as long as you aren’t nuts, there’s not the slightest thing any of us can do about it except watch our asses around you.

Locking people up for “Dangerousness” is a Thought Crime. Pure and simple, no two ways about it. You’re worried about releasing dangerous sexual predators? Keep in mind that the law was originally for sexually violent criminals, but now it has been abstracted far beyond that.

Give people long sentences. Bring back indeterminate sentences like 5-20 years. We grew up under those laws and they worked just fine. Mandatory minimums have been catastrophic and they’ve led us a long way down the road to a police state.

I can assure you that many poor sods locked away forever in mental hospitals for DSM Pedophilia are not even

The attempts to expand DSM-5 to include Hebephilia and Coercive Sex Disorder (basically paraphilic rapists) were shot down for very good reason. Those writing the DSM felt they would be abused by the justice system to increase the number of unconstitutional MDSO’s.

We can’t keep expanding this “lock up people for thought crimes” BS on sexual nonsense forever. It’s opening up a huge can of worms that the pigs and hanging judges are more than happy to exploit.

Delphi Murders Update July 14, 2022 Bastille Day Edition

Our private Delphi sleuthing group is the best on the Internet by far and has been since it was founded five years ago in 2017.

Unlike any other sleuths, we have determined the main suspects in the case, have a good idea of what happened during the crime and what the crime scene looked like, and have recently figured out the motive.

Best of all, much of our information is via solid sources such as search party members, official case documents, and LE sources close to the investigation who leak to us. No other group has come close to uncovering the amount and quality of information we have.

Why not join the 250+ members who have already signed up for the best Delphi sleuthing team of all? There is a small fee of 20 dollars minimum (you can always give more) to join, which includes lifetime membership. The $20 fee was demanded by our members in order to safeguard the privacy of their conversations and it has worked very well.

Join the best Delphi sleuthing group of all!

Warning, long, 46 pages.

A Holiday in the West

The bloody dawn of people’s rule in the West.

First of all, happy Bastille Day everyone!

It is July 14, 1789. In the king’s castle in Paris. A storming has occurred. 108 bodies lay dead.

Louis XIV, King of France: “It is a rebellion!”

François XII Alexandre-Frédéric duc de La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt (Duke de La Rochefoucauld): “No, sir, it is a revolution!”

With that, the Third Estate usurped power, and the Ancien Regime lay in the dust. The Modern West was begun.

Update July 15, 5 PM PST

Unfortunately, I have had to remove all of the information about Ron Logan possibly finding the bodies and trying to cover up the scene. The source is a person who insists that Ron Logan is the main suspect and has been all this time. We know for a fact that this is not true and we know that Ron was cleared two years later in 2019.

Besides, he doesn’t have it in him to kill those girls. I really apologize for putting out some bad information here, but I retracted it very quickly, so give me some credit. As you know, theories are in flux all the time here and we change our minds all the time. So we no longer believe that Ron found the bodies that night and watered down the crime scene with a hose. We apologize for any misunderstandings.

Prefatory Remarks

Please skip over the prefatory remarks if you would rather get to the meat of the story. The main section of the post starts where it says Main Section below.

Delphi Monetizers are Not Fraudsters

In addition to all being out to get all the glory for only themselves, a lot of these podcasters are monetized quite beyond our absurdly modest efforts here which pay for gas and grocery money and little else.

A number of these folks like Murder Sheet have even formed LLC’s. Well, all the power to them. These guys can monetize to their heart’s content. Everybody giving them money seems to be quite willing to do so and is quite happy with whatever product they are receiving.

Protesting against them is like protesting against the guy who takes out an ad saying, “Send your dollars to X address.” A guy took out an ad like that once and made a lot of money from the legions of morons who populate our benighted Clown Rock. The police wanted to prosecute him, but he had committed no crime other than separating morons from their dollars, and that’s not against the law yet.

What I want to say is there’s no fraud going on here. These guys spend quite a bit of time every week doing their podcasts. They request to be compensated for their labor like any other worker. You got a problem with that? You think people should work for free? Why don’t you march into your boss’s office tomorrow and demand to work for free as requesting to be compensated for your labor is leeching, grifting, and begging? You won’t do it? Why not?

That said podcasts amount to little other than shooting the bull sessions is of no matter. People can see exactly what value if any they are getting out of these shows run by these showmen, and they obviously think these casts are the greatest show on Earth and hence well worth their money.

That’s not fraud. Fraud is promising something, taking the money, and delivering nothing. You If you read between the lines or have a single brain cell left in your head, these guys promise nothing at all and deliver precisely that or even less, and people are overjoyed to throw money at them for a few hours of good times on the Interwebs.

A Few Remarks about the Delphi Subreddits on Reddit

The LibbyandAbby sub really is the best Delphi group out there on Reddit. I get it. They’re amateurs and most don’t know what they’re doings, but the woman who runs it, ATrueLady, is excellent sleuth and a superb source, and she is indeed one of our trusted sources. I’m going to stop trashing the LibbyandAbby sub now that I have met ATrueLady and saw what a great person she is. She runs that sub and I just can’t do that to her. My conscience will not allow it.

She is like Gray Pubes. The two of them will confirm virtually nothing. That is, most everything is an unproven rumor. But now and again, they have a fact that they have vetted so severely that they are sure it is true. There are not many of these facts. But I figure that if Gray or ATrueLady said it, it’s as good as gold.

There are a wide variety of posts on there, and once you sort the considerable chaff from the meager wheat, you can almost scrape up enough for a meal. You can definitely learn a thing or two there.

And there are some good posters on that sub.

I do like Penis_Vulva, who also has an excellent name that is after my heart. Prior Manager is also good. They’re both a little bit right and also quite a bit wrong, but I don’t care about that. Half of what you hear everyday is wrong anyway. ATrueLady is superb, an excellent mod and a class act all around. She is also a very nice person.

Meowzedoong is good for medical stuff. He is a psychiatrist who specializes in forensic psychology. His analysis of Kevin Kline was immaculate. Separate Clean Sheets is the same, calm and rational.

The DelphiMurders sub is useless. No rumors! LOL good luck solving crimes, idiots!

DelphiDocs is run by xanaxarita, a bruja with Borderline Personality Disorder and hysteroid tumors in her uterus. I’m comforted that many hate her as much as I do. She’s a monster.

That site is severely useless, distinguished mostly by it’s obtrusive sense of self-importance with nothing to back it up. Why does anyone post there? No rumors allowed! No non-sourced comments! Everything not from the cops gets shot down! LOL you guys are giving the FBI a run for their money, aren’t you? A class of fifth graders could solve a murder better than these clowns.

For some reason, there are all sorts of certified experts in law, medicine, law enforcement, psychology, etc. on there. I have no idea why since that site accomplishes nothing. The only thing you will learn about this crime over there is what the police have told us. In other words, jack shit! I don’t know these folks with letters after their names waste time on such an inconsequential sub.

Delphi Knot is run by tobor_rn, who is an excellent sleuth and a good man to boot. It’s theory only and low traffic. I don’t mind it. He lets all sorts of material on there.

DelphiTodayIsTheDay is pretty much a low-traffic and low-effort sub. I don’t want to trash it as there’s simply not much there to trash or praise. It’s a meager meal, but not all subs can rule the roost.

The Main Problem with the Groups and Subs

The main problem with all of these groups and subs is that they have been focusing on people who the police are not even looking at! Really, guys? This POI of yours really did it and the police are just too dumb to figure it out? Get out.

First thing you do is eliminate all of the POI’s who have never even been investigated by police!

Want to focus on a POI? Fine, how bout if you pick one of the ones that are currently under investigation? Just a thought…

Main Section

People Who Cannot Possibly Be Suspects

We will look at four popular suspects on social media who cannot possibly be involved in these murders.

The case of DP or Daniel Pearson is tragic. This poor man has been hounded by mental midgets who think he’s a child killer. This has caused him a lot of problems in his personal life. He’s never been seriously investigated by police! He was obviously cleared very early on. True Crime Garage has been truly malign in how they have pursued this guy.

The case of Klines is also ridiculous. As noted above, the police just told us that Kegan Kline is a “decoy.” As in, he didn’t do it. Get the message? Murder Sheet, a monetized podcast whose bark is much worse than their bite, continues to focus obsessively on this man although we know for a fact that he’s not involved.

The focus on Tony Kline is just bizarre. Granted he’s a tool and a maniac, but that area is full of men like that. Just because he’s a bad person or even a monster doesn’t mean he killed those girls. Monsters are everywhere. They’re a significant percentage of the population. The vast majority never kill little girls.

This man has never even been interviewed by police in regard to this crime to my knowledge! If he’s been interviewed, can someone clue me? Kegan is far more connected to this crime than Tony, who has no connection whatsoever. Neither Kline can be placed at the bridge that day. Did they turn invisible?

Granted the early warrant makes a case that in the beginning, it looks like LE including the FBI were honed in on Ron Logan. Perhaps they even thought he was the guy for a while. But it’s well known that he was cleared two years ago.

While we are at it, let’s look at who has been investigated.

People Currently under Investigation

Six people, all males, remain a focus of investigation in the Delphi Murders:

Obviously Mr. X is the main suspect as we have noted many times.

Our information is that Mr. P, a member of the extended family of one of the perpetrators of the prank plot towards one of the girls, was interviewed early on. Our police source told us that this man remains a suspect in the crime. What is not known is whether their involvement went beyond the prank stage.

Another possible member of the three-man group who concocted this plot is Mr. B, a former police officer. As his apartment was turned upside down by the police, I’d say he’s been investigated. Assuming he was in on this plot, this man is also a suspect with the same status as Mr. P.

The third member of this prankster group is PJ, a minor. He also remains as suspect with the same status as the Mr. P and Mr. B.

We have just learned that Mr. Z is what seems to be a major suspect, perhaps the second most important suspect after Mr. X. Mr. Z has been a focus of the investigation for a very long time and the fact that he has been given seven lie detector tests so far is shocking. In our opinion, at the least he is very suspicious man.

In addition, Mr. H, who we believe is the enforcer for the Lafayette Boys Club, has been investigated for five years now. A few months ago, he threatened to sue the police for defamation if they didn’t lay off. They may have backed off since. But the fact that they have been looking at this man for five years without clearing him is alarming. Although there is zero evidence connecting this man to the crime, in our opinion he remains an awfully suspicious fellow.

People Investigated but Cleared

Daniel Nations.

James Chadwell.

Kelsi German. Yes, her inconsistencies in her stories indeed made her a suspect. She was even interviewed three times by the FBI, including once at her school where she could be interviewed in a different environment. She was cleared about the same time that Ron Logan was.

Mike Patty. Yes, believe it or not, Mike Patty was a suspect in this crime for ~9 months, from February-November 2017. In fact, they even assigned an undercover officer to follow him around. This officer went so far as to tail Mike when he took his family on a trip to Disney World. This information comes to us from Anna Williams. This investigation appears to have been dropped in November 2017. We assume that they simply decided that he had nothing to do with the crime.

Robert Lindsay. Yep, I was interviewed by an ISP detective as a suspect in this crime because so many pinheads, mostly female, kept turning me in. Thanks ladies! The FBI told one of our contacts that I’m cleared. Whew! That’s a relief. Fact was I had not left California is 3 1/2 years at the time this crime was committed.

Mr. A. We went down the wrong trail after this guy for a few years, and it turned out to be a red herring. Perhaps you can forgive us as the guy was making videos where he more or less admitted to killing the girls? Anyway, we don’t think he’s involved. He was investigated quite intensively by the ISP and the FBI, but it looks like they’ve both cleared him. But he remains a rather suspicious person to us, while we acknowledge there is no good hard evidence connecting him to the crime.

People of Uncertain Status

Mr. W, discussed below, surely seems to be a suspicious fellow. We don’t know if police have ever investigated him as a suspect in this crime, but in our opinion, they should have.

New Information from Our Police Source!

We will begin this post with some new information from our member who has the contact with our best police source.

I wish my source would give me more info beyond the “We are close to an arrest.” She’s been very quiet and guarded lately.

I’m trying to extrapolate more info out of our source here, but she implied in the last conversation we had that the police know beyond a doubt who the main suspect in this crime is and have known this for quite a while, but they are trying to remove all obstacles and get a clear, concise last piece of solid evidence.

She also said that Kegan was a decoy, albeit a dirt bag.

I am hoping for more information. I’ll let you know.

I assume that “…they know beyond a doubt who the main suspect in this crime is and have known for quite a while…” can be no one other than Mr. X, though this was not explicitly stated by the source.

Police: Kegan Kline is a “Decoy,” Albeit a Scumbag

The big takeaway here is that we have, officially from the police now, what we here have thought since soon after his name turned up, that Kegan Kline is a “decoy” (in the words of the officer), albeit a dirtbag who traffics in child porn. In other words, he plays no role in the actual murders themselves.

I notice these “Kline did it” boneheads and still everywhere, stealing precious air from the rest of us and using up perfectly good space for us humans.

I can’t stand belligerent idiots. For God’s sake, if you’re going to be dumb, no problem. You have billions of folks to keep you company. But if you’re going to be stupid, can you at least be modest about it?

Got that, idiots still plumbing the eternal well of “Kline did it” idiocy? This is from the police themselves. Kline is nothing but a decoy! Whatever the Hell that means, he sure didn’t kill those girls!

The only thing we keep hearing about this guy is a possible role in the obtaining and distribution of a hypothetical snuff film made of the murders. But what does the officer mean by “decoy?” We don’t understand.

The Mysterious Nate Miller

Nate Miller, police officer and alibi for Mr. X and suicide, December 2000.

Also, note that Nate Miller, the police officer who provided the alibi for Mr. X, is a relative of Mr. M, who is described below. We believe the police think Nate was providing a false alibi. If he was, we believe the reason was in order to protect his relative. Nate killed himself by shooting himself in the head in December 2020 while on duty. It was officially ruled a suicide, however, everyone we talked to in the area thought it was a homicide.

Closeup photo of Nate Miller, who committed suicide in his squad car late at night next to a park in Delphi.

Mr. M and Mr. C

Below is a drawing we are releasing of Mr. M, who seems to have played a significant role in the crime. We will release a drawing of him and Mr. C below but we won’t release photographs. It’s up to you to put two and two together. Mr. M, age 20 at the time, is the man who we believe impregnated one of the girls at one of the bonfire parties she was known to attend.

