The Person Who Argues with Everything You Say But at the Same Time, Insists That They are Never Wrong

I have found that most professor types I meet on Academia (average IQ 145) never accuse me of asking too many questions and always seem fascinated when I come up with some question that neither of us knows the answer to. Their reaction seems to be:

Cool! Now I have a new problem to figure out!

Also, these professor types are some of the only people I have ever known who don’t get pissed off when you tell them they are wrong. A lot of times they say:

Thank you for correcting me. I never knew that.

That’s what I say when someone corrects me with some new information:

Hey, thanks for that! So I was wrong (thinking: and that’s ok)! Thanks for the new information!

Funny thing is these people are usually assholes who have an attitude of:

I can tell you you’re wrong anytime, in fact, I will disagree with everything you say. But at the same time, I am never wrong.

These people never say thank or congratulate or compliment anyone for anything, are very selfish, are takers and not givers, and often have a strong sense of entitlement that they don’t have to play by the same rules everyone else does. They deserve a break on everything because they’re special. They’re basically huge assholes. Problem is that people like this are literally everywhere you look. I have several in my own extended family.

These are insufferable pricks who argue with everything you say. These people are truly toxic and I advise all of you to get the Hell away from anyone like that. Also they’re unreformable. And I guarantee that even though they tell you that you are wrong with every utterance, you can never tell them that they are wrong and if you do, they throw a psycho hissy shit fit.

Basically these are people who are never wrong. Please, whatever you do in life, folks, do not end up like that.

Please don’t become a piece of shit who argues with everything people say and at the same time feels that they are never wrong. You are acting like one of my brothers and my father, two of the worst people I have ever known.

People who are like this are some of the worst people on Earth, and in my fantasy world I would put them all against walls and shoot them. They’re Goddamned monsters!

There are obvious psychological reasons why they do this, but they are rather complex and they are the subject of another post.

Most people are either women, who are too insecure to stand being corrected because they’re generally weak and insecure people, or men that I call faggots, girls, sissies, wussies, women, queers, gaishas.

I call them that because to me an insecure man is a big Goddamned wuss! A man is supposed to be strong and being strong means being secure. Unfortunately, most men are quite insecure, but I do think this is a pussy and gay way to live as a man and I wish they would man up and become more secure and quit being such an insecure little wuss.

But like I said, some professors love to be corrected if they are truly wrong and you can set them right. I think this is because, like me, they don’t want to believe anything that’s not true (except for some ego stuff about myself and maybe others).

But as far as raw, impersonal facts like you read in books or see on the news, all I want to know is what’s true. I don’t care if my side is wrong. Maybe I need to change sides then. I don’t care if my side acts bad. Typically I figure the other side acts worse or maybe I need to change my mind. I’m also always ready to change my mind and switch sides about most anything.

Actually, I have met professors who actually loved it when you disagreed with them or told them they were wrong! They saw it as a challenge. Their attitude was:

Cool! Show me how my theory is wrong! I know my theory is right and this is a nice challenge for me. I’m also confident that you are wrong and I am right.

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