Alt Left: Women and Soaps and the Addictiveness and Increased Extremism of Commercial Mass Media

From Manuel Rodriguez in the comments section:

Women and Soaps

Robert, your hypothesis that what women seek more than anything else in life are “peak emotional experiences.” For some time, I was trying to figure out why women seem to like soap operas and dramas soo much.

My mother never was one for telenovelas.

But a few months ago, one of the state channels aired a 18-episode South Korean show, a comedy called The Coffee Prince, on TV. She and my aunt started watching every episode on a daily basis. The channel soon aired a second South Korean telenovela series made by a different company. At first, my mother and aunt didn’t think they would like this new series as much as the South Korean one.

After watching the first two episodes, they started to gain interest in it. They missed one of the episodes, so we they searched around on the Net where they could watch it there instead. After that episode finished, they found that they couldn’t stop watching, and they really wanted to see the next episode. They started watching three or four episodes a day. After the series ended, they were binge-watching South Korean telenovelas on internet. They were hooked!

How Mass Media Acts Like a Drug in Being Addicting and Continuously Becoming More Extreme over Time

This is a good comment here. The commenter is pointing out how mass media acts like an addictive drug in that it seems to be deliberately designed to hook you to it in the same way an addictive drug does. Mass media also resembles addicting drugs in the sense that you need to increase the dose over time to get the same effect. Mass media does this by becoming more extreme over time as viewers build up “tolerance” to the narratives

Mass consumption media seems to be scientifically designed to be as addictive as possible. It is also designed for specific target audiences.

Take porn for example. It’s based around the male’s generally high libido and desire for variety in women and the focus is mostly on the sex itself. There is an emphasis on the physical traits of the actresses, and there is a general lack of context. Sure, women can watch and enjoy it too, but is mostly geared for men, and they are the biggest consumers.

Sure, men can also find dramas interesting, but it seems to act like cocaine with women if they are not careful.

Dramas and soap operas seems to hold certain general characteristics. We have the constant negative scenes and “downer” moments, but there are other moments of comedy and happiness. There are different “flavors.” Comedy shows focus more on the “happy” moments rather than the negative ones. Having two protagonists trying to establish a romance as the central aspect is not always necessary.

The series can start like a standard show, focusing on interesting plots, but sooner or later, there seems to be a couple that become the central theme of the show. The series ends in the same episode where the problems/villains that are preventing the couple from committing to each other disappear.

Depending on the subtlety of the show, you might get the couple re-encountering each other after some time away, giving the viewer only the implication that they are back together or you might get a full blown marriage. The female fantasy brain seems to be more focused on the chase and does not so much take into account whether the marriages and relationships on these shows will actually work out with time. This also reflects the choices women make in real life to some extent.

Dramas seems to share certain things with porn. Just as porn seems to get more hardcore and rough over time, dramas seems to get more extreme over time and have more absurd tragic aspects such as multiple characters all dying in different accidents over the course of a show or series.

Feminists who are opposed in how the hardcorization of porn can teach young men increasingly more dangerous notions about sex with women, which is something I agree with.

There is a similar phenomenon in the Rambo movies with each sequel having double the body count of the previous one.

For instance, here is the plot of a hypothetical new Rambo movie.

Rambo has won a Nobel prize for his exploits in the previous movies. Rambo is initially working with an NGO in Africa to help children, vowing never to go to war again. He watches the news in a TV announcing the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine. He is contacted by a character called The Colonel, who offers to send him on a mission to Ukraine, either to save a friend or for blackmail purposes. Upon arriving, the volunteer training center gets destroyed with a missile in front of him, wiping out all the volunteers and mercenaries.

This leaves Rambo to take the whole Russian army on his own. He ends up getting partnered with a female who is a Black lesbian Azov militant with dyed air. Let’s not forget that wokism is the latest fashion with the neocons and Western imperialism. In the final scene, Rambo ends up in a showdown between himself alone against the entire Russian navy, and he ends up destroying the whole fleet with a single pistol. The end credits state that the movie is in honor of the brave Neo-Nazi Ukrainians in their just struggle against the Russians.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Women and Soaps and the Addictiveness and Increased Extremism of Commercial Mass Media”

  1. After all these years I finally figured out the real reason why women like to watch soaps. It isn’t anything to do with finding love or ogling gorgeous boys.

    If you’re an actual biological female, you need estrogen to survive, which creates pleasure hormones or endorphins. The same endorphins that men get through actual sex, women look for it through emotional highs and lows. That doesn’t always translate to empathy. Many women can be very cruel and psychopathic. They manipulate emotions to their advantage and will ruin anyone standing in their path.

    If you’re a real man, you can’t stand emotional highs and lows. It makes you cringe and feel so desperate and undesirable. But women thrive under that kind of emotional pressure. In fact that’s what they really want – more than sex. For biological straight men, sex is the end game in itself. You ejaculate, it’s all over.

    Biological women and faggot males need more than just sex. Sex is just one of the mediums for them to get to that emotional high. There are many other such media: soap operas are just such a good alternative to sex. None of the responsibilities and pressures to look attractive. You just need to watch Netflix on your phone.

    Even when women masturbate with vibrators, all they’re thinking of is that gorgeous guy from Big Brother TV series. They aren’t necessarily thinking of their husbands or boyfriends – they’re only fucking them. That’s a big difference.

    Lesson learned for guys: If you’re woman is a lot more into soap operas than you, then she’s somewhat cheating on you! There’s nothing you can do about it though – you don’t know her thoughts.

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