This is a drawing of Mr. M. We believe that Mr. M, age 20, impregnated Libby, possibly at a bonfire party she was known to attend.

The girl was refusing to get an abortion, and this is a motive or one of the motives for the double homicide.

In addition, we believe that Mr. M is a member of a local sex club. This is Mr. F’s sex club discussed in the video below. Our four year in depth investigation of this crime has led us to believe is really a full-blown sex trafficking organization. His behavior in this club or if he has broken any laws in his association with it are not known.

The club’s females range from 13-20, so the 16-20 year olds are legal, and the 18-20 year olds are adults. This is the Lafayette Boys Club discussed by the female escort below. By the way, she’s kind of hot, isn’t she? What’s the story? She had an affair with this judge?

For symbolism, please note that he was parked at a lake in Delphi where the bodies were dumped in the only other double homicide in Carroll County, a very bad crime involving the Marchands, who were relatives of Becky Marchand Patty, guardian of one of the murdered girls. The Marchand family is said to have many bad actors, but I’m sure Becky is not one of them. I’m not sure if the Marchands were killers or victims in this crime.

However, note that a major player in the second double homicide in Carroll County, this one involving a victim related to the Marchand family, committed suicide next to the lake where the bodies were found in the first double homicide in Carroll County, also involving the Marchand family.

Although this may just be an odd coincidence, the author or this crime, thought to be the same person who committed the Evansdale Murders, seems to like weird coincidences, sort of like the Zodiac Killer. There are odd coincidences in the Delphi Murders themselves and in the comparison between the Delphi and Evansdale Murders. I wouldn’t put it past this guy to commit one more creepy homicide that ties into the previous double killing.

Nine months after the Delphi Murders, Mr. M, age 20, was arrested for illegal intercourse for having sex with another 14 year old girl. He served only 35 days, which were all served on probation, so he actually did zero days in jail for this crime. However, he did have to go on the Sex Offender list, which seems outrageous for such a chickenshit crime.

Next we follow with a drawing of Mr. C, a neighbor of Mr. M. We believe that Mr. C was training Mr. M to get young teenage girls for Mr. C to have illegal intercourse with. See more about this odd character in the caption below the photo.

This is a drawing of Mr. C, a neighbor of Mr. M. Mr. C has a record for child molesting and a history of child molestation and illegal intercourse of girls and boys aged 9-14, which puts him in the pedohebephilic range. Mr. C also engaged in illegal intercourse with Mr. M, a heterosexual, when he was 13 and 14. As he was straight, this illegal gay sex may have been bad for his personal development. Hi Presto Logic.

In an embittered interview a year or two ago, Logan said they were mad because they could not pin the crime on him, so they threw the book at him for Driving on a Suspended License in anger. Ron was bitter during this interview a year or two ago. He died recently at age 80, a long-term alcoholic, but he still looked quite handsome for an 80 year old man.

We think we may have solved a curious question about Ron Logan. Remember how everyone kept saying, “BG is dressed up exactly like Ron dresses!” We think that may be deliberate. There is now an unverified rumor that Mr. X and Ron Logan’s son were at Ron’s for a party on Sunday night.

If true, that places Mr. X near the crime scene a mere 12-16 hours before he showed up to commit the crime at 12 PM. A member recently told me, “BG’s jacket looks two sizes too big.” Others have mentioned that BG’s clothes look to big for him. These comments have been heard since the beginning of the case.

Well, of course they look too big for him! We are thinking Mr. X may have stolen some of Ron’s clothes that night and wore them to commit the crime! So in addition to the others, Ron was also possibly being set up to take the fall.

A few final remarks. Are there still a few following the “Ron Logan did it” lemmings off the cliff? Save yourself a long, deadly fall! Ron Logan is innocent! He was cleared two years after the crime!

Setting Up the Fall Guys for the Crime

We now have six different people possibly being set up to take the fall:

The three young men who set up a scene for a prank only to find to their horror that it was used for a gruesome double murder. In setting up the scene of a double murder, these guys look guilty as Hell!

Mr. M is being set up because he’s the father of a girl’s fetus. According to unverified rumors, the crime involves the gutting of a girl and the removal of her fetus to hide a pregnancy of a young teen by an adult man. Poor Mr. M looks guilty as sin! However, police have told us he’s not a suspect! Perhaps all he signed up for was the prank, assuming he even signed up for that. But this crime makes him look incredibly guilty!

Kegan Kline may be being set up by Mr. Z, who worked on his phones and computers and therefore had access to all of his logins and passwords. It is starting to look like someone other than Kline used Kline’s Anthony Shots profile to catfish Libby. That makes Kline look guilty as all get out! But people have said for a long time that others may have had access to the Anthony Shots account. If the killer used Kline’s Anthony Shots profile to catfish the girls, Kline is obviously being set up to take the fall.

Now Ron Logan, as noted above, may also be being set up to take the fall.

The killer may have have four separate groups or individuals set up to take the fall. Even if one or two get cleared, you still have two more to take the fall. He may have set this up to get away with it and in the process to frame a bunch of others for the crime!

A Possible Solution to the Kegan Kline Conundrum

In order to understand this possible solution, we have to look back early this year to the time when the case seemed to break wide open with the Anthony Shots revelation. Our research has determined that Mr. Z was interrogated again early this year. Mr. Z was given his seventh lie detector test at this time! Seven! He keeps getting inconclusive, which is also how Mr. X’s and indeed, Tobe Lozenby’s tests have been coming back.

But soon after this interrogation, the major break in the case involving the Anthony Shots account, which was then shown to be Kline’s devices, occurred. And it just so happens that Mr. Z was Kline’s computer and phone tech and had access to all of his devices!

We believe that whatever was learned in this interrogation of Mr. Z may have led to the breakthrough in the case involving Kline and Anthony Shots.

Solid New Information

A police profile of the killer suggested that he might have a foot fetish. Because of the stolen sock? Because of the rumor of him washing the girls’ feet?

There is new information of statement from a police officer on a website, later deleted, that said the non-secular items at the scene were related to Odinism, a White Supremacist pagan Nordic religion. There are some other well-sourced rumors backing this up. This Odinist rumor looks like it has some legs. Mr. H, the enforcer for the “sex club” that we believe may be a sex trafficking group, and Gabe Ellis, sex trafficker and meth dealer, are both Odinists. Mr. H is also a Satanist.

The other non-secular element was an upside down crucifix at the scene, which to me seems like devil worship. This report came to us from an interview with a female member of the search party.

Suspicious People

Mr. H is suspicious to say the least, however his alibi for being at the gym at the time of the murders appears to be sound. Nevertheless, police have continued to investigate him for five years now (!), and they only backed off recently when he threatened to sue them for defamation. Also, Mr. H may have been staying at Logan’s house that weekend as he was fighting with his girlfriend. Despite the fact that he is suspicious, there is no hard evidence of his involvement in this crime.

Mr. G is also suspicious. He’s presently in jail where he belongs. He has a rap sheet so long that it scrolls off into the distance as you try to read it. A few days after the crime, he confessed to his boyfriend that he committed the murders. He’s bisexual, a fact that he ferociously denies like so many bisexual men. Hi Presto Logic.  He also refused to give DNA. He inserted himself massively into the case for no apparent reason.

He recorded a video in which he was describing the killer, and he appeared to be describing himself. He was homeless at the time of the murders and was supposedly camping in the area of the bridge! This man is absolutely a pure psychopath of the born, not created, variety, and it would not be unusual for him to toy around with sort of almost but not quite confessing to the murders even when he didn’t do it. There is no good evidence that he was involved in this crime in any way.

Mr. A, a former suspect of ours, is still suspicious. He made a number of videos in which he pretty much confessed to committing the crime. After years of investigation, we now believe that there is no good, hard evidence that he played any role in this crime.

James Chadwell is obviously suspicious. Though I do not think he was in on these murders, was a member of the sex club! He was also living around Evansdale, Iowa at the time of the Evansdale Murders! My newest investigator thinks he did Evansdale, but I don’t think so. I think that attempted murder of the girl was his first homicide attempt, and I don’t think he’s a pedophile. He’s not a preferential molester. He’s a situational (non pedophilic) molester.

A Number of New Rumors

The following are the new unverified rumors we have just received:

Kline is said to have gone to Vegas soon after the crime. He had a camera and a CD. The camera may have been used to record the crime, and the murder tape was on the CD. This way there’s just hard copies and there’s no digital trail to follow. We think he might have sold the hypothetical murder tape to his sleazy Vegas collection because that’s where Kline got his really bad CP.

There was a a pig’s head was at the scene. What?!

A number of the dolls at the scene, which we have now proven were present, were scorched or burned by fire. What?! On the other hand, do you remember, Stu Sutcliff, that crazy gay guy with the bad curly dark-haired wig who uploaded Delphi videos of himself performing oral sex on another man? He has recently undergone a new change of identity and goes by a new name.

He has uploaded a number of extremely creepy Delphi videos where he is wearing a hooded costume and making creepy nonhuman voices. In a number of these videos, dolls are placed on the ground and then set on fire!

Police have visited this man at his house, as they think he knows way too much about this crime, and they want to know how he knows so much. He refused to cooperate with them. I don’t think he’s in on the crime, but I do think he knows some details about the murders.

There are a number of other weirdo locals making creepy videos about this crime. A number of these videos involve dolls. They also often involve outbuildings, shacks, or barns. We know dolls played a role in the crime and the FBI believes an outbuilding was  somehow also used in the crime, though we do not know how. Carter’s reference to the movie The Shack appears to be a reference to this outbuilding.

The suspect vehicle is a truck.

The killer bathed the girls’ feet after he laid them out to at the crime scene.

This statement was found on a YouTube site written by someone who seemed to know too much:

These homicides were a whole big film production with a number of people involved.

OK, that is quite strange. This is the same source as the pig’s head rumor. But once again, with all these players, how does no one talk?

A white van, possibly a suspect vehicle, was seen in the area of the bridge early on February 14. The rumor says something about a white van and Indiana Packers. This either refers to an Indiana Packers van (Do they have white vans?) or else an Indiana Packers CC TV camera that caught this white van in the early AM on the 14th. The story that the IP CC TV caught a white van in the AM of the 14th and that this may be a suspect vehicle seems more logical.

A Reduced Role of PJ in the Crime

We no longer believe that Young BG was PJ, a minor close to Mr. X. We have not been able to find any information that implies that he has it in him to commit this sort of crime. However, our main police source told us that PJ is “the catfish boy.” We don’t understand. We thought Anthony Shots was the catfish boy? Mr. X may well have had an accomplice, but it sure wasn’t PJ! Instead we are looking at a man named Mr. X as a theoretical accomplice for that.

A New POI, Mr. W

A new and very interesting POI has appeared in the form of Mr. W. Oddly enough, he is supposedly related to Mr. X! He calls Mr. X “uncle.” We don’t know if they are really related or not. This is quite a young man, 21 years old at the time of the crime and 26 years old now.

Mr. W is a terrible person, a real scumbag lowlife. When he was 21, he had sex with a 15 year old girl and taped the encounter. In 2018, the tape was discovered and he was charged and sentenced for Child Exploitation.

Mr. W made a post to Facebook several weeks after the crime showing bloody knuckles with the caption, “Results of a bar fight.” People have made a big deal out of this, but it showed up some time after the crime, and the police say that the girls did not put up a fight with their killer.

There is also an unverified rumor that he was one of the people under the bridge that day.

Mr. W was seen at 5 AM on February 14 the day after the girls were abducted four miles away from the bridge. He was heading away from the bridge. He was driving his black truck. When the person saw Mr. W in his black truck, Mr. W put his hand over his face to cover it from the onlooker.

The person thought it was suspicious but he was driving on a suspended license at the time and he didn’t want to turn in his tip to police for fear he would be arrested himself. Mr. W later modified the paint job on his truck. He posted a very disturbing video the day after the murders about child abduction.

The day the video and audio of BG was released, Mr. W’s young 18 year old girlfriend whom he married when he was 20 and she was 16 (which is perfectly normal and healthy) got shot in the head by Mr. W and died in their backyard. Mr. W claimed it was an accident, but no one believes that and everyone thinks he killed her. The theory is that there was something in the audio or video of BG on the bridge that could have led to the girlfriend going turning Mr. W in to the police for a role in the crime. However, this theory is not yet proven.

This unfortunately confuses things a lot if both Mr. W and Mr. Z are involved. Now we have three people in on the plot, and we have to explain how none of them talked for five years.

Mr. and Mrs. X

It’s time to clear up some times regarding the lost keys incident with Mr. X at the crime scene late on February 14. Mr. X told the cops that Mrs. X was coming to bring his keys that he lost, except that she never showed up, and we don’t think he even called her. At 8:30 PM, there is a police transcript saying she was coming to deliver keys to Mr. X.

When she never showed, there’s a record of a call at the fire department to tow Mr. X’s truck at 9:14 PM. There’s also a dispatch record of the tow truck at the scene, and at 9:30 PM, the cop said that Mr. X has left or gone home, abandoning his truck there. It was apparently towed soon afterwards.

We previously said that Mrs. X’s odd remarks posted to Facebook were made a week after the crime:

It’s so strange how you know someone your whole life, and you think you know them, and then they turn out to be this totally different person, a monster, an entity of pure evil.

We know believe she said that a month or two after the crime. We’re still not sure why she said that.

BG Now Possibly Tied to Previous Employment at Indiana Packers

If you look back at our earliest posts, we decided that BG was wearing Indiana Packers boots.

If you look closely at BG’s boots and then look at the boots the police hauled away from Indiana Packers in a raid a few days later, they are a perfect match. We believe BG is wearing Indiana Packers boots.

Indiana Packers was raided soon after the crime, and a pair of boots was taken away.

Boots seized at the Indiana Packers raid a few days after the crime. Dead ringer for BG’s boots.

The police supposedly faked a bomb threat in order to raid the place. There is a photo of a pair of boots from that raid in an evidence bag.

Closeup of seized IP boots.

Under the photo it says, “This is not important” or something.

NOT key evidence at this time LOL. Right, cops. You guys are funny.

We always thought there was a connection between BG and pig plants, in particular Indiana Packers.

We can now link Mr. X, who may be BG, with Indiana Packers via someone who knew him and said he used to work at both Packers and Tyson Foods. This directly connects a main BG suspect with employment at Indiana Packers, accounting for BG’s Packers boots.

