Alt Left: The Biggest Cold War Lie of All – The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Perhaps the most despicable aspect of this retarded Cold War we lived through is that the disgusting US government, and possibly the rest of the West too, lied to us continually, every single day, all day long, during the Cold War. The Cold War was all about the lies. The lies, the lies, and nothing but the lies. Granted, there were some issues with Communism or even socialism for that matter, but the detractions of these systems were completely exaggerated.

You did not ever, ever, ever hear one positive thing about Communism, socialism, or even labor, workers or the Left for that matter during this period. They were all considered “Commies.” And liberal Democrats were some of the worst offenders, to their eternal shame.

And you never heard one single bad thing about the murderous Nazis, fascists, and other mass murdering maniacs who were fighting Communism. They were all as wholesome as Dick and Jane. Indeed in this respect, the 1950’s US was probably one of the stupidest decades in the past century. I was only three at the time, the early 60’s were not much better. It was truly stupid time to be alive.

Furthermore, US and NATO faggots used the Cold War to attack socialism and every left, worker, and union movement all over the world. The attitude of the Amerifaggots was that anything to the left of center was “Communism.” If not, Communism itself that creeping Communism.

One of the worst ones of all was the Stalin-Hitler Pact or the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Almost all nonbiased historians now view this episode as simply an opportunistic pact between two nations who absolutely hated each other. Stalin thought correctly that that Hitler was going to invade the USSR as far back as the early 1930’s.

This was the reason for the rapid industrialization and collectivization of the 1930’s. Bottom line, agriculture had to be collectivized to feed the workers. The workers had to be fed because the army and nation had to be built up to defeat Germany in the war that Stalin knew was coming in a decade. Hitler had never made secret his intention to defeat and destroy the USSR.

In the decade between 1932-42, agriculture was completely collectivized which enabled the complete industrialization of the USSR, one of the most rapid and complete industrializations of a large country that the world had ever seen, only surpassed later by Mao in the 1950’s.

In addition, to building up a massive army of over 20 million men, Stalin moved all of Russian industry east of the Urals. Almost all industry was west of the Urals and the USSR had to dismantle all of its industry and move it west of the Urals. What a monumental feat! Unfortunately, it was during this period that the Great Terror took place in which the USSR pretty much went inside and executed 800,000 people or 88

Some of them were guilty but most were just nationalists. Stalin did not trust any nationalist intellectuals and he thought they were all traitors. There was indeed a Trotskyite plot inside the USSR during the 1930’s. There were mysterious explosions and sabotages all over the USSR during this decade. Most of the people executed were hardcore Communists, so I’m curious why the anti-Communist West is so upset about it.

Didn’t he do you all a favor by getting rid of all those Commies? Stalin’s responsibility for the executions is still in doubt, though for sure he is responsible for many of them. On the other hand, Stalin himself was appalled in 1939 when he realized the scope of what had taken place and he panicked and blew the whistle on the Great Terror. His idea was that this had gotten completely out of hand. Whether he was responsible for it getting out of hand in the first place is another matter.

One good thing that came out of this was that when war broke out in 1942 with the Nazi invasion, all of the officer corps was 100

In 1939, Hitler invaded Poland. Keep in mind that up to and even after the invasion of the USSR, most of the West had been quietly cheering on Hitler and trying to get him to attack the USSR. The idea was to turn his attention from conquering non-Russian Europe to the conquest of the USSR. The UK was particularly important in this regard and Churchill went to great lengths to try to get Hitler to refocus his war efforts.

Stalin knew that the entire rest of Europe were nothing but capitalist traitors who wanted him and his country dead. He also knew that Hitler was a deadly enemy. The USSR was Hitler’s main enemy, and he mostly hated Jews for being “Communists.” According to him, all Jews were Judeo-Bolsheviks and “Communism itself was Jewish.” So the Holocaust was really anti-Communism of the Cold War type of steroids. Cold Warriors should have been proud of Hitler. Look at all those Jewish Communists he killed!

