Game/PUA: The Conundrum and Cognitive Dissonance of Female Reproductive Strategies

Manuel Rodriguez: Whenever I see a woman voicing the notion “I can change him” with regard to her male partner, my explanation is that the reason they do this is because female brain recognizes one or more traits in a desirable male that would make him unsuitable as a long term partner. The solution her brain would suggest would be to begin a domestication process.

The problem is that this works poorly or not at all if the man has either Dark Triad personality traits or has had very positive early experiences with females. Both situations will drive him to desire sex with multiple women. The problem here is that all the men they find the most desirable fit in either of these two categories.

There is also the irony that if they domesticate a wild man too much, she will find him undesirable, sort of like a Beta of sorts!

I don’t know how to explain it. Is like you admire a wild animal and would like to have it as a pet, so you try to tame him. But, if you tame it too much and it ends up being too obedient and hence boring, you throw it out on the street!

I guess it all comes down to the complex reproductive strategies and needs of females.

They want a dominant man, but such men are not very fond about the idea of sticking with just with one woman. Women will only pick a Beta if they are forced too, but on the other hand they both need and desire their loyal traits as husbands and fathers, especially if the woman is over 30.

This is so perfect. In fact, I started thinking like this as young as age 19. At the time I thought the perfect man for a hot woman was a guy was a “reformed Player” who had already screwed a number of other females. This “Player” personality and history is what attracted her to him in the first place!

But this leads to a conundrum. Women usually want to keep a hot man for themselves. They also like to get jealous and fight off other women who try to poach their man because women are always trying to steal each others men and in fact delight in doing this.

So she wants a former player who now agrees to be only with her. And why is this? Because she is so hot, so much of a high value woman, that he will give up all of his womanizing ways to be with her and only her because monogamy with her is so much better than trying to screw half the women in town.

Problem is this doesn’t work. Hardcore Players often never reform or get better, although there are many exceptions I’m sure. So the woman has trapped herself in a contradiction. She wants a “reformed Player,” but many Players either never reform or are unreformable. She wants something that either doesn’t exist or is not common.

In fact, I saw young men playing this very game.

I’ve never married, so I’ve racked up a lot of dates. I’ve probably dated ~200 girls and women, but it’s not so great if you realize that boils down to only 4-5 a year. I won’t discuss my lay count, but you are free to let your imaginations run wild.

I’ve seen a lot of women grab an Alpha or a Chad and just figure “He’s going to cheat anyway because he’s so high value, so I have to leave that option open for him.”

My current girlfriend, out of the blue, offered to bring a woman over to join in so they could put on a show and I could fuck them both. I was shocked.

She caught me flirting with other women one time and asked me if I wanted her to find a girlfriend for me. I was like, “What? I though you were my girlfriend!”

This chick is 65 years old too! And still masturbates to orgasm every single day too. It’s amazing how many women in their 60’s are still masturbating up a storm. I also met a woman who did the same thing on a daily basis, but she used a dildo to keep her vagina from closing up. This is sadly what happens after menopause if you don’t go on estrogen or get a local estrogen supply via a device in your cervix. This chick was 65 too. It wasn’t far into the conversation when she asked me how big my cock was. A 65 year old woman asking a question like that right off! Old ladies are hornier than you think!

Some women think, “He’s going to cheat anyway, so I might as well control it.”

They bring women around for him and watch or join in. Perhaps they get into the swinging scene.

Or perhaps they just figure he’s going to cheat but say they will keep him anyway.

I had a girlfriend recently who thought I was a hopeless case incapable of monogamy. I asked her what she would do if I cheated, and she said, “Probably fuck one of your friends to get back at you.”

Later she ended up bringing her girlfriends around and asking them if they wanted to make out with me. They all said yes and I got to make out with them for 10 minutes while she cheered us on. We weren’t supposed to go further than that. She did it because she thought I was Chad. “You’re hot! I want to see you make out with my friends!”

Later she started jumping up and down saying, “I want to see you fuck a chick! I want to see you fuck a chick!” I asked why and she said, “Because you’re hot.” We did find a young woman one night and brought her over. The young woman was ok with it being a performance. I had sex with her on the bed while my girlfriend sat in the corner, rubbed her clit like a maniac and shouted out instructions to both of us, which only got dirtier and dirtier as the sex went on.