There is a question about whether you buy your uniform at Indiana Packers or if you get to keep it when you leave. A woman I talked to the other day told me that she thought you got to keep it.

I wonder what Mr. X’s job was the pig plants? Was he one of the ones who cut the pigs’ throats with knives? That is how they slaughter them, you know. And one of the girls was slaughtered like a pig with a deep cut to her throat. Which is pretty sad right there, come to think of it.

Mystery of the New Investigation Building Solved

In addition, I can now report that the reason the investigation was moved to the separate building in the old CPS building was due to an effort to control leaks about the case. Too many leaks were happening with the investigation situated where it was.

The Mysteries of the Autopsy Report

In our previous posts, we listed a summary of an autopsy report for the girls. The reference to an “aortic transection” in the autopsy is curious because it’s a proven fact that this girl suffered a terrible wound to her throat. The aortic transection could not be related to getting her throat cut. However, this may refer to an unverified rumor of a serious wound to her abdomen with a gut knife done in order to disembowel her to remove her uterus.

The several small cuts in her torso could have occurred earlier. The exsaugination means she bled out. Somehow she asphyxiated, which I don’t understand.

This girl also suffered a grievous wound to the throat, but it’s looking like she was already dead when this happened. If her throat was cut shortly after she died, there would still be massive blood spray from the cut. Crime scene photos show this girl’s head propped up on a log. If this is the case, BG may have positioned her head on that log to cut, it and he could only do that if she were out cold or dead.

The autopsy reference to “scant water in the lungs” may refer to bruising of the lungs.

The Enigma of Suicide

Polar Bear: I’ve heard Japanese also commit suicide a lot.

He is making this argument to show that even a country with very low gun violence can also have a high suicide rate, implying that mass gun ownership has nothing to do with a high suicide rate in the US.

That’s a high suicide country. There’s nothing especially high suicide about the US to my knowledge. Another high suicide country is Hungary. They had high suicide rates under feudalism, under fascism, under communism, and under bourgeois democracy. It doesn’t matter what the system is. They kill themselves no matter who is governing them.

My mother read a huge 600 page book about suicide, and she said at the end of the book, neither she not the author could explain suicide very well. No one knows why some countries are suiciders. No one knows why rates go up and down. No one knows why men do it so much more. Suicide is the great enigma. No one understands it much from when Durkeim wrote his seminal tract (Suicide, 1897) to today. Interestingly, only 7

Alt Left: About That Swiss Enigma the Gun Nuts Keep Bringing Up

Polar Bear: The Swiss basically respect the gun, military that uses it, what it’s for, etc. You could give them all automatics, missile launchers, etc., it wouldn’t matter. If the people are fine, having or not having guns doesn’t matter.

There’s nothing special about those Swiss people. They’re White and US Whites are White. It’s not like they’re different races. So why do US Whites have such dramatically higher gun violence rates?

Swiss gun laws are very much overrated by the gun nut conservatards. First of all, those guns are for the militia. They’re mostly kept at the local armory. All of the men go out and train with the militia most every weekend. Yes, they get to keep a gun in the home, but I believe it must be kept dismantled in a locked case and the ammunition must be kept in a separate locked case. You might as well have no gun at all. Handguns are not allowed. I think you can keep a hunting rifle, but those are not associated with high gun crime.

Bottom line is almost zero Swiss have a ready working gun in their house.

Alt Left: My Position on Gun Control

My position on gun control is below. By the way, I am similarly pretty extreme on abortion. I would allow it for any reason up to 23 weeks and for the life or health of the mother after that but not for the mental health of the mother, which is a runaround they are using a lot nowadays. Sorry, I’m not down with infanticide.

As you can see, I am just a typical Left Coast blue state liberal Democrat in a lot of ways. People keep calling me reactionary, conservative, and Republican, but I’m not like that at all.

In fact, I can’t stand conservatives and I despise conservative politics and even worldview. It’s just garbage. I’ve been this way for most of my adult life as I’ve spent most of my years as a man of the Left. I’m a really weird leftwinger, but I’m on the Left all right.

Or I’m a lot more on the Left than I am on the Right, and in some ways, I’m indistinguishable from those left coast liberals everyone loves to hate. That’s the milieu I grew up in after all. I grew up on the beach in Southern California. We’ve never been social conservatives down there. There was too much good pot and too many hot surfer chicks to strap yourself in like that. I grew up in an atmosphere of raw hedonism.

On the other hand, I am rather conservative on social issues like race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity. But there has long been a faction of the Hard Left that hates Identity Politics. Go the WSWS Communist website run by Trots and you can see a good example of that. We think the “Woke Left” is the “Fake Left.”

Those are not leftwing issues, and woketards push that stuff while being rightwing on everything else. Notice all the capitalists falling all over themselves to embrace this woke toxin to divide the working class? That’s not an accident. Also, actually existing Communist countries were quite socially conservative. And none of those countries declared war on Whites, men, heterosexuals, or cisgender folks. This is all new BS coming out of the Western Left, which has never led one single successful revolution, by the way.

But I’m not a Republican or conservative type social conservative. I’m in between the woketards and the conservatards. A pox on both of them!

On gun control:

RL: I will allow the possession of a hunting rifle of course. Also you can keep either a hunting rifle or a shotgun in your home to protect yourself. But I would pretty much ban handguns. You can own a handgun for sport, but you would need to keep it locked up at a shooting range. You can only use it at the range – nowhere else.

Otherwise handguns would all be banned, and of course those semi-autos would be banned. Nobody needs those. Concealed carry would be banned unless you have a very good reason. Shopowners in high crime areas could have a handgun, but they would need to keep it locked at the store when they are not there. When they are at the store, they may have ready access to it.

Conversation continues here with CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS:

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: To this day, automobiles kill a bit more people than guns and that is with all the licensing and insurance requirements for cars.

RL: It doesn’t matter. Have you noticed how much gun violence we have in the US and how it is wildly more excessive than any similar countries with restrictive laws? The extreme level of gun violence in the US as compared to similar countries is 10

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: So there is no reason for this mass anti-gun hysteria I hear from liberals.

RL: No reason? The fact that our gun violence is in another universe compared to similar countries is outrageous and is a good reason for any extreme emotional reaction, including hysteria.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: They want to outright ban guns altogether.

RL: They don’t want to do that, and there’s zero support for it anyway. Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. There’s no political will in the US for that, so no liberal is pushing it.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: If we treated guns with the same strict and expensive insurance requirements for cars you’d see a drastic drop in gun homicides.

RL: Well, let’s try it and see. We can’t even get this done, and it’s all because of the gun nuts and their slippery slope arguments.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: Mind you, two-thirds of gun fatalities are suicides, usually white males.

RL: Yep, and other countries have extremely low rates of that, too. And this is the easiest way to kill yourself.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: I don’t think there’s any real way to significantly lower that number other than outright gun ban.

RL: If you could only own a shotgun or hunting rifle in your home, a lot of people simply would not own a gun period. Handgun owners don’t like long guns. Most of the suicides are with handguns. If you got rid of those, there would be far fewer guns in the home. Also, people are less likely to use a long gun to commit suicide than a handgun.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: You can just as easily kill yourself with a hunting rifle as with a handgun.

RL: Actually, it is a bit more difficult, but given the option, a lot of people who would do it easily with a handgun would refuse to do it with a long gun.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: I don’t know what drives male suicide but I imagine it’s a lack of pussy…

RL: So these countries with low gun suicide rates are places where the men are drowning in pussy? Don’t think so.

CLAVDIVS AMERICANVS: …and feeling less-than in this modern gynocracy of ours. So maybe ban feminism too lol.

RL: There are European countries in which Female Rule is far more entrenched than it is here. Look at Spain, the UK, and Sweden. Those places are catastrophic for men. Gun suicide rates are quite low. So it’s not caused by man-hating feminist harridans.

Delphi Murders Update Fourth of July Special Celebratory Edition: Investigation Is “A Breath Away from An Arrest”

Our private Delphi sleuthing group is the best on the Internet by far and has been since it was founded five years ago in 2017.

Unlike any other sleuths, we have determined the main suspects in the case, have a good idea of what happened during the crime and what the crime scene looked like, and have recently figured out the motive. Best of all, much of our information is via solid sources such as search party members, official case documents, and LE sources close to the investigation who leak to us. No other group has come close to uncovering the amount and quality of information we have.

Why not join the 250+ members who have already signed up for the best Delphi sleuthing team of all? There is a small fee of $20 minimum (you can always give more) to join, which includes lifetime membership. The $20 fee was demanded by our members in order to safeguard the privacy of their conversations and it has worked very well.

Join the best Delphi sleuthing group of all!

Warning: Long, 69 pages.

Updated July 10, 10:01 PM

Initial Remarks

Please skip over the initial remarks as they are mostly me defending my group and responding to the various mudpies that get slung my way. If you wish to skip ahead, go to the Major Break in the Case and Possible Arrest Coming Soon header and start reading there.

First of all, in case you’ve been sleeping, you would know that this Delphi site is probably the most hated site of them all. There’s not much I can do about that, so I might as well just own it. There are literal bans on linking here in most of the Facebook groups. In some there are bans even on mentioning my name.

What’s hilarious about all of this is that, as a poster on the LibbyandAbby subreddit, tobor, noted in a recent post, we have released eight different facts that were known only to the police, as they had not been released publicly yet. He then listed these facts. We released most of these facts about a year before the police released them to the public.

Of course, we have also released many other statements that have not yet been corroborated by police, but so far we are the only sleuthing group with a known track record of releasing material known only to the police long before the police released it to the public. As we have case documents and actual police officers leaking to us, it makes sense that we would be on the ball. Bottom line is we are the only group with a track record. And everyone hates us and has a ban on linking to us. LOL! That’s just downright stupid.

Next I would like to take issue with a number of nasty comments making the rounds about me on the LibbyandAbby subreddit.

I don’t know who this person is or even whether it’s male or female or both or neither or whether that’s a scientific question anymore. They’re just a run of the mill hater.

RphWrites: You mean RL’s? He claims he has hundreds of paying members (200?) but…yeah. I know someone who coughed up the cash to access his private forum a couple of years ago ,and they said it was pretty quiet and that the people who did post sounded like him under sock puppets.

We have had over 250 people pay to join over the years, yes. However, I will admit that many are not active. The site got shut down for violating WordPress‘ TOS due to some incendiary comments I made about feminists (I really hate them), and that’s why we got shut down. I had not even read the TOS.

However, with the shutdown, many people went away. We came back up on our own free speech server that can never get shut down (they host The Daily Stormer LOL), but a lot of the old ones didn’t get the message that we opened back up. But quite a few trickled back in.

The private group can be quiet at times, however, there have been at least 10,000 and possibly many more comments on there over the years, so it’s not that quiet. However, I must say that I absolutely do not use socks when I post on there. These people paid real money to join my site, and I could not play them like that. It would be immoral.

Probably the worst poster is xanaxarita. With a name like that she ought to be a lot calmer than she is. She’s has Borderline Personality Disorder and she suffers from hysteroid tumors in her uterus which make her very unstable.

xanaxarita: The moderator here doesn’t allow posts that link to/contain info from Lindsay’s blog.

Lindsay has been permanently banned from Reddit.

OK, supposedly there are bans on linking directly to my website on the ridiculous grounds that somehow because I was banned from Reddit, therefore that means links to my site are also banned. Stupid, huh? I don’t think that’s even the case. She’s just looking for an excuse to ban linking to me because she hates my guts. Also she does allow information from my website, just not direct links.

But do you see what is happening again? We are the only Delphi group with a proven track record (see above). We’re the best Delphi sleuthing group of them all by far, yet everybody bans linking to us! That’s like closing the Library of Congress because it has too much stuff in it, or banning a group from baseball league because they keep winning the world series. It’s belligerent mediocrity or belligerent inferiority. That’s as bad as belligerent stupidity, something the Redditors have in abundance. If you’re mediocre, inferior, or mentally slow, fine, but don’t act belligerent about it.

Also xanaxarita has also falsely stated:

Robert Lindsey has publicly stated that [name redacted] is the murderer, and he further states that the police know it too and that he will eventually be arrested.

I have never named the man who we refer to as Mr. X. I haven’t named him one single time ever. I don’t do that. I believe people are innocent until proven guilty. In fact, I now use initials for all major players with a possible criminal or unsavory link. Exceptions are made for the currently incarcerated. Also it is only my opinion that Mr. X killed the girls, but my opinion is utterly irrelevant, and I have already said that if I were on the jury right now, I would vote to acquit Mr. X despite my opinion because a jury decides whether the state has proven its case or not.

A juror does not rule on whether he thinks the person is guilty or not. He rules on whether the state has proved it or not. And so far, we do not think they have, although that may change.a

I do not hold that the police “know” that Mr. X killed those girls. I believe that they are of the opinion that he killed them, but an opinion is one thing and a fact is another. Whatever I said in the past, my position at the moment is that it is a fact that Mr. X is LE’s main suspect in the Delphi Murders.

Also, I refuse to state for a fact that Mr. X will be arrested either soon or eventually. I have no idea if that is true or not. However, our police sources have informed us that police are very close to an arrest and as of now, it’s just a matter of time.

This woman xanaxarita is a monster. Most of the people on LibbyandAbby subreddit hate her too which is comforting to me and shows me I’m not alone. She so abrasive that she’s downright  incendiary. If she were a male, I’d suggest malignant narcissism, but in a female, that defaults to Borderline Personality Disorder.

Adrvirtual9933: R Lindsay was permanently banned from Websleuths on his first day just a month or two after the murders. The guy is a nut job for sure.

This man is one those annoying pests who just sit there and shoot down everything that’s not been verified with duplicates and notarized by LE. And LE has told us just about zero. So these clowns shoot down everything anyone says as “unproven.” That’s not how detective work goes. Detectives don’t shoot down everything that’s “unproven.” If they did they would not solve many cases. Also, this person is extremely belligerent and just yells and fights with everyone all day long. Their other handle is “Ultra MAGA,” so he’s also a fascist with a truth allergy.