As Hitler swept across Europe, the Red Army swept into Eastern Poland. This was actually a good thing in many ways as the people in the German occupied West suffered far more than those in the Soviet occupied East.

The whole idea of this creepy agreement was to buy time. Everyone with half a brain knew that Stalin and Hitler were deadly enemies, but the agreement, which no one expected to last, bought Stalin another 2.5 years in which he built up his army to such a massive size that it was able to defeat Nazism. And it was the Soviets who defeated Nazism, not the West. 89

A word about anti-Communists. A famous Russian said recently that the only he hated worse than Communists were anti-Communists. He’s got a point. It’s perfectly reasonable to be a democratic, preferably progressive or liberal, opponent of Communism on all sorts of grounds, humanitarian among them.

But when it comes down the nitty gritty, almost all fanatical anti-Communist extremists were and are Nazis and fascists. All wars against Communist countries were led by fascists, Nazis, or religious fundamentalists, feudal Buddhists in Tibet or Al Qaeda types in Afghanistan.

Anti-Communist armies have never been good guys anywhere on Earth. They’ve always been fascist genocidal monsters, and that includes the US in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, although we were not fascist, but we were surely genocidal. Furthermore, the US funded mass murder campaigns and genocides all over the world all through the Cold War. Most people who were massacred were civilians.

I don’t know why it is, but there doesn’t seem to be any decent way to be an anti-Communist. They all turn into fascists, Nazis, and mass murderers on a dime. I’ve always said, “Scratch a liberal, find a fascist,” and this seems more true now than ever.

Back to the pact. Sure, the Soviets killed some Poles, but the Germans killed 30-35 times as many Poles! Stalin killed 300,000 Poles, which is lamentable, but Germany killed 10 million Poles. For thirty years now, Polish Russophobia has verged on homicidal if not genocidal vibes and the hatred of Russians is so extreme that you can taste it on your tongue in the air. But there is not one word said about Nazis. The real enemy are the Russians. In this sense, Polish Russophobia is completely deranged.

Yet Polish Russophobia is so insane that nary a word is mentioned about Nazi Germany nowadays and in fact, the new government is fascist, albeit not Nazi. But they have a profound alliance with an openly Nazi government in Ukraine who celebrates Nazi collaborators who murdered 100,000 Poles as its national heroes. The Polish government simply winks at this.

The fascist NATO snipers from Lithuania and Georgia who shot both cops and protestors at the Maidan CIA coup were trained in NATO camps in Poland. So Poland very recently was training openly fascist and Nazi killers who murdered scores of innocent people to trigger a CIA coup.

Poland’s new government seems quite fascist. The Polish government at the time of the Nazi invasion was indeed a fascist government led by a man named Pikulski of a particularly nasty sort. Stalin did the Poles a favor.

The new government under this new fascist sleazeball makes constant references to the fascist Pikulski regime. Large, creepy, blood and soil ultranationalist rallies complete with torchlights, chants, and the whole nine yards have rocked Poland since this creep took over. Poland nowadays looks a lot like Nazi Ukraine. On the other hand, the Poles are not actual Nazis and probably never will be. The Nazis just killed too many Poles for that.

In fact as soon as the war was over, NATO was formed and former Nazis and fascists all over Europe filled its ranks. A large number of NATO officers were former Nazis and other Nazi collaborators. The CIA immediately went to work funding Nazis and Nazi collaborators to wage guerrilla war inside the USSR. And the US hired most of the best German Nazi scientists to work on its own space program.

As you can see, all sensible historians now view the Stalin-Hitler pact as a pact between the deadliest of enemies that Stalin hatched in desperation to try to buy 2-3 years before the inevitable Nazi invasion. My mother told me that she had seen a cartoon at age seven of Hitler and Stalin shaking hands. Each had a knife in his other hand hidden behind her back. Her father had told her that Hitler and Stalin hated each other’s guts and wanted each other dead but the pact was just done for some obscure geopolitical reasons.

