Alt Left: The Biggest NATO Lie of Them All – Ukraine is a Democracy and the War Is a Fight for the Democratic World

Ukraine is a democracy. The war is a fight for democracy and the democratic world. Lie. Ukraine is not a democracy at all. In fact, Russia is far more democratic than Ukraine. Ukraine is a “death squad democracy” of the kind that the US, Israel, and now NATO run in Latin America where anyone in the left opposition can be arrested, beaten, tortured, jailed, or murdered at any time. Somehow the US calls this “democracy.”

As soon as the coup took place in 2014, Ukraine started attacking members of the former government. The newly elected president, mostly neutral but who had tilted towards Russia because they offered a better deal, barely escaped with his life as the putschists were trying to kill him.

The coup itself involved NATO snipers from Georgia and Lithuania. They were trained at a NATO base in Poland. They were smuggled into Ukraine as musicians and they took up residence in a high rise. They had guns in their music cases. When the coup was going on, snipers from this building fired on the police and protestors alike, killing both sides. The killings were all blamed on the police, although they killed no one.

The NATO provocation was then used to overthrow the government. The “musicians” were then hustled out of the country on planes. I have seen videos of them leaving. Some were women. They all had their instrument cases. Later videos of these snipers appeared in Georgia. The snipers related the whole plot and said they were put up to it by NATO. They said they were sorry for what they had done because they did not realize what they were doing. All of these videos were ignored by the West, and the line about cops shooting protestors is still the narrative.

A phone call between the German and Estonian governments was intercepted in which the German man said that the snipers had been from NATO. It was played on the news but news in NATO countries refused to play it. The Ukrainian government did an investigation. A female surgeon said that the bullets had all come from a certain type of gun that the Ukrainian police did not have. The investigation revealed that all of the bullets came from guns that the Ukrainian police did not have. Then the investigation ended.

This is typical NATO tactic. Everywhere you find NATO, you find mysterious snipers shooting at both sides. They showed up in Venezuela, Egypt, Thailand, Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq. In the case of Egypt, Thailand, and Ukraine, the snipers were NATO. In Syria, the snipers were Saudis but the operation was run by NATO. In Venezuela, the snipers were rightwing fascists, however, the coup was done in coordination with the US, so the snipers were partly being run by the US.

In Iraq, the snipers were US Marines firing from the embassy and rooftops. Trump threatened the president with riots if he did not do what Trump ordered. He refused and soon Iraq was convulsed in riots started by the CIA. The riots started killing lots of people. Many cops were targeted and killed.

The riots had anti-Iranian overtones because they were partly run by the CIA. Then Trump said if you don’t do what I say, I will tell the snipers to start shooting at people in the crowds. The president refused. Soon US Marine snipers started shooting cops and protestors alike. The president still would not bend. Trump then said he would have the president killed, however, this never took place.

You can see here that America is a gangster state and the president of the US is simply the head gangster. It’s not so much a state and something akin to a Mafia or Organized Crime Gang. It’s a lawless state that obeys no rules and commits all manner of crimes due to a sense of impunity. It spits on international law because it is said that it does not apply to the US, as the US is above it.

As soon as the coup took place, killings began. Fascist Nazi gangs started attacking gays, feminists, transsexuals, labor union leaders and members, members of leftwing parties and organizations, communists, socialists, and anti-fascists. Dozens of members of a labor union were chained to a heater by Nazis in Kiev. They then set the building on fire.

Half the members of Parliament were members of the party of Russian speakers, the Party of Regions. Parliamentarians from this party began to be murdered by Nazis. Most of the rest of the members from this party resigned. Then party leaders began to be murdered. Soon the party was in a shambles. Nazis attacked the home of the leader of the party and tried to burn it down but they burned down his neighbor’s house instead. He fled to Russia.

Dozens of communists were chased into a labor union building in Odessa. Once inside, Nazis, including teenage girl Nazis, starting throwing Molotov cocktails inside. The building was then invaded. A secretary was raped and strangled with piano wire. Many communists were murdered with guns. The whole place was then set on fire. About 40 people were burned alive to the cheers of the Nazis outside.

All of Ukraine erupted in a roar over these murders and it was cheered from one end of the country to another. They made jokes about fried Colorado beetles, Colorado beetle being a name for Russians. Most of the Ukrainians in the country cheered wildly while these people were burned alive. A fake story was put out by NATO media that the Communists had set themselves on fire, and this is now the reigning narrative.

You can see by how most Ukrainians cheered when Russians were burned alive how widespread Nazism had become in Ukraine. The president at this time was another lousy crooked Jew named Yatsenuk. He favored saving, “Slava Ukraini!” a Nazi slogan of Ukrainian nationalists. He gave the Heil Hitler salute while he did this. As you can see, even Ukrainian Jews have become Nazis of a sort.

Before the invasion, there were no pro-Russian politicians left in the Ukraine. They had all fled the country. Those who had not fled or went into hiding had been murdered. As soon as Zelensky came into power, the first thing he did was ban all of the opposition media. His Cabinet was full of Nazis. There were also many Nazis in Parliament. Ukrainian media is full of overt Nazis.

As soon as the invasion started, a crackdown began on the newly reformed Party of Regions. Members were kidnapped and tortured to death by Nazis in Kharkiv. Their mangled faces were then put on social media.

There were roundups of socialists, leftwingers, and anti-fascists all over the country. Many were not even pro-Russia. All antifascists in Ukraine have now fled for Russia, supposedly a “fascist” country! They were welcomed there.

Many of the people above were badly beaten or tortured. Many were disappeared. We still do not know where many of them are. Many may have been killed.

From 2014-2022, the SBU was very active in Kharkiv. They rounded up many members of the opposition, jailing, beating, and torturing them. 300 people were tortured to death over the years in a torture center run by the SBU.

After the war went on for a while, Zelensky, who had already banned all opposition media, now banned all opposition parties. Mere statements in favor of Russia can get you arrested or worst. There’s no free speech in Ukraine at all. The leader of the opposition party, now outlawed, was arrested and beaten.

Described as pro-Russian, he was in fact anything but because even in the opposition, all of the pro-Russian people had left. Those that remained were not pro-Russian at all. Instead they may have wanted a peace settlement to the conflict in the East. Zelensky now runs a Nazi “death squad democracy” in Ukraine that has now morphed into a complete one party dictatorship with all opposition parties and media banned.

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