I was not been banned from Websleuths on the first day. Not that I would have minded because that has to be one of the most  obnoxiously stupid websites I’ve ever posted on. No rumors allowed! You have to put MOO (My Opinion Only) on everything as if you are a cow! If you don’t, the hysterics all start screeching like seagulls. I would say it’s just a total waste of time except that it’s a most unpleasant waste of time, which is so much worse. The posters are very aggressive and spend most of their time battling like cocks in a cage. Posting on there is almost traumatic. Kind of like posting on Reddit.

Actually I lasted a few weeks. That site is absurd. No sleuthing is allowed! That’s literally one of their rules LOL. I’m sure they really solve a lot of crimes!

I was privy to a lot of rumors early on. Some of these described the crime as a sex crime, and there were some descriptions of the nature of this sex crime. The second source described the objects as sticks and twigs. I quoted from those rumors. In addition, there were many gruesome rumors floating around that dealt with various terrible things that supposedly had been done to these girls. I quoted from some of those rumors. It was for quoting from these sexual and gruesome rumors about the gruesome nature of these sex murders that I was banned!

Around this time, I was also banned from a number of Facebook groups for the very same thing. That’s what all the Facebook Delphi group bans are about. Really it should be an honor to get banned from most Facebook Delphi groups because they are about the most useless groups out there. Full of hysterical females shrieking at each other all the time. I’ve heard enough of that noise in my private life. Last thing I need is to heard when I’m relaxing on the Web.

If you think banning me was ok for reciting rumors of the sexual and gruesome nature of this crime, there’s not much I can say to you.

By the way, I take pride in my bans. I’m quite happy to be banned from Reddit because it’s hard to believe such an important corporation is run by pinheads with room temperature IQ’s. The people who run that place are SJW hysterics who understand neither science nor logic. My ban was ludicrous and absurd. I was banned for “promoting” a psychiatric disorder. How on Earth can you “promote” a medical disorder? Can you “promote” schizophrenia? Bipolar disorder? GAD? OCD? It’s absurd.

But if it wasn’t that, it would have been something else. I was already getting banned from most of the subreddits I was posting on for this or that violation of PC BS.

On sites like the LibbyandAbby subreddit, the women are hysterical shrews, and the men are incendiary vipers. If you look in the comments of these rabid critters, every comment is them screaming at someone for something or other. This is the equivalent of, for the women, going out into public and walking up to everyone you see and shrieking at them and slapping them in the face. For the men, it’s the same exact you yell at them and punch them in the face.

I would like to take issue with a LibbyandAbby poster, an execrable “man” named PrestoMagic who paid to come into our group and then turned on us and is bashing us on Reddit. “He” stated:

Lindsay says he never said Mr. “Someone” was Mr. X. This is not true! He has named him repeatedly.

Problem here is that we had two Mr. X’s. The first was a man named Mr. A, who, while a horrible person, most probably had nothing to do with the murders. However, he issued many false confessions and released a number of videos more or less confessing to the crimes, so perhaps you can give us a break for jumping the gun.

He’s still a suspicious person, but we have no good, hard evidence of his involvement. We never released this man’s name one single time in years. Sure, we talked about him in our private group, but that was all indoors, and no one could hear us. I’m pretty sure you can say anything you want about anyone behind the doors of your home where no one can hear.

More recently, we reported a new suspect as Mr. X. We will even not give him initials, but most have figured out who he is. And once again, we have never named this man even one single time. We don’t usually give names to major suspects. That’s up to the police to do. Also, we believe in protecting the innocent, and everyone is innocent until charged.

He also charged that we have made up a story about Mr. X living in the Evansdale area at the time of the Evansdale murders. He says we have no evidence of that.

But we have no evidence or proof of anything!

We have search party member interviews. We will not name these people, so that’s not evidence or proof. We have official case documents. We will not post those, so that’s not evidence or proof. We have statements from police sources who leak to us from time to time. We will not reveal who those people are, so that’s not evidence. We do have crime scene photos, and that’s evidence, but no one believes those are real. So even when we post evidence, no one believes us anyway, which makes us wonder why we even should.

Beyond that, we have unverified rumors and our own speculation and theories, which are obviously not evidence, as we never said they were. You either believe us or you don’t.

Our information that Mr. X was residing in Waterloo, Iowa at the time of the Evansdale Murders came to us directly from one of our police sources. So we think it’s pretty good info. Furthermore, we have just gained even more confirmatory evidence that Mr. X was living in the area at the time of those murders. See below for more on that.

Major Break in the Case and Possible Arrest Coming Soon

I rarely credit the Reddit or Facebook Delphi groups with much of anything. They are terrible sleuths except for a smattering few like Tobor or DDcups on one Reddit group. Also unlike most of the manginas on that group, DDcups is a real man. Most of the others are sissies and wusses.

The posters there believe in the “I support the current thing” mindset. Whoever is the “suspect du jour” is obviously the one who did it! Unfortunately, detective work doesn’t go like that.

The suspect du jour is likely to be innocent, and the only important suspect is the one who did it, which may be the one looked at five years ago, or yesterday, or today, or tomorrow, or five years from now. The topical nature of the suspect has nothing to do with their innocence or guilt.

First we had Daniel Nations. Sigh.

Then we had James Chadwell. Sigh.

Recently we have the Kleins, Kegan and Tony. Double sigh.

And even more recently, we have Ron Logan. RIP, sigh.

And there have been so many others in between. These were just the names that were released to the press or were named in some official document. Neither being mentioned by the investigation nor being named in some official document means the slightest thing regarding evidence of guilt. We know this because we are good sleuths. We also believe in the wisdom of crowds, and we have 250 members in our group. Keep in mind that we have retired LE homicide detectives working directly with us.

There are many belligerent and hysterical posters on social media.   Most refuse to believe in science and instead trust whatever moral panic or mass hysteria happens to be going around at the moment. That describes 9

What really bothers us is that so many posters are hostile, overemotional screamers who never seem to be right about anything. If you are going to be wrong, that’s fine. But to be belligerently, aggressively, menacingly, threateningly wrong as the social media sleuths are takes some real doing, but we see this in the groups all the time.

That’s sad because all it does is turn the debate into a lynch mob. This lynch mob mindset discourages participation, and the mobsters have already been shown to be false, as a number of the most shouted-down theories on those venues have later turned out to be true when LE released information later.

The names du jour are Ron Logan and Tony and Kegan Kline.

Ron Logan was cleared a few years ago.

Tony Kline has never been interviewed by the police a single time. I’m sure he must be the top suspect!

The only thing we have ever heard about Kegan Kline is that he’s only involved as far as distribution of a hypothetical snuff film that was made of the murders and then sold on the Internet. In his interrogation, police repeatedly say that they know he didn’t do it but that they think he knows who did. That shows right there that they don’t think he did it.

Turning either of the Klines into BG requires the massive placement of square pegs into round holes that these Reddit cranks and hysterics excel at. Just based on their heights and weights (6’3 and 275 pounds!), neither man could be the man on the bridge. Neither can be placed at the bridge on that day or for that matter on any other day. There’s no evidence that either man had ever been to the bridge a single time or even knew it existed. Kegan had maybe been to Delphi once in the last five years for a football game. They do live fairly close, but that means nothing.

I guess it’s better than Daniel Nations though, who could never be placed any closer than 50 miles from Delphi. But I’m sure he still really did it!

Even a blind squirrel catches a nut now and then, and one rumor tossed out recently on the Reddit groups appears to be true. There was a rumor of a major break in the case and that an arrest may be pending. This could be related to the moving of the investigation to the former CPS building near the crime scene. We believe there is a break coming and that moving the site to the new place is in fact related to the break.

We recently spoke to our police sources. Keep in mind that when I say we, I refer to any one of our 250 members. We had not spoken to our best source in five months, and the last time we talked, it was very hard to get information out of her. However, we were finally able to catch up to her again. Although she speaks in riddles and this time barely gave us any information at all, this is how we deciphered her brief cryptic comments:

  • They are a breath away from an arrest in the case. From now on it’s just a matter of time.
  • The Kline drama has been a miraculous tool.
  • The person who was the focus in the beginning is now the main player.

The source stated that she can’t or won’t say anything more than that.

So there we have three very nice leaks.

The first is that the team feels that they are close (“a breath away”) from an arrest in the case, and that from now on, it’s “only a matter of time” before that happens.

The second is that the Kline drama has been a miraculous tool in breaking the case open. We do not know how the Kline mess broke the case open, as our police sources have never mentioned Kegan’s name even one time. I’m really doubting if he’s a suspect in this crime if our police sources never mentioned him. And we don’t even know what what the Kline drama is even about in the first place. All we have are unverified rumors tying him to the possible distribution of a hypothetical snuff film of the murders.

The third is that the person who was the focus in the beginning is now the main player. This is an interesting comment, and the people on the wrong trails with the wrong guys on Reddit and Facebook are welcome to take this ball and run with it down whichever dead ends it leads them to, filling in any names they wish who were or were not mentioned early on. Let your overripe, concrete imaginations run wild!

However, the only suspect our police sources have talked about is Mr. X. Two separate police sources told us that he was the major suspect, including the source above. This source also told us that Mr. X has been the main suspect since very early on in the case.

So for us the person who was the suspect in the beginning means Mr. X.

And if they are now the main player, that means that Mr. X is the main suspect or player.

The wording is peculiar. The main player seems to imply that there was more than one person involved either directly or peripherally in the case. This source also told us earlier:

The theory that of more than one killer is still in the ballpark and has been since the first day of the investigation.

Contents of Delphi Murders Autopsy Report Revealed

One of our sources told us they had seen the autopsy report and leaked some of the information on it. His story about how he accessed the information in the autopsy has been challenged, so we are not sure where he got the information. I would urge you to take this with a grain of salt though, as this source has been be problematic at times in the past. However, as a general picture, it looks pretty good and jibes with what we had heard before.

The wording below was given to us by our source, and please note that any spelling errors are his, as I just copied his words. Also I think the source was summarizing the report instead of giving the exact wording, so that is why the language may not appear official. The text he gave me contained two spelling errors noted below which I did not notice. One word I had never heard of before, and I didn’t know the other word was misspelled, as I don’t use it much. In addition, note that the wording in brackets is my own:

[One girl died from] aortic transection causing exsanguination, asphyxia from hemorrhage, and several sharp force injuries. There was scant water in her lungs.

[Another girl died from] blunt force and sharp force injuries and possibly environmental causes too.

Time of death: 3:30

From this, we translate as follows:

A girl died from aortic transaction causing exsanguination, asphyxia from hemorrhage = a knife to the heart or to the aortic artery, but how does that fit in with reports that this girl was killed by a single grievous strike to the throat with a bladed weapon? A slit throat or cut throat? We know that one girl had her throat cut very badly, apparently by a single blow with a sword or machete.

I know this because I spoke to the girl’s mother who had seen the girl’s body postmortem. The mother was the one who tied the orange scarf around the girl’s neck that can be seen in photos of the funeral. The mother was breaking up and crying when she told me. It was sad as Hell.

Several sharp force injuries = We believe this girl had numerous cuts in her body with a knife. Sticks and twigs had been stuck in these cuts.

There was scant water in the lungs = We do not know the significance of this language.

The other girl died from blunt force and sharp force injuries = We believe this girl was struck on the head by a blunt object, knocking her out. She was probably out cold after that, but she was definitely still alive. This object was probably a gun butt. She also had several knife wounds in her body in which twigs and sticks had been placed.

We have been ripped to a thousand pieces over reports of sticks being placed in these girls’ bodies, however, the report of numerous shallow knife cuts in their bodies in which sticks and twigs were placed comes to us straight from a close contact of one of the police officers working on the investigation, so we believe it is fact.

Possibly environmental causes too = We believe that this refers to this girl’s body still being warm when found, which means that she died only a few hours before she was found, hence she may have passed at ~9 AM on February 14. She must have been out either all night or part of the night. If so, exposure contributed to her death. That she almost survived the attack upon discovery has to be one of the saddest things I’ve heard about this case.

Time of death: 3:30. This seemed to refer to February 13 in the PM although no date or half of the day was given, and it must only refer to the first girl. There is a serious problem with this 3:30 PM February 13 death time. It seems accurate for one girl but it is known that the other guy survived into the next day as her body was still warm when found. So the time given cannot possibly be true for both girls.

The other girl may well have been attacked on this time and date, but we are certain that she did not die then. Instead, she probably died ~9 AM on February 14. Hence the wild controversy about the different dates given in autopsies – February 13 for one girl and February 14 for another – widely derided as meaningless, in fact states the truth about the case, that the girls did indeed die on different dates. We believe the mother of the girl who died on the 14th has even confirmed this.

On the other hand, we really question whether the girl who almost survived the attack when discovered sat out there for 18 hours from 3:30 PM to 9:30 AM the next day. This stretches credulity, but perhaps this is what occurred.

Now that we have the 3:30 PM February 13 time of death on the autopsy report, we have had to revise our theories about the crime. We no longer believe that the girls were taken away from the scene to be brought back and killed later at 2 AM on February 14, although perhaps this is what occurred. As far as this girl goes, we are not sure if she was attacked at the same time as the other girl or if she was brought back later to be killed. As far as bringing her back to be killed, there are serious problems with that theory.

One reason we thought she was brought back later was because two search party members, both men, said they had searched the crime scene the night of February 13, and they said the bodies were not there. However, Mr. X was also conveniently searching that very same area. We believe he may have been steering the other two men away from the bodies if they were there.

There is also a report of heat-seeking drone being used in the search of the girls that night. This drone is said to have flown over the crime scene. It is very hard to explain how this drone would not have seen the bodies that evening. This is one reason we were certain that the girls had to have been removed and brought back later. However, now we are not so sure.

There is now a report that there was no drone that night. There was supposed to be one, but one never showed up. If this is true, then it easily explains why the drone did not pick up the girls – there was no drone.

In addition, Ron Logan describing the crime scene as “pristine” was also given as a reason that the murders did not happen at the crime scene. Instead they must have happened somewhere else. If they were killed at the scene, the crime scene would not be pristine, hence the crime scene was only a dump site. However, possibly the crime scene may only have been pristine because all of the blood and other evidence had been combed up by the crime scene techs.

In the Reddit group, a number of people were interpreting the Ron Logan search warrant to mean that there was a kill site and a dump site. The crime scene was referred to as the dump site. The reason for this was the statement in the warrant that the girls were moved. I looked through that warrant and could find no references to separate kill sites and dump sites. All it said was that the girls had been moved after death, but perhaps they had only been moved a short distance. We have no idea how or from where these girls bodies were moved.

