Alt Left: I Guess It’s Illegal to Look at Women Now

I figured this was coming. California’s sexual harassment law already says it’s illegal (or actually a tort) to look at women in a sexual manner. As moral panics, of which MeToo is a classic example, only worsen with time until people wake up and blow the whistle on the nonsense, I figured this was just a matter of time. The commenter Polar Bear below notes that older men are now being arrested in his city for “Illegal Looking,” which apparently means looking at a woman in a sexual manner. Details would be nice but I’m not surprised at all.

I’m seeing more old ageist women among the Woke. “An OLD man hit on me, eww.”

It’s especially old White men who are targeted. Going against tradition is a package deal. These women support BLM, trannies r’ us, anti-Russian/pro-Ukraine, etc. while wearing a pussy hat, but are viciously ageist towards White men. The biggest crime in their eyes is an old White man looking at a woman over 18.

They’re mostly Woke, yes. But I had some of these woketard SJW’s who asked me to date them, in one case as a sugar daddy.

She was a full-blown feminist who had this insane modern idea that “co-workers should never date.” This is a toxic byproduct of the MeToo bullshit. Problem is that probably half the couples out there met at work. And now when people are multiple jobs and almost living at work, excuse me, but how the Hell are we supposed to meet people? How are we supposed to date? How the Hell do we get laid?

So she was a full-blown feminist idiot, but then on the other hand, she wanted to be a sugar baby which for all intents and purposes, is nothing but a Goddamned whore. She was trying to be a prostitute!

See the combination of deranged, shrieking puritanism (for men) and the most extreme pornographic sexual license (for women)? That’s Woke Culture in a nutshell.

Of course this is part of the whole fucktarded woke crap, which is an insane mix of out of control pornographic and polygamous sexuality including omnisexuality and every type of group sex you can imagine (except that straight men are not allowed any of this freedom and license), while on the other hand, there’s this other wave that says that straight men are evil for even having sex drives, never mind them trying to get laid because MeToo’s made that illegal by now.

It’s a mixture of ultimate sexual license with a ridiculous, extreme Victorian culture of sex hatred and Puritanism, granted that all of the sex hatred is generated towards straight men because according to feminism, if we try to get laid, it means we are evil.

Women have always hated the sexuality of straight men, but under patriarchy we force them to shut up. Most of them just do it and then incorporate sane patriarchal views of sex and repress all their lunatic female ideas of sexual utopia which is actually a dystopia for men.

Because feminism is simply the politicization, inculturation and legal codification of normative female thinking patterns, of course feminists have always had an unhinged hatred for the sexual drives of heterosexual men. Note that women can do whatever they want, including being total whores or pornstars. Gay men get to fuck thousands of men in a lifetime and lesbians have total sex license which the feminists cheer on ecstatically like kids at a parade.

But once this wildly Puritanical budding whore found out I had all these backwards views, she dumped me.

I was dating a 19 year old girl for a while, and she was great, but she dumped me for hating feminism and being a Men’s Rights Activist, which to her was akin to be an actual Nazi.

I’ve had others around that age (30) who wanted to date me but got rid of me for being “a homophobe.” I just told her I wasn’t into other guys touching me too much, and she said, “I don’t date homophobes!” She was bisexual and she wanted me to screw guys so we could both be bisexual. LOL dodged an arrow.

It is mostly the Woke because all woketards are feminists, and one thing feminists hate more than anything else in the universe is straight men. In fact, feminism is best described as a Hate Movement Against Straight Men.

Even all young men now are woketard feminists and they hate us older men with a passion as they have adopted the feminist attitude that heterosexual male sexuality is evil. So the younger men are as bad as the women. I’ve had a number of them call me pedophile simply for dating very young women. I’ve been called the same thing for pointing out, scientifically, that teenage girls have a strong, adult-level sex drive. I guess that’s a hanging offense.

“An OLD man hit on me, eww.”

This is a young woman thing. It’s one reason that young women are as bad as The Plague. They’re idiots. Any sensible traditional woman knows that all men from 13-90 love hot women. Even my Mom said:

If a beautiful woman walks into the room, all the males from 9-90 turn around and look at her. The old men look at her even if they can’t get it up anymore. But the gay man acts like she’s a ghost.

This didn’t upset her at all. If you pointed out to my Mom that all males from 9-90 like to look at pretty women in a sexual way, she would say:

Yeah? And fish swim and birds fly. What’s wrong with that? One’s as normal as the other.

We never stop being attracted to hot females. That’s what these fucktard young women can’t figure out.

On the other hand, I would be very careful about flirting or hitting on young women. I do it a little bit in an exploratory, nonsexual way, but they often start to shut it down by acting very uncomfortable, which I pick up on, at least after a bit. Basically, they start acting nervous or anxious. It took me a bit to figure out why.

Next time I see them, I figure I’m shut down and I try to never act that way again. I have to be extremely careful of what I say to young women because ever single thing I say, including:

Hey nice day today, isn’t it?



Is somehow a secret message where I am really saying:

I want to fuck you, Goddamn it!

A lot of these young women around here really, really hate me, especially at establishments I go to a lot. And I don’t even look at them much. Not only that, but when I interact with them at the counter, I never say much of anything at all.

One gets mad if I ever look at her a bit too long. In that case, she asks if there is anything wrong. Problem is she is about 20 and flat out, knockout, drop dead gorgeous, so there’s almost no way to not look at her.

This is how young women are the worst fucktards on Earth. They think middle aged and older men looking at them (granted in a sexual way, but so what) are evil and need to be killed.

This is straight from insane feminism. It is 10

They just can’t figure out that men of that age looking at a pretty female of any age are simply acting like 10

I don’t know what happens, but after age 30, most women seem to grow a brain somehow where there wasn’t one before. Don’t ask me how that works. From 30 to old age, women seem to come to terms with men and simply accept their biological nature as normal albeit perhaps annoying creatures. They just start ignoring any middle aged or older man who looks at them, but they don’t hold it against them.

Young women literally demand that we stop acting human!

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One thought on “Alt Left: I Guess It’s Illegal to Look at Women Now”

  1. Old White man labeled creeper stabs 17yo to death and injures others-

    The stabber was called pedophile and child molester before the attack. I think the young adults were probably overly creep-conscious. I was taught to be nice to drunks and respect elders. Twitter tards are racializing this. Does Kevin Hansen have a mirror to realize that he is also White? He tweets “White dude with lots of guns…” Anti-White Whites are insane. I don’t think the stabber handled the situation right, but at some point old White men labeled “creepers” are going to fight back.

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