So you cans see there are advantages to being an Alpha, or in my case, apparently a Chad (I’m not sure I’m all that Alpha). Life is a beauty contest and some of us lucked out from the start. What can I say?

So you see some women make compromises with Player or Dark Triad types. They get to have an Alpha or Chad partner and keep him around by satisfying his straying ways. They figure, “Guys that hot are always going to cheat anyway. If I want to Alpha or Chad, I’m going to have to put up with infidelity. So be it. I want my Alpha/Chad.”

There really is so much more to write about this but I will stop for now.

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7 thoughts on “Game/PUA: The Conundrum and Cognitive Dissonance of Female Reproductive Strategies”

  1. I’m seeing more old ageist women among the woke. “An OLD man hit on me, eww.”

    It’s especially old White men who are targeted. Going against tradition is a package deal. These women support BLM, trannies r’ us, anti-Russian/pro-Ukraine, etc. while wearing a pussy hat, but are viciously ageist towards White men. The biggest crime in their eyes is an old White man looking at a woman over 18. It’s the big news in my town. Old White creepers getting arrested for looking.

    Yes, I blame the trends of modern Jew media. Women didn’t learn this from watching The Flintstones. A mother tells her bright little boy to imagine a world as sweet honey. “Look ma, no Jews.” The boy replies.

    1. The biggest crime in their eyes is an old White man looking at a woman over 18. It’s the big news in my town. Old White creepers getting arrested for looking.

      Wait a minute! They’re getting arrested for looking at girls or women?! That’s not even against the law. Anyone can look at anyone anytime they want and anywhere they want for any reason that want. There’s no law called “Illegal Looking.” What law do they arrest them on.

      The biggest crime in their eyes is an old White man looking at a woman over 18.

      That’s not necessarily true. Even the worst and most diabolical young cunts who don’t like me looking at young women seemed rather happy when I talked to older women around my age, say 50+. They smiled when I did that. They don’t mind us interacting with older women. They just flip when we look at young women.

      1. One followed a 19 yo and entered her house, ran away from father. His bail was set at $100K. Yeah, it’s hardcore creeping but I’m not convinced he would’ve raped her. There’s much worse sit going on. Most these wokies are hot which is why I follow them on social media. They tell stories of lone old White men following them in parking lots, grocery stores, etc.

        An older woman I work with thinks her ass getting grabbed is worse than someone else getting raped.

        Justice is blind with hairy palms. A fiesty hornball masturbated in front of women at work and got off scot-free. If you’re a valued customer, patient, etc. you get the privilege of jerking off where you please.

        1. One followed a 19yo and entered the house, ran away from father.

          Dude that’s bad.

          They tell stories of lone old White men following them in a parking lot, grocery store, etc.

          Yeah, I don’t “follow” women. That’s one thing you should never do.

          A fiesty hornball masturbated in front of women at work and got-off scot-free.

          Jesus Christ, these guys are creepy on steroids.

          Actually, I am going through life trying everything I can do to not appear creepy. That’s the last thing on Earth I ever want to be accused of. On the other hand, I’m a normal male, I actually have a sex drive, like to date and fuck, etc. But it seems like these young women hate me anyway, and I’m not even sure why. I think they say I look at them. But I don’t even do that much anymore. I definitely don’t talk to them, and I interact with them all the time. There’s one I talk to a fair amount.

          I talk to the guys. They all love me. So I know it’s not me. It’s just these insufferable little cunts who hate the very ground I stand on.

    1. Thanks. I chopped it up. It was nine pages and I cut it to six and made a new post. Thanks for the critique.

      On the other hand, just don’t read it if it’s too long, Greg. Or better yet, ask me to chop it up into smaller posts please.

      1. My view is that a lot of what you have to say is helpful golden advice – I don’t treat it as a novel. For me, it’s all about “read and learn.”

        All the years I have been visiting your blog, it has helped me grow intellectually in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

        Having said this, accidents like “Trash” happened in this course of events – I am really sore about interacting with that lunatic in the past. I allowed him to mess with my mind.

        But Trash’s not your fault and it doesn’t deduct the overall value of this blog. The kind of knowledge you shared all these years is worth cherishing.

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