There is another problem with the “removed from the scene” theory. This theory attempts to account for two searchers who swore they searched the crime scene area and the null finding from the heat-seeking drone. If the girls were removed, the crime scene would have been empty and and drone finding makes sense.

But what about the bizarre crime scene with all of the props that we have described so many times? If the bodies were gone, the searchers would have seen the weird crime scene because we know that was set up a day or two earlier. Obviously they didn’t find that. So the bodies, or at least one body, must have been there along with the weird props, with Mr. X possibly steering the searchers away from the crime scene to keep it from being discovered.

Otherwise we have to posit both girls being removed (one apparently while dead) and the freaky crime scene being set up after the men had searched the area, that is, after 7 PM that night. But the men who set up the scene thought they were only setting up a scary prank for a girl. Now they have to come back in the evening of the 13th or early morning of the 14th and set up the weird crime scene. With flashlights I guess? And no one sees them? While the girls have both been reported missing?

This would place them right smack in the middle of the murder plot. None of this makes sense. In addition, the staging, posing, weird props, etc. are a lot easier to set up in the daytime than they are at night with flashlights. Keep in mind that the whole crime scene was doused in toilet bowl cleaner. How do you do that at night with flashlights? Doesn’t sound very practical.

In order to place the three men in the murder plot, we have to come up with some odd notions. Mr. CP, a member of the extended family, was very close to one of the victims. In fact, the victim saw him as her hero. This guy gets in on a plot to murder his own relative to whom he is very close? We agree that this guy is no good, but he’s mostly a womanizing drunk with a taste for teenage girls. That’s a bunch of nothing. Not exactly Ted Bundy. We don’t think he had it in him to kill his own relative.

The other possible member of this group may be a former police officer, Mr. B. He also seems like a bit of a tool, and he was soon fired from his job shortly after the crime. They turned his apartment upside down searching it. Granted, he’s a doofus and a screw-up, but we don’t think he had it in him either to murder two teenage girls.

The third member of this group is Mr. BJ, still a boy at 17. It’s also been theorized that he may have been Mr. X’s accomplice. Granted he is quite close to Mr. X. But what little we have learned about this young man gives no indication of the capability of committing such an act. We don’t think he has it in him to do this. Still, his role in the crime is still uncertain. Our police source described him as “the catfish boy” and said police were uncertain if he played a larger role. But wait. I thought Anthony Shots was the catfish boy? This aspect of the case is quite confused.

All three of these guys are capable of setting up a scary prank to scare a girl, sure. A gruesome sexual homicide of two sweet young teens? Forget it.

There are other problems with the “brought back later” theory. One girl was already dead. Was she carted away and then brought back in the middle of the night? How exactly? She weighed 200 pounds. Who would carry her to the crime scene in treacherous terrain in the middle of the night? A person of that size is hard to carry.

If there was indeed a drone that evening, we simply have no answer to the question of why it did not find the bodies. It’s just another mystery in the case.

Information from Our New Member as a Result of a Four Year Investigation Including Many Trips to Delphi and Interviews with Locals

We have recently received some information that there may have been an accomplice in the case. They also provided us with much new information. This comes from a new member of our group who conducted a very deep investigation into the case over four years, including many trips to Delphi to interview locals.

We mentioned earlier that at the core of the case was a pregnant girl, one of the victims. That a girl was pregnant comes to us from two separate police sources. She had been impregnated by a 20 year old man, possibly at one of the bonfire parties she attended. The man and his friends had been pressuring the girl to get an abortion, but the girl was refusing to get one. According to our police source, this is heart of the case. She specifically referenced an Internet conversation between Cody Patty and Michael Brevard discussing so-called song lyrics (which were nothing of the kind) as being “the key to the whole crime.”

We have just now learned the name of the 20 year old man. We will call him Mr. M. We also have photographs of him and some biographical information. He is a local. Curiously, he is not a suspect in the crime! More on that below.

We stated earlier that a deceased police officer, Nate Miller, provided the alibi for Mr. X in this crime. The alibi placed Mr. X in another town at the time of the crime. We believe that police thought that Miller was lying about the alibi, but they were unable to crack it.

We have finally learned why Miller provided the apparent fake alibi for Mr. X. Turns out that Miller is a relative of Mr. M. and Mr. M was the father of the fetus that the girl refused to abort, which was in part a motive for the crime, hence Nate was covering for his relative.

However, Mr. M is not a suspect! It also turns out that Mr. M was arrested eight months after the crime and charged with statutory rape for having sex with another 14 year old girl.

Sadly, Mr. M, a heterosexual, had been the victim of homosexual statutory rape in his early teens via a man in his 40’s who lived across the street, Mr. C. This man is a convicted child molester who spent time in prison. He is bisexual and had sex with both boys and girls from approximately 9-14. This man is now in a management position and Indiana Packers.

I’m not sure where that puts him on the age preference scale, perhaps a pedohebephile. This may also be the age orientation of Mr. X.

Gay men having sex with heterosexual teenage boys often causes harm to these boys simply because they are straight, and the gay sex traumatizes them. Curiously, gay teenage boys show zero effects from noncoercive sex with adult gay men, and in fact, typically describe it as positive. One-third of gay teenage boys are in a relationship with an adult gay man at any time.

The community is protective of them, the counselors the boys visit never turn them in, and the boys rarely if ever turn the men in. The chicken hawk pederast motif is straight-up part of gay male culture since Antiquity. Further, 7

Hi PrestoMagic. Stirring the pot.

Mr. M was a troubled teen at the time, which may be why Mr. C preyed on him. Recently, Mr. M and Mr. C had become quite close, and we think that the Mr. C was trying to get Mr. M to be a seduction partner for him; in other words, Mr. M, being young, could get young people (probably females) so Mr. C could have sex with them.

We have just been accused on the snakepit called AbbyandLibby subreddit of accusing LM, or Logan Maxwell, of impregnating the female victim. The Mr. M we are discussing here is not Logan Maxwell. Logan Maxwell did not impregnate the female victim in this crime.

A Local Sex Trafficking Ring and a Possible Link to the Case

One theme that kept coming up over and over in the investigation was sex trafficking. This dates back to the early stages of the investigation when the female FBI agent put in charge of the case had a background specializing in sex trafficking. This made no sense for a long time, as we could not see any sex trafficking in this crime, but perhaps we were wrong. Now it may be starting to make sense.

In fact, our latest theory is that sex trafficking may have something to do with this case.

There is a video on YouTube by an escort that describes a local sex club. One prominent member is a former jurist, Mr. F. His name kept getting tossed around in this case, but we never paid attention to it as it never seemed to be relevant. But maybe we were wrong.

Our investigation revealed that we believe this sex club was actually a full-blown sex trafficking organization. Mr. F appears to be the leader.

Mr. H., whose name has been tossed around a lot as a suspect, is also a member, and he is seen as the “muscle” for the group. I’m not aware that Mr. H has a criminal record, but he seems like a shady individual. He acted like the murders were unimportant and annoying, but someone close to him was extremely close to one of the girls. On the anniversaries of the murders, he posted creepy memes with hearts and blood. He seems very callous and creepy in general and in particular about the case.

His son J. played an important peripheral and noncriminal role in the case. A punk kid at the time, he took after his father. He also posted callous comments on social media about the murders. He went in the Marines and I guess they kicked his butt into shape because he’s now married to a young woman, has a young child, and seems to have calmed down and even turned into a decent person.

Mr. H. is a White Supremacist Odinist. He hates non-Whites. He leads and Odinist group of local White Supremacists. Gabe Ellis, the main suspect in the murder of Karenna McClerkin, is also a member of this Odinist group. Ellis has also been a top Delphi suspect for many because he’s a horrible person. Nevertheless, we do not believe he is involved in the Delphi case. But he was one of two major competing drug dealers who controlled the local methamphetamine trade for the last 10-15 years. More about this below.

Mr. H is also a misogynist who hates women, apparently due to a savage divorce. He is apparently a practicing Satanist. He was formerly in the service overseas in Afghanistan and may have PTSD. Mr. H was also spending the weekend at Ron Logan’s house after a fight with his girlfriend.

I must point out that although many people have tossed this guy’s name out there as the killer, we investigated him very deeply, and we do not believe he was involved. His alibi of being at the gym at the time of the murders appears to check out.

The following persons at minimum are known members of this “club”:

  • Mr. F, the apparent leader.
  • Mr. M, the father of the girl’s fetus.
  • Mr. X, the main suspect in the Delphi Murders.
  • Mr. H, the “muscle.”
  • James Chadwell, a local arrested and convicted for the rape and attempted murder of a nine year old girl.

We have no evidence that Mr. M, Mr. H, or James Chadwell played any role in the crime. We are uncertain whether Mr. F was involved in this crime, and at the moment there is no good evidence linking him to it. However, we would regard Mr. H and Mr. F as suspicious.

No doubt there are other members of this club, but we don’t know of any.

The club appears to have specialized in the literal sex trafficking of girls and young women aged 13-20. Club members typically preyed on runaways. They would drug them or get them hooked on drugs or somehow get them into their club, and then they would imprison them in locked rooms in guarded houses from which they could not escape.

This is literal sex trafficking. It means a literal sex slave who cannot escape from her pimp. If she can walk away, she’s not being trafficked.

The club members then passed these young females around amongst themselves.

We don’t know if the girls were prostituted out, however, we believe that the girls were used in the production of pornographic movies for sale. The movies with 13-17 year old girls in the club would be legally child porn. Possibly porn with 13-17 year old minor girls goes for a premium on the market. I have no idea about that. Typically 15-17 year old girls in porn movies are not distinguishable from an 18 year old woman (check out the Tracy Lords case), hence these movies are hard to spot in the first place. 13-14 year old girls are typically a lot more obvious.

We don’t know what crimes which members of the groups were committing.

Clearly whoever was in charge of the trafficking and imprisonment of these young women is guilty of Sex Trafficking.

Obviously sex with the 13-15 year old girls was Statutory Rape.

I’m not sure what the sex with the 16-20 year old girls could be classed as, and I’m not even sure it’s a crime. Is there a crime called “Having Sex with a Female Who Is Being Sex Trafficked?” I’m not aware of one.

Whoever was responsible for the filming and distributing of the CP would be guilty of Production and Distribution of Child Pornography.

As I noted, Mr. F is a former justice of the peace. He was regarded as corrupt when he was in that position. He gave his friends lighter sentences, which appears to be an ethical violation from which a disciplinary board could have disciplined him.

He was close to Mr. M. At age 16, Mr. M got a drunk driving arrest, and Mr. F let him off with a slap on the wrist because he knew him. Mr. M later shows up as a member of the sex club.

As you can see, Mr. X, the main suspect, and Mr. M, the father of the fetus at the heart of the case, are connected via membership in the sex club.

Mr. F is looking like a malign character. As a jurisprudent, he saw many young girls for all sorts of reasons in his court. This is not unusual. However, he often befriended them, took them places, etc. Although this sounds frightening, we felt that he simply befriended them in a fatherly way and there was nothing sexual about it whatsoever. That’s still legal. The sex fascists haven’t gotten around to banning it yet, but don’t worry, they’re working on it!

Anyway, this early friendship was not so innocent because he used it to groom (I hate the abuse of this verb nowadays, but it seems appropriate) these girls, as when they got to be teens, he used his early friendships with them to steer them into his sex club in order to be trafficked. Recall that the call girl said she had known Mr. F since she was 9.

We are starting to think that this man is quite dangerous.

In addition, we are starting to think that this sex trafficking group was also deeply involved in the meth trade which is omnipresent in the area.

There may also be some important and high-level locals in this club, so we may be looking at a Jeffrey Epstein scenario.

After the organization was done with the girls, they would discard them or “get rid of them,” as our member told us. This involved shipping them out of state, presumably to be trafficked somewhere else. This is starting to get into real across-borders sex trafficking of moving women from state to state for sexual purposes.

A Region Awash in Methamphetamine Drug Dealing

Swirling around in the background of everything we learned about this case is a huge amount of drug dealing, specifically methamphetamine dealing. Once you start researching criminal activity in this locale, you stumble upon this drug dealing which seems to be in the background of everything bad that goes on over there.

In this case, the main drug traffickers were Gabe Ellis (noted above) and two men named Palladino, a father and son or the Palladino family. Ellis is definitely bad news and we think he is a murderer. The Palladino family seem to be extremely dangerous.There is a deep and profound rivalry between the Ellis and Palladino family organizations that is menacing and possibly murderous. You don’t want to get involved in this feud.

In addition, while researching this crime, we ended up deep in the Garrett Kirts case. We think the cops did not learn the whole story in this case. In particular, and we believe that Kirts and his girlfriend are guilty of another homicide, that of a gay man who they used for money and shelter. We believe that the story that Kirts killed this gay man while having sex with him is false. Instead, Kirts and gang befriended this man because he is very nice – too nice.

They took advantage of him and got him to let them stay there and use it to cook up meth. While this was ongoing, they stole his TV set, a number of other items, and most of his money. We don’t know whether the man confronted them about this, but he may have. He was then murdered simply to keep him from going to the police over the crimes they had committed against him. We don’t know why Kirts is using the gay sex line because he’s very much heterosexual.

In addition, the Ellis versus P family feud ties in with Derrick German, Libby German’s biological father. He was a major meth dealer in the area. He was first arrested for stealing farm chemicals from local farmers. These chemicals are used to manufacture meth. He got arrested and for a lower sentence, he ratted out a large part of one of these drug trafficking groups.

There was a major bust in Lafayette a few years back, and 150 people were rolled up on meth charges. Most if not all of these arrests were due to information obtained from Derrick German. Derrick was working for one of the gangs, as he was a big dealer himself. However, after he turned state’s evidence, he had a falling out with this group and went to work for the rival group. However, he may now be on the outs with them too.

Derrick has become a recluse who almost never leaves his house. He has also not commented on the case at all, saying that no matter what he says, it will somehow be twisted against him. No reason has been given for his seclusion. However, we believe that one or both of these trafficking groups has threatened to kill him as a result cooperating with the police or other reasons. So he’s staying inside to keep from getting a bullet in the head.

Theories about drug trafficking have been rife in this case, and a theory that the girls were killed as some sort of a payback for Derrick working with the police is a common one. However, Derrick plays no role in the crime in any way, and there does not seem to be any drug connection to the murders.