Furthermore, now that the Soviet archives have been opened up, we can see all of the correspondence during the period of the pact and afterwards. This leads to the obvious conclusion that Stalin hated Hitler’s guts, knew he was going to attack, and was just trying to buy a little time.

But we were lied to all through the Cold War that Stain and Hitler were the best of buddies and Stalin was an ally of of the author of the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler. Now that the Cold War has been revived by NATO dogs, we are back to this retard argument all over again. I see it every day about how Stalin was Hitler’s best friend. The implication is that Stalin was a Nazi collaborator and hence was partly responsible for the Holocaust.

In addition, all sorts of other despicable Cold War lies have resurfaced due to the revival of the fascist NATO beast, a plague on all of mankind. It would take me days to go through the lies. The lies go nonstop all day every day. It takes up all of your time just to refute you, which is probably by NATOfags do it in the first place.

They probably know they are all lies but they just want to make you waste all of your time running around the web refuting. Jewish ultranationalists and super-Jews and Libertarians on the Web engage in similar sleazeball tactics. They all deserve each other and can go wallow in the same mud heap together. And the Cold War NATOfags can join those pigs in the mud.

In future post, we will go into a bunch of lies from Cold War faggots that we thought were dead and buried long ago that have been gleefully dredged up and returned to life like zombies from the graveyard hungry for flesh by these NATOfags.

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18 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Biggest Cold War Lie of All – The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact”

  1. I spent some time studying not only the WW2 and the current events in Ukraine. It’s quite fascinating. Robert, if you think about it, this is history repeating itself, down to every single detail.

    1. Wow! That’s some highbrow stuff right there. I am gonna look that one up.

      Why did you change your blog tagline to “The Most Hated Man on the Internet”……That’s simply not true. There are many people who love you for who you are. Including me.

      1. I have this vast universe of haters out there, mostly people involved in the Delphi Murders case. Literally all of them hate my guts.

        I don’t mind being the most hated man on the Net. I’m trying to give a justification for some of the things I say that are not PC. Like, “Well he does say he’s controversial and outrageous, so it fits.”

        What should I say instead? Controversial?

        Bashing SJW’s Since 2005? Bashing PC Since 2005? Bashing Identity Politics Since 2005?

        Give me some suggestions, brother.

      2. Of course it is! History repeats itself. Study the Cyclic View of History as enumerated by Giambattista Vico and later and most famously by James Joyce. Read the first sentence of Finnegans Wake. That’s all about the Cyclical View of History.

        Here is the first line of Finnegans Wake:

        Riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs.

        That’s a reference to the cyclical view of history, which is seen as a flowing river. History is often seen as a flowing river. Face it, it’s more of a river than a lake, right?

        “Commodius vicus” is Latin and I am not sure what it means but that Latin word “vicus” is a nod to Giambattista Vico, the great Italian philosopher of the 1500’s. His most famous book is called The New Science. And no, I’ve never read him. Joyce is hard enough without getting into the real big boys, the philosophers.

  2. I haven’t heard you talk about the recent elections in Colombia. Francia Márquez is in the spotlight. There are several videos of her that show the contrast of her humility vs the classism of the Colombian oligarchy.

    It’s one thing to capture the government. It’s another to capture power.

    Petro will have to try to get the various state institutions, including intelligence and military. These two will be hard to control.


    You have a hypothesis that what women seek most of all in life are “peak emotional experiences.” For some time, I was trying to figure out why women seem to like soap operas and dramas soo much.

    My mother never was one for telenovelas.

    But a few months ago, one of the state channels aired a 18-episode South Korean show, a comedy called The Coffee Prince, on TV. She and my aunt started watching every episode on a daily basis. The channel soon aired a second South Korean telenovela series made by a different company. At first, my mother and aunt didn’t think they would like this new series as much as the South Korean one.

    After watching the first two episodes, they started to gain interest in it. They missed one of the episodes, so we they searched around on the Net where they could watch it there instead. After that episode finished, they found that they couldn’t stop watching, and they really wanted to see the next episode. They started watching three or four episodes a day. After the series ended, they were binge-watching South Korean telenovelas on internet. They were hooked!

