Alt Left: About Venezuelan Immigrants in Latin America

This is a comment from Manuel Rodriguez in the comments section:

There is a detail that neither the leftwing nor the rightwing media tells you about the Venezuelan immigrants now swarming Latin America having left due to the economic situation in Venezuela. Their typical depiction in the media depicts is of immigrants who left their country only to end up abused and struggling in less than ideal conditions in their new lands and living in poverty.

The rightwing media does this because they want to portray the Venezuelan government as a dictatorship that purposely starves his people for sheer kicks, trying to convince the reader/watcher that is necessary and justified to overthrow the government by any means.

The leftwing media does this to show how inhumane the rightwing governments of the immigrants host countries are while also implying that they would be better off staying in Venezuela. The immigrants choice to leave their country is portrayed as due to the mass media putting a campaign to encourage people to leave the country. The Left portrayal is not incorrect, but it doesn’t give the whole picture.

One type of Venezuelan immigrant are the pendejos. They sell their homes and cars to get money to travel without a clearly defined plan to some random rightwing country .

The other type of immigrants referred to as the “smart” ones belong to two categories:

  1. They are workers, which includes unskilled workers who, while making more than in their homeland, would end up working for somewhat cheaper than a worker native to the host country. Comparatively speaking, they would make even more in the host country than they would in a 1st World country due to differential costs and prices. Many of them already had had extensive contacts or even online work via an multinational corporation online before they immigrated. In these cases, the corporation may offer them not only a guaranteed good job but might even throw in housing and a vehicle.
  2. They travel to a specific country where they already have relatives. Their relatives either already run their own business or work for a multinational corporation (see Number 1).

The relatives I have abroad belong to either one of these categories.

We might also want to discuss here the phenomenon of unskilled labor from a Marxist-left wing perspective.

We are seeing a trend where “First World” countries are not just filling their countries with immigrant cheap manual labor to drive the wages of the native workforce to the bottom, while at the same time acquiring a convenient immigrant scapegoat to blame if and when things go south. Recently, this same phenomenon has migrated up the pay scale to the professional or intellectual workforce, like programmers and such, who are also being replaced by cheap Third World “brainy” labor.

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