The Motive for the Murders?

As far as the motive for the case, Mr. X was very close to Mr. M, the father of the fetus. In fact, they were both members of this sex club. Perhaps this was a motivation for him helping his friend to be rid of this problem girl. However, Mr. M is not a suspect, so he did not hire or convince Mr. X to commit this crime. But we have established a close connection between them, which is excellent for our theory.

Two Concurrent Plots – A Murder Plot and a Prank Plot, Layered on Top of Each Other

But is wanting to help a friend out of a pregnant minor bind reason enough to commit such a horrendous crime? It doesn’t seem to add up. We also think that both girls were targeted as we believe Mr. X may have committed the Evansdale Murders and the Delphi crimes were tied into that in a creepy way.

Evansdale involved the abduction and murder of two girls in a crowded park in the middle of the day. In addition, the dates of the two crimes are precise mirrors of each other, which is almost impossible to be a coincidence. The girls were abducted deliberately at 2:13 on February 13 or 2:13. We also have 2 girls killed on the 13th and 2 girls killed, both around 13 years old.

It seems obvious that if the same man is the author of both crimes, Delphi was meant to be a reenactment of Evansdale. If this is so, then the killer obviously plotted to kill two girls at once as was done in Evansdale.

The Prank Plot

Instead we feel that three of Mr. M’s friends, Mr. J, Mr. CP, and another man, possibly Mr. B, decided to set up a “prank” to lure the girl out to the site in order to frighten or terrorize her into getting an abortion. This is the reason for all of the creepy objects at the scene which we have described in other posts.

These three men are:

Mr. CP, a member of the extended family of one of the girls. Age 27.

Mr. BJ, a person close to Mr. X. Age 17.

Mr. B, a former police officer. Age 35. His role in setting up the prank is only suspected and not confirmed.

We believe that these three young men, all very close to Mr. M, concocted this plot, possibly with the assistance of Mr. M. It’s uncertain that this prank, even if carried out, would have been a crime. I doubt if it’s illegal to scare someone. People scare each other all the time, and people rarely go to jail for it. At any rate, the prank never even occurred as it was pre-empted by a murder plot.

So no one even scared any girl. Some men plotted to scare a girl, but the prank never even happened. It’s hard to see how it’s against the law to do something that never happened. These men do not appear to be guilty of any crime.

We do not know if they worked together with Mr. M on this prank, but they may have done so. But even if so, Mr. M is not guilty of a crime either.

We believe that these three young men set up this creepy prank at the crime scene the day before the crime. We think there was also a plot to lure a girl to the crime scene and men would meet her there and scare her into getting an abortion. This may have been set to go down at just about the time that the actual crime went down.

The Murder Plot Set to Run Concurrently

However, it may have been pre-empted by the killer, who learned of this prank and layered his murder plot on top of it in part to confuse everyone also to set up three young men for the fall. Obviously if these men set up a creepy prank in the woods to scare a girl and the girl ends up dead, the people who appeared to set up the crime beforehand would be prime suspects. Would you talk? I sure wouldn’t.

The three men and the father may indeed have been stunned and freaked out that the girls were murdered instead of pranked. And no doubt they aren’t saying a word to the police. Who in their right mind would? You’d be almost confessing to a murder. On the other hand, we do not believe that the three men knew about the murder plot scheduled to run concurrently with and pre-empting the prank. They probably have no idea who the killer is as they were kept out of the loop of that plot.

We believe that the killer found out about the prank plot and layered a second plot, a murder plot, on top of it to confuse everyone and set up three men for the fall.

Motive: A Sex Trafficking Link?

We are still not sure of the motive for the killer. To help a friend get rid of a seriously problematic girl? Sure, but is that motivation enough for a gruesome homicide. We are not so sure.

Instead, we feel that this is where the sex trafficking came in.

Our theory runs something like this: Suppose Mr. M was pressuring the girl to get an abortion and she was resisting. Eventually the girl gets tired of him pressuring her and says, “If you don’t stop bothering me, I’m going to blow the whistle on that creepy little illegal “club” of yours!” Mr. M goes back to the club and reports this to members. Then he walks away. Members if this sex trafficking club, including obviously Mr. X and possibly powerful locals, decide that this girl is a great big problem that needs to go away. We are not averse to a theory that sees high levels of this organization involved in the decision to rid themselves of this problem girl.

Hence a plot is hatched with one or more club members. Perhaps Mr. X volunteers to do the job. Perhaps other club members think Mr. X did Evansdale and think he’s just the man for the job. Perhaps they think he did Evansdale and they use this to blackmail him into taking the job, although he doesn’t seem to be the type who would need to be blackmailed into a homicide.

At any rate, the motive goes from “shutting down a girl who refused to get an abortion” to “shutting up a girl who was going to squeal on a sex trafficking organization. If this organization was busted, possibly some very powerful locals could be looking at prison time.

Statutory rape is one thing, but running a sex trafficking organization is a whole other ball of wax. The first is hardly worth killing over; the second would be grounds for a classic homicide to shut up someone threatening to go to the cops. We think “shutting up a girl who threatened to squeal on a sex trafficking organization” seems a more likely motive than eliminating a pregnant teenage girl impregnated by an adult man.

Statutory rape of a 14 year old girl by a 20 year old man barely even seems like a crime, mostly because they are so close in age. That said, I have no idea what the sentence would be for a 20 year old man and a 14 year old girl these days. Anyway, I still doubt if a 20 year old man gets 5-10 years for banging a 14 year old girl. He might get a lesser sentence than that, probably less than five years.

But if the sex trafficking group was taken down, a lot of possibly powerful people could see their lives and careers shot to Hell for all of time.

The Possibility of an Accomplice to Mr. X

Our member who conducted this four year investigation has concluded that Mr. X had an accomplice who helped him carry out this crime. We do not know if this is the case, but it is surely a possibility. Our police source was clear about this. She told us,

“The theory of two killers is still in the ballpark and has been since the first day of the investigation.”

Why did this theory show up on the first day of the investigation? What did they discover early on that made them suspect such a thing? Jumping to two killers so early in a case is odd. We have no answer to this question. Why has the theory lasted this long? Our source also told us:

The possibility of two killers was not brought up early on because police felt that the town was freaked out enough with the idea of one killer and throwing two killers out there would cause mass hysteria. The possible accomplice is much younger than Mr. X and is much more likely to run, so his possible involvement was left out for fear he might take off.

Our member feels that he has spotted the possible accomplice. This man’s name is Mr. Z. Mr. Z is 35 years old. He was 31 at the time of the crime. Keep in mind that this makes him almost exactly between ages 18-40. Old BG was intended to be a drawing of BG, the man on the bridge, but the witnesses could only see the top of his face, so it is a bad composite. We believe that Mr. Z is a suspect for being Young BG. Young BG was spotted at the south end of the bridge by a lady who chased him off her property. She described him as having dark and evil eyes.

To say he is a suspicious character is an understatement. Our member spent a very long time investigating this man.

First of all we should note that we believe that this man has been a very deep focus of the investigation, but they have kept his name out of lights, possibly for the reasons given by our police source above. For instance, we believe that he has recently been given his 6th or 7th lie detector test. They keep coming back “inconclusive.” But Mr. X’s test came back that way too, as did Tobe Lozenby’s.

We believe that this man is a suspect in the crime surpassed only by Mr. X, the main suspect. If Mr. X is the main suspect, then Mr. Z must definitely be a suspect who is surpassed only by Mr. X. Police have been looking at this man very closely for a long time now.

First of all, this man is a social media publicity hound who has inserted himself into the case in a dramatic way. Of course a lot of folks have done that, including supposedly yours truly. But his insertion seems more than bizarre. He uploads Youtube videos all the time and has quite a presence on other websites, where he is an expert on ADHD, among other things.

Suspiciously, he uploaded a video of himself flying a drone over the bridge the day before the murders. He was mapping it for Google as he was working for Google at the time. However, we feel that he may have been mapping out the crime scene for a crime that he and Mr. X were planning to commit the next day.

Mr. Z is extremely intelligent with an IQ of probably over 140, or genius level. Genius IQ’s are not so special as 3.3 million people in the US are this intelligent. However, they are still the top

Furthermore, our member has been attempting to get a “read” on him for years now, and he’s gotten nowhere. Our member has a decent background in psychology. He can’t figure out who the real Mr. Z is or if there even is one. You think you have a handle on him, and then that just looks like another facade or false self. It’s one false self after another.

Mr. Z is just a series of fake selves in an endless series of fake selves scrolling off into the horizon. As soon as you try to get a handle on one, a new one pops up, just as false.

I’ve known for some time now that sociopaths and psychopaths are very difficult if not impossible to read. I’ve known empaths who told me they could read a lot of people, but they could never get a read on a certain person, and that person turned out to be a psychopath. If you read The Mask of Sanity, the pre-eminent document on psychopathy, you will see why this is so. There’s no true self there. Instead there is only a series of masks.

As noted, this man has inserted himself in a deep way into the investigation for no apparent reason. Can we place him at the bridge? Well, we don’t need to. He places himself there! In fact, he places himself there at right around the time of the murders. He said he walked on the bridge a bit but then turned around and went back to his car, seeing nothing.

Police have said that they have accounted for everyone who was at the bridge that day except for the killer, but as they are keeping the two killers theory under wraps, perhaps they meant was “except for the killers.” Mr. Z says he drove his wife’s red car to the bridge that day, and there is a report of a similar red car at the bridge.

Our member feels that Mr. Z drove Mr. X to the bridge. Mr. X’s phone pings the bridge from 12-5 PM on February 13 because we believe that Mr. X placed his phone there when he went to commit the crime because otherwise the GPS would place him on the bridge and at the crime scene.

The member also feels that Mr. X arrived at the cemetery and parked his truck in the trees much earlier than 5:30 PM. He thinks it may have been there for hours earlier, perhaps since early afternoon. It is certainly possible that Mr. X’s truck was placed on Ron’s land earlier than 5:30 PM. He also thinks that Mr. X said he lost his keys because Mr. Z had his keys instead! If that was the case, then why not say, “Mr. Z has my keys”?

Mr. Z has made many videos about the Delphi Murders. In some of them he has homeless, living in a tent in the woods, as he has gone off his meds. In these videos he is ranting at the Delphi Killer, raging about what he is going to do to him if he finds him. This is all quite over the top.

Mr. Z has some odd religious beliefs to say the last. He has fashioned some weird “Jihadist Paganism” that uses a lot of Arabic writing and lettering for the jihadist element. The Paganist element  is a worship of the Earth. Obviously, you don’t have to be a student of religion to realize that an Islamist Jihadist Paganism is an oxymoron. His nouveau religion posits that those who harm the planet must be killed. This is where the jihadism comes him. So he believes in a jihad along the lines of an Islamic religious jihad in the name of paganism to deal with those who foul the Earth. To say it’s odd is an understatement.

What Is the Nature of the Bladed Weapon Used in the Crime?

In addition, the redacted text in the Ron Logan search warrant (we have seen the unredacted warrant) says that a “bladed weapon” was used in the crime. One of our police sources already told us and they also told us that the weapon was “either a sword or a machete.” There has been a rumor for some time about an odd curved weapon resembling a gut knife. Detectives were inquiring in local sporting goods stores in the weeks after the crime if anyone had bought a gut knife recently.

For some time, we thought the murder weapon which cut a girl’s throat was a hatchet. We thought this because the team was chasing hatchet criminals all over the Western US. Why else would they be chasing hatchet criminals unless a hatchet was used in the crime?

However, the single blow that struck the girl with her head positioned on a log while she was unconscious (we think she had to be unconscious when struck because you can’t hit a live, squirming, thrashing head on a log) could not have been done by a hatchet. We are being criticized for this theory but please note that the girl’s head was nearly severed in a single blow. That would require quite a powerful and large weapon. A hatchet would have had to hack away at a neck for some time before it cut it, and the attack was a single blow. It’s a girl’s throat, not a block of wood.

After thinking for a long time, we now think that the bladed weapon was a “long kukuri.” A kukuri is a curved Indonesian knife. It is usually a short blade as long as a switchblade, but apparently it also comes in a long version that looks like a sword.

On the other hand, a single blow of a long kukuri could have easily done the trick and nearly severed a girl’s neck with a single blow. It also fits with our police source’s description of the bladed weapon as “a sword or a machete.”

Oddly enough, Mr. Z has a vast collection of all sorts of knives and swords to the point where it’s almost creepy. He has taken many photos of his huge collection and posted them on the web. Among his big collection, believe it or not, is both a short and a long kukuri knife. So Mr. Z owns a knife of the very unusual type that was used in the crime! That doesn’t mean he did it, but we think it is interesting.

There is a very serious problem with the theory that Mr. Z was an accomplice in the murders, and that is that we have been unable to find any information tying him to Mr. X. Clearly this is a serious problem.

However it is quite clear to us that Mr. Z is a major suspect in the crime according to LE, second in importance only to Mr. X. This right there means he needs to be looked at very closely.

Incredibly enough, Mr. Z can be connected to Kegan Kline! In fact, Mr. Z was the tech who fixed Kline’s phones and PC’s. Did Mr. Z come upon Kline’s illicit material when he was fixing his PC? Even worse, if Mr. Z participated in the crime, did he have a deal with Kline to provide him with the murder tape afterwards?

Possibility That The Murders Were Recorded and That a Video of the Crime Exists

A serious problem has occurred with the local rumor that Kline was selling the murder tape for Bitcoin and he made a lot of Bitcoin on it. A woman has somehow been able to check out Kline’s Bitcoin account, and she found that it is empty. So this is a serious problem for the murder tape theory.

Our member thought that the planners of the murders felt, “As long as we are going to do these murders, we might as well make some money off of them.”

Leigh Kerr (Pastor Warmbler) has been proven correct or inconclusive on every one of his claims we have investigated. For many of his claims, we have found independent evidence that he was telling the truth. For a number of other claims, we have not been able to determine if his claims were true or false. However, we have not found him to be false about a single charge.

This man is trashed to Hell on the Reddit groups, but he is one of the finest sources of all for this crime. This just shows how foolish and vicious they are. Furthermore, the story with his wife handing over the court documents on her death bed as a last wish checks out. As does Warmbler’s character as a Pentecostal preacher. Both the member and I found that he is the most straight-up person you will ever meet.