    Mass consumption media seems to be scientifically designed to be as addictive as possible. It is also designed for specific target audiences.

    Take porn, for example. It’s based around the male’s generally high libido and desire for variety in women and the focus is mostly on the sex itself. There is an emphasis on the physical traits of the actresses, and there is a general lack of context. Sure, women can watch and enjoy it too, but is mostly geared for men, and they are the biggest consumers.

    Sure, men can also find dramas interesting, but it seems to act like cocaine with women if they are not careful.

    Dramas and soap operas seems to hold certain general characteristics. We have the constant negative scenes and “downer” moments, but there are other moments of comedy and happiness. There are different “flavors.” Comedy shows focus more on the “happy” moments rather than the negative ones. Having two protagonists trying to establish a romance as the central aspect is not always necessary.

    The series can start like a standard show, focusing on interesting plots, but sooner or later, there seems to be a couple that become the central theme of the show. The series ends in the same episode where the problems/villains that are preventing the couple from committing to each other disappear.

    Depending on the subtlety of the show, you might get the couple re-encountering each other after some time away, giving the viewer only the implication that they are back together or you might get a full blown marriage. The female fantasy brain seems to be more focused on the chase and does not so much take into account whether the marriages and relationships on these shows will actually work out with time. This also reflects the choices women make in real life to some extent.

    Dramas seems to share certain things with porn. Just as porn seems to get more hardcore and rough over time, dramas seems to get more extreme over time and have more absurd tragic aspects such as multiple characters all dying in different accidents over the course of a show or series.

    Feminists who are opposed in how the hardcorization of porn can teach young men increasingly more dangerous notions about sex with women, which is something I agree with.

    There is a similar phenomenon in the Rambo movies with each sequel having double the body count of the previous one.

    For instance, here is the plot of a hypothetical new Rambo movie.

    Rambo has won a Nobel prize for his exploits in the previous movies. Rambo is initially working with an NGO in Africa to help children, vowing never to go to war again. He watches the news in a TV announcing the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine. He is contacted by a character called The Colonel, who offers to send him on a mission to Ukraine, either to save a friend or for blackmail purposes.

    Upon arriving, the volunteer training center gets destroyed with a missile in front of him, wiping out all the volunteers and mercenaries. This leaves Rambo to take the whole Russian army on his own. He ends up getting partnered with a female who is a Black lesbian Azov militant with dyed air. Let’s not forget that wokism is the latest fashion with the neocons and Western imperialism.

    In the final scene, Rambo ends up in a showdown between himself alone against the entire Russian navy, and he ends up destroying the whole fleet with a single pistol. The end credits state that the movie is in honor of the brave Neo-Nazi Ukrainians in their just struggle against the Russians.

    Whenever I see the idea of “I can change him,” my explanation is that the female brain recognizes one or more traits in a desirable male that would make him unsuitable as a long term partner.

    The solution of her brain would be to begin a domestication process. This doesn’t work very well if he has dark triad personality traits, or has positive early experiences that encourages him to have sex with many women (and ALL the men they find the most desirable fit in either two of these categories).

    There is also the irony that if they domesticate a wild man too much, she will find him undesirable, like a Beta of sorts! I don’t know how to explain it. Is like you admire a wild animal and would like to have it as a pet, so you try to tame him. But, if you tame him too much and ends up being too obedient, you throw it to the streets!

    I guess it all comes down to the complex requisites their reproductive strategies needs. They want a dominant man, but they are not very fond about the idea of sticking just with one woman. They would only pick a beta if they where forced too, but they need their loyal traits.


    Gabriel Boric is a bit different from other weak or fake Left candidates cases in that he’s not a literal sellout like some of the others like Lenin Moreno in Ecuador. Instead he’s an actual Leftist but a cowardly one who is more focused on Identity Politics than on changes in the economic level.