Leigh Kerr verified a rumor that the crime was videotaped by the killer and that videos or photos of the murders were then sent to a girl’s phone afterwards. We are not sure which girl’s phone it was sent to. There are rumors it was sent to the younger girl’s phone, but we have gotten different information on whether she had a phone. Some say she had a burner phone, but others said she had a tablet. She has a backpack on her back at the bridge. A tablet could fit in there.

There are different stories about the older girl’s phone. One story is that the killer smashed it to bits at the scene and left it there. In this version, the video and audio was taken from the Cloud as it was uploaded immediately as it was being recorded. We still don’t know if the “smashed to bits at the scene” is true. However, there appears to be a good rumor of this girl’s phone turning on and pinging the bridge at 2 AM. It was reported by the police. If the phone is smashed to bits, how does it turn on at 2 AM? Or is it smashed to bits at the crime scene at 2 AM?

As it’s been verified by Leigh Kerr, that’s pretty good evidence that the crime was videotaped. There is also a reference in the search warrant to the notion that the crime may have been recorded, as they are looking for photos, videos, cameras, videocameras, film, developed and undeveloped. This also seems to imply that the crime was filmed. And a lot of people think BG has a GoPro on his head.

Ashley Garth said she had seen the video of the murders. We don’t know how credible she is, and she’s a convicted murderer. However, two other people also said that they saw the murder tape, so perhaps it exists.

The Shoe at the Bottom of the Hill

Our member also had some new theories about the crime. He felt that one girl had accidentally fallen off the bridge. This would be the girl whose shoe was found at the bottom on the hill. The two others then went down the hill, found her, decided they need to get her to a doctor, carried her across the creek, and then the crime occurred. This theory runs into serious problems such as the necessity of carrying a heavy girl some distance and then carting her across a creek and up a steep slope. With all due respect, we don’t think this is what happened.

Nevertheless, the shoe at the bottom of the hill needs to be explained. How did this girl lose her shoe?! One theory is she “ran out of her shoe.” People who have played sports have described running out of shoes when playing running sports. OK, but how do you run out of your sock too? Her sock was also found down there. How did this girl lose both her shoe and her sock at the bottom of the hill? To this day we have no good answer to this question.

New Personality Information on Mr. X

Our member also learned new information about Mr. X. One curious thing about him is that we were finding it hard to find good psychological portraits of him that could imply a capability to do commit such a crime. However, the member talked to a number of people who knew him who said he’s a real Jeckyl and Hyde. He is said to have a “split personality or multiple personalities.” There’s no such thing as the former, and the latter is rare.

I’m pretty sure he has neither, but laypeople use this for someone who has a serious split in the self and appear to have completely different aspects of the Self that come out at odd times. F

or instance, Ted Bundy described an aspect of his Self known as “The Entity” that was split off from him most of the time. It was this split-off part of the Self that was taking over and going out and committing crimes, not Ted himself. This part of the Self was so split-off and compartmentalized that Ted may not have even been aware of it most of the time. These people are experts at compartmentalizing aspects of the Self, and while this can look like MPD, it’s different in some important ways.

Anyway, what we were told is that Mr. X has these multiple selves, including a normal self who is quite ordinary and another self that is extremely dark, dangerous, and terrifying. They say when this self is out, it’s as if he is possessed. We also have reports that he abused both of his wives and his daughter. With the wives it may have been physical abuse, but with the daughter it was psychological abuse. She reported that he could get very mean at times.

The member said that the word among locals is that Mr. X “fried his brain from too many drugs and now he’s gone. First of all, I don’t think it’s possible to fry your brain too many drugs and I’ve never met such a person in my life, this after being deep in the drug culture for many years. So this is nonsense. But he does seem to have been a hard drug user in the past. The only drug referenced is heroin. Heroin doesn’t fry your brain.

Weird Posts by Mrs. X Only One Week after the Crime

We just now discovered that Mr. X’s wife, Mrs. X posted her posts on Facebook about “How you’ve known someone your whole life and then you discover that they’re this completely different person, this monster, this entity of pure evil,” a mere week after the murders! That’s very important.

To us that means that Mrs. X felt that Mr. X had committed these murders within a week of the crime. How on Earth could she have arrived at that conclusion? By putting two and two together? Few details of Mr. X’s very strange antics around the location and duration of his truck parked on Ron Logan’s land, his mysterious and confounding comments about keys, his discovery of the bodies and flight in shock had been revealed at this time.

But perhaps she did simply figure it out on her own. After all, we do not know the whereabouts of Mr. X from 8 PM February 13 to 8:30 AM February 14. He is last seen searching Logan’s land at 8 PM on the 13th and then shows up again at the fire station to join the search party on the morning of the 14th. There’s no information that he went home that night. So it looks like he stayed out there by his truck all night long. Perhaps Mrs. X figured out that he stayed out all night the night of the murders with no explanation and this made her think he did it.

Our member has another theory. While many think that Mr. X’s panic and flight in terror on finding the bodies and subsequent psychotherapy was staged, our member thinks that he actually panicked upon seeing the condition of the bodies. If Mr. X himself left those bodies in that shape, it seems odd for him to panic over it the next time.

Besides, he seems a bit of a cold fish. He was completely calm in that press conference when the police were freaking out because of his presence in the room. And the person who commits this sort of a crime, particularly with posing, is usually at the far end of psychopathy because only

After panicking, our member thinks Mr. X actually had a nervous breakdown. And due to this breakdown, he sought four months of therapy. Adding weight to this theory are reports that he is still distraught and broken up over what he saw at the crime scene. This doesn’t make a lot of sense as others who found the bodies did not react in such an extreme way, although a longtime police officer did leave the force and retire as he was investigating the case. He said it was too much for him.

Our member thinks that in the week after the murders, Mr. X had a breakdown and confessed to his wife. This resulted in the wife’s cryptic posts to Facebook. This theory has the advantage of explaining the wife’s weird posts, but perhaps she simply added up two and two and got four. On the other hand, people on the far end of psychopathy don’t fall apart when they see the results of the crimes. They don’t have nervous breaks as a result of what they did, and they certainty don’t have breaks that last for five years.

We have no good explanation for Mr. X’s behavior after finding the bodies, running away, and then seeking therapy other than we think his behavior was staged to make it seem like if he was so upset, he could not possibly have done it. Perhaps he did confess to his wife. These types are known to confess to people. But we don’t know that either.

Anyway, we think Mrs. X making those bizarre remarks possibly pointing to her husband a mere week after the murders is quite important. We would point out that if he did confess to the wife, she has since closed ranks with him and now insists that he’s innocent. But wives covering for husbands in homicide cases is nothing new, and it’s not even against the law.

Mr. X Finally Conclusively Placed Near Evansdale, Iowa during the Time of the Evansdale Murders!

Our critics have savaged us for reporting that Mr. X was living in the area of the Evansdale murders at the time those girls were killed. However, our information came us straight from our best police source, so we think it is good.

However, due to our member’s investigation, we have now uncovered good evidence that Mr. X was indeed living in that area at the time of the murders. After searching for years, our member finally found a local who knew Mr. X well. This local said that Mr. X had indeed been living in Waterloo, Iowa at the time those girls were killed. He said that Mr. X had been working for both Indiana Packers and Tyson Foods.

We’re not sure if he was working for both at the time, which seems unlikely, or he was working for one during one period and another during another period. At any rate, Mr. X was working for Tyson Foods at the time, and they transferred a lot of employees over to Waterloo, Iowa to work in their other plant for a period of time, obviously at least months. A previous suspect, Mr. A, told us that he had been transferred as part of this same group.

Mr. X has no record of an address over there because he had no address. He and the rest of the Tyson workers were being put up at an extended stay motel. He definitely had a roommate at the time, and it is this roommate who turned Mr. X in as the man on the bridge. Try as we might, we have not been able to find the name of the roommate, but we are working on it. This is great news for the Evansdale case that we are finally able to place Mr. X in the vicinity of that crime when it was committed!

Our Initial Theory that BG Worked or Had Worked at Indiana Packers Shown Correct!

Remember very early in the case when we suggested that BG had a connection with Indiana Packers? We thought that because to us it was obvious that he was wearing Indiana Packers boots on the bridge, as his boots were a perfect match for the boots seized by LE when they raided Indiana Packers shortly after the crime.

A pair of boots later was shown in an evidence bag with a message from police saying, “Don’t mind this. It’s nothing.” Well, we didn’t believe that. Of course, we’ve been trashed to Kingdom Come for saying BG is wearing Indiana Packers boots, but now that we have established a work connection between the main suspect and Indiana Packers, it is looking like BG is actually wearing boots from that plant.

So what happens at the plant? Do you have to buy your own uniform? Do they give you a uniform to keep? At any rate, it looks like after people leave Packers, at the very least former workers retain their boots.

It would also be very interesting to see what sort of a job Mr. X had at Indiana Packers. We theorized early on that if BG worked at Packers, he might have had one of the jobs where he cuts the throats of pigs because one girl was sadly slaughtered in a very similar way. We still have no information on the nature of Mr. X’s work at either Packers or Tyson.

What’s up with Kelsi German?

We don’t normally use full names in these posts, but this young woman is innocent, so we figure we might as well. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, her stories about all sorts of things about this crime are all over place. In other words, she can’t keep her story straight. The FBI suspected her of involvement and they interviewed her several times. Once they interviewed her at her school because they thought they might get a different result due to a different interview locale.

After a couple of years, we learned that Kelsi German has been officially cleared of involvement in the case. That should have been easy enough to prove since if you are familiar with this young lady at all, you know she doesn’t have it in her to kill her own sister!

Nevertheless, Kelsi’s contradictory statements and inability to keep her story straight have led to a lot of Youtube videos speculating her involvement in the case.

However, our member learned quite a bit about Kelsi in the course of his investigation, and we think we can now account for some of her behavior.

For instance, Kelsi has been going to her sister’s grave and yelling and cursing at it. Supposedly she blames her sister for being so stupid as to fall victim to a social media catfish killer. However, we believe it goes deeper than this. You see, Kelsi was well aware that Libby was talking to Anthony Shots, the catfish. In fact, Kelsi was talking to him too! As his photo was a male model, both easily became quite smitten with him. However, Kelsi was jealous of her sister because she thought Shots paid more attention to her than to Kelsi, so this was a source of tension.

Kelsi also talked to “Shots” the night of the 13th, the day her sister went missing. The contents of the conversation are not known. Kelsi then went into her sister’s account and deleted many people from her friends list. We don’t know why she did that.

It also appears that Kelsi had been keeping her and her sister’s talks with Shots secret from their guardians. In addition, it also seems that Kelsi knew that her sister and the other girl were going to the bridge to secretly meet Shots on the day they disappeared. In fact, Kelsi even secretly drove her sister to the bridge without telling her parents. As you can see, Kelsi has a lot to feel guilty about, though she did nothing wrong.

She hid and even participated in a relationship between Shots and her and her sister. She never informed her parents that her sister was talking to Shots. And she basically drove her sister to her death on the day in the question. Kelsi had no idea of the terrors that would await her sister at the bridge. She bears no blame for any of this. But guilt is a funny thing, and I believe Kelsi is a very good person who is the type to feel a lot of guilt. Bottom line is the way she sees it is that she drove her sister to her death that day, and hence bears responsibility for her sister’s murder.

As far as the anger towards her sister at the grave site, perhaps she is still angry because Shots paid more attention to her sister. However, what is more likely is that Kelsi is projecting guilt away from herself. Instead of saying, “I drove my sister to her death, but it wasn’t my fault,” she blames her sister for being so stupid as to fall for an online catfish. Kelsi is projecting away her guilt onto her sister as rage and displacing her own guilt onto her sister as her sister’s guilt. Pretty much Psychology 100.

There is also a possibility that Kelsi knows that a relative of her and her sister helped set up the creepy crime scene beforehand which then turned into a homicide. We believe these young men are innocent and merely intended to prank a girl and scare her into getting an abortion. We do not think they committed a crime. But boy, it sure does look bad, and if I had done that, I’d never say a word.

Her statements about this relative who participated in the prank are all over the place as far as where he was at what times. Simply put, her time and place statements about this man make no sense. We feel that she may be trying to cover for her relative, although we believe he committed no crime. When you try to give a false alibi for someone, it’s pretty easy to trip up and mix your statements up. We think this is what is happening here.

Anyway, Kelsi German is innocent in either case, no matter that she can’t keep her story straight. Yes, she may be providing a false alibi, but good luck proving it, and she’s providing an alibi for something that wasn’t even a crime in the first place and worse, it never even happened! Perhaps Kelsi should seek therapy to soothe her hurting heart.

A Possible Solution to the Karenna McClerkin Murder

In the course of his four year investigation into the Delphi Murders, our member also dug very deep into the methamphetamine dealing underworld. The meth dealing in the area for the last 10-15 years has been controlled by two rival groups, one centered around Gabe Ellis and another centered around a father-son family operation, Mr. Palladino, father, and Mr. Palladino, son, or the the Palladino Family operation.

They are bitter rivals and there are frequent threats against people working for the other side, all the way up to death threats. A number of folks, including Derrick German, father of one of the murdered Delphi girls, have worked for both groups and hence incurred the wrath or one or both of the organizations.

You remember how we mentioned a sex trafficking group that may have played a role in the Delphi Murders?

The Main Theme of This Whole Case Is about a Taboo Subject Which Can Never Be Discussed without Causing a Huge Shitstorm

Well, here we go again, and once again as in the Delphi case, it’s a case centered around sex and teenage girls, particularly teenage girls having sex with adult men.

One thing we’ve noted since the very start of this case is how many people go absolutely hysterical over any mention of a sexual motive in the case. This was the reason I was thrown out of so many groups in the beginning – I mentioned the rumors about a sexual angle to the crime and in addition, I described some of the gruesome rumors about what was done to the girls. What seems to drive these “grownups” into particular conniptions is the outrageous notion that these teenage girls had sex lives had sex lives as many normal, healthy teens their age too. Supposedly this slanders their eternal purity!

One would think these girls were being nominated for sainthood. Neither girl was a saint. Instead, they were ordinary teenage girls doing what ordinary teenage girls do when no one is looking, which is often to get into a whole Hell of a lot of trouble. I nearby caused Mt. Vesuvius to erupt and a lynch mob to storm my door by  suggesting that one girl had kissed a boy at least one time. That was called “sexualizing minors.”