    There is a detail that neither the leftwing nor the rightwing media tells you about the Venezuelan immigrants now swarming Latin America having left due to the economic situation in Venezuela. Their typical depiction in the media depicts is of immigrants who left their country only to end up abused and struggling in less than ideal conditions in their new lands and living in poverty.

    The rightwing media does this because they want to portray the Venezuelan government as a dictatorship that purposely starves his people for sheer kicks, trying to convince the reader/watcher that is necessary and justified to overthrow the government by any means.

    The leftwing media does this to show how inhumane the rightwing governments of the immigrants host countries are while also implying that they would be better off staying in Venezuela. The immigrants choice to leave their country is portrayed as due to the mass media putting a campaign to encourage people to leave the country. The Left portrayal is not incorrect, but it doesn’t give the whole picture.

    One type of Venezuelan immigrant are the pendejos. They sell their homes and cars to get money to travel without a clearly defined plan to some random rightwing country .

    The “smart” ones belong to two categories:

    1) They are workers, which includes unskilled workers who, while making more than in their homeland, would end up working for somewhat cheaper than a worker native to the host country. Comparatively speaking, they would make even more in the host country than they would in a 1st World country due to differential costs and prices. Many of them already had had extensive contacts or even online work via an multinational corporation online before they immigrated. In these cases, the corporation may offer them not only a guaranteed good job but might even throw in housing and a vehicle.

    2) They travel to a specific country where they already have relatives. Their relatives either already run their own business or work for a multinational corporation (see Number 1).

    The relatives I have abroad belong to either one of these categories.

    We might also want to discuss here the phenomenon of unskilled labor from a Marxist-left wing perspective.

    We are seeing a trend where “First World” countries are not just filling their countries with immigrant cheap manual labor to drive the wages of the native workforce to the bottom, but they also have a convenient scapegoat to blame if and when things go south. Recently, this same phenomenon has migrated up the pay scale to the professional or intellectual workforce, like programmers and such, who are also being replaced by cheap Third World “brainy” labor.


    A few months ago, Nightvision said in his analysis that Ukraine’s strategy would be to try to secretly train some professional battalions to try to initiate a counterattack later in the year, while throwing in conscripts as cannon fodder in the short term to gain time.

    We got some recent news about Russian missiles hitting some training centers for professional brigades and killing many soldiers in the process. Ukraine has been mostly throwing territorial defense groups to the front line lately, even pulling them from important places like Odessa, so the recent news give some credence to his analysis.

  3. Poland nowadays looks a lot like Nazi Ukraine. On the other hand, the Poles are not actual Nazis and probably never will be. The Nazis just killed too many Poles for that.

    I went to Poland in 2016. They’re a bunch of Untermenschen all right. 🙂 They actually have some third-world habits. For example, they like to eat with their hands.

    Poland is the only place where I’ve ever been attacked by an actual skinhead. That too in the middle of a downtown market square. He was carrying an empty vodka bottle, and I was quite wasted myself. I was accompanied by a fellow traveler from Mexico.

    As we were both brown-skinned, he and his gang approached us “What are you both doing in Poland?” I had never met an actual skinhead before, so I was pretty curious to know him. I asked the bald skinhead “Why are you so upset,” and I may have accidentally touched his T-shirt as a friendly gesture. He breathed slowly near my ears “Touch me one more time. And I’ll Keeeeeel you.” .

    Luckily his friends restrained him before things could get ugly. I felt the hatred in his eyes. It was so REAL. By God, I had just confronted an actual racist. Add it to the resume!!!

    The Poles are militantly anti-homosexual as well. If they see two men holding hands walking down the streets of Bydgoszcz, Poznan, or Wroclaw, that’s enough reason to attack them.

    1. You sound like Trash making fun of Indians for eating with their hands.

      Poles don’t like foreigners, good for them. Maybe this is why their IQ is set to be the highest in Europe. I’ve heard that even East Asians are not well liked by Balts.

      My father was surprised at open gays in Switzerland years ago. Now feminazis wear the pants there, which they can barely fit into after eating all the cheese.

      East Europe is likely just closer to nature.

      1. You sound like Trash making fun of Indians for eating with their hands.

        Hey that’s not cool, man. Don’t compare me to Trash. I take offence to that. I am nothing like Trash. I dislike and hate him with every breath; he’s my sworn mortal enemy.

        I AM Indian and I like to make fun of them for eating with their hands. I think that habit is quite disgusting. Spoons, knives and forks were invented for a reason.

        1. That’s interesting. Why do you hate him? Maybe I should not desire to be hated so much. That puts me in Trash Territory where I do not want to be.

          Afghans eat with their hands too. So do Arabs. They put the food on the ground and sit around in a circle and reach in and eat it. But you better believe you need to wash your hands. They also eat with only one hand. The left hand is used to wipe your ass, so they use the right hand to eat. Reaching in with your left hand is very offensive.

          1. Maybe I should not desire to be hated so much. That puts me in Trash Territory where I do not want to be.

            There’s nothing you could ever do that will put you in Trash territory. No Internet personality can sink as low as Trash. I’ll come to that in a second.

            I never understood your deal with the Delphi murders audience (nor do I wish), but they don’t represent the Internet in its entirety.

            No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be the most hated man on the Internet.

            That’s interesting. Why do you hate him?

            Where do I begin? I blame Trash for messing with my impressionable mind at a young age, which has led to some disastrous consequences in my personal life and career. My life is messed up in a way I couldn’t have done it myself.

            Please note I can’t directly connect the dots here because all the bad decisions I made were my own fault. I am aware of this and I take full responsibility for my actions. But without Trash, it wouldn’t have probably been as bad as now. I wish I never knew this guy in the first place. There are no U-turns in life.

            Basically Trash is a professional TROLL. He’s highly manipulative and a dangerous emotional bully. Somewhat like Donald Trump, he has a way of getting you wrapped in his web of lies. You would never know what hit you, but it feels real.

            Trash is a pro at getting under your skin and making you feel entirely worthless. And that’s just on the Internet. God knows how much more damage he can pull in the real world. This man is toxic, like a vial of sulfuric acid. Trash is the most selfish person I’ve ever met online. All his conversations revolve only around him. He thinks he’s the center of the universe, and wants you to be part of it. This man is just not capable of empathy.

            It was around August 2014. I just came back from my first trip to Europe. I was very happy then. I had a steady job. Not that well-paying but I had good career prospects. Anyway I decided to share my experiences online, and that includes your website.

            Trash introduced himself to me and started narrating tales of his own road trips in India, Thailand, and many other countries. He’s an American but he knows Asia very well. That wasn’t what he wanted. He was only there to mock me, write off my travel experiences as trivial, and make me feel as if I’d never be able to accomplish anything of worth in my whole life. He did that slowly and in a recurring manner.

            Let us remember I was only 32 then. It was difficult for my impressionable mind to dismiss his subliminal messaging. If you remember one of Trash’s commenting patterns is that he can be quite unrelenting and repetitive. He probably had said it was something to do with his autism, but no, it was well-planned. He really likes to mess with people’s minds. To do this, he will re-package the same negative message in different ways.

            Unfortunately I fell into his pattern of harmful TROLLING. It made me question my goals and purpose in life. I spent at least a few months wrangling with Trash almost on a daily basis.

            I suddenly quit my job and threw away a desirable career. It was one of the best jobs in my life and I regret leaving that company. I went off to Europe for another extended trip and burned all my savings in the process. Well, I traveled a lot. Saw so much and it did help me improve my life experiences. But it came at a huge personal cost. I was broke. And I was OK with that as falling from grace is a part of life.

            I found another job at another company. It wasn’t as good as the previous one, but I was still determined to rebuild my life. Now I’m 35. But Trash decides to mess with me ONE more time. It was around 2017. He was following the same pattern. He made me feel worthless and like a nobody. I hadn’t learned enough the first time, and I just had to repeat the mistakes.