Look, this Puritanical, prudish, sex-hating insanity has gone too far. We can’t point to the teenage girl across the street and note that you saw her kissing a boy without being reported to the FBI as a sex criminal? Get a grip, people.

This Delphi Murders is about one subject, and it is drenched from top to bottom, from right to left, from up to  down, from north to south, and from east to west with this taboo subject: Teenage girls having sex. Even worse is the source of the current sex panic: Teenage girls having sex with adults, typically grown men.

All I have to say is that if you are so uptight and hung up that you can’t talk about subjects like this without causing a five alarm fire, why don’t you just quit talking about the case? Leave the groups. Leave all the Reddit groups. Leave all the Facebook groups. Shut up about the case. Quit reading about it.

Because I assure you that the key to the whole case is the matter which has driven you to hysteria: teenage girls having sex with adult men. If you can’t discuss it like a grownup, just get lost!

Back to Gabe Ellis Again

It turns out that Gabe Ellis may have had some sort of a “club” of his own similar to Mr. F’s “club” (actually a sex trafficking group) around Delphi. Ellis and his friends befriended teenage girls and young women, got them hooked on drugs, and then passed them around amongst themselves. This is all quite legal for the most part (except for the dope) if the girls are over 16.

However, it also appears that they may have been prostituting some of the girls and keeping them as sex slaves, that is, sex trafficking them. If they are prostituting minors whether the minors are prisoners or not, it’s idiotically considered “sex trafficking.”

The murder of Karenna McClerkin in Kokomo, Indiana occurred a few years ago. An 18 year old mixed race woman, she vanished in the middle of the night. She was last seen with a known woman, Paige Turley, in Turley’s vehicle around midnight, and she was supposedly being taken to Ellis’ place.

There are stories that she was being held as a sex slave by Ellis and trafficked as a prostitute to men. Supposedly the reason was that Karenna stole $25,000 from Ellis. For this, she had to work as a prostitute for him to work the money she stole off. There were different theories about her death, including that Gabe and his friends gave her a “hot shot” or a deliberate overdose of intravenous drugs. This version is still the most popular version of the murder.

Another version has her being sold to a black firefighter who liked very rough sex who got carried away during sex and strangled her, accidentally or simply because he got too excited. This version does not appear to have good legs.

Anyway, however she died, Ellis and friends realized that they had a dead body on their hands and they had to get rid of it. They took her body to a nearby town, chopped it into pieces, and then set the pieces on fire and threw them in a cornfield. People are now looking for remains under a bridge. This version of the body disposal also remains the most popular.

At any rate, Karenna was an IV drug user. At the very least, she shot heroin. Gabe also shot heroin and used cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana.

One night there was a party at Ellis’ house. Late at night at this party, Karenna confronted Ellis yelling and screaming and making a huge scene. Ellis had recently been dating Karenna’s younger cousin, CS, who was only 15 years old. The girl had run away from home to be with Ellis because she was in love with him. Ellis had been putting her up at a hotel. Her mother kept tracking her down, but she kept running away again.

Apparently word leaked out that Ellis had plans for this girl along the same lines as with Karenna, that is, getting her hooked on drugs and then passing her around amongst his friends or possibly pimping her out, which is technically sex trafficking because she was underage. And Karenna was also apparently a sex slave, so she was literally being trafficked even though she was an adult.

Perhaps there were plans to make a sex slave of CS too. Karenna was not happy as the fact that she had been trafficked by Ellis, as I suppose it was not an optimal experience. Karenna was furious when she found out about these plans. She cared about her cousin and also may have thought CS was too young for such things. She probably also had protective feelings towards her due to CS being only 15 years old.

She charged Ellis and got him against a wall. “If you do to my cousin what you did to me, I’m going to the police to report you.”

We are not sure what she was going to bust Ellis to the police on. Herself being trafficked to men as a prostitute and sex slave? Ellis’ extensive meth dealing operation? A possible sex trafficking ring that Ellis and his friends were running (although we are uncertain that this was actually a ring with multiple victims)? Karenna left that night but Ellis and his friends apparently decided that this girl was a problem that needed to go away fast. So they plotted to get rid of her.

At this point, we are going to get cryptic with the story.

It appears that Ellis had a female relative who was a butch lesbian. This woman has a name, PT, but we are not going to reveal it as we are implicating her in a crime here. She wore men’s clothes and walked and talked like a man. She had a girlfriend who was a bit more lipstick as such things usually go, as homosexual relationships mirror heterosexual ones. Ellis apparently handed off the homicide to his female relative.

At some point on the night in question, Karenna got into a car driven by the relative and her lesbian girlfriend. Wherever they were supposed to be headed, possibly to Gabe’s house, they ended up at the apartment of Gabe’s lesbian relative and her girlfriend. They then went to shoot heroin, except that Karenna was given a hotshot, that is, a deliberately lethal dose. She was soon dead of a heroin overdose.

The two women then went to work chopping up Karenna’s body in the relative’s apartment until it was in small enough pieces that it could be carried in bags to their truck. The truck was then driven a ways north to an area where there were extensive and poorly-guarded pig farms in huge outdoor pens. The parts of the woman’s body were thrown over the fence to the hungry swarming pigs. Her body was quickly eaten by the pigs, as pigs are wont to do.

We don’t know if anything would be left of the body in the pig pen or whether there would still be bones. But surely a search of the relative’s apartment might come up with DNA or blood evidence of a body that had been cut up with knives.


Gabe Ellis, Confidential Informant

I have called the Kokomo police a couple of times about this case. One detective was quite helpful but the most recent one was a nightmare, the worst detective I have ever spoken with. I read off a version of the firefighter killed the girl in rough sex followed by Ellis and his friends chopping up the body in the field story and he stopped me short and abruptly.

Let me tell you that I can prove that everything you have told me is false! I know who she was with and how she was killed.

And then the conversation abruptly ended.

According to our new member, this is the typical run-around that anyone gets whenever they bring up the name of Gabe Ellis in connection with this crime. All cops just shut down the conversation right away when his name comes up.

This struck the member as curious, so he did some digging. He now believes that Ellis is a confidential informant for the police and has been one for quite some time now. He researched Ellis’ record dating back to 2009. Ellis got arrested over and over and he always gets the charges for the most part or entirely dropped.  It appears that the police are protecting Ellis because he is a CI.

In his most recent arrest, in which he was found in a vehicle with Karenna’s sister, now 16 and legal, along with drugs including cocaine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, baggies, scales, etc. He was arrested for possession of all of these items. The girl was perfectly legal but the problem is that Ellis likes to take videos of his sex life, and he had been videotaping himself and this girl having sex. Unfortunately, legally, that is child porn. So he went down on that charge.

When it came time for trial, almost all of the charges were dropped except for the CP. He went into the prison system. Our member searched for him for a long time and could not find him anywhere in the system. He appears to have dropped off the face of the earth. Our member thinks he is in the witness protection program, hiding somewhere. As the police are protecting this man, it is unlikely the murder or Karenna McClerkin, in which Gabe Ellis almost certainly plays a large role, will ever be solved.

The Curious Case of Nate Miller

As we noted, Nate Miller, a police officer who killed himself in December 2020, was related to Mr. M, the man who impregnated the girl victim. Mr. X was also very close to Mr. M. Although a girl who refused to get an abortion seems to be one of the motives of the crime, Mr. M is not a suspect. But now we can see why Nate Miller provided the fake alibi for Mr. X. He was protecting his relative, Mr. M!

Nate Miller had worked for a nearby police department for 20 years. He specialized in CSI or crime scene investigations. He appears to have worked long enough to get a pension. After 20 years on the job, he abruptly quit and took a large pay cut to go work as a beat officer in Delphi. We do not understand why he took this large pay cut to do this. We think that Tobe Lozenby wanted Nate to work for his force to try to infiltrate the sex trafficking group that appears to be at the heart of the crime. But it’s unclear why he took the pay cut.

Police thought he was lying in his alibi for Mr. X. Perhaps he was forced out of his prior CSI job for this reason. At any rate, he quit to take a quite dangerous job working for Lozenby. About 10 months after he took this new assignment, he was found dead in the early morning hours in his car next to a park. The cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head. The death was ruled a homicide.

However, everyone our new member talked to about this case thought it was a homicide disguised as a suicide. In other words, he was “suicided.” We know of no good, hard evidence that the case was a homicide instead of a suicide, but that’s the local rumor.  It is interesting that he died of suicide not long after taking a very dangerous assignment to infiltrate a sex trafficking ring.

Our member thought Miller was a “dirty cop.” What he means by this was that he was a cop who liked to beat up suspects and arrestees. Miller had many a number of social media posts opposing mandatory body cams for police officers. Presumably he opposed these cams because he would not be able to beat up arrestees anymore. The case and death of Nate Miller are at the heart of this crime, but we still don’t know exactly what happened.

“Are Blue State People Elitist?,” by Jason

Of course, I’m speaking in generalities.

From an economic and social development standpoint, these widening cleavages have long been evident. People in blue-state America live longer than their red-state counterparts. They are less likely to live in poverty, more likely to have access to health care, less likely to die from gun violence, more likely to be members of a union, and more likely to be vaccinated against Covid-19. In red-state America, family income is lower, and so too is economic productivity.

Then why is everyone leaving blue states? Blue states also include urban enclaves like Chicago where surely everything isn’t going so great. The trend has been toward moving toward the Sunbelt for as long as I can remember, lol.

Blue metro areas that are the engines of economic growth for their states are increasingly at odds with the poorer, more culturally conservative red counties that surround them.

Hmmm. This is funny.

It’s worth asking: How much longer will economically vibrant and culturally diverse blue-state America be willing to subsidize its red-state brethren, particularly as the latter try to impose their extremist views on guns and religion to women’s rights?

You just can’t get MORE SNOBBY than this, lol. O.K., we don’t want to SUBSIDIZE those darn poor Blacks, White trash, rednecks, ha ha. What is this? THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW? 😆

It’s in the recent abortion decision that we can best see the outlines of a true national crack-up. There are many ways to think about the Supreme Court’s reckless and legally dubious decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, but at its core, the Dobbs case and abortion in general is an issue of human rights.

It’s about bodily autonomy and whether women have the right to make their own decisions about when or whether they have children. Women who have the misfortune of living in red-state America are now in effect second-class citizens stripped of their most basic reproductive freedoms.

The freedom to be HOES and then make offspring pay by KILLING THEM? How much is REALLY stuff threatening the mom’s life?

How many pro-choice blue-state parents will decide against sending their daughters to universities in red-state America? Parents of trans or LGBTQ children are already asking these questions.

And how much of the population are they a percentage of even in just the blue states? Is it wrong to say this stuff is freakish? That’s the core problem.

I won’t deny the rightwing can be full of shit also. I grew up in the South. You’re telling me there was no Jim Crow and slavery, or at least it wasn’t that bad? Come on? You gotta be kidding me!

As unimaginable as it might have seemed then, on this Fourth of July, America is in even worse shape: more divided and more polarized, and there is little reason to expect that we will come together any time soon.

And if the South leaves, will the North try to STOP THEM AGAIN? Nah, JUST KIDDING, 😆

If You Are Still An Arrogant Jerk after Age 40, Something Is Terribly Wrong

Or, to put it another way: You’re supposed to develop some (even shamed) humility after age 40.

And it’s ok to be a bit ashamed. Shame is at the core of humility. Just don’t take shame too far because you can get toxic and screwed up from that emotion. Too much shame is very bad.

Shi: As per my last post, I have turned into a mini-version of Trash himself. As Polar Bear just noted, I was sounding just like Trash when I mocked the Polish people for eating with their hands.

I haven’t really noticed this. Are you being hard on yourself?

Shi: I am only being my toxic Trash-self at the workplace (as you know I work for freelance companies) but pretty much anywhere else to get my way.

Not sure I want to tell you how to live, but do you think this is ok? It sounds like you are attacking innocent people. Does that seem proper or just? Imagine you were one of the people you are treating like this? Would you enjoy that?

You used to bully some commenters though like Manuel. Granted he was a bit of a geek, but that was just the way he was. He was also annoying, but there was probably no cure for that either. You were younger then. I think you were mid-30’s.

But bullying is not a good look after 40. It’s not acting like a woman. It’s quite masculine or macho. It’s just being an asshole. I’ve been dealing with assholes my whole life, and I’m not wild about people who act that way. It reminds me of the assholes in my life.

Instead, bullying after age 40 is looked down on because

You’re too old for that…Why don’t you settle down?…Why don’t you relax and quit being such a dick? Grow up, man. That’s not cool, man!


Really, when someone does this in middle age, they are are acting like a young man. Or a boy, a teenage boy! Boys are simply evil and teenage boys can be Hell on wheels too.

You were a bully as a boy somewhat like I was as a boy, and I was a bit of one myself, but I knocked it off around 20 when one of my victims threatened to beat me up when I bullied him one time.

When a man does bullies people after age 40, he’s acting like a kid! A punk kid, a teenage punk jerk who needs a punch in the face.

Or an assholey young man. Young men are supposed to be assholes. No one likes it but that’s just the way they are. Basically, young men just they haven’t had enough bad things happen to them yet in life! By the time you hit 40, you’ve had a million really bad things happen to you, a lot of your dreams are shattered on the floor in shards, and overall, most people just don’t feel like such hot shit anymore.

There’s a humbling and even a sadness which comes with middle age for most normal people.

If you’re still an arrogant dick after age 40, something’s terribly wrong.

This person who is still an arrogant ass after age 40 might be a narcissist. This is what happened to Trash.

Most people make compromises after age 40, where no matter where someone ended up in life, they accept it whether they are at the top, middle, or bottom. And they accept the place of others, too. Anyway, they doubt if much will change now. Some made it and some didn’t it, and it’s all ok. There’s a sort of “settling in.”

See, Trash never did that and he never will. That’s why he’s messed up and why he’ll never get better.

He’s still fighting a young man’s war. He never settled down and become a calmer middle aged man and accepted his station in life. He continued to feel like an angry, cheated failure and loser, and his self-esteem was so fragile that he couldn’t take that so he had to do all that frenzied behavior to ward off the feeling. But among other things, that wild attempt to escape his feelings of failure didn’t even work. So he had to keep doing it again with each new day.

Among other things, I suppose it’s exhausting being Trash.


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