            While last time I went broke, this time I went into debt. And I am still repaying those bad loans. I wasn’t commenting here for the last 2-3 years because I was in a really bad place – and it’s somewhat Trash’s fault.

            Fortunately you banned him from commenting here. He still might be lurking around here. I am recovering from all the damage that’s been done. But my beautiful career is over. I cannot be hired again as my name is bad news for the corporations where I worked before.

            I let Trash do me over TWICE. “Fool me twice, shame on me.” as the adage goes. His TROLLING can cause real world damage, and I have first-hand evidence. Internet trolling is no laughing matter; I am a victim.

      2. Poles don’t like foreigners, good for them

        I don’t judge the Poles for having restrictive immigration policies. But when some of them see a brown person, they react like a member of Homo Habilis discovering its opposable thumbs for the very first time. I don’t believe that is acceptable behavior by any standards.

        1. Yes, I am very much against that behavior. That’s outrageously racist. He hated you simply because of your genetics! Something you cannot change. He had no beef at all with your behavior, as it was quite normal and inoffensive.

          The problem is when you put in a restrictive immigration policy, you end up with guys like that skinhead. It’s sort of inevitable. I don’t know what the solution is or if there is one.

      3. I’ve heard even East Asians are not well liked by Balts.

        By Balts if you mean Lithuanians and Latvians, I have no idea about that, as I haven’t been to their nations.

        But Poles love East Asians. Lots of Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans in that country. They don’t mind their presence at all.

        They mostly dislike Africans and Muslims of any stripe. Based on my experience, I never meant that all Poles are racist. A large many weren’t. But it’s the only country in Europe where I’ve had those unpleasant encounters.

        You travel anywhere else such as France, Germany, or Netherlands, and most people are very used to brown-skinned people, which feels pretty good because you don’t have to worry what others are thinking about you.

        In Poland I was an object of curiosity and suspicion based on my skin color which is completely unacceptable behavior.

        1. Skins can be hostile even if you’re White as a surrender flag. I’ve met one at a festival that looked ready to fight me after complimenting his dog.

          French, Dutch, and Germans are damn Western.

          I bet more Poles like you than Romanians.

          I’ve seen dark Indians with perfect, to my eye, features.

  4. Well, let’s try another approach from (much) broader point of view, in order to understand the case and also the whole international relations in Europe from 1918 up to well after the beginning of WW2 and end of phoney war (drôle de guerre for French and sitzkrieg for Germans) (a very appropriate denomination in each case) at May 1940. This will require a thorough research throughout said period in below described domains,

    Disposition of

    1 – the main Western powers, including USA and most notably Great Britain, but also of interwar Poland’s


    2 –Soviet Union, naturally

    and more importantly

    3 – Germany, during
    a) Weimar Republic, plus
    b- Nazi periods

    alongside with the comparison of the periods 3a and 3b which is very much instructive and by far, most illuminating.

    I leave the probing and final analysis to the curious; there is nothing better than to learn by him/herself. Yet figuring out the principal milestones is more than adequate in order to reach a precise opinion.

  5. Americanism seems to jive with National Socialism by the Cold War era. Well, the same dim view of “Commies”. I know many Americans against Communism, and they aren’t even sure why. I’m watching a show set during the Reagan administration, and I’m siding with the KGB. Russian Communists seem cooler and more Jew-wise than Americans. I really respect rooted Russians. I seem to recall Tito going to Russia, and Stalin, a Georgian, was posing as a Russian Slav. Seems kinda silly.

    I don’t loath Commies or Nazis. I loath the irrational hatred, often dehumanization, of both. To me, equality and eugenics both have their place even if they conflict. Mindless hordes are never really a good thing. Hating Commies and Nazis is TNB, Typical Normie Behavior. I read a NS soldier’s account of the Eastern Front and he respected the Russian soldiers he killed. Modern anti-Nazi (unless they’re Ukrainian) woketards in the West are far too emotional, attacking innocent kitlers for the fur pattern they were born with.

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